Saturday, December 6, 2014

A New Beginning

It has been a while since I have posted here. When I first logged on a week ago I was surprised by two things;

1. How long it has actually been since I posted.

2. How many people still stop by.

The first was something that has nagged at me for a long time. At first my posts dropped off because I was honestly too busy just keeping my head above water in a life that had just taken on a radical new direction. As time went by I think I was still struggling for time but more realistically I had just gotten out of the habit of posting. In some weird way it was more comfortable for me to constantly heap guilt on myself for not being committed to a task than to actually get out there and do the task.

The second is something that blew my mind completely. I assumed that once the stories stopped people would move on and find fresh sources of tittilation. I don't actually spend a lot of time trolling around the Internet so I am not aware of any other blogs exactly like mine but in a compulsively self depreciating way I assumed that my style was less than the sheer volume of material out there. Clearly there are people who still enjoy my work. No matter how long it has been sitting in the bowels of the Internet.

Recently I started a new blog. The motivation for this was to change direction slightly, more ramblings, less fiction. It was also a way to test out a different blogging site. Both experiments are working well. I am getting the therapy I sought and I like my new home. And so I am here to advertise my new blogging home. I won't be transferring everything from here to there but I may post some stories from my past ocassionallly. Maybe. Otherwise feel free to stop on by sometime