Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ryan and Mrs B Part 8 - Watching

TFIF. That is about all I can say this week. Ryan and Mrs B are feeling a little frisky this week for part 8 of their rendezvouz. If you are feeling a little frisky after reading this one make sure you head on over to My Dissolute Life to check out the other contributions. 

Carmen looked at Ryan sitting in the driver's seat. In the silence all she could hear was the pounding of her heart. Unconsciously her fingers worked around her pussy. Ryan watched her for a few moments before he reached over and moved her hand away from her pussy. Holding her hand he pointed towards the other car in the parking lot,
"See those people over there," the quiet intensity of his tone sent delicious shivers through Carmen. "They are waiting for some hot woman to get out of her car and sit on the bonnet and get fucked by a horny young man."
A mixture of fear and exhilaration pumped through Carmen's body. Her gaze went past Ryan to the couple in the other car. She could see the other woman's bare breasts, spilling out of the top of her dress. Her partner bent down to suck at his wife's nipples. Just out of Carmen's view the woman wanked her husband's cock. The scene was mesmerising. Carmen wanted to walk over to the car and watch them fucking. Being fucked by Ryan while she watched them was the most erotic thing she had ever thought of. 
As if the couple had read her mind the man stepped out of the car and walked around to the passenger side to help his wife out. He sat her on the bonnet of the car and pushed her dress up around her waist. Carmen could see her naked pussy between her spread legs. The husband stood beside his wife, resting his butt on the bonnet of the car. The woman bent down to slip his cock out of his jeans as Carmen watched intently. 
Ryan climbed out of the car and walked around to open Carmen's door. He helped her out and led her around to the front of the car. Without speaking he lifted her up and sat her on the bonnet, exactly opposite the other woman but as he pressed her knees apart he stood in front of her, so that she was covered from their view by her body,
"I want them to know you are having a good time but I don't want them to see all of you," he whispered in her ear. "I don’t want to share too much of you.
Carmen nodded helplessly. She had lost the power of speech somewhere. Ryan pulled the neckline of her dress down and eased out her breast,
"Fuck you have such hot tits," he whispered to her. "When you were dancing back at that bar I just wanted to pull down your dress so that I could see them properly." He cupped her breast in his palm and squeezed the nipple gently with his thumb. Carmen's insides turned to hot liquid. It was as if the only thing holding her on the car was Ryan's grip on her nipple. Her arms rested on his shoulders and she pressed her forehead against his. Ryan's hands slid down her body and rested on her thighs. He stroked the soft skin with the back of his fingers stopping at the crease between her thigh and her body. 
Both of them breathed heavily in anticipation as Ryan let his finger stray across her fanny with the barest of caresses. Carmen gave a low moan and thrust her hips towards him.
"And what would you like me to do to you with this nice couple watching us?" Ryan smiled teasingly at her. He stroked the outer lips of her pussy slowly and deliberately. "Do you want them to watch me fuck you?" For emphasis he slid two fingers into her aching cunt. Carmen moaned and clamped her legs around Ryan's hips. With a teasing smile he bent his fingers slightly upwards and teased the entrance to her opening. "Or do you want me to keep doing this?" Carmen's nails clawed against Ryan's shoulder. A small shudder wracked through her. For a moment she forgot about the other couple but then she opened her eyes and looked over at them. They cuddled together, fondling each other watching intently. Ryan fucked Carmen hard with his fingers holding her tightly against him as she moaned and writhed in pleasure. Juice poured out of her cunt and over Ryan's hand. 
"Those people are getting so hot listening to you cumming," Ryan whispered in her ear. "See how hard that guy's dick is in his wife's hand." 
Carmen looked over Ryan's shoulder at the couple. The man stood in front of his wife. His jeans were down around his ankles and Carmen could see the muscles in his butt squeezing together as he slid his cock into his wife. A soft moan came from the woman's lips as she wrapped her legs around the man's hips. 
"You want me to fuck you like he is fucking her?" Ryan's voice was urgent in her ear.
"Uh-huh," Carmen managed to whimper. 
Ryan pressed his cock against Carmen's pussy, stroking the soaking wet folds. He teased her entrance before easing himself off of her to stroke the hard node of her clit. Carmen gripped his shoulder painfully. Her forehead pressed against his and she wrapped her legs around his hips trying to press him closer to her. 
"Fuck me!" She whispered intently to him. 
With a cheeky grin Ryan slipped into Carmen. He didn't waste time with long slow strokes. Carmen didn't care. All Carmen wanted right then was to feel Ryan's cock pounding into her. She looked across the car park at the other couple. The man's butt pumped into his wife. The sound of her moans and his low grunts of pleasure drifted across to Carmen. 
"You fuck so good baby," the woman moaned. "I want to feel your cum inside me."
In front of her Ryan was grunting in pleasure, as he thrust into her. "Your pussy feels so good," he whispered. "Does it turn you on getting fucked while you watch other people being fucked?" 
"Yes," Carmen whispered between gritted teeth. Across the carpark the man fucked his wife harder.
"Oh baby I am cumming!" the woman screamed. 
Carmen could feel the intensity building up in Ryan. "You are so hot," she whispered to him. "Fill me up with your cum." 
Ryan's balls were slapping against her as he pounded her hard. "Fuuuuck!" he groaned as the orgasm pumped through him. Carmen held him tightly inside her. She loved the feeling of him being inside her when he climaxed like this. It was as if she could feel his orgasm coursing through her. 
Across from them the other couple relaxed against each other kissing and stroking as they watched Ryan hold Carmen close to him. Ryan kissed Carmen deeply. 
"You are really the most beautiful thing," he murmured. "I am so glad that I came into your shower that night." 
Carmen grinned cheekily at him. "As long as you tell your mother that this whole thing was your idea and not me corrupting you."
Ryan threw back his head as he laughed, "It is a deal." They paused for a moment. The gravel behind Ryan crunched as the couple from the other car approached them,
"Thanks for letting us watch you. It was awesomely hot." Carmen ducked her head demurely. 
Ryan shook his hand, "No worries. It was good a good show all round." 
The couple went back to their car. "Look at you." Ryan laughed at Carmen. "All shy and innocent. I think I will have to take you home and see what we can do about that." 
Carmen felt a quickening in her belly, "Well then," she slid down the bonnet of the car. "What are we waiting for?"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heart Shaped Box


