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Somwhere inside me I have discovered a corner that loves the idea of female domination. I have gotten so wrapped up in the story of Estelle and Brian that I can't stop writing it.

When Thursday's alarm sounded Brian pulled the doona back over his head. He just couldn't get up and face the cold wet day. Revelling in the dark warmth of his bed he let his eyes slide closed and sighed as the fingers of sleep stroked his forehead. A dream he had been enjoying before the alarm returned. 

Source: Fem Dom Wife
He was kneeling naked in Estelle's office with his hands tied behind his back. Estelle stood in front of him dressed, as always in one of her suits, the skirt on this one was impossibly short. Although her blouse seemed to be almost completely unbuttoned he could see nothing but a glimpse of her alabaster skin and the hint of her cleavage. She stepped forward to stand in front of him. The hem of her skirt barely covered her pubis. The lace at the top of her stockings peeked out from her hemline. Brian's cock ached as he inhaled the smell of her; a waft of expensive perfume mixed with the musk of her sex. Involuntarily Brian leaned forward aching to bury his face between her thighs. Placing her hand on his forehead she pushed him away.

Without speaking she beckoned to Amber who was standing beside her. Looking downwards at her feet Amber stepped forward. Estelle guided her to the office chair that was normally in front of her desk. Her short pleated skirt rode up slightly as Estelle parted her knees to reveal a freshly shaved bare pussy. 

"Show me how you would pleasure me." Estelle placed emphasis on the word 'pleasure' rolling it around her mouth like a chocolate. Brian ached for her but he forced himself to look at Amber's sex spread in front of him. For a millisecond he glanced up at her fresh innocent face. She looked like a frightened rabbit too scared to run away from the thing that was terrifying her so much. 

Brian leaned forward and tentatively slipped his tongue into the top of Amber's slit. His tongue tasted her arousal and he felt heat surge through him. His cock throbbed even harder.  Amber gave a tiny whimper. Looking up Brian noticed Estelle's hand resting on Amber's shoulder as if she were warning her not to jump up and run away. Estelle's eyes were boring into him. Her face was like a mask, he could not tell if she was pleased or not. A feeling of doubt that he would not pass this test filled him. Nothing mattered to Brian more than pleasing the imposing woman standing beside the chair in her short skirt, flawless black stockings and immaculate stilettos.

He returned his attention to the smooth folds in front of him. Tentatively he ran his tongue along the length of the two outer lips dipping in a little deeper at the bottom near her opening. Amber gave another, louder whimper. Encouraged, Brian probed a little deeper into her, dipping his tongue into her opening. Amber sighed and slid forwards a little in the chair as she opened her legs further. Brian stroked her outer lips with his tongue carefully avoiding the little node that was growing with each tongue stroke. Brian looked up at Estelle as he dipped his tongue into Amber. Her face was impassive. Rising to the challenge Brian slipped two fingers inside Amber's cunt. He felt her muscles contract around his finger as she arched herself towards him. With his eyes studying Estelle's face Brian grazed his tongue over the hard node of Amber's clit. Amber's body shuddered and a low moan came from her lips. She slid further down in the chair, Estelle's mouth twitched slightly. Brian pressed his lips around Amber's clit and sucked on it. Amber's body shuddered,

"Nooo," She pressed her hands on Brian's forehead. Her knees clamped his head as she tried to push him away. Brian looked up at Estelle. Her eyes were dark and compelling. Without her saying a word he knew he had to keep pleasuring Amber. Seconds later Amber gave a loud cry and he felt a stream of warm liquid cover his face.

Amber pulled away from Brian and hunched into a ball in the chair. "I am so sorry," she apologised. 

Brian jolted awake. The clock on the bedside table read 7:08am. 

