Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Men Should Join Slutwalk

All around the world women and men are joining the movement that is Slutwalk. At first glance it looks like this movement is 'one of those feminist things'. A protest by women about the treatment of women by our society but an article  written by Hugo Schwyzer shows that men have a place in this movement.

Schwyzer talks about a truth that we are spoon fed as babies; men are at the mercy of their libidos. If a woman tantalizes a man's libido then he will be forced to act in a way that shows no respect for her.

The truth many men know is that they can in fact have enormous respect and love for a woman who gives them an erection every time they walk into the room. However, being men, they don't want to risk being bagged out by other men. So they keep the truth to themselves and don't discuss it ever.

This lie has led to other stupid ideas being perpetrated as truths. Most of these revolve around the worth of a woman who society brands as a 'slut'. In other words if a woman is open about her sexual wants and desires or dresses in a way that makes her appealing to men then she is less worthy than one who doesn't.

What is truly sad is that many women believe these lies and pass them on to their sons and daughters as truths. We teach our daughters that being good equals being modest and chaste. We teach them to repress their natural desires and to be ashamed of their bodies. We teach our sons that women who express their sexuality and who are proud of their bodies are not desirable as wives and mothers.

Then we wonder why we live in a world of twisted individuals.

The author, Hugo Schwyzer, expresses his wish for his daughter;
I want her to have the freedom to express her sexuality safely and joyfully in whatever way she chooses, whenever she is ready (not a moment before). And I want her to grow up without shame about her own wanting and her wanting to be wanted.
I have my own wish for my son
May he grow up understanding that he is in control of his sexuality and knowing that he doesn't have to act like all the other guys to be accepted. I want him to have the pleasure of knowing women who are comfortable with their sexuality and their bodies while taking the time to respect and empower the ones that don't.
Sluts around the world are uniting in their rejection of these lies and participating in slutwalks everywhere. Find out more and see if there is a walk near you.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Trust Part 1

This is the first part of a story that The Dom and I have been working on.  We hope that you enjoy it.

“Do you trust me?” his fingers trailed through her hair, fanning it out over the pillow.
Her eyes looked deeply into his for a moment. Deep liquid brown delving into his clear blue.
“Yes,” she whispered.
"Come with me." He stood beside the bed holding out his hand. Taking it she slipped out of the bed and stood in front of him. The white satin of her night dress clung to her body. Her nipples thrust against the fabric.
Without a word he covered her eyes with a black silk scarf tying it firmly. Silently he took her hand and led her out of the house and down the steps to the driveway.  The gravel crunched under their feet as he guided her carefully to the car and placed her in the passenger seat.  After a few moments she heard the creak of the leather as he sat behind the wheel and started the engine.
As they drove warm, balmy summer air flowed in through the open windows throwing her hair back from her face.  He glanced over at her, savouring the way the moonlight reflected on her skin and gleamed on the satin. On the car radio golden oldies music played.
After some time, she didn't know how long but it seemed like an hour the car stopped. She heard the driver's door open and the crunch of his footsteps walking to her door. Cool air flowed over her as he opened the door, different from the warm humidity near his house, she shivered. Goose pimples covered her skin. The sound of her heart was loud in her ears.
There was a hand on her shoulder,
"Come with me." He took her by the arm and helped her out of the car.
They walked together a few steps, gravel crunching under their feet,
"Stop," his voice was soft in her ear. For a few moments they stood together, his arm around her waist comforting her. Then he stepped away from her. She stood perfectly still; there was a cool rush of air brushing up over her body. In the distance she heard the crashing of waves….
Leave your comments and suggestions about what happens next. Keep watching for chapter 2

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doing the Neighbours

Jake and I have been watching the TV series 'Swingtown' lately.

Something that seems to come up in conversation from time to time with various people is the question,
"Would you have sex with a 'vanilla' friend?"

The idea of having a hot night of passion with neighbours or someone who lives around the corner or some friend is hot.  Another variation of this is going to a regular bar or club and picking up a couple or single person and taking them home. 

