Monday, July 30, 2012

TMI Tuesday - The Comfort and Thrill of Sex

Welcome to this week's TMI Tuesday all about comfort versus thrill in the bedroom. As always make sure you head over to TMI Tuesday to check out what the other adventurous bloggers in the world are up to.
We have decided to opt out of the a), b), c) options for our answers this week and just write our response to each question as we see fit.

Jake's Answers

1. How do you feel about giving anal sex (penetration with penis, finger or sex toys)?
I like all of it. I especially like penetrating my partner with my finger while I have my penis in her vagina. Being able to feel my own dick going in and out is wonderful.

2. How do you feel about receiving anal sex (penetration with penis, finger or sex toys)?
I haven't been penetrated with a penis to date. I really like it when Gemma uses her fingers or a toy on me. I also once had an awesome lady give me a rimming and I would like to experience that again.

3. How do you feel about getting undressed in front of a new lover, for the first time, as he / she watches you?
Every time I have done this I have been in too much of a hurry to get down to business to actually think about what she thinks of my naked body.

4. Do you express your sexual pleasure with moans, groans, sighs and other noises (provided that you are actually turned on)?
Not really. Only when I am actually cumming do I make a little bit of noise. I am a silent killer hehehe. (He would be wasting his time because I would drown him out!) Yes Gemma you do! 

5. Do you ever talk to your partner in a sexually explicit way?
Yes. I try to find out ideas about their fantasies and what turns them on. It can be hard sometimes because not everyone is used to it or likes talking when they are having sex.

6. What kind of animal do you sound like most when building to a climax?
a) a quiet little mouse.

Bonus: Are you a Comfort Seeker or a Thrill Seeker? (These definitions are as outlined in Susan Mernit's blog)

I like adventures and exploring different scenarios and situations etc. So I guess I would have to say I am a thrill seeker.

Gemma's Answers

1. How do you feel about giving anal sex (penetration with penis, finger or sex toys)?
I am a microbiologist. In my previous career I was paid to track down bugs and make sure they didn't end up in people's food. Consequently I am a little squeamish about bottoms and poo etc.

Jake does like a little anal play and I have pushed my boundaries in this area and am learning to deal with it. Lets just say though I can't see myself rimming him (or anyone else) anytime soon.

2. How do you feel about receiving anal sex (penetration with penis, finger or sex toys)?
My squeamishness mentioned in question one extends a little to this activity. I have made more progress in this area though. I have derived a reasonable amount of pleasure from having fingers and toys penetrate me while I am enjoying vaginal sex. Penetration with a penis is not high on my priority list.

3. How do you feel about getting undressed in front of a new lover, for the first time, as he / she watches you?
This isn't something I would normally volunteer for. I have danced semi naked on a stage in front of an audience and it was a massive buzz. Giving a 'private' strip session in a small room with one watcher is a little more challenging. There are times when I feel totally cool with it and other times when the thought of it makes me want to curl up in a corner in the fetal position.

Of course I don't look like this but I had to share this.
Source: ModernDayTeenager

4. Do you express your sexual pleasure with moans, groans, sighs and other noises (provided that you are actually turned on)?
Ohhhh yes! I have learned to tone it down because of the children but I am pretty sure they are familiar with 'those' sounds and I am waiting for the time when they turn around and tell me to tone it down.

5. Do you ever talk to your partner in a sexually explicit way?
Yes. I did outline some of the sexually explicit things I say to Jake in a TMI post  a couple of weeks back 

6. What kind of animal do you sound like most when building to a climax?
c) a screeching beluga whale.

I know I said I was going to do away with the a), b), c). but this description answered the question superbly

Bonus: Are you a Comfort Seeker or a Thrill Seeker? (These definitions are as outlined in Susan Mernit's blog)

I would have to say that I am about 50% comfort and 50% thrill. I love thrills, orgies, spitroasts, trying new things (including new penises) and all that. BUT I don't think I could do something like that every time I have sex.

To be completely honest I like the comfort type of sex most of the time with Jake and the thrill sex with other people.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great Expectations

A little while ago Jake and I met a couple at a club. They were very new to this way of life and very very cautiously making their way. We all seemed to get on really well, we found them attractive etc. We made a point of not proposing anything and letting them set the pace and dictate the next step because of how new and nervous they were. Needless to say we were very surprised when we ended up naked together and we all had some great same room fun. At the end of the night we exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet up again in the future. Jake and I spent a bit of time over the next few weeks reminiscing about our first foursome.  It was an earth shattering experience for both of us and we were excited about the possibility of being involved in a similar experience for these people.

In short it didn't really turn out the way any of us expected. To say our next meeting was a disaster would be unfair, but there were certainly parts of it that were dissapointing. I don't really think that there is anything that any of us could have done differently to change things much. In the inevitable post-moretom Jake and I were reminded of a few fundamentals.

Firstly the fewer expectations you have going into a situation like this the better a night is generally going to turn out. Expecting a relative stranger to respond and perform a certain way is not only unrealistic it is unfair on both of you and doomed to result in dissapointment. Things will pan out how they pan out. If they don't go according to Plan A then make up some other fun game to play.