"Shit!" Brian jumped out of bed. His semi hard cock swung between his legs as he ran to the shower reminding him of his dream. Once he was standing with the water streaming over his body Brian returned to the memory of the dream. Unconsciously his hand wrapped around his cock as it hardened. Brian allowed himself the luxury of stroking himself to climax as the water streamed over him. He watched as his cum pumped out over his hand and was washed away down the drain. He dried the water off of his body and dressed for work. A feeling of cheery optimism filled him as he stepped off the bus in front of his office building. 

"Good morning Brian," Estelle greeted him on the way out of his manager's office. For a second Brian felt a little nervous. Estelle smiled at him, looking pleased with herself. 

"Good morning Estelle," Brian smiled back. Nothing could dampen his good mood today.

"It is nice to see you so relaxed this morning." Estelle looked at him with a completely straight face. "I think Mike may wish to speak to you when you have gotten yourself settled." 

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TMI Tuesday - The Long and Short of It

This week's TMI questions were written by none other than the incredibly sexy Allysin Brisneyland who writes a most awesome blog that you should check out sometime. As usual please make sure you check out the other confessors at TMI Tuesday.

The Long and the Short of It

Source: Hot Stud Pix

A lot of the answers this week will be the same for both of us so we will give our separate perspectives only on the relevant questions.  

1. What is the longest relationship you have been in?
For both of us our current relationship is most definitely the longest. Jake and I recently celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary and have been together for a total of fifteen years. 

2. What is the shortest relationship you have been in?
Gemma: It has been so long since I was in another relationship that I can't really remember the details of any other relationships. I think I had a very short relationship that lasted only a few months when I was in university but I can't say exactly how long it lasted. I guess that is just a sign of how insignificant it was.

Jake: Before Gemma I either had very short mostly casual relationships or long very serious ones. I was engaged twice before I met Gemma and lived with most of my serious relationships even from early in them.  

3. How often do you have sex? How often do you want sex?
Jake and I probably have sex about three times a week on average. Sometimes it is more, sometimes it is less. We have two children who are too old to be shipped off to bed at the respectable time of 7pm and who are old enough to know what happens behind the closed bedroom door and that can be a little bit inhibiting at times. So yes there are times when the window of opportunity is maddenly small or gets suddenly closed in the middle of proceedings meaning that just because you want sex does not mean you are getting it. 
Likewise the frequency of our sex with other people tends to vary a bit. We go through stages where we may play every weekend for a few weeks and then have a long space of a month or two before we meet up with anyone else. 

Jake: I would add that I go through stages where I want more sex than I am getting but other times when I am happy with how things are. 

4. How long does sex usually last?
As I said in my answer to #3 the other people who live in our house kind of curtail things from time to time. So there are times when we have a morning quickie and other times when we may take our time a little and the sex may last around an hour. If I had to give an average I would say about 20 - 30 mins. 
Of course if we have special friends over for a visit then things may extend out for a few hours! 

5. Have you ever had an experience where somone couldn't perform, finished too quickly or couldn't keep up with you?
Gemma:Complete lack of performance has never been something that I have ever encountered much of. In group sex situations it is not uncommon for guys to have some performance anxiety or be distracted by all the comings and goings and not be as hard as they would like. Using condoms can also be a bit of an issue.
There was one time at a club when we were getting busy with a couple we had met. I knew the lady from a Ladies Night encounter and she was very effusive about her playmate's abilities and talents. I had my back to the guy when he did the big reveal and Jake told me later his first thought was "Gemma isn't going to be happy with that!" As it turned out we got into a room and he gave his partner a good warm up which made me keen as to have a turn. But when it came to my turn he was spent and I was left well and truly thinking "Is that it!" From that night on I have always been very wary of women who hype up their husband / partner's bedroom prowess. 

Jake: I will admit that there have been a couple of times when I have been unable to perform to the expected level. This can happen because I am not feeling comfortable with something in the situation. It isn't always because my partner isn't attractive or because I don't want to have sex with them. Sometimes my body just doesn't cooperate with my mind. I find that if people I don't like are watching too closely or if there is a lot of action to distract me I might have problems 'performing'.