Recently Jake and I were visiting some relatives in another town. We took advantage of babysitting and slipped out for a nice coupley dinner at a local pub.  Along the way we fantasised about picking up another couple and having a very sexy night.

While we were having dinner we looked around the room and chatted about who would and who wouldn't be players of all the people in the room.  Of course we checked out all the hotties; male and female and had a pretty interesting conversation about who we thought would go off in bed. Sometimes I would give a million bucks to know what an innocent bystander would think of our conversations.

There weren't really any couples in the room that we thought we would go out on a limb for so we went home and entertained ourselves. The idea though has been added to a growing list of 'Things to do when the Opportunity Arises'. 

Just in case you were wondering my standard response to the question "Would you have sex with a vanilla friend?"
"None of my vanilla friends ring my bell AT ALL."

Which is kinda sad really.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Try This at Home

The other night I was chatting to a sexy guy who sneaks into our bedroom from time to time. This guy has had a sheltered life (so I thought). Of late, he says because of my influence, he has been starting to come out of his shell a little. In fact this straight forward uncluttered guy is becoming quite naughty.

It has been a real turn on to chat with him and learn about his fantasies and kinks.  What is an even bigger turn on has been to make plans to make some of these things happen for him.  It is one of my favourite things to do; listen to people's fantasies and kinks and then make some plans to make theme a reality.

So the conversation turned to the obvious topic. What things do you want to do? Usually the conversation gets a little slow when this question gets asked. His responses dwindle away to,

"Well I am open to anything. What sort of things do YOU want to do?"

This night though he rocked me a little when he shared this gem with me,

"Sometimes my partner ties my balls and cock up with a shoelace and then rides me."

Hmmmmm. I have met this guy's partner several times and she is a fantastic lady.  I did NOT expect that to come out of his mouth  but I have to say that I am now intrigued. Jake, for one reason or another doesn't use cock rings and I have never had the experience of being with a man who has. It wasn't something I really ever thought about but now all of a sudden I am curious.

To the point where I saw a photo the other day of a man with a small belt around his balls and thought 'That looks hot' not practical, but very, very sexy.

So now I want to do this thing with our friend.  He says it makes his dick bigger and harder.  That has to be a good thing.  It does freak me out though to think of tying a shoelace around a guys cock and balls.  Always I treat that area of a man with the utmost respect and fear of causing pain. I feel like I need a training course. 

It seems that in the course of exploring someone else's fantasies and desires I may be developing a few fantasies and desires of my own that I never considered.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Default Continued

There were a few readers who were curious about what happened when Amanda closed the door on Wank Wednesday. I decided to extend my story to satisfy their curiosity.

