Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Dating Obstacles


1. Could you date someone who is really into Legos? Their house consist of Lego furniture, the walls are covered in 3D Lego art or photos of mammoth Lego creations. 

One of the sad things about being a girl is that no one buys you lego to play with. So I think I probably could date someone who is seriously into Lego. As long as he lets me play with his Lego. 

2. You have a big date and discover that you have run out of undies, would you:
    a) re-wear dirty
    b) wear a swimsuit or swimsuit bottoms
    c) line worn undies with fresh panty-liners
    d) go commando.

The answer to this question would depend upon wether I intended to get any action with said date. If it was a first date and I was pursuing this as a serious relationship I would be trying to avoid any action that involved the panty area. So I would be good with b). a) and c) are not really options as they are just YUCK.
If however there was any suggestion that there might be action in the panty area then commando would be the only choice. It could make for an interesting evening. 

3. In order to date the person of your dreams you must be in a reality show with them. Would you date him/ her? Why?

I can't imagine that anyone who I would consider the person of my dreams would be interested in appearing on a reality show. Also I tend not to fall for a person until I get to know them so I can't really see myself being in this position in the first place. 
4. You have been dating a certain someone for a while, you two click and you really like them but they confided to you that they are a crime-fighting super hero. Do you still date them or let the relationship cool? Why?

I think I would continue to date them. There is nothing sexier than a guy who wears his underwear on the outside.

 5. You are on a date with someone you really want to impress. Your pants / skirt / shirt / bra split early in the date. What do you do?
   a) Tie a jacket or sweater around your waist or put the jacket or sweater on to hide the issue.
   b) Stop at a drugstore and buy safety pins, and in secret try to fix and hide the problem.
   c) 'Fess up to the problem, let it all hang out and continue with the date.
   d) Cut the date short and go home. 

I am the boy scout type. I think I would do b) and pin myself together. Hopefully I would have a safety pin in my handbag. Then I wouldn't have to buy one. 

Bonus: You went away for the weekend with your new romantic love interest. He / she had planned a wonderful weekend of outdoor fun for you both but it has started to rain and storms are in the forecast for the next few days. What do you suggest the two of you do instead?

I think that the answer to this is kind of obvious really. Of course we would just spend the next couple of days watching movies and snuggling....... We all know where that would end up right. Which would be way more romantic than bungy jumping I am sure!

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  1. hahaha, underwear on the outside! never thought of it like that!

    your bonus is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Thanks for sharing

    Happy TMI