This week Rebel chose the following prompt for Wicked Wednesday;

I struggled with the prompt a bit but Kurt Cobain got me over the line.

"I've been locked inside your heart shaped box for weeks," Kurt Cobain's voice drawled through Stella's headphones as she stared out of the bus window. Outside grey stone buildings slid by. Inside men wearing suits and carrying briefcases jostled with women wearing 'business attire' and sporting perfect hairstyles. Interspersed between them was the occasional student, like Stella, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with some slogan on it. 

The bus stopped jolted to a stop outside an imposing building with a massive glass revolving door. Suits and hairstyles filed down the steps to the pavement before they either disappeared through the door or mingled into the crowd of other suits and hairstyles rushing down the street. With a sigh Stella stretched over the seat beside her revelling in the space. Then she saw HER. As always she was dressed beautifully; today she was wearing a flowery summer dress that squeezed her milky breasts into a deep cleavage. Her full red lips, painted with bright red lipstick stretched into a smile as she made her way down the aisle of the bus towards Stella. 

"Hello," Dream Girl's sensuous voice thrilled through Stella as she sat in the seat beside her. Stella's heart was almost pounding out of her chest as she watched Dream Girl demurely arranging the full skirt of her dress over her knees. To hide her awkwardness, Stella busied herself putting her headphones away in the backpack nestled at her feet. 

"So you have Politics this morning don't you?" Dream Girl didn't seem to notice Stella's awkwardness.