Roger wasn't sure what he had expected, but being led on a dog lead by a woman wielding a riding crop was not on the list.  She tugged at the lead and he found himself moving on all fours behind her into the room. At the foot of the bed they stopped.  His face was very close to her boot now and he dared a look up her leg towards her body.  Above the leather of her boots her thighs were covered with fishnets. Further up, he could see a black and white corset. Her long dark hair was twisted neatly above her head.
"Stand up," she commanded firmly.
His shock at his surroundings and the way she was treating him made his response slow.
"I said stand up!" she repeated firmly, giving him another sting with her crop.
He didn't need to be told twice and hurriedly got to his feet.
"Take off your clothes." Her commands were sharp but her voice was not harsh. Roger stripped out of his business suit as quickly as he could.  He felt his nipples harden at the feel of the air conditioning and, strangely, there was stirring in his cock.
"Leave them," she commanded as he hooked his fingers into his boxers. Roger shivered a little in anticipation and fear as his commander walked up to him. His eyes were glued on the creamy skin of her breasts that was pushed upwards by her corset. Thoughts of ravaging her body made his cock stiffen even more.
Slowly she walked around him using her crop to stroke his torso and legs.  When she reached the front of him she stopped. Slowly and gently she stroked his cock through the fabric of his boxers, as much as he tried not to allow it he felt his cock growing bigger and harder than he could ever remember it being.
As she stroked and his cock grew she smiled. For the first time Roger noticed how red her lips were. He had a mental image of those red lips around his cock sucking down his cum, he gasped at the thought of it.
"Take off your shorts," her voice was softer, slightly husky. Roger glanced into her eyes and for a second he thought he saw desire but she quickly extinguished it.
"Bend over the bed," she commanded when his boxers hit the floor.
As he kneeled down to bend over the bed he thought for a moment how compelling she was.  His cock ached for her to touch him but at the same time there was a perverse pleasure in being this woman's plaything. There was a sharp sting as she slapped his naked butt with her crop. He couldn't stop himself from jerking upwards but he relaxed again as she stroked him gently.
Then there was another sting, and another, and another. He cried out half in pain and half in pleasure.  One moment he wanted her to stop and then the next he wanted her to keep going. The rain of blows stopped when he whimpered out,
The stinging slaps stopped and he felt her body pressing against him. In his mind he could see those breasts against his back and the stings from her crop faded away. Her fingers ran down over his butt cheeks past his anus to gently cup his balls. Her face was next to his ear and he heard her breath whisper,
"You like that?"
In response he nodded. She stood up and moved so that she was sitting on the bed on front of his face with her legs spread apart. When he raised his face he was greeted with the sight of her fingering her wet pussy.  Involuntarily he moved forward to taste her.
"No!" Her eyes flashed. "You may not touch me."
He was transfixed as he watched her fingers dipping into her wet snatch. Pussy juice coated her fingers and ran down her hands. There was a small pool of wetness on the bed where she was sitting. All Roger wanted to do was put his tongue on her and taste the sweet salt that he could smell. He moved so that he could stroke himself.
She wagged her finger at him, "Not yet young man." There was a flush on her cheeks. "I want you good and hungry for me."
They stayed like that for what seemed like forever. Roger transfixed at the sight of her fingers dipping in and out of her pussy. Every now and then she would slow her strokes and tease him further by opening her pussy with her fingers.
When she was ready she lay  back on the bed.
"Fuck me," she commanded him. "Fuck me hard. But you are not to come until I say so."
He kneeled in front of her and thrust himself into her steaming wet snatch. As she commanded he fucked her hard. She reached around and slapped his butt hard. He had to grit his teeth to stop himself from shooting cum into her pussy.
Her pussy was like a vice on his cock and he felt every movement of her hips. There was no mistake of her orgasm and then the words he had been waiting for,
"Put your come into me."
As she gave him one last spank, he groaned in pleasure as he emptied himself into her.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Each week Ruby Kiddell from Erotic Notebook hosts the "Wank Wednesday Festival of Smut" Erotica writers from all over the net contribute their stories around the central theme for the week.
This week the theme is 'default'

You can read other writer's contributions here.

Please comment on our stories, we all value feedback especially compliments.
Amanda sat in the office waiting for the bank manager. Nothing about her outward appearance gave a clue to her inward thoughts and feelings.  Her manicured hands were clasped lightly in her lap and one of her long shapely leg was crossed over the other.  The hem of her skirt sat just above her knee.

