Monday, December 2, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Yep it is Christmas Time Again!

This week's TMI is based around the annual celebrations that seem to happen at this time of the year. Living in the Southern Hemisphere puts a completely different spin on Christmas. A lot of the traditional food and images that we see on cards and in movies is simply not appropriate to our climate. Added to that many Australians have never seen snow nor have an understanding of what it is like to live in a climate that involves months of close to or below freezing temperatures combined with ridiculously short days so for us a lot of Christmas symbols don't make sense. It doesn't stop us from using them though. But enough of my rant, on to the questions. 

1. What was the last thing you hid? Why? 
Honesty is a key feature of life in our household so not many things get hidden. This includes sex toys, sex, nudity and a whole raft of other stuff. The main things that do get hidden are gifts. So I guess I would say that would be the last thing I hid. The reason - because gifts are always better when they are a surprise. 

2. What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?
As I said in #1 honesty is a key feature of this household so I tend to avoid lying most of the time even when it is going to cause an issue if the truth comes out. An incident that springs to mind of a time when I did lie because I didn't want to deal with the consequences of what I had done was when I had purchased a carton of beer for Jake and brought it home. The shop only had cold beer and I didn't want 24 stubbies in my fridge taking up all the space so I put six stubbies in the fridge and the rest in the pantry. When Jake came home and questioned me about the beer in the cupboard I assured him that it was hot when I purchased it. (For non beer drinkers, you are not supposed to let beer get hot after it has been chilled, APPARENTLY) Of course I couldn't keep a straight face and after being told at length how bad it was to let cold beer get hot again I then had to find room in the fridge for the other 16 stubbies. Moral of the story; Don't lie to a man about beer.   

3. What do you listen to when you work out?
If I am walking or cycling I usually follow some paths through the bush at the back of my house. When I am doing this I don't listen to any music for a couple of reasons. Firstly when cycling, especially on a street, you need to hear what is going on around you and secondly I prefer the sound of nature when I am walking so I don't need music. 

I can't wear earphones when I pole plus my pole is outside so I sometimes play my iPod in the background but sometimes I don't bother and I just listen to chickens, birds etc around me.  

4. What is your favourite type of exercise?
I like to do pole dancing and I like to walk or cycle depending on my mood. I generally avoid gyms. I just can't seem to get into them. 

 5. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Definitely a morning person. I grew up on a farm and it has taken me many years to develop the ability to stay asleep past 6 am. Even now if I sleep until 8 am that is a very long sleep in for me. When I am in a routine of walking or cycling regularly if I don't get up early and do it it doesn't happen. Oddly though I can't get my head around doing pole much before noon. 

6. If you have a problem falling to sleep what tips / tricks do you use to induce sleep?
Usually at night if my body is anything resembling horizontal on the couch in front of the television my eyes will close automatically. However at 3 am which is the time when my cat thinks breakfast should be served, I can sometimes have trouble getting back to sleep. I sometimes read or do relaxation / meditation. In extreme cases I have been known to get up and do the ironing. 

 Bonus: In the United States we have just finished with Thanksgiving. Tell us your: a) Best Thanksgiving 2013 memory and b) your worst Thanksgiving memory.
I live in Australia and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Because of the reversal of the seasons, it is Summer right now where I am living, we have summer holidays and Christmas combined. So it is the end of the school year for us as well as Christmas. So we are in the midst of end of year concerts, sport break ups, awards nights and the like. So I have modified the question slightly.

a) Highlights: Watching my children perform their respective talents at awards night and end of year concert. 

b) Lowlights: The main lowlight is having to deal with my family regarding the planning of the annual Christmas celebrations. We all live in different towns and getting together can be an exercise. Combined with the agendas that seem to go with planning family events it does sometimes get to the point where I am vowing and declaring that "if people want to see me at Christmas they know where I live otherwise they can take a long walk off a short pier!" Maybe this year will be different.

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  1. Gemma, I am so glad that you talked about what an Aussie Christmas is really like.
    I never thought that cards depicting your climate or traditions were not available where you are. So interesting. I love the Internet and how it puts us all in tougch with other worlds.

    Happy Holidays!

    2. Stubbies, eh? I am not familiar with that term for beer.

    3. Pole dancing with chickens...LOVE IT!

    4. Oh man I used to be an avid cyclist and last year I just didn't ride except for a few quick spins here and there. Don't know what happened.
    Wonderful pic of you on the pole. Thanks for sharing.

    Bonus: This week's bonus was for the United States folks those within the States or any ex-pats that celebrate abroad. However I love that you shared more with us about Australia.


    1. Stubbies are a small bottle about 375mL quite common in Australia. We do have cans as well but beer nazis say that it tastes better in glass.