"Yeh," Stella felt a breath of relief at the start of a normal conversation. "Not until 10 though. I thought I might go to the library and do some reading." 

"That sounds riveting," Dream Girl replied. Stella couldn't take her eyes of Dream Girl's lips. For the millionth time she wondered what they would taste like. 

"Yep," Stella quipped, hoping like hell Dream Girl didn't notice her staring at her lips. "It is THE most exciting thing I have planned all year."

Dream Girl laughed. "You are funny." Both girls smiled at each other for a moment before Dream Girl looked down with a small pucker in her brow. Stella sensed an internal debate before she seemed to come to a resolution. "Would you like to come for a coffee with me instead?" Her voice was full of uncertainty. She leaned forward and put her hand on Stella's thigh, "Please." 

A faint minty toothpaste smell came from between the full red lips, so close to her face, tempting her.  The temptation became too much for Stella and she leaned forward to kiss the girl she had fantasised about for so long. Their lips met softly and tentatively tasting each other before Stella put her hand on the back of Dream Girl's head to push their lips more firmly together. Dream Girl tasted of cherry flavoured lip gloss, Stella wanted to lick every drop off those soft, full lips. Reluctantly she pulled away to look into her eyes.  "Sure." She whispered as she pushed a tendril of hair out of Dream Girl's face. Her fingertips stroked down her neck and trailed into that deep tempting cleavage. 

The reality of the bus and the people around them seemed to disappear as they looked hungrily at each other. Stella didn't want to go to the library, or to her stupid lecture on politics. She wanted to take this beautiful creature home, undress her and spend the day exploring those luscious curves and discovering the secret things that made her gasp with pleasure. A sudden jolt brought her back to reality and she noticed that they had reached the university stop.

"This is us," Stella motioned towards the back door of the bus where a few disinterested looking students were making their way down the steps. Dream Girl gathered her bag and made her way down the aisle with Stella close behind. Out at the entrance to the university they paused looking at each other hungrily. 

"You know I have gotten on that bus every morning for a week trying to work up the courage to ask you for a coffee," Dream Girl grabbed at Stella's hand as she made to walk into the campus. 

Stella stepped close to her so that their bodies were not quite touching. Their breaths mingled as she spoke, "I have been fantasising about kissing you for much longer than that."
Dream Girl pulled Stella closer so that their bodies were resting against each other. Stella felt a throbbing heat between her legs. "I am glad that you did," Dream Girl murmured as she slipped her hand into the back of Stella's jeans pulling her against her thigh. "You taste so yummy." 

The two young women leaned against the fence, oblivious to the world passing them by as they kissed deeply. As their tongues probed into each other's mouths, their hands sought out the softness and the curves of each other. After long moments they broke apart. 

"Do you really want to go to your lecture?" Dream Girl looked at Stella longingly.

"Hell no!" Stella replied. "I want to take you back to my house, put you in my bed and spend the rest of the day finding out how to make you scream."

Dream girl looked at her challengingly, "Well what are you waiting for then?"

TMI Tuesday - Celebrity Sex-a-Thon

This week's questions were submitted by Mrs B. Not THIS Mrs B. another one who is just as sexy. 

Jake's Answers

I don't really subscribe to the whole celebrity thing. I don't read gossip magazines and I really don't care who is doing who. I would rather spend my energy chasing after hot sexy women who are within my reach, like Gemma. So this week I am going to refrain from answering the questions.

I will add a comment about question 5 though. If you give your partner permission to have sex with a person based on the assumption that they are never going to actually have that opportunity it is not really giving them permission.

Gemma's Answers

1. What is your closest celebrity look alike? And who do you think is sexier, you or the celeb?
Back when my hair was blonde I attended a party and everyone there insisted that I looked like Meryl Streep. Before that I had never thought that I looked like any celebrity in particular. I happen to think that Meryl Streep is a pretty awesome actress and I guess she is sexy in her own way but I think I am way more smokin that her!