As he walked into the room Roger’s eyes travelled up her legs and rested on her white blouse. The thin fabric clung softly to her breasts. The neckline folded down around her cleavage giving a glimpse of smooth white skin and lace.  The glimpse was small but enough to whet his appetite.
She stood as he entered and they shook hands. For a brief second their eyes met.  Roger was surprised.  Usually people looked away after a second. Most people in Amanda’s position were afraid, if not of him personally, of what he could do to their lives. In this woman’s eyes he saw calm strength. She wasn’t afraid of him, she was in control of her life.
“So.” He was a little nonplussed at her stare. “You know the reason why you are here today.”
“Yes.” Her voice was melodious. “Your secretary has explained that quite well.” There was a small pause. “What she didn’t explain, however, is what my options are now.”
Amanda looked Roger in the eye as she spoke. He felt slightly like he was being chastised and he squirmed inwardly. It was a strange feeling. He frowned as he struggled to gain control of the conversation. To do his job properly he had to be to dominant one.
“With people like yourself, who default their payments there are not a lot of options.” He frowned at her. With most female customers there was usually tears and pleading at this point. Strangely neither of these seemed to be forthcoming.
“Unless you magically acquire a large sum of money within the next four weeks the bank will be forced to repossess your house.”
“I see.” Still she was calm, poised and totally in control. There was no sign of despair or panic. She looked at him steadily like a cat looking at a mouse; waiting to see where it will run next.
Roger was unsettled by her self control. He flicked through her file.  The front pages gave details of her occupation and income. Her occupation was listed as a Beauty Therapist. His eyes narrowed slightly as he recalled some of the rumours he had heard about this woman. He looked across the table at her. Those breasts seemed to beckon him. He desperately wanted to open her shirt and feast his eyes and his hands on those smooth round globes.
Calmly she looked back at him. He had the unnerving feeling that she knew what he was thinking and for some strange reason he felt apologetic. Suddenly he had an overwhelming urge to help this woman.
“Of course there could be some other arrangement made.” The statement hung in the air between them. Professionally Roger had just taken a huge risk. He wouldn’t normally do such a thing but it was as if she willed him to do it.
She smiled slightly and arched one eyebrow ever so slightly. “Of course.”
She stood up and collected her bag. From inside her bag she pulled out a business card and passed it across the desk to him.
“Call me anytime on that number.” She turned somewhat sharply and left without another word.
Roger watched her perfect ass walk down the corridor. How he wanted that body.

He knocked at the door of the four star hotel room. His heart was beating and his palms were sweating.  He still couldn’t believe that he was doing this. She answered the door. His eyes widened at the sight of her in her work clothes.
“Come in.” Her calm collected tone of a couple of days ago was gone. He was on her turf now and she was in charge.
“Sign this.” She passed him a disclaimer.
Without asking a single question he took the pen she offered him and leaned on the side table to sign the paper.
“You are a good boy.” She slipped a collar around his neck. “Come this way.” She jerked the lead and he fell to his knees. He found himself looking at a pair of black leather boots with stiletto heels. There was sting as she slapped him on the butt with her riding crop.
“I haven’t needed to train a new slave for a while.” She slapped him again. “You better appreciate the effort I am going to put into this arrangement.” And with that she shut the door.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I was asked by a very straight laced friend once,
"What is this sexting thing?"

My response was to just look at her.  I just didn't know exactly how to explain the concept of sexy texts to someone like that.  In addition when you take it out of context sexting can seem a little pointless. Which was my friend's next question,
"I mean what is the point really? It's not like you can put anything really sexy on there is it?"

Well, not sure how to answer that one. Sometimes the things you type in a sext are very tame.

"You have a really hot ass"

This isn't something that gets you going when you read it in a blog like this. But I am sure if someone YOU thought had a hot ass texted it to YOU when you were in the supermarket, the effect would be very different.

Jake gets very caught up in his work. Texting him during the day is very hit and miss.  He will often ignore his messages and so "I'm really horny honey" usually goes without a reply. Having a phone that can send and receive pictures though does seem to work a little better. One day in addition to "I'm really horny honey" I sent him this....

I think at the time he was in a meeting with a supplier.  He did get back to me though.  The thought of him taking that image into his meeting and then having to concentrate appealed to my sense of humor and added to the horniness.

I do love to sext with people we are setting up dates with or people who are regular playmates.  Sometimes imagining what might happen when you do end up in the same bed together makes the whole thing even hotter when it does happen.  There is something about texting and also MSN etc.  Even though you are talking to a person who you know and will see sometime you lose the inhibitions that you normally have in face to face conversation.  You can say things you wouldn't normally. It adds to the fantasy.

