Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Revealing Nudity


This week's prompt was nudity;


The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar; the glimpse of her naked back reflected in the mirror tempted him. A gentle push opened the door fully to reveal her sitting on the bathroom sink naked from the waist down. Her knees were pressed together and her hands pressed into her lap as she looked at him. Big blue eyes watched him nervously as he took in all of her in the flesh for the first time in weeks. He noticed everything about her, the way her teeth caught her bottom lip, the way her nipples poked against the thin fabric of her tank top.

"Hello Daddy," her voice quavered a little.

"Hello sweet," he answered fighting against the desperate urge to command her to kneel in front of him and greet him in the way he normally expected. His cock throbbed at the memory of her lips wrapped tightly around him, welcoming him eagerly, the command rose automatically to his lips ready to slide out until his eyes fell on the pink razor sitting innocently on the sink beside her. He stepped into the room, positioning himself in front of her, for a moment his gaze was distracted by the reflection of her buttocks resting on the white porcelain. He had a fleeting memory of those buttocks presented nicely in front of him waiting for him to slide his cock deep inside her. He inhaled sharply, it had been too long. He vowed that he would never let himself be away from her for that long again. 

"Let me see," his voice broke the silence. She looked up at him, pleading silently. This had been a much harder task for her than he had anticipated. Even though she had no reason to groom herself that way in his absence she had begged him more than once to be allowed to shave, saying the growing hair made her feel ugly and unclean. He reached forward and removed her hands from her groin. He was rewarded with a peek of dark hair curling slightly over her mound. 

"Open," he commanded gently. 

Her legs fell apart pulling away her outer labia. He caught the scent of her cunt and noticed the sheen of moisture covering her pink folds. It had definitely been too long. His fingers deftly opened his trousers, freeing his aching cock. He took another step forward until his body was between her legs. He rested the head of his cock against the damp curls of her pussy.

"Did you miss me?" he asked. It took all of his concentration not to plunge himself into her warm, wet depths.

"Yes," he could hear the hunger for him in her voice.

It was all he needed. With one thrust his cock was buried deep inside her. She gave a little whimper as he withdrew slowly before thrusting into her again. He touched her swollen node with the tip of his finger. Its eager hardness pushed his excitement to further heights.
"Come on my cock," he commanded.

His finger moved slightly and he watched her face intently as the familiar expression formed. With a sigh she came oozing hot wetness over his cock, his orgasm followed almost automatically. With a quiet grunt he held her close as he pulsed his cum into her. For long moments he allowed himself to hold her body against his inhaling the long absent smell of her hair before he stepped away from her allowing his cock to slide out of her. 

He picked up the pink face washer that was draped over the basin and wiped away the dribble of cum that had formed at her opening.

"Are you ready," he asked her.

She nodded, her eyes watching his every movement intently. He reached out and picked up the pink razor and took the first stroke against her mound. Small dark hairs fell to the floor as he continued to stroke her pussy with the razor, removing the hair she had grown in his absence to reveal the smooth skin underneath that he remembered so well.

When he was satisfied with her mound he pushed her legs further apart. More relaxed and trusting now she tilted her hips a little, opening herself up to him further. With one hand he pulled open her labia to reveal her inner moist folds. Carefully he slid the razor upwards, with the blade passing tantalisingly close to her most sensitive spot. He felt her tense in fear and anticipation. The smell of her sex became stronger and he felt a responding twinge in his own groin. A bead of moisture formed at the top of her opening and he felt a pang of thirst for her juice. He applied the razor to her other side, taking just as much care to remove every single hair as he had with the first side. 

When he was finished he slid his fingers over the smooth skin, checking his work. She held herself still, her hands clasped beside her thighs, waiting.

"You did well," he praised her as his fingers strayed towards her slit. Her eyes widened as he slipped his fingers inside her curving them upwards to tease her further. He kneeled down and pressed his face between her legs finally, allowing himself to taste her juice. She whimpered in pleasure as he lapped at her folds, exploring every crevice with his tongue, teasing her with his fingers as he stroked her with his tongue. He sucked her clitoris into his mouth as she whimpered in pleasure. A warm jet of liquid covered his hand as he sucked.
Pleased he continued to tease and tantalise as her cries became louder. Juice covered his face and he drank it thirstily. He coaxed orgasm after orgasm out of her as her juices flowed harder and faster soaking his face and chest. His free arm was wrapped around her hips, holding her close to his faces fighting her when she tried to pull away. Only when he was satisfied that she had reached her limit and then gone beyond it did he pull away from her to stand over her slumped in a quivering, whimpering mess on the bathroom sink. 

Gently he picked her up and carried her to the bed where he laid her on the crisp white sheets. She smiled drunkenly up at him as his fingers stroked her smooth, naked mound.


  1. shew, this is one smoking hot write. I love the fun of shaving a lover, so this was very dear to me.

  2. Scorchingly hot; fantastic write ;)

  3. I have been shaved by men before, but it has never been such a hot experiences as this! Hot story!

    Rebel xox

  4. Oh dear Lord.. There is only one time I trusted anyone to shave there and only because I was too pregnant to do it myself. I may be second guessing my choices because this was hot but would require me to grow mine back out.. hmmm yeah I will just come back and read this as the urge strikes

  5. Sir has never shaved me, although we have talked about it but I often shave his face for him. I love doing it, it feels like caring for him, serving him, it is a very sensual experience


  6. I don't know if I could trust another person to shave me but that was definitely very hot :)

    ~Kazi xxx