About Me

Once upon a time I was a Catholic Schoolgirl who was fascinated with boys and sex. Fortunately (I am not sure who for) being locked in a boarding school thwarted all my plans to lose my virginity until I ran away to study biology at university.

For 18 years I was immersed in the world of microbes and food production. I honed my writing skills creating technical reports and, in the later parts of my career, personnel reviews and project planning documents. Along the way I married Jake and my sexual adventure joined his.

About three years ago Jake I embarked on an epic sexual adventure. Together we opened the door of our bedroom and began inviting other people in. We have had some amazing times. Our eyes and minds have been opened wide. Our approach to our lifestyle can be put in a few simple rules;
1) Never say never,
2) It is OK to ask for anything but it is also OK for anyone to say no any time and
3) If it makes you feel uncomfortable then walk away.

This blog is a place for me to share some of these adventures with you. It is also a place for me to share the smut that I write. My most cherished dream is to one day be able to call this my job and not have a chuckle. Read and enjoy.

If you feel the need to stalk me you can follow @swinginggemma on Twitter or Facebook If you feel the need to talk to me directly then feel free to email me at gemmajonesstories@gmail.com. Please be an adult and don't ask me to send you pictures of myself or hook up for a cam session. My body is mine and I only share it with people who I choose to meet in person.


  1. too relate an adventure to another person is to relive live it, refreshing the excitement for the teller and adding a thrill to the life of the listener. It stimulates the most potent of erogenous zones...the mind. Keep up the good work and may all your dreams (erotic and other) be fulfilled

  2. Stumbled across your blog this morning from Twitter and have spent the last hour reading, browsing your links . . . and getting more and more exciting (LOL!!!)

    Love your profile . . . and relate to your three rules perfectly as they are exactly the same that we follow (well with a few more disclaimers).

    Your writing is very arousing and addictively interesting . . . I will come again and again (LOL!!!)

    With best wishes - Modesty

  3. Hallöchen,
    da ich aus Sachsen-Anhalt bin, wollte ich nur mal liebe Grüße hinterlassen und wünsche dir viel Erfolg mit deiner Seite.