Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hunting Unicorns

Unicorn: Mythological animal with a single long horn, said to elude every captor.

There are so many couples out there looking for a single woman to join them and there are so few single women looking for couples that they have been attributed the mythical status of a unicorn.

There are any number of articles and forms about this topic in the big wide world of the net. such as this one on RedHotPie.

When Jake and I started swinging we decided we wouldn't pursue the single female option. Even though I wanted to have sex with a woman.  I also wanted to experiment with other cocks and, at the time, this was driving me harder.  Jake also feels very strongly about equal participation and we felt that foursomes would be a better way to avoid people being left out.

Despite this, it seems threesomes were destined to come our way.  Our first one was at a swinger's club one night.  We were approached by an attractive woman in her 40's. She was professional, well spoken, well groomed and she had an itch to scratch. Of course we, especially Jake, were very flattered that she chose us for this and we did our best to impress her.  We had heard horror stories about couples who treated single women as playthings without respect for their wishes, needs or dignity.  We were determined not to be like that.

As it turned out this lady was not looking for a lasting arrangement, just a scratch for her itch. In my determination to be generous and unselfish I was left wanting. Jake still rates this night as one of his best experiences but I have to say I was less than happy with things.

Some months later we were approached through a website by Ms Springfield. Unlike our first experience she was looking for a friendship. There were several meetings before any sex happened. She was shy and cautious, we didn't have a clue and things went very slowly.  To an outside observer it probably would have been very painful to watch. We got there eventually.

Now it is not unusual for her to come to ours for a drink or a meal and stay the night, or vice versa. We all sleep together and take turns being the one in the middle.  The sex is something else; sensual, gentle, caring, horny and respectful. Each one of us loves watching the other two please each other, offering a helping hand, finger, tongue or teeth where required. 

Of all the women who I have had the pleasure of enjoying she is the most sexy. I love her breasts, and her pussy. I am always amazed by her response to my touches and my tongue as well as how horny it makes me watching her fucking Jake.  The feeling of closeness when Jake is on top fucking me and she is cuddled to my side kissing both of us is indescribable.

I could go on for hours and hours about the sex.  I am sure that there are some of you who would happily read page after page of it. Maybe one day I will write a book about it. Right now I am happy just enjoying the experiences. So it seems, unicorns do exist. The best way to catch one. Don't look for her.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Each week Ruby Kiddell from Erotic Notebook hosts the "Wank Wednesday Festival of Smut" Erotica writers from all over the net contribute their stories around the central theme for the week.

This week the theme is 'shield'

You can read other writer's contributions here.

Please comment on our stories, we all value feedback especially compliments.

The beach at night is my favourite place.  The smell of the salt and the pounding of the waves in the darkness stirs something in my soul. My boyfriend took me there for a date on Friday night. We bought fish and chips from shop nearby and spread a blanket in the dunes so that we could watch the sun setting over the water.  Our meal was washed down with a bottle of coke we shared.

As the last rays of the sun shrank over the horizon the wind lifted the thin, flowery fabric of my summer dress revealing my brown legs. I wrapped my cardigan around me as if to shield myself against the cold. Or was the shiver that suddenly went up my spine caused by something else.

My boyfriend's eyes are deep blue, like the sea in front of us. I gazed into them lost in shy fantasies. His hand rested on my leg, above my knee. I looked down  and watched his fingers trailing upwards towards the space between my legs. I sighed as his fingers stroked the cotton fabric of my knickers. His touch was so soft that I was straining to feel it. Without warning I felt warm wetness between my legs.

I remember how hot his breath was on my neck and the smell of his aftershave. His lips were inches away from mine. The yearning between my legs became an ache. It was the same ache I had been feeling every night while I was lying in my bed. When I felt that ache I would touch myself while I fantasised about him kissing me. Our kiss was soft, as if he was afraid he would break me. His fingers were stroking the secret place between my legs. I could feel the fabric of my knickers getting wetter as he stroked.

My legs fell apart as I moaned softly. In response he snuggled closer to me and we fell back on the blanket. The dusk is gathered around us shielding us from prying eyes and giving us privacy. His hands slipped inside the elastic of my knickers to touch the place where no boy had ever touched. My mind was spinning. I had been waiting and longing for this to happen.  At the same time my heart was leaping with joy and pounding with fear.

His fingers penetrated me. Somehow it feels so much more than when I placed my own finger there. I clamp my legs together on his hand. My teeth clenched and I whimpered softly.

"We can wait if you want to," his voice was soft and gentle in my ear.

