E-Books by Gemma Jones

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New previously unpublished original erotica by Gemma Jones. Jared ties up at his yacht at a sleepy Pacific island and takes a walk on the beach. The woman he meets, seemingly by chance will totally blow his mind literally and figuratively. Available now on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble and all good e-retailers.

The sweetest things in life are often short. This collection of short stories will open your mind to things you may never have thought of before. Available now only at Smashwords

From a cable guy living out his ultimate fantasy with his beautiful customer to the woman who attends a pyjama party with a difference this book explores a diverse range of sexual adventures. Smashwords reviewers gave this book five out of five stars.

Be tempted. Take a bite....

Alice is a twenty something single city girl. On a girl's night out she meets Steve. One thing leads to another and her sexual appetite is whetted. Along the way she meets Jason, Steve's flatmate who opens her eyes to whole new experience.

Available only at Smashwords. Join with both Alice on her journey of discovery.