6. If you could only have one 'type' of sexual encounter for the rest of your life would you prefer:
a) Short and sweet
b) Wham bam thank you ma'am
c) Here for the long haul
d) Slow and tender

Gemma:I think I would go with d) as that is Jake's speciality and I rather enjoy it.

Jake: Since it is my speciality then I will have to say d) as well. I was never a fan of fast pounding sex
Bonus: Would you consider ending an otherwise healthy relationship if the sex wasn't what you wanted?
Gemma: In my experience if the sex in a relationship is not mutually satisfying there are other issues with the relationship. Saying 'Everything is great but I just want more kink / sex / variety etc and he  / she is not interested' is lying. Either you are not communicating your needs effectively or he / she is not listening and taking your issue seriously. Whichever way, this is unhealthy and this lack of communication will be apparent in other areas of your relationship. 
So to answer your question if the sex is not good I would consider ending it because it is likely that our communication is not really effective either. Depending on how serious the relationship is I would definitely work on communication to resolve things before walking away but at the end of the day staying with someone who isn't doing it for you just because you have children or shared financial commitments is really not an option for me.   

Jake: This is a fairly hard question, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. I would definitely consider it. I did once end a relationship because I didn't feel I was getting enough sex. It ended up causing a lot of issues for me and I couldn't continue in the relationship.   

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Relax your Mood


For this week's Wicked Wednesday Rebel chose the following prompt.

I have re-visited Brian Estelle and Amber for this one as it seemed a fitting prompt for them. You can read their previous story here and here. As usual you can check out the other Wicked Wednesday entries at Rebel's Notes

Brian leaned back in his chair massaging the back of his neck as he stretched. On his desk the in-tray was piled up to almost overflowing. His head was spinning with the tasks that awaited his attention. All he wanted was for it to stop. When he went home at night all he had the energy to do was eat some dinner and fall asleep on the couch in front of the television. It seemed like it had been weeks since he had done anything pleasurable. He didn't even have the energy to masturbate.  The images he was assembling for a presentation he was giving tomorrow swam across the screen in front of him. No matter what he put together it seemed to be childish and awkward. 

In the bottom right hand corner of his screen the email icon flashed at him. For a few moments he considered ignoring it but he worried that it was Mike, his immediate manager, demanding an update on his presentation. With a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach he clicked the little envelope. 

                "I would like the pleasure of your company in my office at 12.30." The sender was listed as none other than the enigmatic Estelle. 

Source: Life of a Tongue
Memories of Amber sucking his cock obliterated all thoughts of work. Brian allowed himself to fantasise about how she would look bent over Estelle's desk with her skirt riding up over her ass. As she bent over her butt cheeks parted a little to allow Brian a peek at her glistening wet pussy. Sinking further into the fantasy Brian wondered how it would feel to step up behind her and sink his cock into her warm wet depths.

"How is the presentation going Brian?" Mike's voice jolted Brian out of his reverie like a bucket of cold water. 

"Good, good." Brian quickly gathered his thoughts and opened his notebook. For the next hour he was deep in conversation with Mike hammering out details and sorting his ideas. As Mike walked away from his desk, Brian felt more under control. His presentation was sorted mostly but his in-tray was still screaming for his attention. He launched himself into his paper work. 

At 12.35 the email icon blinked at him again. Automatically Brian clicked on it. 

                "You are late." The message sat accusingly on his screen. With a feeling of dread and guilt Brian jumped up immediately and hurried towards Estelle's office. As he passed her desk Amber looked up at him with a carefully neutral expression. Brian felt a pang. He couldn't get the image of her lips wrapped around his cock out of his head but somehow he felt as if she was displeased with him. He desperately wanted to get back the camaraderie that they had before but somehow she always seemed to hold him at arm's length.
"Hello," he said, trying to be friendly.