I looked into those eyes and at those beautiful lips that kiss so well, "It's O.K. I want this."

He eased my knickers down over my knees and feet.  Even though he only took away one tiny piece of clothing I felt totally naked. My eyes were glued to him as he slipped out of his shorts. His penis stood out in front of him. I wanted to look away but then I couldn't look at anything else. Frightened of what it was going to feel like I reached out and touched him. His cock was so soft and so warm against my hand. I felt a throb and more warm wetness. The ache was almost unbearable.

I lay back on the blanket, his body was above mine and I could feel his hot, soft penis rested on the top of my thigh. All by itself my back arched up towards his belly. My knees fell apart like some whore in a movie. Then before I could think about it much, his penis slipped into my vagina. I cannot describe the feeling that spread through my belly. He moved inside me sending explosions through me. I felt like my head was going to blow apart. My whimpers became loud moans and then screams.

Afterwards I rode home on my bicycle. I rode as fast as I could so that the wind whipped my hair backwards and stung my face. Nothing could change the feeling inside me.  I wanted to run to the top of the hill and scream out what I had done to everyone in the town. I didn't know how I was going to wait until the next night. We had arranged to visit our place in the dunes again.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wanna Play Tie Up?

After our little venture into the world of BDSM you would think that we would be happy to stick to fucking.  Truth is we did for a while. We met some great people, enjoyed some great sex, learned some new positions and some new tricks.  But as I said we do like our spanking so that remained part of what we did. As we got more comfortable with ourselves and what we were doing we played 'tie ups' a few times.

Personally I love the feeling of power I get from teasing a man who is restrained and unable to touch me. On one very memorable occasion as a birthday treat for her very handsome husband; a friend of ours organised for me to meet with him in a hotel room, give him a lap dance and then have my evil way with him.  While he wasn't fully restrained he was under instruction not to touch unless invited.  As a man who loved to touch and also liked very much to be in control this was a challenge for him.

I am happy to report he rose to the occasion.  I only had to smack him on the wrist a couple of times. I was kind and let him touch a little because I am a big softie and he had beautiful puppy dog eyes.  The sex was amazing.  For me it was made better by the feeling that I was so desirable that I could drive this man crazy with just the sight of me.

Lately I have been attracted to the idea of being the one who has the lesser power.  Jake has been the one to tie me up a few times which is against my nature but the challenge made the experience more full on.  I seem to be attracted to stories that involve domination like Ruby Kiddell's 'Hotel' series. The thought of being bossed around by someone is very erotic. Food for thought and scenarios for future adventures perhaps.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Line Between Pleasure and Pain

Pain is the opposite of pleasure. Although some people argue that one is an extension of the other.Many people we know enhance their sex with a little bit of pain.  Jake and I both love a nice, well placed spank either when we are 'getting warmed up' or when we are right in the throes of fucking. Mr Fix it is a big fan of fingernails down his back (Gemma always makes sure she is well manicured for him). Another lady friend of ours likes it 'Kitty Style' (that is doggy style with scratching and biting).

Our toy collection to date contains a whip that looks great but really doesn't hurt much and a couple of candles as well as some restraints. The restraints are great fun but a story for another time.  We haven't ventured much into the wax play side of things but it is something that interests us. Another item on my shopping wish list is a nice riding crop.  A friend of ours owns one and we have been privileged to try it out.  One of my favourite uses for this toy is some gentle taps on my pussy while standing spreadeagled at the kitchen bench.  I see you cringing. The first time I saw it done I felt the same way; but like all things you shouldn't knock it until you try it.  The key is to start off slow and gentle and work your way up to it.

So with all of this in mind it was natural for us to wander over into the world of BDSM for a peek.  I found a regular BDSM night that was hosted by a swing club in our area and Jake and I decided to mosey on over for a look see.  I have to say that I LOVE fetish style clothing, all that black lace and leather is hot.  Don't get me started on the shoes. Dressing for the night was great fun. So was sharing the hotel elevator with an unsuspecting couple while tapping my thigh high boots with said whip. I just love shocking members of the unsuspecting public!

Anyway back to the night at hand.  We arrived at the club and we were a little nervous, we didn't know what to expect but we were starting to get an inkling that this might be a little scary. The sight of people entering the club with small suitcases didn't help to allay our fears.  Neither of us really wanted to rock up to them and ask them to show us what was in the case.

I have to say the organisers were great, very friendly and extremely informative. They went through the rules in great detail and explained their experience and preferences.  Whilst I was prepared for the pain aspect of things, although not in the extreme that it can get to, neither of us was really prepared for was the 'Master / Slave' aspect of things.