2. Who is the hottest male AND female celebrity you can think of? And if the opportunity presented would you have sex with them?
OK I will go with female first; I think Angelina Jolie is THE hottest woman on the face of the planet, especially in the Tomb Raider movies. Would I have sex with her? HELL YES! The award for the hottest male celebrity changes from time to time but I have had a long term thing for Vin Diesel. Would I have sex with him? Probably, as long as it didn't involve too much conversation.

3. What celebbrity do you fantasise about but wouldn't admit to your friends?
I don't really have an answer to this one. Just like Jake I am not really in to the whole celebrity thing.

4. Have you ever watched a leaked celebrity sex tape? Who was on the tape and what did you think of it? What would you have done differently if you were in the video instead of them?
I honestly have never watched a leaked celebrity sex tape. I did think of googling one just for research purposes but then I realised that I would just be reminded of why I didn't want to watch them in the first place. I have never really been into porn movies in the first place and so I can't see why some grainy ameteur movie would be worth watching. Sex is always much more interesting live. 

5. If you are in a relationship is there anyone your partner knows that you have the 'hots' for and they give you the O.K. to be intimate with? Who would be theirs?
Well I have my partner's full permission to be as intimate with Mr Fix It as often as I choose. he is a celebrity of sorts as someone went to a superhero party recently dressed as him. I am not sure who Jake would be interested in in the celebrity stakes but I give him permission to live his fantasies. 

6. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world who would you choose and what would you give them for dessert?
Hmmm I can't really pinpoint a particular person that I have lusted after right now. But if there was someone like that I think I would probably be very tempted to skip over the dinner part and head straight for the bit where we are naked.

Bonus: If you were offered the million dollar indecent proposal what would your answer be and why?  
I can't really give a straight answer to this one. Of course I would like to be all altruistic and say that money doesn't matter that much to me but there would probably be a set of circumstances that would tempt me. I definitely wouldn't be that focussed on the cash to say that it wouldn't matter about the person I would just close my eyes and think of the cash. So on the whole it would be a bit about the cash and a bit about the experience.

From what I remember of the movie Indecent Proposal the ultimate 'issue' that the husband had with the proposal was the classic Hollywood idea that his wife would go and fall in love with the rich guy who seemed hell bent on seducing his wife. Of course sex isn't just sex in most cases. There is always some kind of connection between the parties but that doesn't mean that if you fuck someone you are going to fall in love with them. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jake's Birthday Present

Recently Jake celebrated his birthday. He is a bit sensitive about his age so we won't discuss how old he is but he does like to mark his birthday in a fitting way. Jake usually goes to great lengths to ensure that I have a great birthday and so I often feel a bit under the pump to respond in kind. Previous birthday gifts / surprises include me organising for two of our female friends to come for a visit a naked blindfolded Jake. This year I have opted for a different kind of experience. As we have mentioned in a previous TMI post Jake and I are slowly exploring the world of anal play. 
To this end I decided to purchase Jake some toys. Or rather, I decided to purchase some toys for me to use on him. In the interest of good hygiene these toys will never be used on anyone else, so they are, by default his. Strapons are something that I have been curious about but I am really undsure of how to decide what is a good one and what is not. Partly because of this and partly out of curiousity I was leaning towards a prostate massager thinking that would be a great experience to give a guy. 
So I headed off into the wonderful world of the internet and found a great Australian sex toy retailer Femplay. Much to my excitement I discovered that my budget would stretch to a beginner level strap on AND a a Lelo "Bob" prostate massager. I had explored some Lelo toys in person in an Audlt shop and I have to say I am in love with the material they are made out of. Happy days. One of the great things about buying from Femplay is the next day delivery. So the next day after Jake came home from work for lunch the package arrived. He was excited to unwrap his new toys and explore the silky smooth surface of Bob, wonder about the harness and size of the strap on before he had to go back to work for the afternoon.

