Monday, July 29, 2013

What is Vanilla?

During the last month or so I was planning a session of hot hotel room sex with a rather delicious gentleman. Scheduling proved to be an issue and so our session had been delayed more than once. In the meantime Jake and I had enjoyed some time with another delicious person that involved, rope, chains and floggers. I was telling a tale of my adventure to my friend, who made the comment,

"Maybe I am too vanilla for you."

I was curious about his attitude. This is a man who had been describing to me in quite explicit terms what he intended to do to me when he could get me alone and naked in a room. He had sent me photos and videos of himself wanking and naked. Vanilla wasn't a word I would have associated with him. When I said this to him he expanded his idea by saying that he just wasn't into too much kinky stuff, he was just after a good hard session of fucking. Now I do have kinks, I have posted about my exploration of kink over the last few weeks and there will be more to come as I explore this new area, but that does not mean that kink is the only thing I am interested in. If there is a seductive person who has a nice looking penis that is offering to fuck the life out of me then I am not going to say no. I don't stop to consider how vanilla they are or the vanilla level of the activity we are planning is. 

So we had our hot hotel session. At his request I wore a dress and sexy underwear, there were many orgasms had and I apologise if anyone in the next room was kept awake or otherwise inconvenienced by the sound of pleasure that was coming from our hotel room. The sex was great hot, hard and unrestrained. Was it vanilla? Well compared to some of the things I have done perhaps yes. Compared to lights off, missionary position, five strokes and it is over? Definitely not. There was some spanking but I wasn't in the mood for it. Once I would perhaps have tolerated the kind of spanking when hand meets ass and there is a noise but you don't really feel anything. These days I don't. If you are going to spank me then you have to fucking mean it. I don't necessarily want bruises that take days to heal but I do want to feel that sting. The sting is what makes spanking so fucking hot.

Did we work our way through the Karma Sutra? No, but we did flick through some tried and true positions that work. Did we try edging or other teasing kinds of sex? No but I don't care. I haven't a lot of patience. I want to try edging someday but I need an experienced and patient tutor. This wasn't the guy for that.

There was ejaculation; from me. Anyone who has ever made me ejaculate knows that this can get messy, really, really messy. This of course does not fall into the category of vanilla. For my friend watching a woman writhe in pleasure while spraying over his hand was enticing and very, very exciting. For me, I gain a deep sense of satisfaction from it but it isn't the earth shattering mind boggling event that it once was. I tend to fight it a little sometimes. Even though it does give pleasure it is messy and so I want to control it a little more.

So getting back to the original question was he vanilla? In all honesty probably yes. As a one off encounter I liked it. I really, really like vanilla ice cream but it has to be the expensive high quality kind. Not the cheap ass stuff you buy in the supermarket. This encounter was like that. Rich, indulgent and decadent but at the end of the day it was still vanilla. If I was to meet him again there would have to be at least some chocolate chips mixed in or M&Ms or Violet Crumble. If he wanted a long term FB relationship he would need to learn how to spank, and be adventurous. There would need to be excursions to parks and sex in public places were the risk of being watched or sprung would make things all that much hotter. For this guy these things are not on his radar. He just wants to meet women and have trysts in hotel rooms.

Vanilla ice cream is nice occasionally but one needs more flavours on their palette. 

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