Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to Reality

In my last post I mentioned that I was off on a holiday with my family. Sadly I am now back home and dealing with the realities of grocery shopping, cooking my own dinner every night and tidying up my own living space! Having someone else to worry about all that for twelve days was really very nice. It was a family holiday so most of our adventures were fairly G rated but Jake and I did find time to engage in some more adult things. One of which was the taking of a few sneaky photos of me exposing myself in some selected locations. I thought I would share a couple with you.

The first one was taken on New Year's Eve when we were hanging out in one of the performance areas of the ship waiting for a show to start.

A couple of days later we visited a tiny island in Vanuatu called Mystery Island. In addition with some spectacular snorkeling I discovered the joy of jumping off the end of the jetty into the crystal clear water that surrounded the island.

Kudos to Jake for snapping the perfect photo. One of the downsides of snorkeling is that your face is usually protected from the sun but your butt is not. And so one should always remember to apply a liberal amount of sunscreen to the lower back and upper thighs before snorkeling. As the shot below shows Gemma did not do that. We took this one while standing out on the deck later that night with a sneaky breeze blowing.

The final shot I have to share with you all is Jake's favourite one for the whole trip. It was taken in the nightclub where we were relaxing with a drink after one of the top deck parties.

I would very much have liked to take more but we were actually too busy relaxing, sleeping, spa'ing, eating, and generally enjoying ourselves to really focus on anything too constructive. Which is probably why I am struggling with the idea of getting back into the real world. Lucky I still have a week or so before the real work starts!

So Happy New Year everyone, here is to a fantastic 2014.

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