Secondly it also bears remembering that communication is one of the basic skills needed for successful swinging. A lot of couples have this in spades between themselves. They are completely in tune with their own partners, what they feel, what they like and when things are not going according to plan WITH THEM. However if you want fireworks then you need to communicate with the other people in the room as well, tell them what you want, what makes things work for you. If you have a particular fantasy or thing you want to have happen tell them. If you just assume that things will go in an order that seems logical to you... Well you know what they say about assumptions, asses (not the sexy type) etc.

The third and probably most important thing we were reminded of is that gut instincts are usually right. There were a couple of moments in the lead up to our big night when I had this nagging worry that maybe this whole exercise what not quite correctly aligned. I pushed these fears aside as we often do in life. With the wonderful wisdom that comes with hindsight I realise my gut was right. There have been other times on this journey when I have had the same fears and the future has shown me that I should have been stronger and both voiced and acted on my fears.

At the end of the day we do this because we can and it is fun. If it ceases to be fun and becomes a lot of hard work then there is no reason to continue with it. If we spend our life tied up in knots because of other people's issues then we are in the wrong place with the wrong people. Don't get me wrong I am not about to quit swinging but the further down this path I walk the less tolerance I have for other people's shit and the more likely I am to be blunt, frank and sometimes, perhaps a bit rude.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mrs B. Part Four - Midnight Dreams

Hello and welcome to the weekly fuck fest that is Ryan and Mrs B. Of course this is my Frisky Friday contribution as well. Please make sure you check out the other entries at MyDissolute Life.

For those of you who haven't been following you can find the other posts for this series here;
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Carmen didn't hesitate. Quickly she laid her vibrator aside and flipped over on all fours. She rested her head on her forearms and pointed her round ass in the air expectantly. True to form Ryan didn't waste any time. Within seconds he was kneeling behind her and sinking his cock deep inside her.
"Ohhhh you feel so fucking good," he sighed as he began to thrust slowly in and out of her, savouring the warm, wetness of her. As he sank deeper and deeper into her Carmen sighed with pleasure. She pushed her hips back against him challenging him to fuck her harder. Ryan's hands were planted in either side of her hips gripping her firmly as he ground into her.

Source: naughtynymphos

"You have such a hot ass," he murmured as he lifted his hand and slapped her firmly.
Carmen gave a small gasp of surprise and Ryan moaned slightly as her pussy tightened it's grip on his cock. She looked over his shoulder with a devilish glint in her eyes,
"Do it harder," she commanded.
A jolt passed through Ryan as he looked down at the red finger marks spread across her butt cheek. He lifted his hand and slapped her harder on the other cheek. Her response was even more arousing,
"Ahhhh! Do it again!"
White hot pleasure shot through Ryan as he slammed his cock into her in time with his slaps. The room was filled with the sound of his hand on her ass, the slapping of his balls on her wet pussy and her cries of pleasure. The harder he slapped the louder she screamed. Her body shuddered with orgasms and liquid streamed out of her as he fucked her even harder. He looked down at her glowing red ass cheeks that were warming his hands as he held her.
"God your cock feels soooo GOOD!" she screamed as her body shuddered.
Ryan gripped her hips as he slammed into her. The heat from her reddened butt cheeks warmed his palms and he looked down at her heart shaped butt. Just before he came he pulled himself out of her and spurted his cum over her butt.
"Mmmmm baby that looks so good." He smeared the thick white liquid over her warm buttocks as she slid forward to lie face down on the bed with her butt still pointing upwards. Carmen gave little whimpers as her excitement subsided.  Ryan collapsed beside her on the bed stroking her face as they both basked in the afterglow.
"How are you feeling?" he smiled at her.
"Totally fucked," she smiled at her own joke, "and covered in cum all over."  
Ryan chuckled, "That you are, you beautiful creature. And I have to say it is the hottest thing ever to see my cum all over you."
"I wonder if the neighbours heard all that noise?" Carmen looked worried for a moment.
"Who cares if they did?" Ryan shrugged. "They better get used to it because I intend to be hearing that sound a lot more in the very near future."
Carmen's eyes took on a mischievous twinkle, "You mean you are up for another round?"
Ryan laughed. "You really are insatiable aren't you?"
"No," Carmen protested. "It has just been a while and I want to make sure I get while the getting is good."
"I am not going anywhere tonight," Ryan kissed her tenderly. "How about we have a shower and hop into bed and see what happens. If we go to sleep it won't matter because then the first person to wake up can wake the other in as sexy a way as they can think of."
"It's a deal," Carmen swung her legs over the edge of the bed and padded into the ensuite. Lounging on the bed, Ryan watched her step into the steaming shower before he joined her in the stall. Softly he soaped her body, taking a long time to wash her breasts and nipples before moving his hands downwards to the dark triangle of hair between her legs. For a moment he slipped his fingers into her warm wetness enjoying the slick wetness still there. Carmen pressed her thighs together  sighing with pleasure at the movement of his fingers.
The heat and urgency of their fucking had passed and they lingered in the shower enjoying soaping each other and exploring the nooks and crannies of each other's bodies. After soaping and rinsing, kissing, sucking and stroking her all over, Ryan towelled her down and led her back to bed before slipping in beside her.
"Don't you have to go to work tomorrow?" He whispered as they spooned together.
"Yes but I don't want to think about that right now." Carmen stifled a yawn.  She squirmed her butt against his cock and was rewarded with the feeling of a semi erection.
"You have worn me out," Ryan chuckled against her ear. "And I think you should get some sleep."
Carmen yawned again. Her eyes were very heavy and the warm, comfort of Ryan's body around her was lulling her into a smugly satisfied sleep.

