Friday, June 29, 2012

Date Night - Desset

For this week's Frisky Friday I have come to the last course of our Date Weekend, desset. I love dessert, perhaps a bit too much, but I do always like a good dessert and this one was no exception.

After you have enjoyed dessert here make sure you visit My Dissolute Life to check out who else is feeling Frisky this Friday.


Sex is one of those things. If you aren't getting any then the prospects always look slim. Then suddenly you get lucky and you find you are drowning in it.  The morning after our date night I received a text from Mrs Fix It.
Do you want to do the hubby swap thing sometime?
This is something we had talked about before. The idea was that Mr Fix It would come to my house and Jake would go to the Fix It's House. I smile. I have made some nice plans for Jake and myself tonight but a little excitement like that could be a nice dessert for the weekend. So I text back to her,
Yes I would. When were you thinking?
We made plans for Sunday evening. A little thrill went through me. We have a sliding door that opens from outside directly into our bedroom. It was very thrilling thinking of lying in bed, in the dark waiting for the sound of the door opening and a sexy man to slip into my bed beside me.
Our weekend meandered by. We are renovating and so in addition to normal housework there is painting to do, hot water systems to be moved and tiling to prepare for. Jake and I made sure that children were in bed at a reasonable time on Saturday so we could have some 'adults only' time together in front of the fire in our family room. I wanted to do a little naked photo session. Because it is winter here getting naked and lying around in front of the camera requires a little planning. The other effect of spending time looking at each other in provocative poses is that the sex afterwards is hot.

Photo used with permission of Gemma Jones

Something that never fails to get Jake going is the feel of certain fabrics against his skin. I recently purchased a pair of white knickers that are really silky. When I felt them in the shop I knew that they were likely to get a reaction. After wearing them for the photo shoot they have been carefully washed and put in the cupboard for the next time I want to be molested by my husband. I can honestly say that even though I kept my knickers on the whole time I was well and truly fucked.
Sunday night rolled around and I kissed Jake goodbye and snuggled down into my warm bed. It was still cold but I knew that soon I would be visited by someone who would warm me up nicely. It wasn't long before the sound of the door sliding open sent a thrill through me. I squirmed in my bed with excitement. Every other time I had done this I had been in the darkness pretending to sleep but tonight I had chosen to leave the light on. I wanted him to see me while I was fucking him and I wanted to watch his face while I pleasured him.
We kissed hello and I watched cocooned in my bed as he slipped out of his clothing, shivering in the night air. Quickly he slipped in beside me, warming himself against my body. We kissed like shy lovers but underneath the covers our hands wandered over each other teasing and stroking. He cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples as my hands travelled downwards to grasp his cock which was like a rod in my palm.
I slipped down under the covers and took his cock into my mouth. The soft skin slid easily past my lips and I swirled my tongue around his head before sliding him as deeply into my mouth as I could. Mr Fix It lifted the covers back to watch me and I tilted my head so that I could look at him while I sucked. I felt a thrill deep inside me as I listened to his sighs of pleasure and watched him closing his eyes as thrills went through him. I continued to suck him deeply listening to him groan out his pleasure. My hips thrust against the bed in time with my sucking until he moved my head away from him and lay me back on the bed. He spread my legs apart and I held my knees down beside my shoulders as he kneeled and teased the entrance to my pussy with his cock. Wetness was streaming out of me and I was craving the feel of him inside me.
He slid deeply into me with a deep sigh. We stayed like that for a few moments before he began thrusting hard. The feeling was intense.
"You like that don't you." His words were soft but sexy
"Ohh yes I do like that," I replied. "Do you?"
"Mmmm yes," he pounded into me. My nails dug into his back and he gave a groan of pleasure.
"Oh god that is sooo good." He kept pumping me and I clawed him again. I gave little moans as I felt spasms going through me. "You have such a beautiful tight pussy and it feels so good."
His breathing got faster and harder. The heat between us was intense, we had thrown off the blankets now and were not feeling the cold at all. I could feel the intensity building up in him and I lowered my legs down to slow him down.
"I don't want you to cum yet," I whispered to him.
I flipped him onto his back and sat upright, straddling him on the bed. Then I leaned my torso down and angled my hips so that his cock was resting against my streaming wet pussy. He gave a little thrust, trying to bury himself in me but I evaded him only letting the tip of his cock slip inside me.
"You want to fuck that pussy?" I teased him, moving my hips a little against him and then letting him slide out of me.
His hands gripped my hips trying to push me down onto him but I resisted only letting the tip inside me again.
"Oh god yes I want to fuck your tight, wet pussy." He moaned
I teased him some more, letting  a little of him inside me, "How much?" I asked with a little smile.
He tried to press my hips down on him but I kept resisting. "God so much," he panted.
"Like this?" I asked as I ground down onto him. I fucked him hard and fast, watching the pleasure on his face. I could feel the tension building in him but I wasn't finished yet. I slowed and then let him slide out of me and rested for a while looking at his face. His hands were on my hips and I teased his cock slipping my wet pussy against him but not letting him inside me, yet.
Then hard and fast I slammed into him again grinding down, all the while watching the pleasure on his face. I knew he wouldn't be able to hang on much longer and I was craving the feeling of him cumming. I kept grinding into him watching him intently thrilling in the power I had over him.
Source: Lovely Porn

