Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dark Chocolate


The prompt given by the ever lovely Rebel this week was;

dark thoughts 

I am not sure if the following falls into the typical definition of dark thoughts but I had fun writing it.

Do you mind if I send you a pic?

She looked at the message for what seemed like long minutes. It was nice to be asked instead of having a cock pic thrust on her without even a hello. But the question she had to answer was did she want to see this guy's cock.

Yes. A pic would be OK

Maybe he was going to send her a pic of him and not a pic of his face. 

Any kind of pic :)?

Well it wasn’t going to be a face picture if he was asking that. She hoped there was some body in it but it wasn't a high hope.

Whatever you think is appropriate.

It wasn't that she didn't like cocks. In fact she really loved cock, she loved looking at it, she loved to feel their velvet skin and to explore them with her mouth. Most of them anyway. A lot of the owners of penises were complete cockheads, but that was another issue. This was a bit different. She hadn't decided yet if she completely liked this guy, so she wasn't sure if she was ready to meet his cock. Even if it was via a photo sent through a mobile phone. But something made her agree. Maybe it was just the old thing; saying yes because it was easier than saying no. Whatever, she knew she was about to meet this guy's cock.  

The messenger pinged. She opened the app and waited for the image to load. She knew that it wouldn't be like most of the pictures she had seen. He wasn't like any of the guys she had spoken to before. Certainly he didn't look like any of the men she had fucked. cock was hard and thick and shaven, perhaps. It was hard to tell because it was so dark. It was truly dark, like chocolate, dark, dark Lindt chocolate. The head was covered by the foreskin. Something else she didn't see often. She wondered what the glans would look like underneath. She wondered if it would be dark like the foreskin. Sometimes in porn she would see images of black men but she had never studied their cocks. Porn was about the whole concept not the detail she was seeing here. It intrigued her and made her want to see it in real life. 

The next day as she dug in her garden she thought about the picture. The warm spring sunshine beat down on her back as she dug deeply into the soil pulling up thick twisted canna tubers. She fantasised about the thick cock as she pulled roots out of the soil. She wondered what his balls would look like and how they would feel as she licked them and slipped them into her mouth. She thought about slipping her tongue into his foreskin to stroke the head of his cock before opening her mouth to slide it down his shaft. 

As her fantasy ran on she felt a trickle of moisture between her legs. It was more than sweat forming there in her cunt. She wondered what he would say to her as she worshipped his thick chocolate cock. What would his voice sound like? She knew he wasn't born in her country and he wouldn't sound like any of the men whose cock's she had worshipped before. But she was curious about the voice that would whisper to her about how he felt about her mouth on his cock. It turned her on almost more than the feel of his cock in her mouth. It was one of her fetishes to be told how good her worship felt. The feeling of power to give such pleasure to a man was like a drug.  

The pile of canna tubers grew as she dug and pulled. Sweat ran down her brow and into the valley between her breasts as she fantasised more about worshipping his cock. After she teased his head from its shroud she would slide her lips down over his shaft, watching his face as she took as much of him as she could into her mouth. This was one of her favourite parts; giving pleasure, watching his face and listening to his voice. The words of encouragement were always so sexual and made her want to please more, to suck him deeper and to taste the salt tang of his precum.

She wouldn't suck him to climax though. She wanted to feel his tongue on her as well. She wanted to watch his ebony face resting against her milky white thigh as he caressed her pink bud with his tongue. She wanted to watch the contrast of black on white as he licked her until she climaxed over his face. Then she wanted to watch his thick dark cock penetrate her slowly, opening her up to him until his belly was pressing against hers. She wanted to wrap her legs around his waist pressing him deep inside her. She wanted the whole dark Lindt chocolate experience.

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  1. mumm great picture at the end. Nothing wrong with chocolate. It makes for quite the amazing contrast too.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story

  2. A great story! I also love watching porn with chocolate colored men & white women. There is something so incredibly hot about that!

    Rebel xox