The patrons of this club were very hard core but at the same time a friendly bunch of people.  We met a 'nice' couple who spent a fair bit of time explaining their lifestyle to us.  I have to stress that this is really a full lifestyle for some people.  It is not something they haul up and do on the weekends, this was another thing I wasn't prepared for.

In this case the man was the 'Dom' and the lady was the 'Sub'. I stress that this is not always the case it is just as likely for the roles to be reversed. We were interested in the little things like her serving him, not speaking until she was given permission etc.  I am a very independent type I honestly don't know that I could serve another person, especially a man, providing his every wish unquestioningly. The concept is interesting. 

What really freaked us out was the discussion that followed about their 'play' discussing about the Dom giving punishments that to anyone would seem extreme, canings, whippings etc. The Sub of course has very little say in what happens to them.  Each role has its responsibilities.  The Sub's role is to yield, of course to anything that comes their way wether they are expecting it or not.  The Dom has a responsibility to not let things get out of hand.  The Dom deals out pain and humiliation but only to a point that they know the Sub can deal with it.  It is fascinating from an academic point of view but when faced with people who really do it extremely challenging.

We chatted for a while and then looked briefly at some play. Then we both decided we had 'been and seen' and went off in search of a club that had some nice normal swingers that we could have sex with. Later that night Jake fucked me hard and gave me the spanking of my life.  I loved every minute of it but I am damn sure I will never kneel and present him with a drink.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Afternoon Delights

When I was in my late teens my very straight laced mother had this strange idea that it was O.K for her virginal daughter to visit her boyfriend's house in the day time when his parents were at work but it was not O.K. to visit the same boyfriend in the same house at night time if his parents happened to be out. The reasoning that led to this conclusion?

Well apparently you can only have sex at night!!! I don't really know if she genuinely believed this gem or if she just wanted to make herself feel better. At that point in time I was living in another city as a university student. She really had very little control over where I went, what I did or who I did it with and I guess anything that she could say to me (or herself) was better than nothing. 

Of course being seventeen going on eighteen and having my closest parent living over 300Km away from me meant that I did pretty much what I wanted, when I wanted and with whom.  My boyfriend didn't have that luxury; his parents, annoyingly, chose to live in the same house as he did (or was it the other way around?). They were not big fans of teenage sex either and so my boyfriend and I became well acquainted with the 'afternoon delight'. We spent many a happy afternoon locked in his bedroom with the music turned up practicing our oral sex skills and fucking ourselves silly. I have very fond memories of that virginal relationship.

Fast forward twenty (or so) years and I found myself contemplating a similar encounter. As I have talked about in earlier posts, Creative Locations, Jake and I have been exploring creative ways to meet up with our friends when childminding has not been available.  Recently a nice guy who is great with his hands messaged me to tell me he had the day off work and to ask me if I have any suggestions about what he could do to occupy his time? It just so happened that I was able to wangle a few hours in the middle of the day as well. With the kids at school we were able to plan a nice session in the luxury of a bed with no mosquitoes in sight!.

Both of us were a little excited about our date.  Jake was also very excited for me.  He did have one request; that we record our session on our video recorder.  He wanted us both to watch and enjoy later.  So Mr Fix It arrived on schedule and after a coffee and a chat we got down to business.  It took a while to get the camera organised.  Perhaps if we got the camera happening before we took our clothes off it might have helped. A small amount of the action didn't make it onto the film but the important things did. There are a few basic things that I will never get tired of; giving head and trying out new techniques, riding a guy until he comes inside me, getting fucked hard and fast.

I am happy to report that all of the boxes got ticked in that area. I have the video evidence to prove it. Gemma was a very happy and satisfied customer. Jake came home for a visit at the end of our session.  He said that he could hear me from the driveway!!  I really was enjoying myself.

Watching the video later was a lot more horny than I thought it would be.  For once I put aside the thoughts of how fat my ass looked and how horrible the saggy bits were and enjoyed watching two people go at it.  We really were sexy.  I can 't wait to hear how Mr Fix it's wife enjoys watching the same movie.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Midnight Visitor (Again)

There is something really sexy about a lover sneaking into your bedroom at night. Check out  Midnight Visitor for a really hot experience I had a while ago. The excitement and anticipation can make the whole experience a little surreal.  Having people sneaking around in the middle of the night is made even more exciting when it is a spur of the moment of thing.

