Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pink and Brown


This week's prompt was provided by Yours Truly. I have often been told that I have amazing nipples which is a lovely compliment but I find it facinating that in the western world a part of our body that is essentially used to feed our young is so highly sexualised. In Papua New Guinea a woman can walk around with her breasts bared and nobody even bats an eyelid. However if she chooses to walk around with bare legs or tight pants on that is another thing altogether! The reason, breasts are for feeding babies. Legs and backsides are for inviting male attention. I did consider writing about nipple perception. But when I sat down to write this story popped out of nowhere. 

Clive sat at the edge of the stage watching the girl gyrating in front of him. A large crowd of admirers tried to get her attention all except Clive. But Clive wasn't interested in her dance moves or, the long honey brown perfection of her legs or the perfect concave flatness of her belly. He sat, watching intently, waiting patiently for the moment when she would reveal the part of her body that he had come to see.

The girl strutted across the stage moving her hips seductively. When she reached Clive she bent down towards him pressing her arms together to display a deep cleavage. From where he sat Clive could see the smooth skin of her breasts but her costume covered the part he was most interested in. The thin fabric of her top stretched wide over her ample breasts. Just below the neckline a slightly raised impression hinted at the nipples beneath. Clive gazed hungrily at the little divot. His fingers twitched at the thought of caressing it. Then she was gone, writhing across the stage displaying her body to the other desperate, horny men waiting lustfully at the edge of the stage.

The dance wore on, Clive waited patiently he knew that he would soon get his opportunity. His heart quickened as the  girl reached behind her back to unclasp the bra of her costume. For Clive the dance seemed to slow right down. His heart began to thump against his chest as he watched every move intently. Slowly she moved towards him holding her top in place, covering the objects of his desire. When she was standing directly in front of him she let the scrap of satin fall in front of him. For a moment he was distracted by the shiny fabric but only for a moment. He looked upwards, letting his eyes travel over her flat belly to the perfect round globes on her chest. Then he saw what he had been waiting for, her nipples.

The small pink nodes stood out proudly like the crowning glory on her breasts. Clive sighed in rapture. At that moment, looking at her nipples for the first time he understood why people travelled half way around the world to see famous paintings, he felt the same way about nipples. The girl bent down in front of him cupping her breasts with both hands Clive felt his cock hardening in his pants as she flexed her fingers sliding them upwards over the white skin towards her nipples. As she pinched their pink perfectness into little peaks Clive almost whimpered. He clenched his hands to stop himself from reaching up to touch her in awe. His cock throbbed as she moved her breasts from side to side in front of his face, teasing and tantalising him. Without glancing away for a second he reached down and extracted a bill from his pocket and passed it to her. She took it from him with a smile not showing her surprise at the denomination.

For a moment she remained, holding her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers tantalising him even further before she gyrated away to pay attention to the other punters. The spell was broken and Clive sat back in his chair breathing heavily as if he had just had sex. His cock subsided but he knew that the slightest thought of those perfect pink nipples would have his cock at attention almost immediately.

He made his way to the bar and bought another drink. The girl behind the bar smiled at him warmly as she made his drink. He noticed almost immediately how the thin fabric of her t-shirt stretched across her breasts as if it was straining to contain them. Her nipples poked against the fabric tantalising him as she served his drink.
"Hello Clive," a familiar voice greeted him. He turned to see Dolly, a tiny asian woman standing in the bar arm in arm with the girl who had just danced. "This is Nadia. She is new.  Would you like to get to know her a little more intimately?"

Clive smiled, Dolly knew him too well. He nodded and Dolly led the way to the private rooms at the side of the club. She held the door open for him and he stepped inside to take his seat on the small couch in the corner. Dolly flicked a switch and seductive music filled the small space. Taking the lead Dolly strutted in front of him, rubbing her hands over her tiny, perfectly round breasts caressing her nipples through the fabric of her dress. Clive was mesmerised as her fingers moved around and up and down. She reached up and slid a strap down over her shoulder watching Clive's face as she did so. Nadia joined in and Clive found himself torn between the two women. He ached to see Dolly's long, brown nipples but the pert pinkness of Nadia was like a drop of honey waiting for him to lick.

Dolly slid her arms out of her dress and pushed the fabric of her dress down towards her waist. Her breasts sat out proudly in front Clive's face, the perfect brown nipples tantalisingly close to his lips. Nadia followed suit, exposing the perfect rosebud pink aureola of her full round breasts. Slowly she pinched her nipples to erection. Clive felt his cock throbbing in his jeans. His hand reached down and he stroked himself through the fabric aching to ease the need he felt.

In front of him the two women embraced, Dolly's  brown nipples, caressed Nadia's baby pink ones. Clive's cock ached an his breath was coming in gasps as he watched the two sets of nipples, caress and mash against each other. Wickedly Dolly moved closer holding her breasts close to his face. Her eyes glittered with excitement.

"Show me how turned on you are right now," her voice was hoarse with desire.

Obediently Clive unzipped his jeans and freed his aching cock. Dolly's eyes widened with desire. She sat on the couch beside him and lifted her dress up over her thighs. Her hand reached down to her smoothly shaven pussy as her other and teased her nipple. Clive began to stroke himself, never taking his eyes off Dolly's nipples. He didn't eve notice Nadia kneel in front of Dolly and press her face between her legs. The room filled with the scent of arousal. The strong musky smell of pussy juice assaulted Clive's nostrils as he stroked himself harder. Dolly held her nipple out for him. He didn't need a second invitation. He leant down and took the hard node between his lips biting down gently, just the way he knew she liked. His hand was almost a blur shuffling up and down his cock as Dolly moaned her pleasure.

Dolly's body spasmed in ecstasy and her sharp cry of pleasure filled the room. Hot white cum covered Clive's hand as he grunted in pleasure. Nadia stood up and smiled down at the two of them. Drunkenly Clive reached out and handed her a wad of bills.

"Thank you," his voice was weak.

"My pleasure," purred Dolly, trying unsuccessfully to hide her greedy glance at the cash. "I look forward to seeing you again soon." And then they were gone, strutting out of the room leaving Clive poorer but well satisfied. 


  1. mmm lovely that beautiful nipples can spark such a sexy story!

    Rebel xox

  2. How very hot! Considering how amazing the strippers were last night when I went to the club, this is especially hot and vivid.
    I would like to read your first idea of a post, as I've always been irritated how I was looked at strangely when nursing my children in public, but that's what breasts were made for.