Friday, November 1, 2013

Reliving Childhood Pleasures


Of late the only time I have had available to sit at the computer and put some words down I have been so mentally exhausted that all I can do is sit zonked out in front of the television. Consequently, despite having all the best intentions and STARTING stories for Wicked Wednesday I never seem to get them finished. This one missed the deadline as well but I wanted to share it with you because it became the muse for my NaNoWriMo attempt. 

Every Christmas we went to Roma to visit our cousins. When we were small it seemed like their property was an endless expanse of brown paddocks populated by small mobs of cattle. Our cousins loved showing off their newest skills when we were five they were riding their bikes BMX style through creeks and gullies with no helmet. Kyle, Uncle Terry's son from his first marriage, was a bit older than the rest of us and so he was the most daring. A few years later Kyle had swapped his push bike for a motor bike. The rest of us watched admiringly as he zipped around the paddock sliding out his back wheel as he skidded to a stop in front of us to cover his younger sister with a spray of dust.

The average December temperature for Roma was around 40 degrees in the shade. We spent the hottest hours in the middle of the day trying to find somewhere cool to lie. Sometimes we resorted to shoving the cat off the concrete on the laundry floor to lie on the grey coolness for a few moments of respite from the baking heat. Later in the afternoon we would all pile into the ute and Uncle Terry would drive us down to the river to swim in the deep hole beneath the weeping trees. We would all swing into the water on the ancient rope that was attached to a giant tree and hit the water screaming in terror. Kyle would then terrorise all of the girls by swishing a frond of weed around our legs and pretending it was an eel.
Christmas Day was guaranteed to be a scorcher. Mum and Aunty Carol would have spent days preparing food so that we could serve lunch cold. One year they thought they would try a 'proper' baked lunch. After sweltering away in the kitchen all morning Mum and Aunty Carol flopped into their chairs and declared that any Australian who served a hot Christmas lunch was a complete idiot. From that day on Christmas lunch as served cold on the verandah and everyone stuffed themselves at their leisure. Swimming in the river on Christmas afternoon was banned; Mum insisted that we had eaten too much and would sink like a stone. So we would set up the sprinkler and spend the afternoon chasing each other around under the falling drops of coolness.

Once we got older we didn't always make it out west for Christmas. Jobs and boyfriends meant that my sister and I couldn't always make it. We grew up, got married and had our own children. Those Christmases spent chasing our cousins through the sprinkler faded into the past. The Christmas after my marriage fell apart Mum forced me to go with her and Dad to Uncle Terry's and Aunty Carol's for Christmas with my son.

When I stepped out of the car it was like all those years had never happened. The house looked exactly the same. A dog greeted us exactly the same way as dogs had greeted us all those years ago. The biggest surprise was Kyle. He walked down the steps of the verandah towards us with the same cheeky smile that he wore when he was teasing us with weed in the river. When he stopped in front of me I had to tilt my head to look up at him. The last time I had seen him he was taller than me but over the last few years he had filled out. I felt tiny in front of him.

"Hello," he took my hand in his. My heart skipped a beat. Since when did Kyle get sexy?

"Hello," I replied. I didn't get a chance to say much more. Aunty Carol whisked us inside to show us to our rooms then we were bulldozed along to the verandah for tea.

The next few days passed in a whirl. I got caught up in the preparations for Christmas. My other cousins arrived with their small children and the house was full of noise and laughter like it had been when we were children. Christmas Day dawned and we followed the old patter; church in the morning followed by lazy lunch on the verandah. After lunch the small children played in under the sprinkler just the way we had all those years ago while their grandparents snoozed in comfy chairs at the end of the table. Memories filled my mind as I sat watching the children playing.

"That was the best fun," Kyle interrupted my thoughts.

"What was?" I looked at him unsure of where the conversation was headed.

"Playing under the sprinkler," he replied. His eyes crinkled as that cheeky smile returned. "The best part was watching you running with your baby breasts bouncing while your t shirt was sticking to them."

A flush of heat crept up my neck and I felt my stomach do a weird flip. I looked sideways at Kyle, suddenly aware of the aura of sexiness he seemed to give off these days. I didn't know what to say so I sat watching the children running through the falling water without saying anything.

"I hope that you don't mind me saying that," he continued. I had the biggest crush on you and I couldn't help looking at you when you were all wet like that. I think it was almost better than seeing you naked. The number of times I jerked off just thinking about you with a wet t shirt on."

I still didn't say anything but a weird tingling feeling twitched between my legs and a trickle of wetness that was more than sweat had formed in my panties. Suddenly I jumped up and ran down the steps to join the kids. The drops of water from the sprinkler fell on my hair and dampened down the fabric of my t shirt. Kyle watched for a few moments from the verandah before he stripped off his own shirt and ran down the steps to join us. Water glistened on his skin as he chased his nephews and nieces through the falling water. My t shirt slowly became wet enough that it was clinging to my skin. Wet strands of hair clung to my cheek.

I screamed as Kyle ran up behind me and grabbed me around the waist. His breath was hot in my ear and I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing against my butt. His hands slid upwards to cup my breasts and gently pinch my nipples through the fabric of my t shirt and bra. I gasped in pleasure at the feeling of his strong hands gripped around my body. The tingle between my legs became a throbbing ache.

"You aren't the only one who fantasised about someone who had been playing under the sprinkler," I turned around so that I could whisper in his ear.

I forgot about my parents watching from the verandah, the children running screaming around us and the dog watching from his spot under the stairs. Kyle held me firmly staring down into my face. All I could think about was the arms around me pressing my wet body against their owner's strong torso. My groin was aching as I turned towards him and tilted my face towards his.

Suddenly he came to his senses and pulled his face away. The sudden movement jolted me back to reality with him. I looked over his shoulder at my parents sitting on the verandah. Something about the way they sat with their backs deliberately towards us told me that they hadn't missed a thing.

"Tonight, when the olds go to bed," Kyle spoke in a low voice.

I straightened up and ducked my head to hide the burning flush I felt rising in my cheeks. "No solo sessions this time," I replied.   

There is plenty more wickedness to be had at Wicked Wednesday written by some very talented people. 

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