With a loud groan he came hard. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me as it emptied itself. His hands on my hips guided me to keep grinding into him and I rode him hard watching his face as the second wave built up. This was the best feeling, watching him cum a second time. I kept riding as the orgasms twitched through him before I collapsed onto the bed beside him.
We lay together for a while relaxing in the afterglow. He looked ruefully down at his cock resting peacefully against his thigh. "I think you well and truly broke him this time." He smiled at me.
"Thank you, we aim to please." I smiled up at him.
We relaxed and chatted for a while and I took a photo of my glistening, much fucked pussy to text to my husband.
All in all a very pleasant way to finish a very sexy weekend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Date Night - Main Course

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to this week's Wicked Wednesday. This week I have continued with the story from our date night that I started on Sunday night rather than use this week's theme. When you have read my entry below make sure you head over to Rebel's Notes to read the other entries. 

Main Course

After the movie we made our way to our favourite club. We had made plans to meet with a sexy friend, Allysin there. I had met Allysin at a ladies only night and tonight I was introducing her to Jake. I was a little bit nervous about this, it had been a long time since we had met a lady by herself but I really wanted to spoil Jake tonight. We found a parking space in front of the club and stepped out into the cool night air. I wrapped my coat around me but I was still shivering. Somehow I knew it wasn't just the cold that was making me shiver.
Stepping into the club was like coming home. This is the place where we took our first steps on this amazing journey and we both love going there. It is one of the few places in the world where we could be totally honest with everyone about who we are, what we like and what we are about without being judged. In this place my short, lacy dress and knee high boots were exactly the right thing to wear. Even if I was wearing only g string and six inch heels it would have been exactly the right thing to wear. I loved it.
 Jake and I got ourselves drinks and made our way over to a table in the corner to watch comings and goings and check out fashions until Allysin arrived. We didn't have to wait long. As soon as she walked in she filled the room with her presence but she was focussed on us. The three of us had talked about meeting for so long that it was a little overwhelming now that it was all happening. As I sat, chatting, between Jake and Allysin I kept looking at her beautiful hair and watching her face as she talked. Every now and then I would look at Jake trying to work out what he was thinking. Allysin is a very adventurous young lady. There are many things she has done that I THINK I would like to do and some that I am really not sure about. I know Jake would be attracted to her because she is so strong and confident but at the same time he would be scared as hell.
As we talked she put her hands on my thighs stroking along the hemline of my dress which was showing my knickers again. I responded by stroking her thigh and leaning closer to her. When I looked over at Jake I decided that they should chat together without me for a while so I excuse myself to go and talk to some other friends.  From the other side of the room I watched the two of them together. I think of her pleasuring him and it gives me a thrill.
After I went back to sit with them we were joined by two other friends of Allysin knows. Surrounded by people who wanted to fuck her she was in her element. The tension in the air was intoxicating. A song came on that I really liked and on an impulse I walked across the room to stage and the poles. As I walked slowly up the steps I looked across the room at Jake and Allysin. I began to dance, gyrating my hips against the metal and sliding down into a squat with my legs open towards them. Even across the room I could feel them looking at me and I dance even more erotically stopping short of taking off any of my clothes.
When the song finishes I walk across the room back to them. The time for talking is over now, it is time for action. Allysin says to me,
"I think someone should take you by the hair and drag you upstairs and do bad things to you."
I reply, "I think you should take Jake upstairs and suck his cock."
We walked up the stairs into one of the bedrooms. I sat on the bed and watched as Allysin pushed Jake up against the wall and unzipped his pants. I leaned back against the wall enjoying being able to watch the pleasure on his face. Allysin kneeled in front of Jake and licked the length of his erect shaft before she took his whole cock into her mouth. I had seen a video of her sucking a cock and I knew she likes to take all of a guy into her mouth. As her lips opened she slid Jake's cock into her mouth until she was pressing her face against his belly. It was like watching my own private, live porno.  
After a while I decide to join them. I kneel beside Allysin and put my face next to hers. She lets Jake's cock fall from her mouth and I take it into my own, pressing my lips down his shaft as far as I can before releasing it so that she can suck him deeply again. We pass him between us for a while and I reach out and fondle her breasts.

