Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TMI Tuesday - Which Do You Prefer

It is that time of the week again. Once you have gorged on this piece of TMI goodness head on over to the TMI page to sample some more confessions. 

Pick one. You must pick one. You can elaborate on your answer if you want, but you must pick one.
1. Are you male or female or other?
For the purposes of being perverse I would dearly love to answer this question with "other" but last time I checked I was a female. Although I can't actually look directly at my genitals! 
2. Dog or cat?
Last time I checked I was a human. However I prefer to own cats rather than dogs although I would be happy with either. Currently I have a cat living with me who is extremely affectionate and loves cuddles which is awesome! 
3. Peanut butter or wasabi peas?
I want to like wasabi peas but I can really only eat one or two before they become too overpowering. Peanut paste (I am Australian that is what we call it) is something I can eat straight out of the jar. Especially the home made variety. It is much better than shop bought ones! wasabi peas
Briefly explain why you made the above choices.
4. Group midnight nude swim or ‘mooning‘ strangers?
Definitely midnight nude swim. Naked swimming is very very sexy and midnight nudity is always fun. Mooning strangers is somewhat childish. 
5. Sneaker Pimps or IAMX?
Sneaker Pimps. Not really into emo music
6. Bologna or Braunschweiger?
Not really sure if this is a question about food or cities.  Either way I am choosing Bologna.
7. Vanilla or kinky?
Vanilla is great when it is an ice cream flavour but when it comes to sex I will choose kinky every time. 
8. Rocky road or chocolate ice cream?
Oh now there is a question about ice cream. I love just about anything chocolate but oddly chocolate ice cream is not that great. I think I would choose Rocky Road out of this pairing but I have said many times that the best flavour for ice cream is vanilla. 
9. Red M&M or green M&M
When I was a teenager I remember there being this convention that each different colour of M&M had a different property, red made you run fast, brown tasted foul and green made you horny. If I was anally retentive enough to separate the colours of my M&Ms I would choose green based on this property.
10. Pepsi or Coke?
Absolutely Coke every time. Pepsi is just a cheap imitation.
11. Mini Cooper or Fiat Abarth?
Mini Cooper. There is no question. It is cute and a classic. And guys who drive them have big dicks. 

12. Pleasure or pain? Why? Explain yourself please.
Hmmmm now really where is the differentiation between these two. There are people who would argue that these two are both sides of the same coin. But pleasure is infinitely more pleasure able than pain. 
Bonus:  Pick one – Participate in the London World Bike Naked Ride or Japan’s Festival of the Steel Phallus affectionately known as Penis Fest properly called Kanamara Matsuri.
There is something about rampant public nudity which I find verry appealing. Humans in general need to become much more comfortable with their bodies and baring their skin. And so while I am all about penis worship I choose rampant public nudity. 

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