Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend of Debauchery Part III - Hellfire

This is the last part of our weekend story that I posted about last week and the week before. I hadn't realised until I started to write this how much we had seen and how much emotional ground we had covered in this weekend. The effects were far reaching and I feel some of the things I saw this weekend changed me forever. 

Jake was of course buzzed by his experience. We lay on the bed of the room as he told me what had happened and how he felt. I get so much pleasure from creating surprises for people. At Christmas I enjoy choosing gifts for other people and watching them open them more than I enjoy getting presents myself. So doing this for him was a buzz in itself. We talked about the details and the planning. In the past I haven't been good at planning surprises because I get too excited and let details slip. In this case I had managed to keep the secret. I was like a child, excited about how well I had managed the subterfuge. 

My friend had not taken as long as I had anticipated. If she had, who knows what kind of night my friend downstairs would have had. I wasn't complaining. Things worked out, Jake was happy. Our minds were full of the people we had met that afternoon, the things we had seen and what had just passed. We were not ready for sleeping and both of us were a little restless for sex. We decided to brave Hellfire

When I had first met Jake he and a friend were big fans of a BDSM club called Hellfire. He never managed to entice me to attend with him and as our marriage travelled along his experiences became relegated to his wild youth days. Hellfire as a club ceased to exist in our city but continued in various forms around Australia. In recent years the club has resurfaced. Our friends at Peer Rope were all planning to attend and so we decided to hop along for a look. 

Hellfire is held in the basement of a well-known gay bar. We knew we had the right place when we arrived at a pub with a line of Drag Queens standing outside smoking. We found our way down the stairs and into the basement. It was dark and dingy and fitting in a lot of ways. Several play spaces were set up with crosses and anchor points for flogging. There were a lot of corners for people to hang out in. We met some of our new friends and made some more new friends. We mingled, socialised and spectated. The stages were fairly busy with Masters exercising their flogging techniques with people they knew and people from who were interested in having an experience. I had never really watched flogging live before. Like the rope scene I had witnessed earlier it made a strong impression on me. Unlike the rope it didn't make me want to try it but I had a better understanding of how it worked. Seeing something like that in real life is confronting. No amount of reading or looking at pictures can really prepare you for the raw animalistic and in many ways, cruel act of implements striking flesh. 

The stages were not the only place where the action was. Throughout the audience little 'scenes' played out. One person who grabbed my attention was a man dressed in a shiny black latex suit. He wore a set of 'claws ' on his hand and used them to stroke and scratch women. He was very sensual and I was intrigued. I watched him play with a woman that was one of his regular buddies. A friend told me that their relationship was complicated and that was how the play looked. There was an obvious, strong attraction between them but at the same time there was restraint. Although she wore skimpy clothes she was prudish about undressing. Even though she clearly wanted to fuck him she didn't let him touch her too intimately, at least not at first. 

As he stroked her with his claws he held her close to him from behind. His face rested against her neck and I could see him whispering in her ear. It was hot watching them together. He supported and teased her senses as she melted into him. With his unclawed hand he caressed her breast, first through her bra and later his hand reached inside to pinch her nipple. Throughout the whole scene he never touched her genitals but as she sank deeper and deeper into his touch I could see her body as she spasmed in orgasm. It was honestly one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. Much more enticing and titillating even than watching a fully-fledged orgy. Like the ropes earlier that day, I was hooked. I wanted some of that. Suddenly my mind had opened up to a whole new range of possibilities. 

There were other little scenes and plays between people that night. At the time I didn't realise how much new material I was being exposed to. I think at some point I went into sensory overload. We didn't play but we did exchange Fetlife names with some people before we made our way back to our hotel. We talked about what we had seen and had hotel room sex which I think involved spanking, or maybe not. A lot had happened in a short space of time. I was still processing and would be for many days. 

The following morning we went straight back to vanilla land. A vanilla friend was celebrating her birthday and I volunteered to organise a get together for her. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have put my hand up for that task. Jake and I needed to spend time processing. But she is a very good friend. The night went smoothly but the contrast between a family BBQ and watching sensual BDSM play combined with a lack of sleep was hard to manage. We probably weren't our usual sparking selves and we were certainly glad to make it to the sanctuary of our bed. What we had seen and done would be food for thought for many weeks to come.

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