Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thinking With My Vagina

Guys get a lot of bad press for 'thinking with their small head'.  It is something that is kind of expected of most guys and I can cite a few examples of things Jake has done that fall into that category. What is more unusual is when you see a woman doing it. A friend of mine once did something that I didn't consider as being particularly cool. It took me a little while to realise that she had been acting purely out of carnal desire. When I realised this it took me a while to get comfortable with the unfamiliar set of circumstances. Thinking with a vagina is something a lot of women probably do more than I realise but it isn't usually that obvious.  

I am a chronic over thinker and so it is often hard for me to hear what my vagina is saying over the clamour of my brain. It kind of took me by surprise when I recently found myself in the situation where the vag was voicing it's opinion so loudly that anything my more rational brain had to say was going almost completely out the window!

Jake and I were having a night out without the kids. We ventured along to a club where we spend a lot of time these days. I had recently had a small surgery and so I was definitely out of action but we wanted to socialise and so we dressed and out the door we went. As we sat at the bar, sipping our drinks and taking in the scenery we started chatting to this couple next to us. Of course the Mr of the couple was incredibly sexy. He was outgoing, charming, a tradesman, and all sorts of yummy. What made it even more frustrating was that he looked at me and decided that he liked what he saw.

It didn't take him long to make his wishes known, his partner was cute, in normal circumstances things could have been hot. I was forced to make my situation known. That is when the trouble started. He turned out to be not just confident but actually a tad arrogant. No was not a word he liked to hear and he took my polite refusal and explanation as an invitation to convince me. I will accept some responsibility here because I did really want him so I was probably giving out 'Go away no no come back' vibes but I did stick to my guns. It didn't stop him from wrapping his arms around me and trying to kiss me and feel my breasts whenever he got the chance. He was quite persistent and I started to feel a little claustrophobic.

Now Jake has a very interesting outlook on this whole thing. As I have said before he thinks I am the  most stunning creature on the face of the planet. I don't say that in an egotistical way. It is just fact and so it should be like that. I am his wife and the mother of his children. He should be totally in love with me. Because of this he is actually sometimes more picky about the people who have access to my vagina than I am! So my new friend didn't do himself any favours by being so pushy. Jake took a dislike to him. This meant that even if I was able to act on my own and this man's desires I think Jake would have been very reluctant, cute girlfriend or not! 

The interesting part for me was that I could rationalise all of what was happening. My brain understood that this guy was behaving badly; he was actually hurting me a little with some of his breast squeezing. I was feeling more and more uncomfortable with his advances. As soon as he came near me I had to wriggle away. I knew this wasn't cool. Some people who know me well are probably thinking that it wasn't like me to tolerate this and not put this guy firmly in his place. I have been known to give guys at clubs a good tongue lashing for much lesser misdemeanours but the clamour of my vagina was too loud and wouldn’t let me. I still wanted to keep the door open for a possible future encounter even though the rational part of my brain was telling me that if he was this pushy with his clothes on any clothes off activity would probably be less than satisfactory for me. Added to that Jake was definitely not going to be cool with that idea at all.

In the end he got the hint and kept away from me. I was kind of sad because he was very, very pretty and although I watched him fucking later that night I didn't get a good look at his sausage. I am sure it was like the rest of him and was also very pretty. Interestingly, during the course of the night was spent some time with a much less attractive couple who were so totally into each other sexually that it was very hot. Later in the night we headed to the open play area where we took a seat on the couch, put our feet on the coffee table and proceeded to watch the naked people doing what comes naturally. We chatted about what we were watching and a whole lot of other stuff which was actually a lot of fun. Of course Mr Sexy pants was in the thick of the action and I did watch him for a while until I noticed that he had his socks on.

To be fair it was a little cold but nudity and socks while having sex are not cool ever. Mr and Mrs Less Sexy also entertained the crowd. I have to say watching someone fuck their wife in the corner of a swing club with such enthusiasm was incredibly sexy. More so than the hottest guy pumping into a string of women. Like the penis the vagina can cause it's owner to make some bad choices. I guess in this case I am lucky that circumstances prevented me from getting into a bad situation.  

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