Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fifteen Years

Something for the weekend
Yesterday was Jake and My wedding anniversary. We have been married for fifteen years and together for a total of sixteen. Like all marraiges it has had its ups and downs. Like wine we have aged together and are starting to reap the rewards. I wrote this peice in an attempt to describe our journey.

Sixteen years ago I met a boy at a dance class
He asked me to dance and even though I was more interested in his friend, I said yes.
His friend turned out to be gay.

A few classes later he asked me for my number
Later that night he called me and woke me up, then we talked for hours.

After we started dating I told him I didn't want to have sex for a few months.
He wasn't sure what to make of that idea so he took me camping at the beach
We didn't have sex while we were camping but within five minutes of being home his dick was inside my pussy.

He asked me to marry him because he said I give good head
I said yes because he had a big dick

Time went by, jobs changed, houses were bought and sold
Children arrived.
There were times when we wondered what we were doing but then we asked each other and found that we really were on the same path after all.

One day he asked me if I wanted to try swinging.
I hid my face under the covers, I was afraid
Afraid of what would happen, of the kind of people we might meet, of the dangers.

After a while I said yes
We found ourselves walking through the door of our first swingers club
Since that first terrifying night we have come a long way.
We have met some interesting people and lived more fantasies than some people ever imagine.

Often men tell me how lucky Jake is to have me
But I am the lucky one.
He holds me close when I am sad
He holds me very carefully when I am angry
He watches from a safe distance when I am flying apart, waiting to catch the pieces and put them back together. 

On our wedding day the priest asked me "Do you love and honour this man for eterinity?"
I said I do.
Today I ask myself if I could imagine an eternity without him.
The answer is I can't.

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