During the night Carmen's eyes opened. The room around her was still very dark, and she frowned, wondering what had wakened her. Then she became aware of Ryan's hand gently working its way around her pussy, stroking her labia softly and dipping inside her every now and then. With a sigh Carmen arched her butt back against him. His warm, hard cock slid between her butt cheeks seeking out her warm wetness.
Obligingly Carmen hooked her leg over Ryan's hip opening herself up to him. He slipped easily inside her, keeping his hand over her throbbing clitoris as he did so. Holding her labia closed he pressed against her clit as he fucked her slowly. Carmen wondered if she was dreaming. Ryan's fingers moved over her clit slowly and she felt an orgasm building in her again. Her body filled with warm pleasure as he whispered his desire for her into her ear. Their fucking was soft and dreamlike after the slapping screaming frenzy from earlier in the night. She came quietly with a long drawn out sigh shuddering against his slow lazy thrusts. Ryan held her tightly to him as his cock pulsed his cum into her.
"You are so fucking hottttt." He grunted his pleasure to her.

Source givemhardlove

The next time she woke morning light was starting to trickle through the curtains. She stretched and yawned before she realised that she had two fingers slipping in and out of her.
"What a very nice way to wake up." She smiled as he appeared from underneath the blankets.
"I can think of a couple of other nice things to do," Ryan grinned as he lay on top of her. They kissed slowly and deeply and she became aware of his cock nudging between her thighs. Of their own accord her legs fell apart allowing him in. He thrust into her slowly, increasing his pace steadily. Their eyes were locked together and Carmen found herself drowning in his urgency.
"I don't think I could ever get enough of your hot pussy and these beautiful tits," Ryan bent his head to suck on her nipple.  He pounded into her as he mouthed her nipple. Carmen arched up towards him and wrapped her legs around his hips, pushing him into her.
Ryan climaxed with a loud groan. She could feel his cock pulsing as he emptied himself into her. He collapsed on top of her nuzzling her neck and enjoying the glow.
"I would love to stay here all day and be your sex slave but I need to go to work." He said as he slid onto the bed beside her.
Carmen looked at the clock beside the bed. "Holy Crap!" she exclaimed. "I have to get going as well!" 
An hour later Carmen was making her way to her desk with a coffee in her hand.
"Good morning," her friend Laura greeted her.
"Good morning," Carmen smiled back at her friend. She slipped into her chair trying not to wince as her buttocks reminded her of the spanking she had received the night before.
"You look like hell," Laura was direct as ever. "Didn't you sleep well last night?"
Carmen looked steadily at her friend. "You could say that," she replied with a perfectly straight face. "I kept having the weirdest dreams."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - Meeting the Boss


Welcome to this week's edition of Wicked Wednesday. The theme chosen this week was this cute little drawing. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the theme and of course as always make sure you hop along to the Wicked Wednesday page to check out the other entries.

Drawing by Francisco José de Goya “Caught in the act”

Earlier in the week I was reading a post by A Husband of Two Sexual Minds about describing condom use in his writing. He did make some valid points and so as an extra challenge to myself I decided to include such description in my post this week and also to make sure I include more in the future.