"Estelle doesn't like people who are late." Amber replied. For a split second there was a flash of something in Amber's eyes before she turned back to her desk. Brian frowned. He could have sworn Amber just looked like a sibling who was celebrating her brother getting scolded by their parent. He walked towards the door to Estelle's office. 

As he stepped inside he took in Estelle sitting in the big chair behind her desk deeply engrossed in something she was reading on her computer screen. He gave a slight cough to gain her attention. Behind him he heard the faint click of the door as Amber pulled it closed. Estelle looked up calmly.

"Hello Brian." She seemed a little cool in her attitude. Brian felt a flash of trepidation at his lateness. 

"I am sorry I am late," he looked down at his feet, feeling like a schoolboy waiting for a scolding from his teacher. 

Estelle pushed her chair back from her desk and leaned back a little in it. "Punctuality is very important to me," Estelle did not stand up from her chair. "I do like you Brian but I am not prepared to overlook lateness without punishment. Don't let it happen again." 

Brian kept looking at the floor unsure of what to do. He fully expected to look up and see Estelle standing at her desk with a cane in her hand. 

"Come over here." Estelle's voice sounded a little softer. Brian walked over to the desk to stand opposite her. Estelle watched him carefully as he approached her. As he looked into her eye he noticed a glint that he was starting to become familiar with. Brian felt his cock stirring for the first time in about a week. She beckoned him, "Come around here next to me."

As he walked around to the other side of the desk Estelle leaned back on her chair and rested her feet on the desk. Brian rested his butt against the edge of her desk, facing her. Estelle's skirt was hitched up high, showing her lace panties underneath.

"You seem to have been a bit stressed for the last couple of days," Estelle said conversationally.
Source: A Kinky Gent

"Yeh," Brian rubbed the back of his neck. "I just can't seem to get on top of things."
"It is really unhealthy not to give yourself some time to relax every day." Estelle looked up at him. "Do you masturbate?" 

Brian shifted uncomfortably against the desk. "Sometimes," he said quietly. 

Estelle seemed to be unphased, "I find it to be a great way to relax," 

Brian noticed that she was stroking her thigh with her fingernails. A little shiver went through her as she looked at Brian. His cock was like a rock in his pants. Estelle's fingers stroked the lace of her panties. "When was the last time you masturbated Brian?" Estelle looked up at him. He could see a hungry look in her eyes. 

"I dunno" Brian answered quietly.

Estelle looked at the bulge in his trousers, "That is a shame," she licked her lips as she slid a finger inside her panties. "Perhaps you could show me how you stroke yourself." 

Brian fumbled with his belt as he opened his pants and eased his cock out of his trousers. He wrapped his hand around his hard shaft and closed his eyes. His hand moved slowly along his shaft. He let out a long sigh. 

"See now doesn't that feel better?" Estelle's voice was thick like honey. Brian opened his eyes and watched her for a moment. She had loosened her blouse and one hand was slipped inside her bra teasing her nipples. Her other finger worked her pussy inside her panties.  Brian watched, fascinated, as he continued to stroke himself. 

"Would you mind just opening that drawer and passing me the pink vibrator inside?" Estelle asked sweetly. 

Brian turned around and opened the top drawer of Estelle's desk. Nestled in a special box beside the pencils and paperclips was a slim pink vibrator. The whole scenario was starting to feel a little surreal. Estelle took the vibrator. Looking Brian in the eye she pulled aside the lace of her panties and stroked herself a little to moisten her toy. With a sigh she slid the shaft inside herself. Brian kneeled on the floor at her feet and moved to place his face against her pussy. 

Estelle sat up, "No," she said firmly. "I did not say you could touch me." She leaned forward and pressed her intercom. "Amber could you please come in here?" her voice was authoritative and business like. 

