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Weekend of Debauchery Part 2 - The Surprise

Last week I posted the first installment of a weekend Jake and I experienced which was a few steps down our painfully slow exploration of the BDSM world. So today I thought I would share with you all the next installment of what turned out to be a rather full on weekend. 

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One of Jake's favourite fantasy scenarios is to be blindfolded and left in a room to be ravished by a stranger who he has never met and will never know the identity of. This is a scenario that is quite difficult to organise. A couple of years ago I attempted to arrange it and it worked kind of but it wasn't entirely authentic. It is difficult to approach women you don't know very well and ask them if they want to trot along to a hotel room to fuck a man they have never met all on their own. Not surprisingly most women won't go there. So I cheated a little and arranged the surprise with someone we knew but that Jake hadn't had sex with before. It went well and he enjoyed the experience but it wasn't entirely authentic. I am terrible with surprises and so I may have spoiled it a little. 

Since then I have learned a little and when another opportunity came up I jumped on the chance to stage the same scenario again. I was fastidious in my preparations and right up until the day of Peer Rope I hadn't breathed a word and Jake didn't even have even a suspicion. Following the workshop though, I had to let him in on a few details just to ensure that he was in the right place at the right time. Now he was nervous as well as me. We made our way to a hotel that I had booked. It was the first time we had treated ourselves to a night out in a hotel for quite a while. We luxuriated in a bath together, also the first one in way too long. Actually now that I think about it, the first one since the last surprise I planned for him. Then we went for a nice dinner. During dinner there were a few texts back and forth. My friend was getting the jitters. I was worried all my careful planning would go down the toilet. 

It turned out that my friend just needed a good firm push to get off her ass and the plan was back on track. Jake was a little curious but avoided asking too many questions. He had an inkling of what was coming, we had discussed this particular fantasy several times, and he didn't want to spoil it by getting too many details. 

When we got back to the hotel I got him ready. I lay him down on the bed and blindfolded him. The toy chest was open beside the bed with an inviting array. I left the room and passed my friend in the hallway, 

"He is all yours," I murmured to her. "Do with him what you wish. He doesn't know it is you." She smiled like an excited child. I continued, conscious that he was lying on the bed waiting for he didn't know what and I didn't want to hold her up any further. "I will be down in the bar when you are finished." I planned a nice quiet drink in the bar with my notebook. If I could concentrate. 

I found the bar and ordered myself a drink before choosing a nice couch in the corner away from everywhere and everyone. Before too long two men came in and started chatting. They were two single guys, sadly not young and good looking, who were from out of town. To break the monotony of their limited social lives they had come to the 'big smoke' for a weekend of debauchery of their own.

The conversation reminded me that some people's version of debauchery was quite different from mine. For these two men the weekend has consisted of an excursion to the races, going out for dinner, getting drunk and ending up at a strip club. Of course the rule at strip clubs is 'look all you want but no touching' for two single men from a small town with a very limited sex life this is ultimately frustrating. At least at home in the privacy of their own bedroom they can jerk off to the porn on their computer. That kind of behaviour is frowned upon in public for some reason. After a while one left but the other man stayed chatting. I don't know why but I decided to play with him a little.

I was wearing a top that showed a fair bit of cleavage. As we chatted it became clear that he appreciated the cleavage but he didn't know how to say so. It came out that I was married, then after this information ticked around in his mind for a while it occurred to him to ask where my husband was and what exactly I was doing alone in the bar of a hotel. This was when the fun really started. I told him that I was waiting for my friend. I had a bit of difficulty keeping the smirk off my face at this point but I managed. Of course he then asked when she was coming and I very casually let it slip that she would be along shortly when she had finished fucking my husband upstairs.

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The look on his face, as they say in the Visa ad, was priceless. I could see his alcohol fuddled brain trying to process what I had just told him. Thinking back I feel a little sorry that I had been so mean…. Actually I don’t. 

Following this the conversation became a little jumbled as he tried to sort through things. It turned out that he was one of those sheltered individuals that thought swinging is an urban myth and the concept of a woman willingly letting her husband have sex with another woman let alone organising it as a surprise was completely alien to him. In his world if he managed to find a woman who would have sex with him there was no way he was going to spoil it by trying to have sex with her friend, whether she knew about it or not. It made me a little sad to realise that there are people like that out there. 

I think that if he had been a little more on the ball that he would have followed the thought process along far enough to realise that if my husband was allowed to have sex with other people then that meant that I was likely to have some freedom as well. It doesn't usually take guys long to reach this point and from here they jump to asking if they can be the 'other man'. I was saved from having to shatter his dreams by the arrival of my friend. We greeted, shared notes and chatted briefly about me reciprocating the favour for a gentleman she was seeing at the moment all pretty much oblivious to my new companion sitting opposite us. All of this of course just spun his head out even more.

By this stage, as fun as my interlude with the stranger had been and as grateful as I was to my friend, my primary focus was now on my husband upstairs, alone and dealing with the aftermath of what was a very intense experience. I needed to rush upstairs to debrief with him.

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