Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TMI Tuesday - Let's Talk Relationships

I have been posting very sporadically for several months now and I dream of the day when I get my life balanced enough to regularly post here again. Until then TMI Tuesday is a way for me to keep in touch with the community so to speak.

This week's questions focus on relationships so here we go...
As always you can check out other TMI confessions at the TMI page. 

1. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see an attractive person?
If it is a guy I generally wonder what he would look like naked. The second thing that pops into my head is what their cock would look like,
If it is a woman I generally wonder what their breasts look like. 
2. What is your idea of a dream date? Describe the person and the type of date experience.
I am an old married lady so romantic style dates are not really anything that I even think about these days. These days my dating is more of a sexual encounter so my ideal date involves a few drinks, or a coffee, chatting, flirting, feeling each other up under the table and then finding somewhere a little more private to do whatever comes to mind. 
3. How many serious relationships have you had? Were you in love?
It is hard to remember so far back in my life. After being together for sixteen years I can't remember another relationship other than the one I have with Jake. I guess I might have had one or two others. I was a very serious person back then so I am pretty sure that I thought I was in love with them at the time but it was nothing like what I have with Jake. 

4. How many casual sexual relationships have you had?
Well I always say when people ask me questions like that that a lady never kisses and tells. Trying to seriously answer this question just raises a whole lot of other questions like, "What exactly as a casual relationship?" "Do one night stands count?", "Does meeting someone for coffee and then sucking their cock in a car count?", 
The truth is that I don't have an exact answer. But the total number of people I have had sex with is somewhere between 10 and 100.
5. What will ruin a relationship for you?
Dishonesty. Once a person is dishonest with me I completely lose respect for them. It is probably number one relationship killer. 
Bonus: What is your definition of sexy?
Sexy is not something that can really be defined. It is an attitude and confidence rather than a physical appearance. But like everything you can have too much of a good thing. Over confidence is just and unsexy as a lack of confidence. Sexy people are definitely comfortable in their own skin and comfortable with their faults as well as their positives.  

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