Melinda gripped James' arm as they stood listening to the sound of the doorbell echoing deep inside the house. The silence stretched out as the couple stood waiting for a signal that someone was coming. Melinda fidgeted with the neckline of her blouse, buttoning a couple of extra buttons. Gently James reached down and undid the offending buttons.
"Leave them like that." He caressed the valley between her breasts, "I need to see the girls to remind me of what I can have when we get home."  After what seemed like five minutes Melinda looked up at James with a worried frown,
"Did you get the day wrong?" she asked.
"No," James frowned at her. "I only saw Jenna today at work and she definitely said that she would see us tonight." He stepped forward and pressed the bell again. This time they heard the sound of footsteps getting louder as they approached the door.
The door opened and they were greeted by a voluptuous woman wearing a clinging black dress with a plunging neckline. Her breasts swelled out of her dress as if they were inviting the viewer to taste them.
"Jenna this in my wife Melinda," James' voice penetrated Melinda's thoughts. Melinda reached out to take Jenna's hand as James continued, "Melinda this is my boss Jenna." For a couple of moments the two women sized each other up before Jenna reached forward to embrace Melinda.
"James said you were beautiful but he didn't make it quite clear just how delicious you are."
Melinda was a little flustered by the attention and her unexpected attraction to her husband's employer. Fortunately she was saved by the arrival of a tall, handsome man at the doorway. As she took in his full lips and bright blue eyes Melinda's heart skipped a beat.
"Darling, don't keep the guests standing out here on the doorstep," the man put his arm around Jenna cupping her breast subtly as he did so. Completely unphased Jenna pushed his hand away.
"James, Melinda this is my husband Edward." Jenna made the introductions and stepped aside so that Edward could greet their guests.
"I am very pleased to meet you," Edward reached forward to shake James' hand.
"And you as well," he reached down and brought Melinda's hand to his lips.
"Let's go inside," Jenna brought everyone back to the present as she stepped through the door and led the way to the lounge room. The house was warm and sumptuously decorated. It seemed to fit the way Jenna came across. The word 'voluptuous' resonated around Melinda's mind. Jenna ushered Melinda and James into the lounge. The couple made themselves comfortable on one of the two expansive couches while Jenna sat opposite them. Edward busied himself making drinks at the bar in the corner. At the end of the room a large mural of a Roman orgy added to the sumptuous feeling of the house.
After the drinks were handed around Edward excused himself and left for the kitchen.
"Edward does most of the cooking in our house," Jenna explained. "If we were relying on my culinary skills for dinner tonight you would all die of food poisoning!"
Melinda chuckled. She was starting to think she quite liked James' new boss even if she wasn't what she expected. She leaned back against James as the three of them made small talk and Jenna shared a couple of anecdotes about James' first couple of weeks at his new job. As they chatted James rested his hand on Melinda's thigh. She looked down and realised that her skirt had ridden up to the point where her knickers were almost showing. Hoping that Jenna hadn't noticed she hitched at her hemline to pull it down to a more respectable level.
The conversation continued getting more and more relaxed. Edward drifted in and out of the room, adding his own comments, topping up people's drinks and leaving every now and then to check on progress in the kitchen. After he left for the second time Melinda's gaze fell on Jenna's thighs, for some reason her eyes travelled up the smooth creamy skin to the hem of Jenna's skirt. Her heart skipped a bead when she realised that the skirt had the same intentions as her own. The difference was that Jenna didn't appear to be wearing any panties.
Unconsciously Melinda glanced down at her own skirt and realised that it had travelled upwards again she tugged at it gently trying to coax it down.
"Don't do that," Jenna whispered urgently.
Melinda looked up slightly and her gaze was caught by Jenna who was kneeling almost at her feet. James' fingers on Melinda's thighs tightened slightly as he watched Jenna scooch closer to Melinda who was looking down and Jenna's luscious cleavage. Her nipples had hardened in excitement and were clearly visible through the clinging black fabric of her dress.
"You look so very delicious," Jenna stroked Melinda's thigh. "Could I please taste you?"
Mesmerised by the full round breasts in front of her and the stroking from both James and Jenna Melinda nodded mutely. Gently Jenna pressed her knees apart and slipped her finger into Melinda's panties.
"You very naughty girl," Jenna whispered. "You are sopping wet."
Melinda found her voice, "It was looking at those magnificent breasts," she admitted.
"You mean these?" Jenna slipped her dress down over her shoulders exposing her breasts. They were all they had promised, each one crowned by a proudly erect nipple. Melinda reached out and caressed a breast before she pressed a nipple between her thumb and forefinger.
Jenna licked the finger she had slipped inside Melinda's underwear.
"Mmmmm my favourite flavour," she smacked her lips. "Mind if I taste some more?"
Melinda raised her hips to pull her panties down around her ankles, "Be my guest." She spread her legs wide and Jenna buried her face in Melinda's crotch. James eased himself around beside the two women so that he could watch his boss eat out his wife. Melinda lay back on the couch moaning in pleasure from the lapping probing tongue being applied to her pussy. After a few moments the pressure in his pants was unbearable and he opened his trousers to release his cock. He sat watching the two women enjoying each other softly stroking himself.
Jenna turned her head towards him, watching him stroke for a few moments.
"Umm James," she whispered with a cheeky grin. "I seem to have lost my panties. Would you be a dear and perhaps cover my pussy with something?"
James grinned, "Of course boss."
Obediently he knelt behind Jenna. As if by magic a foil packet appeared in his hand and he wasted no time in covering himself with a condom and slipping deep inside Jenna's welcoming opening.
Jenna gave a deep sigh of satisfaction as James slid himself slowly in and out of her slick wet pussy.
"What more could a girl want?" she murmured. "A beautiful delicious pussy to lick, suck and explore and an equally luscious cock to fill me as full as I need."
There were answering murmurs of appreciation from both Melinda and James as they watched each other pleasuring and being pleasured. James leaned over Jenna and cupped her breasts in his hands, tweaking and pinching her nipples as he did so.  She responded with a deep groan which vibrated through Melinda's body causing her to tremor in response.
A small noise at the doorway made Melinda look over. Edward was leaning on the door frame watching the three of them intently.
"This looks like fun," he walked slowly across the room to their couch, unzipping his pants as he walked. He came to a stop in front of Melinda and stood for a moment with his cock standing proudly out in front of him. "Mind if I join in?"
Melinda smiled up at him. "Of course." She smiled as she opened her mouth to lick at his cock before sliding her lips down over his velvety hardness.
Edward gave a long slow sigh, "This is definitely a great way to get to know Jenna's new employee." He commented. "It is always good to know that a manager of an adult shop has a good hands-on knowledge of sex."  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Lets Go to Bed

Welcome to this week's episode of TMI Tuesday. The questions this week are inspired by a classic Cure song "Lets Go to Bed" I was taken back to my boarding school days when I shared a dormitory with a girl who was obsessed with Robert Smith to the point where she spent a lot of time trying to mimic his hairstyle! None the less the song is a classic.

