Friday, November 8, 2013

Down by the River

Over the last few weeks my life has been consumed by work and study and I have not had a lot of time to write. I started writing this story in response to a Wicked Wednesday prompt several weeks ago and didn't get time to finish. Finally I can share it with you!

It was a beautiful warm night as we strolled along beside the river. On one side was the steep cliffs that led to the yuppie houses overlooking the river and the CBD. On the other side the wide brown stretch of water wound through the centre of the city. Even though it was the middle of the week the path was populated with people. Joggers and cyclists made their way through their evening fitness regimes, families on holiday strolled along enjoying the lights of the city at night across the river. Other people used the pathway to get from one place to the other on unknown errands.

Every now and then there was a break in the traffic and we felt as if we had the path to ourselves. We strolled along enjoying the balmy night air the way parents do when they are freed from their children to share an intimate dinner and be reminded of the way it was when they didn't have children. We couldn't keep our hands off each other as we walked, every now and then a breeze floated underneath my short dress to caress my bare pussy reminding me of the secret nudity I was hiding there. Jake's hand wandered down over my naked ass squeezing me through the fabric of my dress.

When there was an opportunity he pulled me off the path slightly and leaned me up against the railing on the side of the path. He pressed his body against mine as he kissed me deeply, sliding his hands up my thighs to caress my freshly shaven mound that was hidden there. I gasped into his mouth as he slid his finger into my wet slit teasing me before the sound of people approaching along the path made him remove his hand and straighten himself up. The two men that jogged past gave me a knowing look as I straightened my dress but I didn't care. I had more arousing things on my mind.

We continued our walk but I was wanting more than a walk now. I began scanning the path in front of us looking for a nook that would give us some more privacy. I hoped, in vain, that as we moved further away from the CBD the stream of people passing by would decrease. Annoyingly the steady stream continued with occasional breaks.

Then I saw what I had been looking for. A lookout had been built slightly over the water. The wooden jetty was shielded from the path by a large Moreton Bay fig which had seating around one side of the base. I led Jake towards the partially secluded area, pushing him down on the bench seat positioning wide gnarled trunk of the tree between us and the pathway. I straddled Jake's lap as he sat on the bench kissing him and pressing my body against his. He slipped his hand underneath my dress allowing the warm evening breeze to caress the bare skin of my ass as he stoked me.

I glanced over his shoulder, nervously watching the people passing by in small groups. None of them paid any notice to us snuggling under the tree. I sat back a little, lifting my dress to allow Jake access to my wet hungry slit. His fingers slid down over my freshly shaved skin to stroke my swelling clit. I gasped against the side of his neck as he slipped his finger through my wet folds to slip into me. I forgot about the passers-by on the path as he fucked me slowly with two of his fingers. My hands pressed against the seam of his jeans, stroking the hard cock underneath. When there was a break in the passers-by I stood up to allow him to unbutton his jeans. Carefully I eased his hard warm cock out of its prison. I resumed my seat with my hand wrapped around his cock. He slipped his fingers back inside me.

The pleasure of Jake's fingers was intense but I ached for more. I wanted to be filled by him, feeling the hard warmth of his cock in my hand increased my desire for him. When I couldn't hold back any more I raised my body slightly and moved forward until I was positioned above his cock. For a moment I held myself there with the tip of his cock resting against my opening. His hands gripped my hips, trying to push me down onto him. Our eyes were locked together as I resisted, fighting my own desire to feel his cock filling me to feel the pleasure of denying him what he wanted so much. Then slowly I slid myself down onto him. His cock slid into my soaking opening easily, pushing apart the walls of my pussy, filling me until I was pressed against his lap with his cock buried deep inside me.

I was compelled to rock my hips against him pressing his hardness against the pleasure spots inside me. For several weeks we had not been able to fuck. Sitting here now with him inside me was like fucking him for the first time. His cock felt new and familiar at the same time, I was insanely horny. My hand reached down to touch my clitoris which was swollen and hard. The slightest touch made me shudder in pleasure. I moaned softly still acutely aware of the people walking by on the path a short distance away but caring less and less about them seeing me as I got more and more turned on by what I was doing. In some ways the thought of someone surreptitiously watching was even more of a turn on.

We continued like that for several minutes. As I rocked my hips and ground myself into his cock I looked into his eyes. Almost unexpectedly an orgasm shuddered through me. I hadn't realised until that moment how much I had ached for him over the last weeks. I slumped against him, resting my head on his shoulder, kissing the side of his neck. His cock was still hard, buried deep inside me. After a few moments I felt the life coming back into me. Jake lifted me gently off him,

"Let's see if there are any other a little further down the path." He smiled wickedly at me as he zipped up his pants.

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  1. WOW! I'm getting a similar voyeuristic feeling reading this. I'm sat here at my desk in a half filled office in Dutton Park, not far from the area you had your fun. I was riding every bump and grind with you in my mind as I cautiously checked that I didn't have any co-workers peering over my shoulder. I stated reading cautiously but as I got deeper and deeper into the wetness of your encounter I seemed not too worry what was going on around me. My manhood was doing all it could to escape my pants but I had to retain some decorum. Once again Gemma, you've managed to arouse me with nothing more than words, lighting up my imagination. Trust me when I say that next time I'm strolling along the KP cliffs I'll be on the lookout for a big fig tree. I might just sit down and re-read this when the time comes!