Brian rocked back on his heels, watching Estelle as she leaned back in her chair and made herself comfortable. Amber came in and stood on the other side of her boss. Estelle handed the vibrator to her, "I think you know how to use this Amber," Estelle spoke warmly. Amber kneeled at Estelle's feet and gave Brian a self-satisfied smirk as she slid the vibrator slowly inside Estelle.  Estelle turned her attention back to Brian. "Amber is very talented at pleasing women as well as men." She said conversationally. "But please don't let us stop you. Watching a man masturbate is extremely erotic to me." 

Brian stood and watched Amber pleasuring her mistress with the slender pink vibrator. His hand automatically gripped his cock. Estelle watched him the whole time with her mouth opened slightly. Her breathing became heavier as Estelle increased the rhythm of her strokes. As the intensity in the room increased Amber leaned forward and licked gently at Estelle's clit. Brian felt the hot hard surge of his orgasm building. 

Estelle smiled at him, "That is the way," She sighed as Amber lapped at her clit. "Put your cum here where Amber can taste it."

Brian moved forward and stood next to Estelle's chair. His hand shuffled hard up and down the length of his cock. Heat surged through him as he emptied himself over Estelle's pussy.

Greedily Amber lapped at the thick white liquid as Estelle moaned her climax.

Brian slumped over Estelle's chair. All of the tension he had been holding inside himself was gone. He felt as if he could run a marathon. Amber sat back on her heels watching quietly. Her pink tongue traced her lips lapping up the last of the taste of Estelle's arousal mixed with Brian's cum. 

Estelle straightened herself in her chair. Brian took his cue from her and zipped up his pants. Amber remained where she was.

"Thank you Amber," Estelle spoke to Amber as if she had just completed the filing. "You may go now." Amber stood up gracefully. As she walked out of the door Estelle added firmly, "You may reward yourself during your lunch hour, with the new toy I gave you last week. But I want to see photographs immediately afterwards." Estelle turned her chair back towards Brian. Amber walked out the door without looking back. 

"Now Brian," Estelle continued in a commanding tone. "You need to masturbate at least once a day. It is healthy for a young man like yourself to have a release at least once a day." Brian nodded nonplussed. Estelle turned back to her desk ending the conversation. Brian walked back to his desk wondering at her last comments. He frowned trying to work out how she became the one in charge of his sex life suddenly. Then another even more perplexing thought occurred to him. He actually liked it. He settled back at his desk. The mountain of work suddenly didn't seem so imposing. His email icon flashed at the bottom of his screen.

"Remember, at least once a day. I will be checking up on you."

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TMI Tuesday - Then and Now

It is Tuesday Confessional time. Sometimes I wonder who likes TMI Tuesday more. Me because I am a massive blabbermouth. Or my readers because they are all massive sticky beaks. I know that there are some of you whose secret guilty pleasure is reading TMI Tuesday posts. But don't worry your secret is safe with me.

The contributor for this week wished to remain anonymous. Thank you anonymous for great questions. Make sure that you hop over to TMI Tuesday to check out the other entries.

Jake's Answers

1. What one part of your sex life today would most surprise the 17 year old you?
That I have sex with more than one woman at a time. I would have been surprised that I can have sex with TWO women in a night let alone three or four.

2. What one thing might shock the younger you?
I think that everything that I do now would shock the hell out of me. Mostly the free and open minded sex and Gemma's squirting.

3.  What part of the younger you's sex life do you look back on with the most nostalgia?
There isn't any part of my life back then that even comes close to the life I have now. Yes I had some good times, the women were younger and perhaps better looking it doesn't even come close to the satisfaction I have now. 

4. Is there anything in the younger you's sexual ambitions or fantasies that you have not yet fulfilled? 
No. I fulfilled them all within the first six months of this journey with Gemma. We are now making up new fantasies.

Bonus: Give your 17 year old self a piece of sexual advice.
I would tell myself the ultimate secret about getting women to have sex with you. I know you all want to know what that is. It is very simple, women actually want to have sex. 

