Monday, January 13, 2014

TMI Tuesday - Fill in the Blanks

You all know that whenever TMI Tuesday has a blankety blanks format I cannot resist sharing a clip of classic Australian Television with you all.

And now on to the blanks; 

While we were away we re-visited a fun game called "Adult Majority Rules Trivia" Without going in to to much detail the basic outline of the game was like this. A group of adults play (in our case a hundred or so in teams of 2 - 6) there are two ways to answer the questions, which are adult in nature, try to guess what the majroity will say (the boring way) or give such outrageous answers that the adjudicator will read them out for the entertainment of the crowd (the fun way). Needless to say our team with  the fun way. I will endeavour to answer the blanks today in the same way.

1. Right now I'm naked with my Ben Wah balls inside me thinking about masturbating when I finish this post.

2. Tonight I would like to be fucked by Jake and Aqua Man in the shower, my bed, over the couch and anywhere else that takes our fancy.

3. Mr Fix It can do whatever he wants to me anytime.

4. The best thing to happen to me in 2014 has been snorkelling in Vanuatu. (I know that is not sexy but I haven't really had any remarkable sexy times in 2014 yet, although I am sure that there will be).

5. Falling asleep after really great sex is one of the best feelings in the world.

6. Negative people really shit me. 

Bonus: Post a photo that really turns you on and tell us why it does. 

I had a bit of a look around on the net and I found two images;


I couldn't really decide between them because they are the two things I like to look at the most. Boys butts and boys wanking. Something so very sexy about both of those things. Looking at them always gets me going. 

 For more fill in the blanks fun head on over to the TMI Tuesday page and read some other great entries. 



  1. I love you!!!!
    your TMI is as sexy as mine! great!! I am not the only hornball around here!
    #1 freaking sexy! I am getting me a pair of those!
    #2 Yummy!
    #4 that is sooo awesome!
    #5 I agree! He puts me to sleep each time, does not fail
    #6 I know the feeling, I stay away from them and keep them at a distance

    The pics are delicious and I can see why they turn you on!

    Happy TMI

  2. wonderful and sexy

  3. Those pics are so very arousing, especially that thick yumminess on the right!

    Damn Gemma, you never fail to impress me with how sexy spectacular your life must be. And to read you love "boys wanking" was about the cutest sexiest thing I've read in at least a day...hey that is pretty amazing! ;)

  4. #1 - I think a lot of us were masturbating or contemplating it when writing today's tmi post :-)

    The pics are wonderful!

  5. I would just like to get an orgasm this year.. I am to the point I don't care how as long as another person gives it to me. Snorkeling sounds like a pretty awesome thing to have done already in the New Year. I definitely agree there is something about a man with a nice ass that gets me going as well.