Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fantasy vs Reality


This week's prompt was made by Sir Jaerls of Cyberspace Asylum and Day Spa fame. 
Many times we will read critiques about a piece of erotica, and whether or not the work is liked or hated, well written or 50 Shades of Random Typing, the same phrase will rise and fall like the one-eyed brainless head featured in the tale.
“It’s not realistic.”
Yeah, it’s not.  There’s a reason it’s not.  This challenge is to prove WHY erotica glamorizes the beast with two backs.  Write a story, or a paragraph or a note of the finest fantasy sexual encounter, and then do it again.  The second time, make is “real”: awkward, messy, stuck bra clasps, shoes with knots that can’t be undone, pauses, ouches and “did you finish?” “Wait, what are you doing?” “Should I get a towel?”
The first is the one we all wish to have, the other the one we’re afraid we’ll have.  Make it silly, make it fun, or make it tragic if you like.
I have written a story based on an experience that Jake and I had recently. The story is written from the POV of the 'other couple' and so I have used creative license with the thoughts and feelings involved. It does demonstrate the point of the prompt quite well though. 

The fantasy was so familiar that it had become like a habit. It slipped into Daniel's mind without him even realising it. His hand slid downwards to grip his shaft as he lay back on the pillows of the hotel bed.

Nicole's breasts looked even more alluring than usual as the red haired woman pushed down her bra straps and cupped her hands under their round fullness. Eagerly the woman bent down and licked the tip of one of Nicole's nipples. Her pink tongue circled the hardening bud before the woman took the entire nipple into her mouth. The woman't husband stood behind Nicole and put his arms around her waist. Slowly his hands slid down over her belly before he reached between her legs.

"Oh yes that's it," Nicole encouraged the man as his fingers slid into her hot wetness. The woman bent down and pressed her face between Nicole's legs making her writhe and scream in pleasure. Daniel moved to stand behind the other woman placing his hands on her butt, parting her cheeks so that he could see her glistening wet opening. As she moved back and forth lapping at Nicole's pussy her legs parted slightly opening her further, inviting him in. Daniel could no longer resist, he bent down and slid his tongue along her pussy lips, exploring her folds and tasting her sweet saltiness. Wetness streamed out of her as he licked and stroked her moving down towards her hard node. She bucked against his face in pleasure. He could hear her moans muffled against his own wife's pussy. It was the most erotic thing that he had ever done.

He never wanted to stop licking her but his cock was throbbing almost painfully. Reluctantly Daniel lifted himself onto his knees placing himself behind her hips. For a moment she stopped lapping at Nicole and turned to look at him. He stroked her with the tip of his cock, teasing her relishing the pleasure as she bucked her hips against him demanding with her body that he impale her on his cock.

In front of him the woman's husband pulled Nicole down onto the bed and kneeled between her legs. Daniel watched as the man they had just met lifted his wife's hips up to allow him to press his cock against her wet opening. She groaned in pleasure as his cock sank into her. Her breasts bounced in time with his thrusts.

He felt a hand wrapped around his cock drawing his attention back to the other woman. looking down he saw her lying on the bed, moving her hand up and down on his shaft as she looked up at him, watching for his reaction. He positioned himself above her and pressed his cock between her legs, sliding it into her, watching her face until he was buried deep inside her. The sound of Nicole's cries as the other man pounded her egged him on. Soon the room was filled with the sound of two women's pleasure.

Daniel's hand was a blur as he worked his cock faster and faster. He felt the familiar pressure building up against his strokes. He threw his head back as the first pulse went through him. Jizz shot out of his cock and covered his belly in a thick white stream. He groaned in pleasure as the second jet covered his hand. Relaxing in the afterglow Daniel thought about his fantasy. He and his wife had discussed it many times but somehow they hadn't quite worked up the courage to make the fantasy a reality.

They could hear the faint bass of the music through the glass door as they stepped up to the entrance to the club. As he placed his hand on the door handle he glanced over at Nicole,

"Ready?" he asked, pushing down the butterflies in his stomach.

She squeezed his hand and smiled, just as nervous as he was. "Let's do it." They stepped through the door together. Daniel wasn't sure what he expected but when he was completely honest with himself he was a little disappointed. The inside of the club was very similar to other nightclubs except there were far fewer people. Patrons stood chatting at the bar and the small tables scattered around. In one corner a dance floor with two poles was mostly empty. Like himself and Nicole most of the patrons wore normal street clothes, just a little bit shorter and some of them with more revealing necklines. All of the play areas were discreetly tucked away in nooks and crannies.

