Monday, July 22, 2013

TMI Tuesday - It is All About Me!

It is All About


1. Tell us about you in 10 words or less. 
Wife, mother, pole dancer, sex goddess, writer, collector or chocolate cake recipies. 

I know that is more than 10 words but it all needed to be said. 

2. What radio stations do you have programmed and regularly listen to (format, genre) 

B105 (pop top 10 hits)
97.3 FM (Brisbane's widest variety of hits from the 80's to now)

3. What colour are your eyes today?
 Blue, sort of a grey blue not baby blue. I don't look at them often so I have no idea how much they change.

Photo rights remain property of Gemma Jones

4. Did you shave today?
No. I used to be a huge fan of waxing but have recently been shaving mainly because of ingrown hair issues (doesn't fit with the Sex Goddess image I know!). I am a bit slack with the shaving though and only do it when I am expecting company. 

5. What is your personality?
That probably depends on the day and who I am talking to. I tend to be reserved in new and unfamiliar situations but once I relax I am outgoing and a bit opinionated. 

6. Tell us two things that most people mention the like about you.
Apparently I have great boobs. In certain circles that gets mentioned often. Most people also appreciate my positive attitude. 

7. Name one thing you really like about yourself. 
I like that I can often pick out small birds and unusual plants when I am bushwalking usually before everyone else. 

Source: Birds In Backyards

Bonus: How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
Being realistic, about 35. Being wishful about 32. I don't think my body is quite that young but I am trying to preserve what I have left. 

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