As always make sure you visit The TMI blog to check out what makes everyone else in this crazy blogging world "Go to Bed"

Once you read the questions you will understand that having separate answers this week will be a little redundant so we will just answer the bonus as individuals and make comments when we feel moved to do so.

1. What size?
King of course it is the only size that will fit four people comfortably. Although being in the middle can get a little bit hot!

2. What mattress construction?
We have a heavy thing that is springs with a topper of memory foam. It is THE most comfy bed in the world and has the added advantage of not jiggling the whole bed when people are getting busy on their side!

3. What type of furniture?
For the first 10 or so years of our relationship we had a queen sized ensemble. When we got the funds and inspiration for an upgrade we decided to go with the ultimate dream bed. Consequently we have a teak four poster. I have dreams of making curtains etc for it but somehow it has never happened.

4. If your bed has headboard / footboard or bedposts, have you ever been tied to them? Ever tied anyone to them? For what purpose.
When I prepared this post earlier I had said no and that I was putting being tied to the bed on the very short term 'to do' list. Jake however reminded me of a birthday surprise that he arranged just after we got the bed which involved me being tied to the bed as shown.

I will refrain from describing what came next and save it for another post.

5. What kind of sheets?
Sheets for this size bed are hellishly expensive so we mostly use the better quality poly cotton type. Jake has a preference for satin but I prefer high thread count cotton. The kind you get in very expensive hotels!

6. What kind of blankets?
We live in a climate where you may get a month or so a year of really cold weather. Really cold for us is a night time minimum of between 0 and 5 degrees Celcius. So blankets are really not worth the effort.

7. What's on top?
We have a thing called a doona which according to Wikipedia translates to duvet in the rest of the world. Doona's are great because they are snuggly and cover a badly made bed nicely. Our climate is fairly warm and humid a lot of the year so in summer we usually just have a sheet to cover us.

8. What kind of pillow?
In keeping with the world's comfiest mattress we have memory foam pillows. Like the mattress they are awesome, non allergenic, don't harbour dust mites and are comfy comfy. We do keep a couple of cheaper polyester filled pillows to use for when the postion you are fucking in requires a bit of propping up. 

Jake's Bonus:

If Mrs Magic Fingers comes over, will you let them fuck you on your bed?

Definitely yes! I would fuck her on the bed, on the couch and over the kitchen bench.

Gemma's Bonus:

If Mr Fix It comes over, will you let them fuck you on your bed?

Definitely yes! In fact I have done so on several occasions.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Musings - My Dual Life.

Source :
Of late I have been spending a lot of time at church. I know that a lot of you out there are wondering if I am pulling your leg but I am here to assure you that I am a bona fide practising Catholic. My son has recently chosen to become a full member of the Catholic community by being confirmed. As a supportive parent I have become involved in the process of educating a group of young people as they prepare for this important sacrament. As I have explained before I am a lifelong Catholic, a product of the Catholic education system and I have spent more than my fair share of weekends at youth group camps and a couple of grown up retreats.  
Despite all this religion I still find myself regularly practising non-monogamy all manner of other 'perversions'. I struggle regularly with the apparent conflicts that these two elements of my life have. For a long time the idea that having a decent sex life and being a non-hypocritical member of an active church community are mutually exclusive has lurked in the back of my mind. I felt that I had to choose. I could either be a God fearing family woman, devoted wife and mother or I could cross the line and live the life of a slutty hedonist. In the last five or so years since starting down the path of serious extra-marital sex I have tied myself in knots trying to reconcile one with the other.
There are similarities between each lifestyle. Church oriented people have qualities that attract me; honesty, fairness, kindness, and a love of life. Strangely, or probably not these same qualities are the ones that attract me to different people in 'the lifestyle'. On the flipside of this coin the characteristics that repel me are found in people in both sides of my life; dishonesty, lack of basic respect for people, hypocrisy and selfishness.
There have been times in my dealing with the church that I have seriously questioned whether I should keep up my membership. I disagree strongly with the idea that being gay is an abomination and I obviously disagree with the idea that sex is purely for the procreation of the species. It could be argued that my ties to the church are largely the habits of a lifetime but my soul searching lately has shown me that this is not the case.
Likewise the lifestyle has presented me with some challenges as well. Sometimes it seems that there are a disproportionate number of people with psychological problems, dysfunctional marriages or both hanging around dating websites, clubs etc. Sometimes sorting through them to find the people who make this whole ride fun can seem futile.
Both sides of my life have yielded some great friends, some awesome experiences and very valuable insights into human nature. I honestly CAN'T ever see my life being fulfilled without either one. Just the other day it hit me right between the eyes. I don't have to choose. I can live a good Christian life and still be a swinging slut that reads and writes about sex for fun. Nothing is absolutely black and white in this world. There are many shades of grey (If you believe E.L. James, fifty to be exact!). The rules of the church are not necessarily those of God. Having sex outside of society norms does not make me evil or even un-Christian, it just makes me well me.
A while back my daughter made a very astute observation when listening to a radio discussion about the rights and wrongs of gay marriage.
"Gay people can't be bad because God made them and he doesn't make bad people."
I guess that makes me OK just the way I am.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mrs B. Part 3 - And Then...