A rather horny example of this was a great sext  from Mr Fix It the other day.  I was elbow deep in washing up water at the school canteen where I volunteer. In between sandwiches, people with lost lunches etc he tells me about his erotic dream from the night before.  There was being tied up, spanking and a whole lot of fucking.  It was hard to keep a straight face.  When I get hold of him again the fireworks will happen.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Self Gratification

I remember discovering masturbation as a teenager.  After I felt that first orgasm I was hooked.  I even got to the point where I had to masturbate to get myself to sleep at night.  As a resident in a girls boarding school this proved interesting. I was convinced I was the only person in the universe who did this kind of thing. So after nights out I would be huddled under my doona fingering away frantically hoping desperately that no one would catch me out!!!

What makes all that funnier looking back now, as a much more knowledgeable adult, is thinking about how most of the other 10 girls in the room were probably all doing the same thing. If only we knew. These days I am much more sophisticated.

As a young adult masturbation seemed to take a back seat to actual sex. I knew about vibrators and have owned several over my life but it wasn't until recently I really became a user. My current toy is a good thick penis shaped item. It isn't the most expensive flesh stimulating variety that you read about in lesbian sex advice columns but it works for ME. In fact when it gives up the ghost (as I know it will) I will be very sad.

Jake of course has watched me masturbate using 'Big Red', but the other night for the first time in a long time I decided it would be good to actually 'Put on a Show' for him. My plan was to use masturbation as a main course rather than sneaky, greedy seconds. He was impressed. He found that lying between my legs watching me stroke and fondle myself incredibly hot.  I found having such an attentive watcher who was compelled to stroke himself incredibly hot. The whole experience was a massive turn on for both of us and sex became the sneaky greedy seconds.

I have long enjoyed watching a guy wanking himself. Now I have to say I am becoming a big fan of watching him watching me.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Dom and His Submissive

We met The Dom through Jake's work.  His is very open about his lifestyle with most people. We paid him the same compliment. At one point he did mention joining us for a little sharing. I like The Dom. He is funny, charming and a great person to have at a party. Do I want to have sex with him? Not really.

He is good entertainment value though. His insights into his lifestyle are funny, informative and non-threatening. A classic example is a story he told us about an encounter with a would-be thief. One night in a dark alley a young person came up to The Dom with a knife. It is obvious to the casual observer that our friend's diet and exercise regime are lacking somewhat. So the thief thought he had found an easy target. Something that is not obvious about The Dom is that he moonlights as a cutter, a person who uses a knife to cut into people as part of his 'play'.

So this kid waves a knife at this portly middle aged man expecting a wallet to be immediately forthcoming. The Dom, cool as a cucumber, takes out a flick knife and started making an incision in his own forearm. It was a a bit like that very famous moment in 'Crocodile Dundee' when Mick takes out his massive knife and says,
"That's not a knife. THIS is a knife!!"

Needless to say, The Dom still has his wallet.

Recently we had dinner with The Dom and he brought along his Sub. This is a woman with whom he has had an on again, off again relationship with for several years. Seeing them together is like watching Granny and Grandpa in many ways.  They dote on each other and share stories and memories together. However the both LIVE their lifestyle. She waits on him and speaks her mind as assertively as any other woman. When given permission.

When they go out it is her job to chat up the women he points out. Apparently she is able to charm a complete stranger in a regular bar to a night of kink. I am curios to see this in action. She is also in charge of any other 'subs' that might happen along. This is a job that she relishes and does fervently.

It is hard to explain how it was to see them together. To a close minded individual he is the epitome of a male chauvinist pig. A closer inspection with an open mind can peel back the layers. Whilst she serves him and is at his mercy in many ways, she is not without influence. If she wants something she gets her point across without tantrum or whining. Her hints are subtle but like a very good Dom he is attentive to his sub. Because he cares he responds.

One has to ask oneself how many other couples are that in tune with each other. How many other couples have that level of Trust between them?