Monday, July 8, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Are You Gonna Eat That?



This week's TMI questions were brought to us by the unique and unforgettable Late Pheonix. Thanks for a great set of quirky and unique questions. 

1. What is your favourite food and drink? Please tell a tale of how these two items came to be so special to you. We'd love to hear about it:
I always hate this question when it comes up in those "10 things people should know about you quizzes" The truth is my favourite food is the food I am enjoying with my favourite people right now and my favourite drink is the drink I share with my family and friends when I am having a good time. 
Foods that have featured prominently are chocolate cake, expensive vanilla ice-cream and more recently Vanilla Slice.
Drinks that feature prominently are Jack Daniels and Coke, Chocolate milk and a cocktail called a Toblerone.  
2. Have you ever incorporated these two items or any food and drink into your sex play, like that certain film with the numbers in it's title? Do tell, don't leave out any saucy details. 
 I haven't incorporated any of these items into sex play. I did have a very full on experience with food and sensory play several years ago. A man we were very good friends with organised a birthday surprise for his wife that involved her being blindfolded, transported to an unknown location and then being tantalised with a range of foods and some drinks along with other sexual titillations. It was a very memorable night.

3. Do you have a food / drink related pet name for your lover? Does your lover have one for you? What are they?
Jake and I refer to each other as 'Babe' I guess that can be extrapolated to the very famous pig of that name and then on to bacon, ham and sausages but it is a bit of a stretch.

4. Please complete this dramatic scene from a one-act play I am working on for my local community theatre. 

MAN:      Hello
 MAN:     Do you like rain?
WOMAN: What? Rain, as in the weather rain?
MAN:       No, I meant bread, I said rain but I meant bread, I'm nervous around pretty woman. Do you like bread?
WOMAN: Um mister did you know that my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?
MAN:        I know, I know, I drink your milkshake..... 

 WOMAN: That was you?
MAN:         Guilty as charged. Would you like some toast?
WOMAN: Yes please only lightly browned though
MAN:        Vegemite?
WOMAN: Only if you have avocado as well.
5. Carrison Kellor once said, "sex is good but not as good as fresh sweet corn." Do you agree or disagree. Make an argument for one or the other. 
 I am going to say that sex is better than corn because while corn is an excellent vegetable that is sweet and good and is great when steamed on the cob and covered with butter there is nothing like the feeling of a hard throbbing cock in your vagina. Unless you put the corn in your vagina. Then maybe you could be on to something. 

Don't laugh. I read something on Facebook yesterday about doing that very thing. Apparently the natural ribbing is something else.  

Bonus:  You have a best friend, this person has been your best friend since kindergarten. You are eating a bag of Cheetos on a park bench next to this friend. Suddenly, without warning your friend smacks you accross the face and exclaims, "Give me back my Cheetos bitch!" What is your immediate reaction? 

Slaps her back and says "Give me back my boyfriend then." To which she replies, 
"Boyfriends are for sharing. Cheetos are not" 

I couldn't help myself. This set of questions has appealed to the extreme quirky part of my sense of humor.

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  1. Your bonus answer and #5's answer were awesome. I was wondering if anyone had actually fucked a corn cob because it seems like it would be great!

    1. Yeh I am kind of considering it. Just for reasearch purposes of course!!

  2. yes, BABE!, that's ingenious, Babe was a cute little piggy, but bacon is delicious, ya feel me?

  3. 1. There is a cocktail called Toberlone? Is it supposed to taste like Toberlone candy?

    2. That sounds fun.

    3. Hahaha...word associations

    4. fyi...the writing for this question is black and on a black background it cannot be seen.

    5. Corn sex!

    Bonus: That would make a good commercial.


    The questions were fun!

  4. I believe you can get corn shaped dildos to emulate that roughness ;)

  5. Well... I never considered using corn for a dildo, but now I'm thinking... why not?