Sunday, September 1, 2013

Butt Grab

The news headlines last week have been dominated pretty much by two things. On one hand we have news coverage of the Syrian government's bombing of their own people and the discussion about pending war between the US, potentially allied with Britain, and Syria. On the other hand we have extensive air time given to Miley Cyrus 'twerking' Robin Thicke at the VMA's. Unless of course you live in Australia where the pending Federal Election is competing with Miley in the categories of relevance, quantity of air time and intellectual capacity. 

In case you have been living under a rock this is the performance that has caused such a fuss;

I am not going to wade into the commentary on the wrongness of this spectacle but the thing that caught my eye about the whole thing was the image that has come out from the after party,

Robin Thicke blonde bum grab
Source: B105 Scoop-La
 If you look carefully you can see that the squeaky clean OMG MARRIED Robin is clearly grabbing this girl's ass as they pose for a fan shot. I am amused that a few short hours earlier this man was on a stage in front of the world being seduced and grinding with Miley Cyrus. He is famous for a song that describes seducing a 'good girl' and doing all kinds of nasty things to her even though she is in another relationship. Then the world is surprised that he is doing this?

Some people need to think outside the box a little. Yes Miley's dance was inappropriate. Considering the age of her recent fan base and given that many of these pre- and early teen girls still follow her she really should consider her status as a role model. But what about Mr Robin? Why isn't the world condemning him for creating music and a culture that demeans women and keeps them firmly in the 'sex toy' box? Why is the world condeming Miley while high fiving him?

Until of course we get to the ass grabbing. Because clearly that is going to upset his wife. She has sat back all these months and enjoyed the fruits of his song that was actually very well acted out in the VMA performance. Presumably she was in the audience while he twerked with Miley but then she is going to be upset by him carrying on the performance and the persona that has made him famous at the after party? I don't think so. 

I posted last week about my dual life. Now I am not even going to try to draw paralells between my life and Robin Thicke's but the reason I brought it up was to point out that many people have a hidden 'dark side'. A part of their pesonality that they keep hidden from the general public. They do this because they are smart enough to know revealing it will cause them to be a target of judgement from people who have no fucking idea what they are talking about. 

Now given that Robin has released a song about dirty sleazy sex and he has performed a re-enactment of that some with a former child star who was practically nude I don't think it is much of a leap to imagine that his marraige is quite different from the white picket fence image that Americans so love. I really don't think that Mrs Robin Thicke (I couldn't be bothered to Google her name) is home every day planning dinner and providing missionary position, lights off sex upon request. I would even go so far as to venture that the ass grab was not an infidelity but an invitation to join him and his wife later for the real after party. 

One last thing I couldn't help but share with you an image of Rhianna at the VMA's
Source: MuuMuse
 I would be willing to bet that "Been there done that" went through her mind for most of that performance.


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