Yes I am a mean slave-driving wife but the thing with working for yourself is that there isn't anyone breathing down your neck to make the work happen, unless it is your wife.
There are no prizes for guessing what the request that I couldn't refuse was THAT night. We were both a bit nervous about what was ahead of us but we delved in. After some cock sucking and other warming up foreplay we retrieved Bob from his little box. He is a reasonable size, in fact I thought, "Is that it?" when I held it in my hand. But really the size is perfect for the beginners that we are. A friend once told me about a time when she 'lost' a butt plug inside the guy she was playing with. Ever since then I have been very nervous about something like that happening to me. I was very careful to keep my finger through the loop at the end of Bob that has been put there for the exact purpose. 
With a fair bit of lube and some exploring we slipped Bob inside Jake. We were both surprised at how Jake's body responded to the new stimulus. He says it is one of the most amazing feelings he has ever had. Clearly the shape of Bob means he hits all the right places and causes some pretty intense feelings. Jake did stroke himself a little as I gently moved Bob in and out of him but he said he wanted to focus mainly on the feelings inside his ass. For me I loved the feeling of being able to watch his face as I gave him intense pleasure. I am certain that he had a very intense orgasm of sorts but there was no ejaculation.  This was a great thing for me because I could enjoy that experience later. 
So In short it was a great buy. Overall impression this is definitely something that we would recommend for people who are curious about this kind of thing. 
The strap-on? Well that was a challenge for another night and a story for another day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two is Company, Three is Better


This week the prompt given by Rebel is 


 Make sure you visit the Wicked Wednesday page to check out the other Wicked entries.

Sometimes your subconscious stores a fantasy up without you ever even thinking about it. Then one fine day in the middle of the night something unexpected happens and you realise that you have just lived out some long held fantasy that your subconscious forgot to tell you about. This is the story of a night like that.

I was bumming around my house one night, wondering what to eat, what to feed the cat, and if I had a clean shirt for work tomorrow, not particularly in that order. Then my phone pinged.

So Mr Rabbit do you feel like a bit of a hop round our garden?

For long moments I stood looking at the screen of the phone. The name at the top was enough to set my heart thumping, let alone the words she had typed. My mind's eye could see her typing. She would be smiling that little smile of hers as she sprawled on the couch wearing something that didn't quite cover everything. She was one of the most luscious women I had ever met. And her husband was the most generous guy I had ever met. He shared this sensual woman with me sometimes. At my feet the cat miaowed loudly, protesting about his empty stomach. Still fantasising about Julie's skirt I opened the pantry, grabbed a tin of tuna and emptied it onto Puss' plate. He sniffed and looked at me a little bit 


"Sorry bud that is all there is tonight." I shrugged my shoulders and quickly typed into my phone,

I will be there ASAP.
Frantically I rushed into my bedroom, searching for something clean to wear. Julie hates cigarettes, I had been trying to quit without success. If she smelled smoke on my clothes she would hammer me. Hastily I turned on the shower and began soaping myself. Already my cock was hard thinking about what the night had in store.

As I reversed down the driveway a thought occurred to me,

"What if she didn’t mean come over and have sex?" The excitement drained out of me, nerves took hold and I almost drove straight back into the garage.  Something made me keep driving.  Probably because I was so horny that I couldn’t help myself.  Even if it wasn't a certainty I didn't want to spend another night wanking in front of RedTube. 

After I parked I made my way down their driveway. The house seemed to be in darkness but as I turned the corner to where their bedroom opened towards the pool I saw a faint light spilling onto the path. My doubts eased a little. I paused in the doorway to watch the scene in front of me. Julie was sitting astride Sam on the bed. Her head was thrown back and her long hair cascaded down her back. As she ground into him, Sam reached up and cupped her breasts with both hands. They were whispering fantasies and talking dirty to each other. In my jeans I felt my cock stand straight to attention. The candlelight in the room caught in the highlights of her hair and the motion of Julie's hips mesmerised me, drawing me in, like a moth to a flame.