Gemma's Answers

1. What one part of your sex life today would most surprise the 17 year old you?
All of it most likely but if I had to choose one part it would probably be the way I am openly attracted to both men and women and feel the freedom to explore the side of my sexuality that always intrigued me but I was scared as hell of other people's reactions to. That is my attraction to women. 

2. What one thing might shock the younger you?
That I grew up to be the kind of girl who sometimes goes to parties where everyone walks around naked and has sex with everyone else's husband or wife. And the most shocking thing would be that I have been known to have sex with and suck the cock of more than half (sometimes all) of the men at a given party.

3.  What part of the younger you's sex life do you look back on with the most nostalgia?
The second guy I had sex with was very open minded. He taught me a lot of things including how to give head. He and I also had sex in cars an awful lot. It wasn't the best relationship in terms of romance and he really was a bit of a no hoper but I think he was responsible for nurturing my open minded-ness about sex to a point where I could maintain it for the rest of my life.

4. Is there anything in the younger you's sexual ambitions or fantasies that you have not yet fulfilled? 
I really don't think so. My number one fantasy as a young person was to have sex with a woman. I have gone on to do many things with women that I couldn't even have imagined way back then so I think that one has been ticked off well and truly. These days most of the things that Jake and I get up to are way beyond anyting I could have imagined back then.  Things that I have tried and want to do again are a completely different matter!  

Bonus: Give your 17 year old self a piece of sexual advice.
You are not fat, you are beautiful and very sexy. You don't need to give in to the idiot who won't take no for an answer because there are plenty of fish in the sea who will appreciate you much more. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pink Bits

It is well documented both in this blog and in other parts of my life that I am a bit of a fan of pink bits. I have been attracted to women ever since I can remember. The attraction is not a be all and end all sort of thing. I don't think I am capable of having a fully blown relationship with a woman, at least not a monogamous one. I like cock way too much. 

There is a general concept amongst the swing scene that all women or at least the vast majority are bisexual or at the very least bi-curious (what ever that means!) Every now and then a woman will publicly state that she doesn't find the idea of having sex with a woman attractive at all. This is usually followed by one of those pauses where all the music and the conversation in the room stops. The other person in the conversation usually replies,
"Really? What is there not to like?" 

I must admit I agree with these sentiments. There are a lot of things to like about a woman and her body, soft skin, very kissable lips, breasts, pink bits. But of course what rings my bell is not what rings everyone elses. I don't for a second support an environment where this woman is not free to express her opinion and get the support of those around her. Everyone has the right to their preferences. 

Source: Life of a Tongue
So I am a massive fan of boobies and soft, warm, girly bodies but a lot of times if there are two men and two women in a bed together I will focus on the man and give the other female nothing more than a passing glance and perhaps a caress. I have a few different reasons for this. 

Firstly, Jake and I don't participate in swinging as spectators. Unlike a lot of men I have come accross Jake is not content to take his seat at the edge of the action and watch his wife eat out another woman like a guy watching his own special, personalised porno. He is happy to watch for a while but ultimately he is a 'hands on' kind of guy and he will not be happy unless he has his hands full of girly bits. 

Secondly I am worried about unwittingly crossing someone's personal boundary. The stereotype I mentioned earlier sits at the forefront of my mind along with the firm knowledge that it is a stereotype. I am painfully careful not to fall into the trap of assuming that just because a woman is naked in bed with me that I am able to partake of the pleasures of her body whenever and however I like.

Thirdly I am not a show pony. Sometimes women play with other women just because they know it turns their partner on. Not because it turns THEM on. I don't like that and it is one way to turn me off the whole situation really, REALLY fast. When I worship a woman it is because I think she is shit hot and I want to feel her nipples against my tongue or teeth if she likes it like that. I want to explore her beautiful folds and watch her face while she writhes and moans because I like it. If there is someone watching and they enjoy the show then so be it but the pleasure is definitely all mine. The thing that gets me off is not Jake wanting to fuck me because of what he sees but the sound of her moaning and the look on her face when she cums. 

