Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sneak Peek, Discovering Life Beyond the Black Stump

If you are a Facebook follower you will know that I have embarked on a NaNoWriMo Journey this year. I am still hopeful I will complete the task of writing 50, 000 words in 30 days but as I write this I am hopelessly behind. Based on my current progress my expected completion date is 13 January 2014! I am hoping to rectify that in the coming weeks. To spur me on I have elected to share with you an except from what I have written so far. Just to put you in the picture, Chrissy is visiting with her family in outback Queensland for Christmas. Her cousin Kyle has taken her out to the pub to meet some of his friends. 

Sitting across the table from me I noticed a guy looking at me. I vaguely remembered Kyle introducing him as Sam. He looked like he could have been Kyle's brother or at least his cousin. He had the same large athletic frame and the same broad smile. He didn't seem as cheeky as Kyle though, as the people around him laughed and chatted he seemed to be observing quietly, taking it all in. His eyes were something completely different. Their deep, dark calmness was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It made me me want to curl up next to him like a lazy cat and ride him harder than I had ever ridden anyone all at the same time. I tried to distract myself from him by chatting with Rachel but I couldn't stop myself from glancing in his direction. Every time I did he those eyes were on me with the same compelling effect. I found myself trying to study him without being obvious about it. I took in a lot of little details about him, the way he filled out his shirt, the broadness of his shoulders, his large capable looking hands. I caught myself fantasising about his hands taking off my clothes and exploring my body. Mentally I tried to will him to come over and talk to me but something about the way he held himself told me that if I wanted to talk to him I was going to have to make the first move. Obstinately I resisted, trying to make him come to me the way I always had been able to with Adrian. But this guy wasn't like Adrian. He was completely his own person and not about to let anyone, not his boss and certainly not some woman he had just met at the pub, push him around. The only way I was going to meet him was if I made the first move and went to him.

I stood up and moved around the table to sit in an empty chair beside him. "Hey," I felt a little awkward and unsure of what to say.

"How are you enjoying meeting the tribe?" he gestured to the people sitting around the table.
"It has been really great actually," I replied. "They are a great bunch of people." I felt genuine warmth for the people around me and in return I could feel their acceptance of me. 

Sam touched me on the forearm. An unexpected shiver ran through me. One up close look into those eyes and I was a goner. My insides turned completely to liquid. "I was very happy that he brought you along to meet us as well." His fingers stroked my forearm gently and he looked earnestly into my face. For  a brief moment I realised that he was feeling as awkward as I was. Then the cool calm exterior was back. Normally I would have found this kind of man irritating but tonight I couldn't have resisted him if I tried. All he had to do was give one little sign of invitation and I would have fallen down with my legs in the air. 

I noticed his mouth, his lips were full and sensual and I wondered what they would feel like on my clit. Suddenly I realised that between my legs my knickers felt damp and warm. A flush of heat began rising p my neck as I realised how wanton I was being. Usually I didn't start thinking about fucking a guy until I had known him for at least a couple of weeks. I couldn't recall ever fantasising about a pair of lips on my pussy. 

The longer we sat and chatted, the more I wanted him. He placed his hand on my knee and I could feel the heat from it burning through my jeans. I have absolutely no recollection of what we talked about, all I could think about was those hands removing my clothes and exploring my body. As we talked his hand slowly moved up my thigh until it was resting at the top of my leg with his pinky stroking the crotch of my jeans. I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle right there on the chair. Kyle jerked me out of my fantasy by tapping me on the shoulder,

"Even though it is Christmas Eve tomorrow some of us still have to get up and work tomorrow." Kyle and Sam looked at each other for a moment as he withdrew his hand reluctantly. My body screamed its protest as the warmth of is hand left my thigh.

"I meant what I said," Sam helped me to stand. "I am very glad that Kyle brought you to meet us and I hope that I get to see you again soon." 

My legs were wobbly and I was surprised that I was able to stand unaided when Sam finally let go of my elbow, "Me too," I concurred with his comment wholeheartedly. 

"We are all gathering at my place on Boxing Day night," Sam held the tips of my fingers as he spoke. I had to will myself not to clasp his fingers. "If you are still around it would be good if you could come along." For a split second I saw that same yearning awkward look that I had seen before. Nothing was going to stop me from rejecting that invitation

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