Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Taboo, Tickles and Fantasy

This week's TMI questions were submitted by contributors as a response to the bonus question on 16 July. For a roundup of this week's contributions check out the TMI Tuesday blog.  

1. Contributed by; Property of Potter
 What strange areas of your body are ticklish?
I am not especially ticklish anywhere on my body even on my feet. From time to time when the conditions are right I am a little ticklish on my feet but generally I am not really responsive to tickling.

2. Contributed by; Fox in the Flowers
What is something you are interested in sexually but only on a purely fantasy level? Something you think about bu could never fully act on.
Normally I am not interested in age play or younger men. However I do fantasise sometimes about taking the virginity of a young very shy guy. This isn't something that I would anticipate ever doing but one of Jake and myself's key rules is 'Never say never' 

3. Contributed by; http://truepleasuresreviews.com
If you could have a week of the best sex ever in human history but you had to have a fish head as your head for the rest of your life after that week, what would you do?
I think I would say no. I am not sure how you would decide that the sex is the 'best sex ever' Sex is like wine, the best sex is the sex you are enjoying with the people you are with right now. It is hard to compare one sexual experience with another objectively. Consequently I think I would turn down the opportunity. I like my head and I am happy with my sex life the way it is. I think I have pretty good sex quite often. I am sure that wouldn't happen if I had a fish head!

4. Contributed by; Sexuality Sanctuary
What do you consider taboo and have you ever ventured into this territory? Was it great, good, bad or horrific?
I am currently training to be a Biology teacher. Often when I tell people this, especially potential sex partners, there is interest in being naughty with the teacher after class. I have blogged about my thoughts on this here. I feel very strongly about this and there is no way I would cross this line. Not just to protect my career but also because I feel very strongly about my responsibility to my students. 

5. Contributed by; Shadowed Seductress
 What part of your body do you consider the most unusual that you enjoy being stimulated.
I love having my lower belly stroked and rubbed during the first part of sex. It makes me feel very decadent and can turn a "I need to go to sleep now" into a "Let's get busy" in a matter of minutes!. 

Bonus: Contributed by Her Private Island
If you could make a porn film/ video with any celebrity and why?
http://thebacklot.mtvnimages.com/uploads/2013/06/100-travis-fimmel4.jpg?quality=0.7Jake and I have been enjoying a television series called Vikings which depicts a historical Viking Warrior - Ragnar Lodbrok who was one of the first Norse warriors to raid England. The actor who portrays Ragnar is an Australian Travis Fimmel;
I would love to make a porn film involving lots of animal skins and gratuitous sex that is sometimes featured in this series. 


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