Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beyond the Black Stump - Sneak Peek

I have posted a little lately about the novel I am working on. I thought I would share a little bit of what I have been writing with you all.

When we got down to the river there were several cars already parked there. My nerves made a comeback and I felt a slightly jittery feeling as we stepped out of the car and made our way over to a group of people gathered around a white ute. I recognized a few faces from my outing to the pub and some of them greeted me. I was a little disappointed that Sam didn't appear to be there. Trying not to let it get to me I slipped out of my dress and made my way into the water. The dark coolness was heaven after the hot sweltering day. I lay back and made lazy strokes across the water. On the opposite bank I bumped into Rachael.

"Hi there," she greeted me happily. "It is good to see you again." she smiled warmly as she introduced me to her friend Mandy. "Are you going to Sam's do tonight?" she asked.

"Yes apparently," I replied feeling very much like an outsider.

"That is good," Rachael replied enthusiastically. "This social scene around here could always do with more intelligent females." Her eyes slid disparagingly in the direction of the swing on the opposite bank where some of the boys, Kyle and Billy included, were taking turns on the rope swing to see who could swing the highest and who could execute the most daring dive into the water.
Slightly amused we watched them for a while before we took ourselves for a swim around the bend. After about an hour or so of swimming, relaxing and chatting people began to hop out of the water and dry themselves off. It was still blisteringly hot and the air seemed even stiller than it had earlier. I noticed that the sun had gone behind a cloud. When I looked up I saw a pile of dark clouds building on the horizon.

"We need to get going to Sam's if we are going to get there before this storm hits," Kyle beckoned to me." Beside me Rachael and Mandy also made their way out of the water and towards Rachael's car.

Everyone waved goodbye as people piled in to vehicles and we all left one by one. Twenty minutes later Kyle and I were stepping out of the car in front of a house that looked similar to Uncle Terry's and Aunty Carol's. Eskies were hauled out of cars and set up on the verandah, drinks were opened and we all assembled ourselves to watch the incoming storm. We all chatted and drank, packets of chips were opened. It was like watching a movie but unlike any movie I had ever watched.

Dark on the horizon dark clouds swirled and banked forming a high thunderhead. Then slowly the angry weather system moved across the valley towards us. I was fascinated as I watched the clouds swirl and darken as they moved closer and closer towards us. The light changed to an eerie hue resembling a weird alien twilight. I became aware of Sam moving to sit next to me as the atmosphere around us took on an eerie stillness. All of us became quiet as we watched the majesty of nature unfolding in front of us. It was as if the world was holding its breath, afraid of what was coming next.

I felt a hand on my thigh. Looking down I studied the back of Sam's hand resting just above my knee. The brownness of his skin was emphasized by a long white scar that ran diagonally across the back of his hand. I remembered the feeling of those fingers as they had caressed my pussy as we swam together two days ago. Not for the first time I fantasized about how they would feel undressing me and exploring my naked body.

A bolt of lightning hit the ground out on the flat in front of the house. All of us jumped together at the bright flash of light followed a few seconds later by a loud clap of thunder. As if someone turned a fan on the wind started to pick up around us. More lightning bolts followed the first spectacular bolt. We all watched in awe as nature put on a fireworks display that was bigger and better than any River Fire or New Year's display anywhere. As the storm drew closer I felt Sam's hand inching up my thigh. The same way it had the night we had first met. No one around us seemed to notice as his hand disappeared under the hem of my dress. A hot throb went through me as his pinky finger stroked my aching pussy through the thin fabric of my bikini.

"Don't you wish that it was my mouth there instead of this one finger?" His breath was hot in my ear. Without thinking I slumped down in my chair, opening my knees and inviting him further in. His finger slipped inside the elastic of my swimsuit and caressed my damp slit. I had almost forgotten about the storm in front of us when I became aware of the deafening thunder of rain falling on the galvanized iron roof of Sam's house. The party moved back from the edge of the verandah as the rain began blowing under the eaves. Sam took advantage of the movement to lead me towards the door that led into the house.

"What about everyone else?" I was worried about what they would all think.

Sam's intense dark eyes bored into me. It felt as if he could see through my dress and was studying my naked skin. His hands rested on my shoulders lightly.

"They are too wrapped up in the storm to notice that we have slipped away." His voice was soft but far from gentle. "I can't wait any longer to see you naked."

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