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This week's prompt asked you to write a letter to a younger you. I wasn't really up to the emotional strain but I did find time to finish a piece that I started a few weeks ago when I was sweltering away in the early Australian spring and I was reminded of a road trip my family and I went on that involved a stop at a place much like the one described in the story. 

The first thing that Judy did when she walked into her room was turn on the aircon and strip off her clothing to stand naked in front of the jet of cool air. The roadhouse where she worked on a long isolated stretch of highway in the Australian outback was airconditioned but the constant flow of people in and out of the door and the heat from the kitchen meant that the temperature behind the cash register was still stifling. Then there was the walk from the main building back to her room that was one of a line of rooms that made up the staff accommodation at the back of the complex through the searing 43 degree heat.

She contemplated a shower but that would mean finding something to cover her nudity and walking the length of the verandah in the heat to the showers at the end of the building. Sometimes she did walk to the shower naked but that was at night when no one was really around and she was hidden by darkness. At four o clock in the afternoon she didn't fancy her chances of making it to the shower and back unseen.

While she was standing there debating with herself about the need for a shower her door sprung open. Stunned she turned around to find an awkward looking young man standing in the doorway.

"I am sorry," he stammered. His British accent was strong, he hadn't been off the plane very long. Even though she had been in Australia for almost a year now hearing a voice straight from home always gave Judy a twinge. "They told me that this was my room," the intruder continued. "They gave me a key and everything." As if to convince her he held up a key with a tag labelled 26.

Judy looked around. Her nearest clothing was the garments she had discarded as she walked into the room, the ones right at the feet of the intruder. He noticed her glance and hurriedly bent down to hand her clothes over keeping his eyes politely averted as he extended his arm towards her.

"Thanks," she took the clothing from him then something came over her. She wasn't sure if it was the heat or his accent, she had always had a soft spot for Northern accents, but suddenly Judy didn't care that he was a perfect stranger in her room or that she was naked. A sly thought crept into her mind.

"Maybe we should even the score," her eyebrow arched challengingly.

"I'm sorry," her new friend stammered. He looked around the room carefully avoiding looking at her as she stood in front of him. She made no attempt to hide her body, instead she pushed her chest out to emphasise the fullness of her breasts. Despite the heat her nipples hardened in anticipation.

"Well you have seen me naked so that I think it is only fair that I see you naked as well," Judy challenged him.

A deep red flush travelled up her new friend's neck as he finally understood what she was meaning. "Really?" his voice quavered. His eyes roamed all over her tiny room as he desperately tried to avoid looking at her.

Judy took a step closer, she was determined now. She thought she could see the beginnings of a bulge in his loose shorts but she wasn't sure. A throb pulsed between her legs as she inhaled the male smell of him. "Yes really," she took another step and found herself standing so close to him that she was almost touching him. "Are you afraid of what I might see?"

Finally he looked down at the naked woman standing in front of him with her hands on her hips. Her chest heaved a little with the thrill of what she was doing. Her nipples were hard and fully erect in the middle of her dark areola. His fingers twitched beside his thighs as he looked at her. He came to a decision and he slipped his shirt off over his head. Judy inhaled sharply as she was confronted with his firm athletic chest. Unlike her skin, browned by months spent in the outback heat, his was pink and looked as if it had never seen the sun. She allowed herself the luxury of stroking his chest with her fingertips. A shiver of anticipation went through her as her fingers trailed down his chest towards his waistband.

With a grin he shed the remainder of his clothing quickly before he wrapped his arms around her. He bent his head down and kissed her hard on the mouth. She whimpered softly as he released her. Almost demurely she reached down and wrapped her hand around his fully erect cock and led him across the room to her bed. She pushed him down onto the bed and stood over him for a moment. Without speaking she took his hand and guided it to the space between her legs. His eyes opened wide as he slid his fingers into her saturated folds.

For a few moments she allowed herself the luxury of his fingers exploring her before she pushed his hand away. She straddled his hips as he lay on the bed, looking up at her spectacular breasts before she slid her slick wet opening down over his rock hard cock. Her eyes closed and a long moan escaped from her as she ground down on him. Her fingers worked her clitoris as she ground into him. Selfishly she paid no mind to him, using his cock entirely for her own pleasure. With a loud groan she came. All the muscles in her body tensed. He joined her with his own climax, allowing himself to pump his cum deep inside her.

Afterwards she lay nestled against him. The air conditioner in the corner of the room dried the sweat off their bodies as they both lay, lost in their own thoughts. He stirred, unsure of what to do.

"I guess I should go and sort out the mess up with the room then," he began hesitantly.

Judy sat up beside him, "There is no rush," her hand trailed down over his belly. "There is plenty of room in this bed for both of us."


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  1. mmm now that was hot! Love the photos! Makes me think of the country where I was born :)

    Rebel xox

  2. Oh now that was a hot sexy story!!

    ~Mia~ xx