As promised the next installment of Ryan and Mrs B! It took longer than I intended of course but I was on time for Frisky Friday this week! If you missed out on Part One and Two you can catch up here and here.

As usual make sure you head on over to visit N. Likes and see what the other participants are up to. My new discovery this week is The Omniwhore who is as his name suggests. But enough of that. You have all come here to find out what happens next.

Tilting his head so that he was looking up at her Ryan nuzzled at Carmen's breast, sucking at biting gently at first but increasing the pressure as she became more turned on. One hand wandered into her robe and began to tease and pinch her other nipple. Carmen sagged against the kitchen bench, helpless, and almost unable to stand. All she was aware of was the sensations radiating out from her nipple and the aching need growing inside her pussy. She pressed her legs together trying to ease the need. Involuntarily her hips bucked against Ryan's chest but he kept up sucking and pinching. Her robe had slipped off her shoulders and the only thing keeping it on her body was her back pressed against the kitchen bench. She pleaded softly,
Ryan stood up and pressed his body against hers. Through his jeans she could feel his erection hard and hot against her thigh. He rested his forehead against hers and looked into her eyes,
"You are so fucking gorgeous." He whispered. "I have been horny for you all day." He took her hand and pressed it against his cock that was straining to burst out of his jeans. "Feel that?" he asked.
She nodded unable to speak.
"That is all for you and tonight I am going to fuck you with it over and over." His eyes burned into hers as he whispered his words to her. He bent down and kissed her full on the lips. She submitted completely, any remnant resistance was gone. As he pressed his tongue between her lips exploring her mouth she felt as if she wanted him to absorb her completely. Her tiny whimpers disappeared into his mouth.
Ryan stood up and lifted Carmen easily to carry her the short distance into her bedroom, letting her robe fall onto the kitchen floor as he left. In her room he lay her down on the bed with her feet dangling over the edge of the bed. Gently he propped a pillow under her butt so that her pussy was angled upwards to him. Carmen felt as if she were in a trance. She allowed herself to be moved without any resistance and watched every move Ryan made. Standing between her spread knees he removed his clothing piece by piece. The muscles in his arms rippled as he removed his shirt. Her eyes widened slightly as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them down. A small wet patch on the front of his boxers drew her eyes as he stood with his thumbs hooked in the waistband.
"Are you ready?" he asked softly. "Because I don't think I can wait anymore."
With a swift movent his boxers joined his jeans on the floor and he kicked them casually aside. He stepped forward and used his cock to tease the entrance to her pussy. Without her thinking about it Carmen arched her back towards him.
"Fuck you are so beautiful lying there waiting for me like that," Ryan's voice sounded a little strained.
Carmen smiled, "You look beautiful standing there waiting to fuck me like that."
Ryan leaned down over her, supporting himself on his arms. His blue eyes burned into her green ones as he eased his cock into her open, hungry pussy.
"Ahhhh," he sighed when his full length was buried deep inside her. "Now see the feel of a real woman is just so much better.

Carmen wrapped her legs around him as he began deep slow thrusts. Ryan held her wrists back above her head and leaned down to nibble at her nipple.  
"You are so fucking yummy." His thrusts became harder and faster. "I just want all of you all at once."
The room filled with the sound of Carmen moaning and Ryan's balls slapping against her as he thrust deep and fast into her. Carmen's breasts jiggled in time to his thrusts. She reached down and touched her clit. It had never felt so big and swollen before, the slightest touch set off a shuddering orgasm. Glad there was no-one else in the house she screamed her pleasure.
"Man you look so hot when you cum," Ryan panted as he kept pumping her. "I wanna spray my cum all over those beautiful tits." Carmen writhed on the bed as he pulled his cock out and stroked himself. Warm jets of cum sprayed over her belly and breasts as Ryan groaned his release. He stood for a moment looking down at her before he lay on the bed beside her and began smearing his cum over her.
Carmen pressed her fingers into her swollen and still throbbing cunt. "Can we do that again?" She looked at him imploringly.
Ryan laughed, "Give me a few moments but yes we definitely can." He placed his cum covered fingers against her lips. "Taste that," he whispered. "There is plenty more of that for you tonight." He reached down and slid two fingers into her sopping wet opening. Carmen moaned and pressed her legs closed over his hand.
"You greedy girl," Ryan chuckled. "I think we have unleashed a demon." He began to fuck her steadily with his fingers. Carmen writhed on the bed arching her back with desire. Ryan licked at her nipple.
"Show me how you masturbate," he asked.
Carmen hesitated. She had never done that with anyone else in the room before. But right now she needed something to fill her pussy. She glanced at Ryan's cock resting quietly against his balls. He grinned at her. "Mrs B. he teased. I am good but not that good."