After a while we moved over to the bed and shed our clothing along the way. I reached over to fondle Allysin's nipples now that they are free and on display. I remembered how she told us that she likes pain. I bit down harder and harder listening for her signal that it is too hard. It doesn't come. Instead I hear sighs of pleasure and I respond nibbling at her and reaching out to pinch her other nipple between my fingers. As I release her nipple, grazing it with my teeth I looked into her eyes for a moment and kissed her softly on the lips. Kissing a woman is so sensual.  
The three of us lay on the bed with Allysin lays between us. I tease one nipple while Jake teases the other. His hand is buried between her legs. For long moments I savour the feeling of giving pleasure and watching Jake with her. After a while she lifts herself up and kneels between my legs to lick me. Her touch is soft and gentle my body responds and I moan softly in response to her attentions. Beside me Jake snuggled against my side kissing my lips. I felt loved and cocooned in pleasure but I could only stay like that for a while, I needed to feel his cock inside me.
With Allysin watching I kneeled over Jake and slid his cock into my slick wet pussy. I sit up and rock my hips on him enjoying the feeling of him grinding into me. I smile at Allysin who is lying beside Jake watching me.
"You look like you are enjoying that," she says to me.
"It does feel good," I respond a little breathlessly. "You should have a turn."
She smiles at me, "I will in a little while," she murmurs. "Right now but I just want to watch you tow together."
The whole night feels so soft and warm I love Jake so much right now. I want to see him with Allysin pleasing her like he is pleasing me. I slip down to lie beside him on the opposite side to Allysin.
"It's your turn now," I whisper to her.

She is hesitating, I am not sure why but she goes over to the night stand and unwraps a condom. Expertly she slid it down over Jake's cock before sinking down onto him. Jake and I snuggle together and stroke her belly and breasts as she grinds into him. Jake turns and kisses me and I watch Allysin fuck Jake. Gradually she builds up her speed moaning softly with pleasure. It is such a beautiful sight. Her full breasts bounce in time with her movements her face shows her enjoyment. Her grinding gets harder and faster and she gives little cries of pleasure. I smack her firmly as she grinds and she gives a small cry of pleasure.  I tense in anticipation watching the excitement building up on her face before she climaxes with tiny cries. A warm feeling of pleasure flows through me as she relaxes on top of Jake for a few moments.
Allysin slips off Jake and removes the condom. "I think he wants you now," she smiles at me.
I look up at Jake," How do you want me?" I ask him quietly.
"From behind," he answers equally softly.
Obediently I kneel in front of him bending down so that both he and Allysin can see my wet, open and waiting for him. Jake slides into me, filling me only the way he can. I can feel how worked up he is, even though he starts out slowly. Allysin is murmuring soft words of encouragement.
"You good girl, you take it so well." I cannot be quiet and I moan in pleasure feeling Jake's pace and tension increasing.
"He wants to give it to you so much," Allysin whispers. "He is so hot for you."
I can feel that Jake cannot wait much longer, with a groan he emptied himself into me. I sigh with the pleasure as I feel his cock pulsing into me.
The three of us lie together for a few moments enjoying the afterglow. Allysin slips off the bed,
"I think I will leave you two alone for a while." She dresses quickly and leaves quietly. Jake and I lie together cuddling for a while. Right now I feel so close to him. It is hard to believe we made love like this with someone else in the room with us but that is what happened. It feels almost romantic.
As we leave we find Allysin on her knees with the two boys from earlier in the night. I smack her ass as we walk past and she gives us a cheeky grin.

Monday, June 25, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Good Ol' Summertime

Well it seems that the weeks just fly on by and before you know it Tuesday is here again. I am pleased to announce that Jake is back on deck and so you will get both sides of the story this week.

The theme this week submitted by Andee the Sexy Northern Angel is Summer. Seeing as we are in the throes of winter here I am glad to at least be fantasising about sun - kissed beaches and bikinis. As always make sure you head on over to TMI Tuesday to check out the other entries, after you have enjoyed ours of course.

Jake's Answers

1. Summer is a time to escape, kick back and chill. What is your favourite way to relax when the warm weather hits?
I love to go sailing on Moreton Bay. Hopefully by the time summer gets here I will have my brand new boat.

2. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theatre? My first date was to a drive in movie. What is your best memory of these classic outdoor theatres?
Heaps of times. The only picture theatre in our town was a drive in. As a teenager I used to go with my friends to the drive in and all of us would watch the movie in the back of a ute.

3. Have you ever had a summer fling? How did it develop and why did it end?
No not that I can remember.

4. Board shorts and bikinis leave something to the imagination, but have you ever tried a nude beach?
Only with Gemma as she talked about in her answer below.

5.What are your thoughts on the Speedo and the Wicked Weasel?

I think people can wear whatever they want and have the right to be comfortable in it. I like both looks.

6. The warm weather is a great opportunity to "get busy" outdoors? Have you ever? Tell us about it.
Yes I suppose so. On the beach quite a few times. Once Gemma took me on a bushwalk on her parents property and we came accross this waterfall. We climbed up to the top and had sex next to the creek with the birds and the cattle watching us, and crocodiles (just kidding. there are no crocodiles there!)

7. Sunrise or sunset? Which is your summer favourite?
I am not much of a morning person, I prefer sunsets. Like this one we saw at Derby in WA.

