Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Little Jack



Like Curious Muse. I just started with the line of the nursery rhyme and the story seemed to come out all by itself. It is strange how that happens sometimes. 

Little Jack Horner sat in the corner. He was there every Saturday night sitting in the same corner, making the furniture look like it belonged in a doll house. Seeing him there drinking quietly by himself had become part of the Saturday night ritual. We took our usual table near the dance floor. My friends ordered their usual frilly cocktails with pink umbrellas. I ordered my usual glass of wine. Something about cocktails didn't agree with me. My friends tried not to look too patronising. I knew that I was their little project. The dorky slightly fat girl they took under their wing to try and mould into one of them. I didn't care. At least I was out on Saturday night and not home watching the Notebook and Jerry McGuire by myself. 

As usual they sat around and talked about the talent. No one asked me who I had my eye on. It was understood that there wasn't anyone in the room who would even consider me for a sympathy fuck. Let alone a relationship. As usual within half an hour I was left to mind the bags and the drinks while the rest of them went off flirting and dancing outrageously. Every male eye in the room looked at them longingly and every female in the room looked on jealously. I amused myself by studying the patrons, the bored couple out on a 'date' trying to inject some life into their dead marriage, the young boys trying to pretend to be real men and score for the night and my 'friends' in their too short dresses like predators seeking out the opposite sex. Then my eye fell on Jack, not for the first time, I wondered about him. Where did he come from and why did he come here every Saturday night alone? The last drops of my drink touched my lips as Maria entwined herself around the dark guy she had scoped out as soon as we walked in the door. I contemplated fetching another glass. 

A full glass of wine appeared in front of me. I looked up into the eyes of Jack. 

"I hope you don't mind, you looked kind of lonely," his looked apologetic.

Up close his size was even more intimidating. I was aware of my mouth dropping open slightly as I looked up into his eyes. I felt as if he could engulf me which isn't something I feel often. It takes a lot of man to engulf a woman my size. Strangely the thought was kind of pleasant.

"Sure," I waved my over the handbags that had been dumped on the table in front of me.
"All of my friends and I would love you to join us." 

His eyes crinkled at the side as he chuckled, making me feel slightly less pathetic.The chair squeaked ominously as he sat down. We both looked nervously around and then we laughed.

"Why do you come here with those girls every weekend?" He leaned over and looked at me earnestly.

I blushed a little and looked away. I noticed Wanda snogging Troy in the corner. His hands were up her dress and her hands were inside his pants. I had seen this before. She would be here soon to collect her bag before he dragged her out of the bar to fuck her senseless in the carpark. Sometime around three she would start with the drunken texts about what an arsehole he was and how she was never going to find a decent boyfriend.

"I don't know," I said quietly. I didn't want to tell him the real reason; that I felt as if this was as good as I could hope for, that I wasn't good enough to have real friends, that watching other people hook up was as close as I got to having sex myself.

"You are so much better than them," he took my hand gently. "They are just slutty trash," his voice was hard when he spoke. "But you are a real woman, full and so fucking sexy."  
He leaned across the table towards me his eyes burning into me with his passion and desire.

Suddenly a fire fluttered in my belly. A feeling I hadn't allowed myself to feel for the longest time awoke in my belly. Warm, burning desire spread through me making my cunt ache. This was different from the normal itch that I scratched with the thick black dildo in my bedside table. This was an ache to be consumed by him and to feel his hands on my bare breasts and his tongue on my bare cunt. I craved the feeling of his huge body engulfing me as he pressed his cock between my thighs, opening me and filling me in a way that a piece of plastic never could.

"Let's get out of here," his voice interrupted my fantasies. "The handbags can look after themselves."

He took my hand and led me out of the pub into the sharp cold air outside. We walked through streets until we found ourselves at the jetty. We leaned against the railing and looked at the lights of the docks across the harbour. We made small talk but all I could really think about was the smell of him as he leaned on the railing next to me. I wanted to strip the clothing off of him and explore his huge body.

Somehow we ended up kissing. It started out slow and soft but then it became intense and aching. The slow burning in my cunt grew into a fire. I would have stripped naked and performed any task he asked of me right then and there just to feel his body pressing against mine. I slipped my hands downwards to cup his powerful buttocks. I thought of him above me on my bed, thrusting into me. I whimpered into his mouth as his hands slid downwards to my crotch pressing against my groin through the fabric of my jeans. He fumbled at my zipper slipping the denim down over my hips as his hungry mouth explored my mound through my panties.

I remembered that I hadn't shaved, for a long time and weakly I tried to push him away. He resisted, slipping his fingers into the leg of my panties to pull the fabric to the side. His face pressed against my pussy as he slid his tongue into my slit. My whimper became a moan and my hands curled into his hair. He pressed my knees apart and delved deeper into me, taking my clit into his mouth and sucking it gently as he slid a finger into my slick, wet, cunt. Hot waves of orgasm shuddered through me and left me limp against the railing. He held me gently for a moment before he slipped my jeans back over my hips and stood to kiss me.
As I licked the salty taste of my cunt from his lips I reached down for his pants to return the favour but he pushed my hands away.

"That is for the second date," he whispered as he cradled my face in his hands. "Now let's get you home safely. 

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  1. Damn, but that was hot! I really had a blast reading it - yes, those bags can definitely look after themselves :)

    xx Dee

    1. Thank you for reading and yes if you take a handbag out with you then it is your responsibility!

  2. So sweet and sexy. Lovely to read, thank you :)

  3. A lovely story! I could relate as I have been that girl many times, not to be taken outside by a guy, but to mind the bags while the popular girls had their fun.

    Rebel xox

  4. I was interrupted by life at least three times while trying to read this piece, and each time I came back eagerly. It was like a book that I couldn't put down.

    1. It makes me happy that I wrote something that you felt was worth coming back to after three interruptions!