Reluctantly she reached for the drawer beside her bed and pulled out her vibrator. It wasn't anything fancy but it had served her well. She stroked her opening with the vibrator, moistening it with her own juice. Ryan raised himself on one elbow watching quietly. Almost absently one hand stroked his cock. Carmen slid the vibrator into herself pressing the plastic hard against her G spot. She felt her body convulse with a small orgasm which didn't satisfy her craving but made her ache for more. Ryan's face was close to her pussy now as he watched her fucking herself with a piece of plastic. Gently he took her clit into his mouth and sucked it.
"Ahhhhhh!" Carmen groaned as another orgasm shuddered through her. Her pussy was so wet that the vibrator made squelching sounds as she rammed it into her. Suddenly Ryan's voice was hot in her ear,
"Turn over on all fours."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goddess Worship

This week I have elected not to use the prompt provided by Rebel for my story, instead I have written a piece based on a chat I was having recently with a very imaginative young man. So thank you to Paulonius for his contribution.

As always make sure that you head on over to the Wicked Wednesday Entries page and check out the other hot entries for this week.

Paulonius hacked at the vines growing over his path. Even though he had come this way recently the vines had already grown thickly over the pathway, as if they wanted to protect the secrets hidden deep in the forest. Finally he arrived sweaty and hot at the steps to the temple. As always the temple was deserted with not a soul in sight but everything was immaculately clean as if it had just been swept and dusted. In contrast to the steamy jungle a cool breeze fanned Paulonius' brow and dried the sweat across his chest. Carefully he removed his sandals and his robe, as was required, before he strode up the steps.

In the doorway he stood for a moment allowing his eyes to adjust to the cool dimness of the temple. His eyes scanned the room searching, his heart pounded in his chest as he fretted that his trek through the jungle would be for nothing. Then he saw her, reclining on a couch in the centre of the room. Her long hair hung in tiny beaded braids over her full rounded breasts. She was clothed in a gossamer robe that clung to her curves and barely covered her full thighs. At her feet a slave girl knelt stroking the feet of her mistress as she finished her morning grooming. Each toenail was painted with shimmering gold and the second toe of each foot was adorned with a diamond toe ring.
Languidly she turned her head towards the doorway as Paulonius announced himself with a small cough.
"Welcome," The Goddess gestured to him to come closer to her. "It has been many weeks since you have graced our humble temple with your presence.
Paulonius took several steps towards her. As always he was awed by her beauty. Internally he struggled with his fear of her power over him and the unrelenting desire for her that kept him making the arduous trek through the jungle to see her. "I was drawn to worship you My Lady," he whispered. "I cannot keep away from you."
A very tiny smile played at the corner of Shiana's mouth, "You may worship as you see fit."
Boldly Paulonius stepped forward and knelt at her feet kissing each toe separately. "I am not worthy of your divinity and beauty." He murmured as he took her left big toe into his mouth.
Shiana stroked her hair with a large white ostrich feather. "You may not be worthy but you are still cute and I like cute guys." She reached out towards him with her feather. "Would you like to stroke my body with this feather?"
Paulonius bowed low as he took the feather from her and ran it down the curve of the back she presented to him. Shiana stayed perfectly still even though the stroke of the feather through the gossamer fabric of her robe was so light that it sent shivers through her. She shrugged one shoulder out of the loose robe so that her bare skin was exposed for him to stroke. The cool air and the stroking of the feather had made her nipples almost painfully hard but she was not ready to show them to him yet. The feather travelled down Shiana's back and over the swell of her hip. She wriggled her body slightly so that the robe sighed down to expose the smooth globes of her buttocks. Obediently Paulonius stroked the valley between her cheeks, all the time aching for her to open her legs so that he could pleasure her there.
With a sigh Shiana rolled onto her back arching upwards so that her perfect round breasts and hard nipples were clearly in view for Paulonius and the slave girls that had gathered a respectful distance away from her couch. Paulonius whimpered as he ran the feather over her breasts and then trailed down over her smooth stomach and the darkness of her mound. Shiana kept her legs closed. She wasn’t ready for him to see her full beauty yet.

