Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Board Room


The prompt this week was "Collegue" I toyed with the idea of telling a sad tale from my distant past until Mrs Dirty tweeted the following picture.

And inspired me to write the following.

"So I want a complete breakdown on my desk by Monday everyone." James concluded the meeting. As the managers filed out he collected his files together. When he thought everyone had left the room he looked up, straight into the eyes of youngest member of his team.  sitting at the end of the boardroom table looking at him. Suddenly the room felt warm, James' heart beat a little faster and he felt a tightening in his groin. Last Friday night James had seen Matt in a bar he frequented in the Valley. At the time he had thought Matt hadn't noticed him watching as another young man had wrapped his arms around him and slid his hands down his pants. James had gone home that night to fantasise about him as he masturbated alone in his bed. 

Right now in the boardroom it seemed that Matt had picked up on James' fantasies. It was unnerving and arousing at the same time.  It was as if the fantasy had come to life. Without speaking Matt stood up looking James straight in the eye to whole time. From a detatched part of his mind James noted that Matt was slightly shorter than him. Something he always liked, it was a power thing. Even so it felt as though Matt was in control of the situation. the two men stood facing each other, James noticed Matt's full lips framing a slight smirk. Suddenly he had an uncontrollable desire to feel them sliding down over his rock hard cock. The  sexual tension in the room was almost unbearable. James decided to get straight to the point. 

"Let's get a drink in my office," He turned and led the way out of the room.

In his office he closed the door softly behind Matt who moved over to the couch in the corner of the room.

"Scotch?" he held up the bottle.

Matt nodded his assent. As James turned his back to pour drinks he heard the sigh of a tie being removed. When he turned back with two drinks in hand Matt stood before him with his shirt unbuttoned and his hand resting on his belt buckle. In response to the questioning look in Matt's eye James nodded as he took a step towards the couch to place the glasses on the side table. A belt buckle jingled and there was the soft sound of clothing hitting the floor as James unbuttoned his own shirt. 

He turned to face Matt who was standing in front of the couch in his briefs. Still without speaking Matt stepped forward and pushed James down onto the couch. James lay back as Matt unbuckled his pants. With a look of greed Matt reached into the loosened suit pants and eased out James' throbbing cock. 

"Yummy," he whispered as he reached forward and licked the bead of pre-cum that had formed at the tip. He didn't waste any more time before he plunged his mouth down over the hard length. James groaned in pleasure. The feel of a man sucking his cock was so different from a woman. And someone so young and vital made it even more exciting. Matt moved his head up and down, taking in James' entire length with each stroke, engulfing him in desire.
As he sucked Matt pressed his hard young body against James' leg including his own hard throbbing cock. Somewhere in a remote part of his mind James made plans to return the favour to Matt. But right now he was drawn back into the pleasure of this moment. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold back for very long. He didn't want to. He was overtaken by a need to fill this man's mouth with his cum. He wanted the hot hard surge of the orgasm that Matt was sucking out of him. Pressure mounted at the base of James' cock as Matt slid his fingers around to stroke James' ass. 

James bucked his hips in pleasure as Matt's finger stroked around the tight sensitive hole behind James' balls. Matt let James' cock slide from his mouth for a moment to wet his finger before he slid it back into James' ass. Stroking him for a moment Matt watched James' face as he eased his finger inside him. 

"You dirty fucker," Matt whispered as he slid his finger into James' ass. 

He leaned down and slid his mouth down over James' cock. The dual sensation of the mouth around his cock and the finger in his ass exploded in James' mind. The pressure at the base of his cock was combined with the sensation of pleasure in his ass. His breath was coming in sort gasps, and his hand gripped the back of Matt's head pushing his face further down on his cock. He knew he was close now but he held back a little wanting to prolong the moment a little. 

Matt's finger twisted a little inside him sending pleasure shooting through his ass. Pushing his pelvis against Matt's face James shot a jet of hot cum into his mouth with a loud groan. Matt held him deep in his throat as the second pulse shot out of him before he lay back against the couch panting with the intensity of the encounter. 

Matt released James' rapidly softening cock from his mouth before he sat back on his heels and stood up. The bulge in his briefs left no doubts about how aroused he was. As the young man reached forward to take his drink James reached out to caress the hard cock through the black fabric. 

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  1. Oh now M/M really does turn me on. Love to read and love to watch. Wonderfully written!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. That story rules! ;) I like to read this ;)

  3. Thanks guys for the great feedback. I know this kind of thing isn't everyone's cup of tea but I did enjoy writing it.