She turned and saw me standing in the doorway. Her lips curved upwards in a smile,   

“And what brings you here Mr Rabbit?” Her voice was soft but her tone was quite serious. 

Panic flared in me again. I had made a mistake. I stood in the doorway unable to move, waiting for her to tell me to go away.

“Well…” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. I was convinced that I was intruding on their private time and I felt so intensely embarrassed.

Then, to my immense relief her face lit up in a smile and she beckoned to me,
“Come in and join the fun.” A wave of relief surged through me. Two steps to the edge of the bed where I could inhaling the scent of her desire.

I said my hello’s to Sam as I shed my clothes. Things felt a little awkward, like two had suddenly become a crowd. I stood beside the bed, naked with my cock jutting out in front of me, not sure what to do. Julie was not so hesitant; she reached out and stroked me before leaning over to slide her lips down my shaft. A long slow breath fell out of me as the tension of my day suddenly evaporated.  

“Let’s go outside.” Sam interrupted my thoughts. 

Source: Kinky Gent
“Good idea,” Julie moved off Sam and stood next to me with her had wrapped around my cock.  She was wearing a short skirt but her breasts were bare.  My hand eased under the hem of her skirt and I leaned down to kiss her hello.  

“I am glad you came,” she whispered in my ear.

“I am glad you invited me.” I whispered back.

She took my hand and Sam’s and together we walked outside into the darkness. Night air cooled our skin the faint light from a half moon bathed the yard. In the corner was the kid's trampoline. Awkwardly we all clambered on. The whole night had taken on a surreal, otherworldly feeling. I was afraid I would suddenly wake up and be at home in my bed with my hand wrapped around my own cock.  

Sam and I pressed on either side of Julie. Our hands roamed over her body as she writhed and almost purred with pleasure under our touch. She had one hand on each of our bodies stroking our chests, pulling gently at our nipples and occasionally stroking our cocks. I inhaled sharply as I felt the warmth of her mouth covering my cock. A shiver of arousal went through her body and she pushed the whole length of my cock into her mouth sucking hungrily at me.   

Beside her Sam reached down and slipped his hand between his wife's legs. I caught a whiff of her scent as Sam licked it from his finger. He pushed her into a kneeling position and pressed his face between her legs. She sucked me harder as she moaned in response to his attention. The vibrations along my shaft were divine and I leaned back savouring the exquisite feeling of her mouth. If I had let myself I would have shot cum deep down her gorgeous throat. For a moment I considered it. She was sucking me so greedily that I knew she would happily gobble it down.  But I wanted this to last longer.

I pushed her gently off me,

“You are amazing.” I looked deep into her eyes.

“Fuck you have such a nice cock,” she gasped, “I just want to suck all the cum right out of it.”
I felt a pull deep in my groin, she was so hot.  Gently I turned her around so that her beautiful round butt was pointing at me as she bent to attend to her husband's cock. I had never really understood Sam's fascination with little skirts until that moment. Suddenly the sight of that ruffle of fabric across her ass cheeks was intensely enticing. I smoothed it down looking at the skin along the hemline. In the moonlight my eye was drawn to her opening peeking out between her legs. Entranced I reached out and stroked the outer lips of her pussy with my finger.  She was so wet! The juice quickly coated my finger as I probed deeper into her wetness.  Gently I touched her swollen throbbing clit before I slipped my finger inside her opening feeling the warmth and wetness of her. 

With two fingers I fucked her pussy as she backed against my hand. I fucked her harder as I listened to Sam's ragged breathing, knowing she was sucking him as greedily as she had sucked me. She looked over her shoulder at me,

“Fuck me!” she commanded. Nothing could have stopped me from obeying her command. I kneeled behind her and pushed my cock into her streaming wet pussy groaning in ecstasy. Her pussy clamped firmly around my cock. Her head bobbed frantically up and down on Sam’s cock as she gorged herself on him.