Recently we were chatting with a friend on MSN. We were exploring with each other different ideas and fantasies and we were making some tentative plans to meet up in the near future with a view to making some of what we were discussing a reality. Our friend has had a relatively sheltered life and he is very shy when describing what he is interested in doing. He is however very keen to explore and try new things. It makes Jake and I feel great that he trusts us enough to follow this path with us and we are very excited about the possibilities.

I won't go into all the details of his fantasies but we discovered (almost by accident) that he and Jake shard a fascination with cum.  I will stress that these guys both describe themselves as straight. They just love the sight of a man's cum on a woman's body and in her pussy.

So we were chatting away, making plans and flirting with each other. Of course we were all feeling a bit horny and so we started discussing things like;
"Do you have a hard on?"
"Is your pussy wet talking about this?"
"Fuck I am horny right now."

Then almost totally out of the blue we thought to ourselves 'What are we waiting for.' So we typed,
"You wanna come over right now?"

It was strange, once we put it out there we were all afraid of intruding.  There was all the polite statements and avoiding
"Well I wouldn't want to put you out'"
"It is getting late, don't you have to go to work tomorrow?"

We were being careful of our friend not wanting to push ourselves onto him.  He was being careful of us, not wanting to intrude on our home life. It was a little frustrating. I just wanted everyone to say what they were really thinking and make a decision.

In the end we got there and then there was the nerve wracking wait for him to turn up.  We were nervous but the spontaneity of the night was a real turn on. I don't think he drove too fast (well at least there were no speed cameras working at that time of night). When he finally arrived we all stood around nervously looking at each other and the bed. Jake and I felt comfortable with each other and what we were about to do.  Our friend was trying to be cool but he had a 'deer caught in the headlights' look about him.

Once we all got naked and on the bed things started to warm up. There was some very hot sex. There was cum on people's faces and on me of course. Fantasies were realised and our friend found himself enjoying some experiences he had never dreamed he would become a reality. For me I was treated to the attentions of two sexy guys.  It has been a while since I was fortunate enough to experience this.  I had almost forgotten how good it is.

Our friend left the way he came in, via a side door.  The whole experience was certainly more than a dream. Our tiredness and lack of focus the next day at work certainly demonstrated that. 

The other tell tale sign that we enjoyed ourselves... We fucked ourselves silly for days afterwards.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Check that Out!!

Something that Jake and I take great delight in is pointing out hot chicks to each other when we are out and about.  I have always admired women either dressed or undressed and so this pastime is a natural progression from that.  As much as I would like to be able to I can't ever see myself sitting around with my girlfriends discussing things like breast size, proportion or general fuckability. Although, given some of the people we are spending time with these days, this is becoming more of a possibility.  Of course women talk about what other women are wearing and their shoes etc but I have found that my idea of what looks good on a woman is more in line with what a man would like to see than a heterosexual woman.

And so I find myself making notes on breast size, legs, butt size and shape and, by extension, her clothing with my husband.   This is great fun for us and we have a lot of laughs. It is also very educational for me as I have had some interesting insights into how Jake sees women and what he finds attractive that I never would have come accross any other way. 

A little while ago we were at a theme park together. As we were sitting in the restaurant having lunch Jake pointed out a woman to me who ticked all the normal boxes but what interested me about this particular discussion was the top she was wearing.  She had on a white tank top (I see you all nodding in approval, nothing seems to make breasts look as good as a white tank top right?). The thing that got me was that the top seemed to have these cup things in it which meant that her breasts looked all nice and perfectly round with no nipple in evidence.  Now it wasn't a hideous thing, and she still looked quite hot, but I couldn't get Jake to see how unnatural it looked.  All he saw was; good size, nice placement, white top, nice face, the rest of her looked good = HOT CHICK. Call me fussy but I like my woman to be all natural.  I tried to point this out to Jake later when we were sitting around the pool looking at bikini's (considerably more attractive than tank tops). He did agree but I don't think he was entirely convinced.

What did I learn from this exercise? 
  • My husband is much more forgiving of a few small flaws than perhaps I am. 
  • White tank tops on women look pretty hot
  • Bikini tops make breasts look good
  • Water based theme parks are a great place to hang out and perve
  • I just love the sight of a nice set of nipples pointing through wet fabric.  It turns me on. Truly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Can Tell it has Been a Good Party When .....