Paulonius kneeled beside her, inhaling her scent. The effect was headier than any drug he had experienced.
"Mistress may I ask a question?" Paulonius' voice was a whisper
Shiana looked at him without expression, "You may ask. I do not guarantee an answer."
Paulonius kept his head bowed as he asked, "Would you allow this humble servant to clothe his body. Your presence has caused some changes in me that are difficult to hide."
There was a titter from one of the younger slave girls sitting at the back of the room. Shiana gazed at Paulonius taking in all of him. The silence in the room stretched out for what seemed like forever to Paulonius but she eventually said,
"No you may not. I wish to watch the effect I have on you." Her eyes lowered to where Paulonius' erection jutted out in front of him. "It makes me pleased. I am a Sex Goddess after all." Almost absently she stroked her erect nipples, pinching them firmly.
"Do you like my nipples?" she asked after a pause.
Paulonius gave a small whimper and kissed her toes again. "I am not worthy to look upon them."
Shiana sighed, "I will decide that!" She snapped. "My body is for worship. How can you worship me if you won't look at me?"
Paulonius forced himself to look upwards over her closed legs, her smooth belly and to her full breasts. Finally their eyes met. Paulonius almost looked away as she gazed at him, challenging him. "I wish nothing more than to please you my queen." He held his head high and spoke clearly.
Shiana smiled languidly. Her knees fell apart ever so slightly. Paulonius licked his lips in anticipation.
"And how would you please me?"
Paulonius held up a bottle. "The slave girls suggested I use this oil to rub over your body."
Shiana rolled on to her stomach and Paulonius poured oil onto her back smoothing it over her shoulders. Oil trickled down her back to rest in the small of her back. Paulonius' hands smoothed the oil into Shiana's alabaster skin. She sighed in pleasure pushing her hips a little higher. He accepted her suggestion and moved his hands further down her back smoothing over her lovely round butt cupping and squeezing each cheek in turn.
"Are you sure that there aren't any other parts of me that you wish to worship?" Shiana asked softly.
Paulonius leaned forward to answer. His chest rested against her shoulders and his hardness slipped between her butt cheeks. Shiana leaned back against his hardness, opening her legs a little inviting his cock. Without speaking he moved his hands over her waist, sliding over her belly and reaching up to cup her breasts. He pinched her nipple firmly and she gasped. Her hips lifted slightly and she pressed against his hard cock. In her mind Shiana wished him to pinch her a little harder. As if she were controlling him like her puppet, Paulonius pinched harder binging her to the brink of climax. Pressing her butt against him harder and opening her legs a little more Shiana whispered,
"Worship me."
Paulonius continued to pinch one nipple as he moved his other hand down over her mound to slide his fingers between her warm moist folds. He closed his fingers over her hard node, caressing softly at first but increasing the pressure in response to her bucking hips before sliding his fingers into her temple. His cock was straining but Paulonius wasn't ready to worship her fully, not yet. Shiana shuddered and gasped as an orgasm gripped her. Around them the slave girls sighed in unison.
He turned her over and lifted her off her couch to carry her to the altar. Shiana allowed him to open her legs fully and, awestruck by the beauty of her flower Paulonius knelt between her legs licking her pink lips with long slow strokes of his tongue. She gasped at each stroke of his tongue as he worked his way further into her folds, seeking out the node of her pleasure. He teased her, flicking his tongue over her swollen node before sliding his fingers into her warm, wet temple to tease her further.
Shiana's body arched off the alter in pleasure as her juices gushed over Paulonius' hand. He was unrelenting in his teasing of her clit, sucking it into his mouth to tease it even more with the tip of his tongue. Shiana's groans of pleasure filled the room. Each time her body writhed a gush of her juice flowed down over Paulonius' hand. Around them the slave girls pleasured each other with their tongues and hands. The temple reeked of the scent of female arousal. Paulonius' cock was throbbing and harder than he thought it could be.
He pulled himself up so that he was standing over her as she lay panting and spent in a pool of her juice on her own altar. His hand worked at his shaft and with a few quick strokes Paulonius grunted his release. His seed shot forth to cover Shiana's body. Thick white droplets formed into a pool in her belly button as she arched up towards him. When he collapsed between her legs the slave girls came forward to lick his seed from their mistress.
Shiana turned towards him, "You may not leave until you have fucked me."
Paulonius was afraid, "If I couple with you I think you will devour my soul."
Shiana reached out and touched his flaccid cock with one finger. "I will have what my heart desires." Almost instantly Paulonius felt his cock hard and throbbing like it was before he spilled his seed on her. He felt himself being drawn towards her. "You WILL fill me with your seed before you will be allowed to leave."
Paulonius could not stop himself from pushing the slaves away from her as he stood between her spread legs. A smile of greed and desire spread over Shiana's face.
"How could you refuse me?" she asked him.
"Mistress I could never refuse you." He answered as his hand moved up and down his shaft. "I only ask that you be merciful and release me to return to my wife and family when I have filled you."
Shiana waved her hand. "I will decide that after I see how well you fill me." Her eyes were like blue bolts of steel. "Now worship me!"
With a swift movement Paulonius stepped forward and speared her with his cock. She screamed in pleasure as he held her impaled on him for a few moments before he withdrew and slammed into her again. Her full round breasts bounced with the force of her thrusts. His teeth were gritted and he grunted hard as he thrust into her over and over again, he knew he couldn't hold on much longer but he wanted this pleasure to last. Shiana's screams of pleasure pierced his eardrums and the moans from the slave girls was deafening. When he thought he couldn't stand it any longer he released himself. His cock pulsed as jet after jet of his seed pumped deep inside her. Suddenly he was exhausted and collapsed on top of her. The two of them lay in silence, panting with the force of what had just happened. Tenderly she stroked his hair,
"Now wasn't that worth it?"
Unable to speak Paulonius nodded against her chest.
The slave girls hovered around them. They were anxious to groom their mistress and place her into her clean bed to sleep. Shiana lifted herself and pushed Paulonius off her chest. "Now go home to your wife. I know that you will be back again."
Staggering Paulonius made his way to the entrance to collect his robe and sandals. As he walked through the door he glanced over his shoulder to watch the girls carrying Shiana away to her private chamber.