Used with permission from Gemma Jones

8. What is one summer delight that really quenches your thirst? How about your lust?
I like seeing topless girls enjoying the sunshine on a yacht.

Bonus: Summer is the time to participate in outdoor activities. Where would you most like to have sex: On the beach, at a picnic, camping?
I like beaches mostly in the rain and at night.

Gemma's Answers

1. Summer is a time to escape, kick back and chill. What is your favourite way to relax when the warm weather hits?
Like all Queenslanders I like the water. My favourite places to swim are in waterholes in creeks, especially in the middle of a rainforest.

2. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theatre? My first date was to a drive in movie. What is your best memory of these classic outdoor theatres?
In Australia there are precious few of these theatres left that are still operating regularly. I have only been to a movie at a drive in a few times. When I was about seventeen, my boyfriend took me to a movie marathon at a drive in  and I gave my first head job. It was a raging success and I have never looked back.

3. Have you ever had a summer fling? How did it develop and why did it end?
No I can't say I ever have. Our family never really went on holidays during the summer break and so I guess I never had the opportunity.

4. Board shorts and bikinis leave something to the imagination, but have you ever tried a nude beach?
Jake and I have travelled extensively throughout Australia and visited many beaches that were deserted enough for nudity or at the least toplessness. We have only ever visited one official nude beach and the weather at the time was so cold we were the only ones there! We did take a photo for the record though.

Used with permission from Gemma Jones

5.What are your thoughts on the Speedo and the Wicked Weasel?
Wicked weasel, yes definitely
Speedo, no not at all. In Australia we call them budgie smugglers, and unless you are a competitive swimmer (even then not so much) they are definitely not cool. Board shorts can be sexy. Especially when they are slung really low and you get a glimpse of a guy's snail trail peeking over the top.

6. The warm weather is a great opportunity to "get busy" outdoors? Have you ever? Tell us about it.
Jake and I are both huge fans of the great outdoors. So we have gotten busy a number of times. One of my favourite memories is of being visited by a male friend one night and the three of us getting busy on the kids' trampoline in our back yard.

7. Sunrise or sunset? Which is your summer favourite?
Definitely sunrise. I am a morning person and I just love watching the day being born. I have been fortunate to see some amazing sunrises.

8. What is one summer delight that really quenches your thirst? How about your lust?
I am not a huge beer drinker but when it is really hot a very cold beer does taste really, really good. Cold watermelon is also something else that is great about summer. For a lust fix I do like sitting around at a water park observing swimsuit fashion.

Bonus: Summer is the time to participate in outdoor activities. Where would you most like to have sex: On the beach, at a picnic, camping?
I think I would have to say all three of these are good. Jake and I have had sex on beaches, been known to scandalise people in picnic grounds with our displays of affection and of course we have camped.
For our tenth wedding anniversary we went camping at Carnarvon Gorge in Central Queensland (without the kids of course). One morning an older couple apologised to us for making a lot of noise the night before when their friends had come to visit them. We assured him that it wasn't a problem all the while chuckling that we were worried WE had made too much noise.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Date Night

Recently Jake had to go away for a week and a half to visit his parents who live about 2000 Km away. On the surface things went OK but I was more than ready for him to come back to us when he did. It was kind of nice that I had organised a baby sitter for the first weekend after his return. Our plan for our night of freedom was a bit sketchy but in the end we decided to go to the movies which is something we do very rarely before we headed out to a swing club to meet a friend.

As always there was a dilemma about what to wear and I ended up opting for the dress I wanted to wear to the club which was very short, tight and a little see through with a fur coat to cover it. Our night turned into a weekend in a way but it was broken up into little segments, like a meal.


