Monday, July 1, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Fill in the Blanks.


I remember once there was a blankety blanks style set of questions for TMI and I treated you all to a video of a vintage Australian television show of the same name. I am tempted to post another one again. We will see what happens by the end of the post. 

1. If my sex life were a film it would be rated X18+. (Based on your experiences in the last 12 months and using your local film rating system.)

I never realised this but Australia has a very strange rating system when it comes to sex and sex related items. Because of this the only rating that I can give my sex life is X18+. The main deciding factor in this decision was that my sex life features "actual sexual intercourse". I was a little amused to read this because I am not sure how to make a porno that DOESN'T feature actual intercourse and according to this classification X18+ films are not available for sale or hire in most states of Australia including the one where I live. Oddly I can walk into any adult store anywhere in my home town and purchase a porno that features penises going into vaginas and various other apertures. Not sure how this isn't 'actual sexual intercourse'. 

2. I got a body for worshipping and a face for kissing.
 It aint easy being a sex goddess but I manage it.

3a. It is extremely sexy when a guy builds something himself.
I am not talking extremely "look how great I am" showing off kind of building just your every day, "hey honey I knocked up a TV cabinet for you" kind of building. 

3b. It is extremely sexy when a girl kisses another girl.
I know Jake will agree with me here. There is just something about girls kissing. Especially when they are kissing me.

4. Doing cooking naked makes me nervous.
I can usually come at most tasks and things nude or mostly nude but cooking requires full clothing to be worn. Heat and bare skin are not a good combo. 

5. In the morning I am always naked.
If you sleep naked you are going to wake up that way. Plus it just streamlines the morning quickie process. 

6. I would love to  swim naked in the Karijini National Park.
Jake and I watched the Australian movie Red Dog last night. The movie is set in the Pilbara region of Western Australia which Jake and I visited in 2010. One of the most memorable places we visited on that trip was Karijini National Park. Which is full of waterholes that look like this 

Photo used with permission of Jake Jones
I am sure you get the reason why it would be awesome to swim naked in a place like this especially when you know that on the other side of those cliffs is endless red desert.

Bonus: Fill in the rest of the poem Roses are _____ Violets are ______

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Just give me a chance 
And I would do you

Roses are for posers
Violets are for fakes
I am more interested
In a bunch of trouser snakes!        

I did spend a very enjoyable half an hour perusing Blankety Blanks clips on You Tube but I have refrained from bestowing on you Graheme Kennedy's unique humor this time.


  1. Wow, I didn't know Australia was so weird with it's ratings either! Then again, I'm a Brit so I dunno why I would know that. Karijini National Park does indeed look beautiful; shame we don't have anything like that around here!

  2. "Doing cooking naked makes me nervous."

    I remember a time a few years ago we visited a nudist camp and the men were building picnic tables in the nude with electric skill saws. I could not look

  3. I love all your answers, especially 3a! I would have answered that but I know my husband has no chance of doing it so he'd pout when he reads my post. You are funny, and I totally get why that swimming hole is so appealing for skinny dipping.

  4. Hmmmm ... cooking naked! :)

    I always sleep naked. Can't sleep with clothes on. At all.

  5. I don't normally like the idea of sex outdoors, but give me scenery like that and a bit of privacy and yes, I might be persuaded!