Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TMI Tuesday - In Real Life

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This week's questions were penned by The Sin Doll. Thanks for a great bunch of questions. 

1. Create your perfect job. What would you do?
In my perfect world I would get paid to write and research about sex. So I guess my perfect job would be writer of smut.

2. What person has changed you for the better?
I try to identify people around me who have relationships or do things in a way that I would like to and then I try to learn from them to improve my own relationships and life in general. There have been quite a few people in my life who have fulfilled this role and so I cannot identify one specific person. Although Jake has certainly been a person who significantly changed the course of my life. Without him I think I would have turned into a prudish career bitch living in an upmarket house sending my kids to a $30K p.a. school and driving them there every day in my BMW. That doesn't sound much fun at all. 

3. Cat person or dog person?
I grew up on a farm and I am a Biologist. I pretty much love all creatures on some level, except cane toads and cockroaches. But if I had to choose wether to have a cat or a dog? Cats would win. Oh that is right, I did have to make that choice once and I chose a cat. She has been my most loyal friend for nearly seventeen years and I love her dearly.

4. Who is your favourite relative? Why?
I don't really like most of my relatives. My dislike ranges from indifference to active dislike depending on the circumstances. So I would have to say my favourite relative is my father's paternal grandmother. (Yes that would be my great grandmother!). She bucked convention and actively left a family situation that was a little weird. At the time that was a pretty gutsy thing to do and I like to think she was a kick ass lady. When I retire and research my family tree I will try and find out what happened to her. 

5. Mop the floor or iron clothes?
Definitely iron clothes. There is something about emptying the ironing basket and creating a row of neat clothes in the cupboard that is inherently satisfying. Plus the clothes usually stay ironed much longer than the five minutes a floor stays clean after you mop it!

6. Which would you rather have - a swimming pool or a gardner? Why?
I already have a swimming pool but what I would like is a swimming pool attendant. A nice buff one that I can perve at while he is cleaning my sparkling pool every day. 

Of course there is some sexy!!!

Bonus: Are you better at giving oral sex or recieving oral sex?
I would have to say I am better at giving than receiving. I know I give an above average head job. I am in the running for blow job of the year with one 'friend'. But I do not recieve well. I have a very sensitive clit and for some unexplained reason men seem to think that they have to spread my legs and go hard which results in them almost having to peel me off the ceiling. Even after being told to 'be gentle' and me keeping their face a respectable distance from me by pushing on their forhead, some of them still don't get the hint. There are a notable few though who have shown some skill and I have enjoyed their attention but generally with a new partner I will suck cock in preference to lying back and getting a tonguing!


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  1. I love your answers! I like that you can see where your life might have been if you hadn't met that right person at the right time. And how you feel your life is much better having met him.
    Though I chose to mop the floor for my answers, you have a great point about the ironed clothing staying ironed longer than a floor stays clean.
    Happy Tuesday,