We made our way up the stairs to the back row of the movie theatre. I held my coat closed around my body, covering up the short see through dress, feeling over dressed in this room full of people wearing sloppy joes and comfy jeans. The smell of popcorn filled my nose and the sound of lolly packets being ripped open was all around us as we took our seats in the very back row.
My thick fur coat was too warm and I shrugged out of it, letting it fall over the arms of my seat. The low cut of my dress showed my cleavage in the dim light and the hem of my dress rode up over my thighs giving a glimpse of my knickers. Jake reached over and stroked the black fabric with the tip of his fingers making me cross my legs nervously. I looked around and noticed a group of teenage girls sitting a couple of seats away from me. They were oblivious to us as they sat eating their McDonalds and texting to their friends.
As the lights of the theatre dimmed we became immersed in the movie. It was a rare thing for us to actually go to the movies. I was determined not to waste the treat. The relief and excitement of being out in the world by ourselves made us like teenagers. We giggled and kissed, focussing entirely on each other.
Jake stroked my thighs softly but I still kept my knees crossed. One of my hands nestled against the top of Jake's belt. I tried to slip my hand under his shirt so that I could feel the warm skin underneath.
"I know what you want," Jake whispered in my ear. In the darkness I heard the clinking of his belt buckle. My fingers sought out the button on the front of his jeans and flicked it open. Obligingly he opened his zipper and his jeans for me. I couldn't see anything, but in the darkness my hand found the soft skin of his cock. I smiled to myself as I stroked him softly and felt him stiffening under my touch.
Quickly I glanced to my side at the girls sitting down the row from us. They were absorbed in the movie and oblivious to everything else around them. I thought to myself, 'Of course they are not looking at us. Why would they?'
The action on the screen grabbed my attention and I got lost in the story of the movie for a short while but I kept my hand on Jake's cock. I thought about the little joke I had with him earlier about giving him a head job in the movies. We always talked about these things, but talking about them safe and snug in bed is quite different from kneeling down in front of your husband in a full movie theatre to suck his cock.
We sat like that for a while, engrossed in the action on the screen. When the movie went through a dull patch my attention wandered again. I made up my mind that it was now or never. I bent down over the arm of my seat and took Jake's cock into my mouth. He was absorbed in the movie and was clearly not expecting any action. I took all of his cock into my mouth, twisting it around my tongue enjoying how pliable he was when he was like this. His erection filled my mouth but I contained it by holding my lips closed over him, making him fill my mouth with his desire.
I couldn't contain him any more, my lips opened slightly and I felt his cock slip out of my mouth, growing as it slid past my lips. I released him fully before I opened my lips and slid down the length of his shaft again. By now I had forgotten about the people in the movie theatre around us. I didn't care who saw us or what they would say. I was focussed on sucking the cock in my mouth.
My lips slid back down his shaft pressing down as far as I could, feeling the head of his cock sliding down the back of my throat. I felt a gentle hand pressing on the back of my head, encouraging me. My thighs were pressed together as I sucked him and I thought about sucking him hard until he came in my mouth. Then the music from the movie called me back. The night was young, we still had other plans to fulfil. I decided that I would make this our entrée instead of our main course and I lifted my head from Jake's lap. As his cock slid out of my lips I felt a little pang of sadness. I consoled myself with thoughts of what was to come and snuggled against Jake in the darkness to watch the rest of the movie.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Facebook Chat

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday Week 3. This week's prompt posted at Rebel's Notes was "I sent him an E-Mail". I was moved to have a different look at the big bad world of cyber sex.

Paul:             What gets you going?
Emma:          I love hearing people's fantasies. The naughtier the better, even things that are taboo.
Paul:             I have some of those.
Emma:          Tell me your naughtiest one.
Paul:             I don't know if I should
Emma:          I won't tell anyone.
Paul:             I don't want you to think I am awful
Emma:          I promise I won't
Paul:             OK then, here goes. When I was younger my second cousin stayed over
Emma:          Was she hot?
Paul:             Yes, she was. She had beautiful big full tits and her body was really tight.
Emma:          Did you have a tiny crush on her
Paul:             Not at first. I mean I liked her, but she was just my cousin you know
Emma:          So what happened?
Paul:             This one night I walked in on her showering. I was young, thirteen or fourteen or something like that. She was a bit older about sixteen. She was standing under the shower with soap all over those big beautiful tits. For a moment it was like I couldn't move. All I could do was stand there and look at her rubbing soap over herself.
Emma:          How big was your stiffie?
Paul:             It was like a rod in my jeans. Then she looked at me. She didn't cover herself or turn away but I couldn't move for a second and then I just turned around and ran out of the shower.
Emma:          Did she come after you?
Paul:             No I don't think so. I ran down the hall into my room and shut the door. I lay down on my bed and unzipped my jeans and began wanking myself. I fantasised about walking up to her in the shower and helping her to wash herself. I thought about what it would be like to stick my fingers into her pussy and then how good it would feel to slip my cock into her from behind. When I thought about slipping inside her how you kind of pop through the first little barrier I came so frigging hard.
Emma:          That is so hot.
Paul:             I know. I still get horny thinking about her.
Emma:          Did anything else happen while she was staying with you.
Paul:             Not really but I think she knew I wanted her. A couple of times I would walk into the lounge or something when no one else was around and she would pull her top down so I could see nearly all of her breasts. One time we were watching TV and my Mum went into the kitchen to get something she put her hand down her shorts like she was feeling herself.
Emma:          Hearing that made me so horny.
Paul:             How horny?
Emma:          My knickers are all wet. All I can think of is her sitting there feeling her wet knickers and you with a raging stiffie in your pants. Then you go off to your room and wank. I love watching guys wank.
Paul:             I think I might need to go have a moment.
Emma:          Me too.

Make sure you head over to Rebel's Notes to check out the other entries.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TMI Tuesday - You Say its Your Birthday

It is that time of the week again. Unfortunately Jake is not back yet and so it is just little ole me for another week. As always make sure you check out the other contributors at the TMI Tuesday blog.

(Birthday TMI questions are suggested by Heelsnstocking)

1. What star sign are you?
Technically I am a Libra but I was born on the cusp of Libra and Virgo so sometimes I am anally retentive about being indecisive. The rest of the time I am just plain old indecisive.

