Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It has been a few weeks since I was able to participate in Wicked Wednesday. I have missed the stimulation and discipline of writing to a prompt every week and am very glad to be back in the saddle again this week. 

The prompt this week was set by Anna and you can read her sexy words at her blog. She set the topic Pleasure and Pain.


The sight of the skirt laid out on the bed made Chrissy's heart skip a beat. She knew exactly what it meant. All the cares and worries of the day faded into the background as she stood for long moments looking at it, focussing on the single garment that was guaranteed to make her heart skip with both fear and excitement. Unconsciously her eyes slid over to the silver clock on the bedside table. For a few moments she looked at the clock face before her consciousness registered the consequences and spurred her into action. Giving herself a mental shake she began to prepare herself for the night ahead. The sight of the skirt on the bed promised a night full of excitement, pleasure, pain and the unknown.

She peeled off her clothes and deposited them in the hamper before she stepped into the bathroom. Standing naked in front of the sink she picked up her pink razor and began a thorough process of removing all of the hair on her body, paying particular attention to the short dark hairs on her pubic mound. She spent extra moments smoothing the soft sensitive skin there, making sure that every hair had been removed. Unconsciously her fingers slipped inside her slit to encounter the slick wetness there caused by the sight of the skirt on the bed and thoughts of the night ahead. It took more than a little willpower to stop herself from exploring further into her slick wet folds but she was unable to resist giving one stroke to her clit, shivering in pleasure and anticipation.

 According to the routine set out for her she made the shower very hot. Steam billowed up, filling the bathroom as she eased her body under the stinging needles of the shower. Obediently she scrubbed herself with the exfoliator thoroughly as the hot water turned her skin a bright, glowing pink. Only when she had scrubbed from head to toe did she turn the water off and step out of the steam filled cubicle tingling all over. When she was dry she picked up the moisturiser and rubbed her entire body with lotion, paying particular attention to the skin on her ass and thighs.

Nervously she glanced at the clock on the bedside table as she began to dress herself. Sir was never, ever late and she knew that he would be less than pleased if she was not ready when he arrived. She left the skirt until last, donning the white blouse making sure all of the buttons were fastened, right up to the neck. Next was the suspender belt and stockings, she took a precious minutes adjusting the seams, making sure they were perfectly straight before she stepped into the patent leather pumps. Finally, the one garment that hadn't left her mind since she had stepped into the bedroom earlier. Almost reverently she slipped it over her head and slid it into place. With great care she made sure all the fasteners were in place before she stepped in front of the mirror to check that she hadn't missed anything. She resisted turning to get a glimpse of her back; she wasn't ready to see her bare butt exposed by the cut of her skirt. She didn't want to dwell too much on what lay ahead.

Shivering she stood in front of Him, eyes downcast, waiting for his instruction. Her nipples strained against the thin fabric of her blouse, her knees trembled slightly. It took all of her will not to clench her bare buttocks as he walked around her, inspecting her. For a second his hand rested on the naked skin framed by the skirt he had gotten made especially for her. Especially so that he could look at her beautiful ass while she was fully dressed. Especially because he knew how much she loved the feel of his hand on her ass and it pleased him to think that when she was dressed this way she was always on edge, waiting for the sting of his palm or something else.
What pleased him even more was the knowledge she loved the pain as much as she loved the pleasure of his tongue on her clit. Sometimes the feel of a firm hand on her ass while he had his cock buried deep inside her made her cum so hard she pushed his cock out of her.

With one finger he stroked her perfectly groomed hair before gently placing the collar around her neck. At the feeling of the soft leather her heart started racing, almost uncontrollably. The lead clicked into the clasp at the front of her neck, she tilted her head up a little to let her eyes rest on his face for a brief moment, and she noted the approval and a hint of lust in his eyes. The clamour of her groin became almost unbearable. Nothing else mattered to her now. Anything could happen to her tonight, any pain, any indignity was repaid by the pleasure she got from knowing he wanted her.  

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