I pounded deep into her gripping her hips through the fabric of the skirt.  Looking down her ass was covered completely with fabric. The thought of taking something that was hidden from me drove me crazy and I fucked her harder. Her hot cunt tightened as tiny orgasms shivered through her.  At one time she lifted her head from Sam's cock and moaned out her pleasure to the night air. I am sure that the neighbours would have been able to hear us but none of us cared.  We were all so engrossed in each other. Julie was almost frantic.  She sucked Sam as if she couldn’t get enough cock.  I slowed my pace slightly savouring the feeling and teasing her a little. 

Things seemed to quieten for a while and then her pussy squeezed tightly around my cock.  I don’t know exactly what she did to Sam but it seemed that her head moved a little faster.  Sam groaned in pleasure and he placed his hands on her head, driving her deeper down over his cock. I sensed the increase in the urgency and responded.  I could feel the orgasm now edging closer no matter how hard I was trying to hold it off.

Sam had moved beside Julie. His hand slipped into her pussy feeling me pumping into her.

“God you fuck so good,” she whispered urgently. “I want to feel you filling my pussy up with your cum.”

Looking at Sam I could see how much this turned him on. He had told me before how much he liked seeing his wife get fucked hard and seeing her pussy filled with other men's cum. I was only too happy to oblige my friend who had allowed me to share this night and his gorgeous wife with him. 

“Are you ready?” I asked them both.

“Yesss.” I heard the excitement in Sam’s voice. 

My belly slapped against Julie's butt and her moans drove me harder. I held out as long as I could until the heat of the orgasm seized me. With a loud groan I shot cum deep into her. Sam's fingers caressed her opening seeking out the silky feeling of my essence in her.  I stayed inside her for a few moments as Sam kissed her on the mouth. She was still hungry to be fucked and her husband was craving the feeling of her right then.  With a little shiver I pulled out of her and lay down beside them to watch their love making.

Julie turned and lay down on the trampoline between Sam and myself.  She smiled at both of us and stroked our chests softly. Sam was stroking the tops of her thighs and the outer lips of her pussy feeling the wetness of her juice mixing with my semen.

“You wanna fuck my pussy full of cum?” she asked him.  Her voice was thick with desire and I was surprised at how arousing and sexy the whole thing was.  Even though my cock was no longer hard I still wanted to keep on watching this sexy woman.  Sam didn’t answer her, he just moved his body between her legs and eased himself into her as she wrapped her legs around his hips. 

“That feels so good,” he whispered to her.

“I know,” she smiled up at him. “I love the feeling of your cock in my wet pussy.”
She cried in pleasure as he thrusted hard into her. Absently her hand moved downwards to stroke her clit in time with his movements. She turned her head to me and said,

“Would you like to suck my nipples?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice.  I leaned down and tasted her nipple between my lips. She arched her back in response and moaned out her pleasure to me.  I sucked harder and her moaning became louder.  Her hand worked her clit frantically and Sam was pounding into her.

“Fuck it is so hot having two guys here.” She moaned out.

Sam pounded his cock into her harder, “Do you like having one dick after another?” he whispered to her. 

“Oh yes,” she responded. “I just love being fucked and fucked.”

“Do you want to feel my cum in your pussy?”

“Yes, yes.” The arousal in her voice now was intense.  Her back was arched and her whole body was tense with desire.  Her fingers worked her clit and she gave out small moans.

They climaxed together. She almost screamed out her pleasure at the final release. Sam matched her. I pressed my body against her lost in the sensations of her pleasure and the heat radiating out of her. At that moment Julie looked like a sex goddess. I would have pledged my life to worship at the altar of her body.

That night was one of many firsts for me. I had never understood the skirt thing but now it was something I couldn't get out of my head. I had never shared a woman with another man like that either and it was definitely something I would recall on many long lonely nights. On top of all that I would never be able to look a trampoline in the eye again.