2. Do you believe in horoscopes?
I guess I do as much as the next person. I wouldn't base my choice of a life partner on it. (Jake is a Virgo. According to Librans shouldn't marry Virgos) but in some ways it is fun.

3. When is your birthday?
My birthday is on the 23 September. This year I am turning 40 so big celebrations happening in this house very soon.

4. What is the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?
I have been trying to think of an answer to this one all day. Jake and I have been together for almost 15 years and I honestly cannot remember many birthday gifts from before that. Jake does pride himself on giving exceptional presents and going the extra mile so I have been very blessed in the birthday and Christmas gift department.

5. Are you organised when it comes to other people's birthdays?
Honestly. No. I am usually out buying the gifts the day before. It is not unusual for me to totally forget a relative's birthday if I am not in very regular contact with them. Hell even if I am I still manage to forget. I even forgot my mother's birthday one year!

The other thing that often happens is that I see the perfect gift for a particular person and take my purchase home to store in a safe place until the special day. Then promptly forget that I have it or where I put it so when the big day rolls around they get something I bought the day before, if I remember to get that.

6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
Birthdays are a reasonably big thing in our house and are celebrated in due course. The ritual is that you get the dinner of your choice on your actual birthday. We would normally have a gathering of family and close family friends on a weekend and then Jake will organise either a naughty night out or some other naughty surprise for a night when the children are out of the house.

7. If you could be one age again what would it be? Why?
I actually like the age that I am right now. Life in the last five or so years has been pretty good to me and I really don't want to turn back the clock to any particular age. In some ways I wish I could be 35 again but that is just vanity and wanting to be younger and hotter nothing else.

8. What would be your ideal birthday treat?
1. Chocolate mud cake served with vanilla ice cream
2. Full body massage
3. Five men at my disposal.
If that could be delivered in a VERY expensive hotel room with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a spa then that would be sufficient.

Bonus: Tell us your best birthday memory?

Vanilla: My 30th birthday was one of my favourites. I was actually 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time but I was determined to have a party and so I did. I spent the next four days on the couch though! I really enjoyed it because the people who celebrated with me were great friends and the majority of them will be celebrating my 40th with me later this year.

Non-Vanilla: I think that the birthday treat described in my Wicked Wednesday post a couple of weeks back, Happy Birthday to Me, would have to be one of the best. I also gave a birthday surprise to someone a couple of years ago which will always be one of my fondest memories. You can read about it in this post.

Bonus Bonus: May we see you in your birthday suit?

 I know that I have posted this photo before but honestly there are not that many pictures of me in my birthday suit that I would post here!.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just an Ordinary Day - Welcome to Frisky Friday.

Welcome to Frisky Friday. This meme was started after the closure of Wanton Wednesday by a blogger I find to be very talented and also with a facinating story My Dissolute Life.

I intended to post this story today by any road as a certain person has been nagging me to do so (you know who you are!) and so here it is. I hope it puts and extra spring into your weekend!