As people who follow @swinginggemma on Twitter would know Jake and I found ourselves walking down the street dressed for a party over the weekend.  Usually it is necessary to cover up a little when travelling to this kind of thing. Overcoats and jackets are popular and easy to take off once you are in the door and out of view of the public eye because it is just not cricket to walk down the street in your knickers.  The theme of this particular night was 'Naughty Schoolgirls' so I figured that I could make it the 200 meters or so from our hotel down the street to the party venue not wearing anything other than my costume for the night. Of course I buttoned up my shirt but nothing was going to make my skirt any longer.  From the front I was reasonably respectable but anyone checking out my butt would see, well, my butt. 
So off we went down the inner city street.  Along the way we passed a few people.  One my favourite moments was passing a man in his early 20's carrying a carton of beer on his shoulder.  As he approached us he made a comment indicating his approval of my appearance.  I smiled and kept on walking I didn't look back but Jake (being quite impressed with his wife at this point) did.  It seems that the guy thought I looked good from the front but the peek of my butt under my skirt really undid him.  According to Jake the beer nearly ended up on the footpath!.

The organisers of the party seem to have gotten it together pretty well and have a knack for inviting a good mix of people and there is always plenty of action. After some lap dancing as part of the ice-breakers set up by the organisers the clothing started to peel off. Jake and I found ourselves in a quiet corner with a couple we already knew relatively well.  In the week leading up to the party there had been much flirting by text with these guys so we were all primed for a good time.  None of us were disappointed. There was much sucking of cock, licking of pussy and some good hard fucking. 

We had chosen a quiet corner of the lounge area for our session and this turned out to be a good choice.  Instead of generating an audience as we thought we might everyone wandered off to a bedroom and left us with the couch and the air conditioner to ourselves.  Good choice.  After a while people came and went some watched, and some joined in I loved the natural flow of it.  There were no people who pushed their way in when they weren't welcomed and we didn't feel like we were providing the entertainment. 

Of late I had started to feel that we were becoming veterans with this and going to parties didn't generate the excitement that it once had.  Even as the night wound down and everyone made their way back to their homes or their hotel I still didn't have a feeling of WOW that was full on.  But after a few hours of dirty sex with three different men, and some oral sex experimenting (details in a later post) Jake and I found ourselves in our hotel fucking again, and again the next morning before going home, and again the next evening and again on Monday morning.  For the next few days we were very touchy feely with each other and I had a constant desire to have his cock inside me. It has been a while since a night out had that effect. It must have been a very good party. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creative Locations

Something Jake (Mr Gemma) and I have been exploring of late is the joys of adolescent style sex.  I am not talking about furtive groping in the back of the gym or awkward moments while losing our viginities (although that could be a scenario that some people find very alluring!). Rather, I am talking about taking advantage of opportunities and being creative about how and where.

When we started our adventures we were firm on the 'only play together' rule.  Things were very structured and playing occurred about 90% of the time in a bed be it at a club, a party, someone's house or a hotel.  If not a bed then a couch or something like that. These places were also very private with no unsuspecting children or people who weren't 'in the know' in the next room.  This kind of play is great but only works really well if there is someone to mind the kids.  Going to a club or hotel is expensive and having play friends to visit is not always a good thing if you can't get the kids out of the house.  So by necessity the amount of play time that many people (including us) can be limited.

As time has progressed we have evolved and so have some of our ideas.  We are finding right now that we have people in our lives who mean more to us than just a shag occasionally. We have become friends, our  children have met their children and there are friendships forming between them. Because of this we have relaxed the rules around needing the other person present before having any kind of sexual interaction.

Recently Jake went to watch drag racing with a very good female friend of ours.  I am not that into car racing so I was happy to stay home and mind the children for the night.  Of course after getting their car fix Jake and our friend found themselves in a deserted lane way on the way home.  Jake had visions of bending our friend over the bonnet of HIS car and giving her a good seeing to.  The five million mosquitoes living in the vicinity had other ideas!!!!  The horny couple had to retreat to the back seat of the car where they enjoyed some very good oral sex.

Not to be outdone though, I went to visit another friend of ours who works as a building services person in an inner city office block.  When the jaunt was planned I was going to wear a nice summer dress with no underwear, find us a nice spot in a park and spend his lunch hour teasing him with a view of my bare pussy.  In the back of my mind I was hoping we would find somewhere private enough to maybe do a little more than teasing.  The weather and my friend had other ideas!!.  We found ourselves in a vacant office suite of his building again enjoying some very nice oral sex (Happy Birthday Mr Fix it).  We would have even had some penetrative sex if either of us had been intelligent to remember the condoms.

The possibility of someone discovering you is very tantalising and it has whetted our appetite for even more of these escapades. I am sure that we will find some willing partners in crime should they be required.  We just have to make sure we always have insect repellent and condoms on hand