Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Lovers, partners, exes, and .... Betty White? A strange mix.


This week's questions were contributed by TMI Tuesday players as a response to the bonus questions on June 16 

1. Contributed by The Passion Couple:
Tell us something kinky that you refused to do with a partner (ex or present) but secretly wish you had done.

Way back in the dim dark history of my sexual journey I had a partner who was my first experience of a fuck buddy. He was a little older and a lot more experienced than myself and I learned a lot from him. One night he asked to tie me up. I refused because I didn't trust him enough that something really bad wouldn't happen while I was so vulnerable. In some ways I wish I was a bit more mature at the time and followed that rabbit down the hole. I could have had a much more interesting journey. But I don't really regret it. Looking back I think I was right to trust my instincts and not go along with him. 

2. Contributed by Sincerely Yours:
Pick your top three lovers and explain why you picked them!

These are all men who I have currently in my life. A wine maker told me once "The best wine is the one that you are enjoying right now" I guess that applies to lovers as well. 

1. Jake of course; He has stuck with me the longest, knows me the best and puts up with all my crap. How can he not be the best lover I ever had. 

2. Mr Fix It; We have done some very hot things over the time we have known each other. He always makes me feel comfortable and he tries very hard to know me as well as Jake.

3. I can't really think of someone who fills spot number three. There are a lot of great people out there but none springs to mind right now. 

3. Contributed by  The Sin Doll  
Where on your body would you get your ex's name inked if you had to?

Personally I think getting any name of a significant person in your life tattooed on your body is stupid. Like you are needing a reminder of them!!! This goes tenfold for people who get tattoos of their children's name on themselves. I am a cleanskin and despite thinking about getting a tattoo several times over the course of my life I have never done so.
So there would have to be a really really really good reason for me to get ANYONE's name tattooed on myself. If that happened it would be in the smallest script possible on my ass so I would never have to look at it. 

4. Contributed by I'm Not Anastasia  
Would you rather have sex on a Ferris Wheel or Bumper Cars?

If they were going, the ferris wheel. If they were stopped bumper cars. I am absolutely petrified of heights. 

5. Contributed by bi likes scifi 
 Men: Have you ever tracked a friend's or partner's periods for the purpose of treating them differently during that time?
Women: How would you feel if a partner did this?

I am a woman (in case you were wondering!). I am not sure of the intent of the question really. If you are living with your partner then it is pretty obvious when a period happens along and so tracking is not really necessary. As far as treating a woman differently when she has her period I think that is par for the course and I would expect that. There are very few women that I am aware of who would be business as usual when they have their period. 
The only time it would be unacceptable would be if the man expects that period time = unlimited oral sex that doesn't need to be reciprocated even at a more convienient time. THEN I might have an issue.

Bonus: Contributed by Filled and Fooled
Would you rather eat a white crayon or go down on Betty White?

Seriously???!!!! I thought my mind was weird. I would have to say eat the white crayon. I am a fan of eating pussy and I have been told I am pretty good at it. However I am quite selective about which pussies I eat. So I will eat the white crayon because nothing would make me choose the weird old lady. 


Thanks guys for a great set of questions. As usual you can read the other contributions by heading over to the TMI Tuesday page.


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  1. 1. In that situation, better safe than sorry. Glad you followed your instincts.

    3. Yeah, but if you HAD to get the tattoo...where? :-)

    Bonus: Harsh! lol, lol
    Betty is so vibrant and funny. I bet she is wild in bed.