The day started like any other, breakfast, kid's lunches and cleaning away the breakfast clutter in the kitchen. I was the same as every other suburban mother. Today was like any other day, except for one thing. As I dropped my children at school I wondered how many other mothers there had a secret like mine. Were any of the other mothers pressing their thighs together in anticipation as they parked their cars? How many of them could feel the dampness in their panties as they made sure their children had lunchboxes, hats and homework.
Afterwards, at home I pottered around the house filling my time with menial tasks. My husband sent me a text message
Thinking of you is making me horny. Don't forget the condoms.
I smiled as I sent back,
I think we will both be carrying giant boxes of them.
I looked at the clock. I wanted it to be time to go but there was still an hour. Wandering into the bedroom I chose what I would wear. It was cold and windy, so I wasn't able to wear a skirt or anything too revealing. I would be too cold to enjoy teasing him. I chose the jeans he had admired my butt in earlier and a warm jacket. If I couldn't be sexy then I would be warm.
Somehow I managed to immerse myself in a task and then suddenly it was time to go. My knickers were wet with anticipation as I collected my bags and left the house. As I left my phone pinged. It was my husband.
Have a fun lunch date.
I found a parking space easily. As I stepped out of the car the wind whistled down the street. I was glad of my sensible clothing. Suddenly it hits me. I forgot the condoms! How could I? After the last time we did this and both of us had to spend our afternoons worked up wishing we both hadn't been so forgetful!
A quick glance at my watch and I figured that I would have time to find a chemist or convenience store to buy a packet. Hurrying through the CBD I was surrounded by office blocks and workers hurrying out for their lunch break or huddled in doorways sneaking a cigarette. Of course this is not like the suburbs with shopping centres everywhere. If I wanted a coffee I could choose from a hundred places but I want condoms. Coffee shops don't sell them. I find a 7 Eleven but all they sell is snacks. Tucked in a corner I find tampons, but no condoms. 'Of course' I think. How many people like me are there around here?
In a small convenience store I finally find a small packet and I made my way to the counter to pay for them. Behind the counter a Chinese lady is impassive as she takes the money. What would she say if she could tell me what she is thinking? Wondering that made me feel like a high school girl sneaking out to have sex with her boyfriend in the park at lunchtime.
Outside his building we kiss hello and he leads me around the corner to his special sushi store. We buy lunch quickly. I am excited about raw fish. He is playing it cool. Lunch is not really what is at the front of our minds.
In a spot out of the wind we eat quickly. I told him what my mother said when I told her I was meeting him for lunch.
"Does your husband let you have lunch with other men?"
If only she knew.
After eating we made our way into his building. The elevator had other people inside it so we couldn't grope each other. I was a little disappointed but I really didn't want him to get into trouble at his workplace.
On the 11th floor he leads me to a store room filled with spare office furniture. After we squeezed between the desks I found a cleared space at the back of the room. He carefully locks the door and we sit on the floor together kissing. The whole things still feels surreal. Through the wall beside us is an office where people are working away oblivious. We strip quickly except for my knickers. I want to tease him just a little.  
Reaching down he fondled breasts and pinched. He is the only man who can make me almost cum from pinching my nipples. I love it. I reached inside his jocks to feel the hard rod of his cock. I love the feeling of warm velvety skin against my palm and I stroke him hungry to feel that cock against me.
Then, he flips me neatly and expertly down on the floor. He kneels above me and I slip out of my panties. My legs fall open waiting for him and he reveals his cock. Pre-cum glistened at the tip as he kneels above me and I reach down to stroke him some more. He leans down over me and teases my pussy with the head of his cock.
I want him so much right then. I wish he could ram himself inside me and fuck me hard and fast. He strokes my wet pussy and slides his fingers into me. I moan softly, and he leans down to lick me. I don't want his fingers or his mouth right now I just want to fuck him.
My hands reach down to push his head away and he kneels up and teases me some more. He allows himself to slide a little way into me. It feels so good I just want all of him naked and bareback inside me. But I can't have that.
He leaned down and whispered to me, "What do you want?"
"I want you to fuck me," I said softly. "I want to see your face as you cum inside me."
He reaches for a condom and I watched him slide it over himself. There is something so fucking sexy about watching a man handle his own cock.
When he is done he positions himself above me, holding his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I want him so much right now. Slowly he slides into me. We are both so worked up and hungry for each other, after only a few strokes I could tell that he was close to cumming. We paused for a few moments pressing our bodies together. He kneels up behind my hips and I draw my legs down to my chest holding them wide apart so that he can penetrate deeply into me. His thrusts are hard and fast and I could feel the sting of carpet on my shoulders and buttocks as he rammed into me. The sounds I make are muted because I don't want anyone to hear us and somewhere at the back of my mind is a slight nagging feeling that someone will knock on the door. It only makes the whole thing more intense.
Above me he grunted and I could feel his cock throbbing inside me as he came hard. Small whimpers came out of my mouth in sympathy. I rubbed my clit and my pussy pulsed around him as he continued to thrust into me and came for a second time. We lay together resting for a moment. I was so wound up that I wanted to keep fucking and fucking. Unfortunately our time was almost up. He had to go back to work and I had to get on with the rest of my day. We had a few spare moments and he pressed two fingers inside me to fuck me hard like I wished I could be fucked.
Then it was time to go. We dressed quickly and headed to the elevators. This time it was empty. He put his arm around me and kissed me in thanks. I said,
"We should push the emergency stop button. Except it would set off the alarm."
He looked at me for a few moments, "Oh no we don't have to do that. I have a special key that lets me stop the elevator for as long and wherever I want."
My eyebrows went up. "Well then we may have to test that one out next time perhaps."  

If you have enjoyed this story make sure you check out the other entries at My Dissolute Life 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Relieving the Tension, Wicked Wednesday Week 2

Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to week two of Wicked Wednesday.

There is no verbal prompt this week instead rebel has chosen the painting shown above. I was reminded of a situation a friend described to me once where her father was staying with her in her small unit for a period of time and she had serious issues with getting enough personal space!

When you have read my entry please feel free to hop on over to the entries page at Rebel's Notes to check out the other entries for this week.