The managers of the club introduced them to a few of the regular people and they found themselves chatting to an older couple. The conversation was about regular things mostly. Occasionally the couple would ask a question about how long they had been together and what they were wanting out of tonight but they didn't know how to answer. The truth was now that they were here they weren't really sure what they wanted. It seemed straightforward at home in their bedroom but now they were really here and really doing it suddenly it seemed a little more complex. He looked over at an adjoining table, two couples were flirting and chatting with each other. "How does that happen?" He wondered.

Time passed, the other couple seemed attractive enough but he wasn't sure of the protocol. They seemed a little hesitant. Maybe they weren't interested. Then seemingly out of the blue the woman asked,

"Do you guys want to get a room?"

He looked over at Nicole. She nodded,

"Why not?" She replied with a smile.

Relief washed through Daniel, followed by a sudden rush of nerves. It was really going to happen now. Really.

Once inside the room things happened quickly. The couple undressed, quickly and efficiently. Daniel felt like a klutz shrugging out of his clothes. The four of them lay on the bed together and looked at each other. The other couple seemed to be waiting for some kind of cue.

"So what kinds of things are you guys interested in?" The woman asked.

Nicole shrugged, "We don't have any expectations," she replied. "Whatever comes along I guess,"

The women started kissing. Daniel watched, feeling his cock stiffening. This was one of the things he knew she wanted. It was one of the things he wanted as well. The sight of their two soft bodies pressing together was incredibly sexy, so much more arousing in real life than watching two women in a porno.

Just as he was getting into what was happening between the women the other woman broke away from Nicole,

"I don't like the guys to feel left out," she smiles up at him as she snuggled against him. It felt odd, the first woman he had been naked with except for Nicole for seven years. The feel of the unfamiliar skin excited him. He bent down and kissed her, slowly at first before her mouth opened and he probed her with his tongue. Over her shoulder he could see Nicole kissing the other man. Daniel was torn between exploring the woman curled up against him and watching his wife with another man. His new partner broke out of the kiss and wiggled her way down the bed. As he kneeled above her, watching his wife being pleasured by another man she began licking the tip of his cock.

Her tongue swirled around his foreskin before she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth. He looks down at her head as she sucked and then over at Nicole who is lying back on the second bed with the other man's face buried between her thighs. The whole scene is intensely surreal and intensely exciting but he is worried about a million things, is he big enough, can he do this right. He notices the other man has a larger penis than him. Suddenly he feels inadequate. What if Nicole enjoys him more than she does her own husband, what if he isn't enough for the woman he finds himself with? Her mouth on his cock is warm and wet and he is enjoying it he can feel that his cock is not going to stay hard, he moves on top of her and she rubs his cock over her thigh. Mistaking it for an invitation he moves to slip inside her. She pushes him away. He is confused; he doesn't know what he has done wrong. They continue to stroke and kiss and then he sees the other husband donning a condom. "Oh no!" he thinks. How could I have made that mistake? Of course they should use condoms. The other man passed him a condom, Daniel could feel his cock softening even more now he isn't sure if he will get hard enough to get a condom on. He has wanted this for so long and now it isn't going how he imagined at all.

The woman takes the condom from him; he invites her to suck him again. She doesn't question, as if this is normal and he feels her mouth around him he hardens more and a feeling of relief surges through him. She manages to get a condom on him and he slips into her, the first woman he has fucked, except for his wife for years. He takes some time to enjoy the moment. Underneath him the woman twists and turns in response to his fucking. His cock is still not as hard as he would like and her movements push him out of her.

They try again but the same thing happened. Daniel could see that she was getting frustrated, he looks over at Nicole, she looks as sexy as hell but her cries of pleasure are frustrating. He wants to be that excited, he wants the moment to take over but it isn't. The sight of the other man with his huge cock bigger than his ever was fucking his wife makes him feel even worse.

The other man comes inside Nicole with a loud groan, his wife celebrates his pleasure with him, pressing her body against him as he cums, rubbing herself against his thigh. Daniel moved over to Nicole and turned her over to fuck her doggy style, the sight of her full round butt turned upwards, inviting him in never fails to turn him on. As he slid inside her he asked her to suck the other man. It was intense watching his wife in a spitroast but still he was frustrated, still he couldn't cum.

Then someone knocked on the door,

"Closing time," a voice drifted through.

Now everyone is waiting for him to finish and he isn't sure if he can.  



  1. Oh, m'lady has experienced this with guys...funny when you look back on it, but...


  2. a wonderful telling of a delightful evening. and of course there is always a glitch in reality ;) .