Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TMI Tuesday - Shopping List

This week's TMI was brought to us by Virtual Sin. I am sure he won't mind if I take a little twist to the questions he has suggested. So I have answered the questions from the point of view of my vagina. Well as well as I can because she doesn't tell me everything that is going on with her all of the time.

1. Name a category for which you are very fussy and only one product will do. Name the product.
Despite spending a fair amount of time looking at and reading about different types of vibrators the only one I have really ever liked is my el cheapo "Big Red". He is like a faithful friend that can be relied on to come to the party every time. 

2. Name a category for which you are fussy about quality and buy top of the line brands.
I  would have to say condoms. Cheap definitely does not cut it. Especially latex. The best condoms, even though they may be more expensive, are "Skyns". 

3. Name a category for which are the most interested in price and will buy whatever brand is cheapest.
Cheap??? Seriously??? Like I would be interested in anything that is cheap.

4. Name a category for which you are unable to find a satisfactory product.
I would have to say lube. Lube is definitely a very good thing to have on hand and it can turn a bad situation right around. However it would be great if there was such a thing as a water based lube that didn't need to be re-applied regularly. While on the topic of lube I just want to say that flavoured lube does not taste great, and those lubes that warm and cool; keep them right away from my vagina!!!!

5. Name a product that has disappeared from the market for which you have been unable to find a satisfactory substitute.
I can't think of an answer for this one maybe I will think of something and come back with an answer later. 

6. Name a product that you buy that your mother or father used to buy.
My mother and father are strict Catholics and monogamists. I am sure they only ever have sex in the missionary position with the lights off. I am positive that there isn't any thing that I would put near my vagina that either of my parents used mostly out of fear that I end up the same way.

7. Name a product that you wont buy because your mother or father used to buy it.
See the answer to number 6. If I ever discovered any sex related item that they have purchase I would make a point of not buying it. Aside from the fear of turning into the prudes that they are I don't think I could use it without thinking about my parents which is just plain wrong.

8. Name a product that is over rated.
It is not a product but the idea that size doesn't matter is definitely over rated. That is not to say bigger is better. There is a definite range of size that is acceptable. Like Goldilocks says,
"Just right!"

9. Name a product that is under-rated.
Again not really a product but the ability to deliver a quality sensual spanking is definitely something that there is not enough of in the world. 

Bonus: If there was one product that you would re-invent or improve what is it?
As I said in question 4. Long-lasting water based lube. Or maybe a condom that doesn't leave that plasticky or rubbery taste in your mouth. 

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