Kellie placed her glass of wine on the coffee table in front of her, kicked off her shoes, turned on the stereo and then sank tiredly into the soft leather of her couch.  Automatically her fingers reached for the buttons of her shirt before she arched her back to unclasp her bra. Free from the confines of her underwear her breasts seemed to relax in time with her.
Without really thinking about it Kellie began to brush her nipples with the open palm of her hand sending shivers through her whole body. Her knees fell apart slightly but were restricted by her straight, black work skirt. With her other hand she hitched at the hem of her skirt lifting it up to her hips so that her legs could fall apart fully. As one hand began to pinch gently at her fully erect nipple she caressed the damp fabric covering her crotch. In response to her aching cunt she pressed firmly against her clit through her knickers until she couldn't wait any more. Slowly she eased her finger inside the leg of her panties, surprised at the wetness she felt there.
There was the sound of the key turning in the lock. With lightning reflexes Kellie snapped her legs shut tugging her skirt down and fumbling with the buttons of her blouse.
"Hi," the singsong voice of her flatmate drifted over from the kitchen.
"You're home early," Kellie tried to keep the quaver out of her voice.
"Yeah," Lisa lounged across the breakfast bar. "Work was boring. I pretended I had a migrane coming on. Is that wine you have? Can I have some?"
Kellie gritted her teeth. If she could afford it she would live alone. "Sure." She replied forcing a smile. "I am gonna go have a bath. Work was hell on legs today." She picked up her glass and shoes and made her way to the bathroom.
The bathroom filled with steam and the smell of her favourite bubble bath as Kellie sank gratefully into the hot water. Within minutes she found herself stroking her thighs, teasing around the lips of her pussy, pressing against the hardening bud of her clit through her pussy lips. Quickly she slipped her finger inside and then removed it. Teasing herself. She opened the drawer in the bathroom cabinet and took out her favourite dildo. Lying back she began to tease her opening with the smooth firm rubber. One finger traced around the outside of her clit. Somewhere in the flat the phone rang. Kellie didn't care, she pressed the dildo a little further inside herself.
There was a loud knock on the door.
"Yes!" Kellie was past the teeth gritting stage now.
The door opened and Lisa's head appeared, "That was Alex on the phone. He said he wanted to come over. I said he could. Is that all right?"
"Sure," Kellie sounded a lot more cheerful than she felt.
"Good!" Lisa's voice went up with excitement. "I am soooo frigging horny right now. I will try to keep the noise level down though."
The door banged shut and Kellie lay back for a moment. The water was getting cold and her fingers were getting all pruney. She lifted the dildo out and looked at it. All the desire to use it was gone.
As she wrapped her towel around herself and combed out her damp hair Kellie heard the front door open and then close. For a few moments there were voices in the lounge room then she heard Lisa's door shut. By the time Kellie had finished combing her hair the sound of creaking bedsprings had started. By the time Kellie was in front of her wardrobe the grunting and moaning had started. The sound of an open palm hitting flesh was enough for Kellie. She had to get out of here.
Acting purely out of impulse Kellie pulled on a green sweater and a black skirt. She tugged out her knee high black boots from the bottom of her closet and zipped them firmly up her calves. As she passed Lisa's door she paused, considering if she should interrupt her. The sound of two bodies colliding repeatedly came through the door followed by a loud scream,
"Ohhhhh baby I am cuuuming!"
Kellie decided she couldn't face it.
Down the street from her flat she found a bar. Being Wednesday night there weren't many people inside but that suited Kellie just fine. Right now she didn't really want to talk to anyone anyway. She ordered a drink and then made her way to a booth in the corner. Across from her a couple were twisted around each other in another booth. Kellie's first impulse was to look away. She didn't need to spend her night watching people sucking face. Then she noticed the guy's hand slide under the girl's skirt.
Kellie couldn't look away from the movement under the skirt as the man kneaded her ass. The girl responded by pressing her chest against him. She manoeuvred herself so that she straddled his lap and he was able to stroke between her legs.
Suddenly Kellie was aware of a warm wetness between her legs and the throbbing of her cunt that had been teased but not satisfied. She pressed her legs together trying to ignore the need growing in her. Across the room the man had noticed her. Their eyes locked together and Kellie felt like he was deliberately provoking her as he fingered his girlfriend.
Kellie couldn't help herself. She turned towards the couple and opened her legs. She hitched her skirt up around her waist displaying herself to him. With one hand she pulled aside the crotch of her panties. With her other hand she slipped two fingers deep inside herself. There was no teasing or waiting this time.
Her juices coated her whole hand as she rammed her fingers in and out of herself. Any worries about other people in the bar watching her were forgotten as she closed her eyes and fucked herself. In her mind she could imagine the couple across the room fucking as they watched her masturbating. She could see the man's cock full and hard as his girlfriend impaled herself on him.
The orgasm hit her hard. As her body spasmed Kellie clamped her lips together. The only sound that came out was a whimper and a long whoosh of breath as the tension of the day and the evening left her body. Slowly she came back to reality and opened her eyes. The couple was standing in front of her smiling. The girl reached out and touched her face,
"That was so hot. You looked so wound up when you came in here. I bet you feel better now."
Kellie smiled weakly before nodding at her. "I definitely do."
"Well thanks again we enjoyed it as well." With that the couple made their way out the door. Kellie finished her drink and walked back to her flat. As she came into the kitchen she heard the sound of the shower running and Lisa moaning. Smiling to herself Kellie made her way to the sink and turned the hot tap to full. The moans stopped, the sound of running water stopped and Lisa's voice came through the door,
"What happened to the frigging hot water?"
Kellie smiled evilly, turned off the tap and made her way to bed.