Monday, September 30, 2013

TMI Tuesday - What We Do For Sex

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The things we will do just to get some sex....... 

1. Why do you like sexting or virtual sex (chatting, skype etc)?
I don't mind sexting especially with a new partner or as a warm up for a play date. The banter and exchange of innuendos is stimulating and can get the juices flowing but I don't really like virtual sex at all. I have done it a few times but it really doesn't do anyting for me. The same goes for sex chatting, it just seems to contrived and fake. I would much rather send a few dirty messages about what I am going to be doing in a few days and then do it in the flesh. 

2. When you're about to "get busy"... get down and dirty, you know, have sex, do you like to be undressed by your lover or take your clothes off yourself. 
I never actually thought about this specifically but I think I prefer to take my own clothes off. I am not very good at letting people do things for me and having someone undress me feels kind of weird. 

3. What is the most desperate thing you have ever done for sex. 
I can't think of anything desperate that I did for the act of sex. I think like many teenage girls I have had sex or performed sexual acts because I was desperate for a particular person to notice me. But that is another thing entirely.

4. Libido booster drugs for women (viagra for women) will hit the market soon. Are you interested in trying the,? Will you take the new drug (s)? Why or why not? is a common misconception that Viagra is a libido booster. It is in fact an erection booster. If a man is not aroused he will not get an erection no matter how much Viagra he takes. In addition Viagra is actually relatively dangerous if it isn't taken with appropriate caution.

Having said that if the drug were genuinely a libido booster rather than a drug that makes your body ready to deal with the libido that you already have then it would be interesting to try. I don't think I would use it routinely though. I have enough trouble making time for the sex I want to have now.

Bonus: If it were legal in your country / communit to visit a 'sex box' would you?
Well as a woman I generally don't have to visit a prostitute for sex. Although if there was an easily accessible system whereby I could pay for no strings attached sex and the provider was good at their job and they took instruction well there could be merit in it. Unfortunately these things are not as common.  
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  1. I love your answers, especially the educational answer for #4. I didn't think of which approach to improving libido it might take (though I still don't feel a need to take it myself).
    Happy TMI Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for sharing!!
    and I learned something new today!!

    Happy TMI