Monday, August 12, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Superheroes


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This week's questions were penned by yours truly. It doesn't make them any easier to answer though. As always make sure that you head on over to the TMI Tuesday page and check out the other answers. 

1. When you wa child or teenagers who was your favourite superhnd why? 
I had a very sheltered childhood. The show that springs to mind that I loved to watch and had a tiny crush on the guy in the white suit (I know he is a cartoon character) is G-Force. I was rather chuffed to find the following clip on You-Tube. 


2. Which supervillian is most like you and why? 
I am a biology teacher in training. So I would have to say Poison Ivy. Plus she has red hair and is super hot. So it is a no brainer really.

3. If you had a super power what would it be and would you use it for good or evil?
My superpower is multitasking. I can process two totally different concepts at once and feild any number of conversations. I would like to think that it is used for good but sometimes I wonder. 

4. Do you own a superhero costume? When and where was the last time you wore it?
The only superhero costume that I own is my "Multiwoman" cosutme that I made for myself on my 40th birthday last year. Jake has a thing for Cat Woman so I am thinking that I should get myself one of those. Except she isn't a hero. I don't really do hero. 

5. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy about uperhero / villian? Tell us about it?
Apart from pre-pubescent fantasies about Mr White G-Force man I haven't actually fantasised about super hero. Boring I know considering I wrote the question but I wrote it to spy on other people's fantasies. 

6. Who do you think is the cooles super hero and why?
Batman hands down. He is sexy, super rich and has an awesomely cool car. What more could a guy have. I would gladly be his play thing. 

Bonus: You have been granted the wish of having a threesome with one super hero and one super villian. Which ones do you choose and why?

I think I would choose Batman and Cat woman. All that black shiny stuff and the sexual tension between them would be super hot. The hard part would be deciding which one to eat first!

Source: Mating Habits of the Modern Geek


  1. Great questions. Hope you enjoyed my answer to the superhero 3some in the earlier post when you posed the question.

  2. Poison Ivy looks fun; naked body, red hair ... hmmmmm! :)