I don't want to worship every woman I come accross just like I don't want to fuck every guy. Sometimes I like the husband but not the wife. Sometimes the cock has more allure than the pussy because I want to be fucked hard over and over. 

But every now and then the planets align and I find myself with my face buried between the legs of a goddess with my fingers pushed deep inside her. 
Source: Life of a Tongue

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sharing Talents

Welcome to humpity hump day. Also known as Wicked Wednesday. The prompt given by Rebel this week was this photo,

Photo source: julettemillien.com

As always make sure you hop on over to Rebel's Notes to check out the other wickedness. But only after you read my entry!

Louise sighed. Figures swam across the page in front of her. She really, really hated maths. Absently she rolled her pen around in her pursed lips as she looked around the room at the other students with their heads bent, studiously writing in their books. What was Mr Mitchell thinking giving them this problem to do in class? Who cared what the derivative of 'y' was? 

Three seats across from her Derek looked over at Louise running her pencil around her lips. Not for the first time he wished he was that pencil. Louise glanced up and caught him looking at her. A moment of irritation passed through her mind. "How can he be finished so fast?" she thought crossly. Then she remembered. Derek was good at maths. An idea ocurred to her, she smiled coyly at him. The movement of her pencil became more exaggerated. Derek seemed to twitch in his seat but he couldn't take his eyes off those beautiful lips held in a perfect pout. In the showers, getting changed after gym the boys whipered cruel things about what she did with those lips. Derek didn't care; he thought her lips were perfect. At night in his bedroom with the door locked he fantasised about those lips wrapped around his penis instead of his own fingers. When his cum spurted out in thick gobs he imagined her smiling at him as she licked the creamy white liquid off his fingers and belly. 
The bell rang, cutting off his fantasy. Quickly he packed away his books as the other students filed out. Louise dallied, seeming to take a long time to get her books organised. Then, before he realised, she was standing beside him. Derek was tall and gangly, Louise was tiny. She had to tilt her head to look up at him. She smiled warmly. Did he imagine it or were her lips extra pink today. They really were the most perfect lips, full, round, pink and so luscious. 
"Wanna come for a walk down to the grandstand at lunch?" Louise asked the question casually, with her eyes held open wide and innocent. 
Hot redness flushed up Derek's neck and into his cheeks, "Sure." He answered. 
She smiled happily. "Cool," then she skipped out of the room. 
The next two classes were a blur in Derek's mind. He was trying to sort out this unexpected turn of events. Louise's reputation meant that he was in for a treat. "But," the logical part of his brain argued. "What if her reputation is crap?"
"Why else would she ask you for a walk down to the grandstand you nong?" the hopeful part of his brain said. 
"Maybe to get you to hang out your willy and take a photo to post on Facebook," his self-doubt taunted him. 
"She is not like that," the hopefulness argued. 
And she wasn't. Just because Derek fantasised about her didn't mean Louise was considered to be suitable to be a cheerleader or one of the fashionistas. She was just normal. Derek felt certain that the locker room whispers made by the jocks were just the result of rejection or anger at being passed over. 
At lunch she was at the appointed spot, and she was alone. Derek looked nervously around seeking out a hidden camera man. Louise laughed,
"What are you looking for?" she asked. "There isn't anyone hiding in the bushes. C'mon in here." She took his hand and led him into a cool hiding spot underneath the bleachers out of view of passers-by. They leaned against the wall for an awkward moment each waiting for the other to make the first move. Derek could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Louise took a step closer and put her hand on Derek's crotch. 
"You know how you are great at maths?" looked up with her eyes wide.
"Uh- huh," Derek felt his willy stiffening in his jeans.
"You wanna know what I am good at?" She was looking at him quite seriously.
"Ummmm," Derek cursed himself. His mind couldn't form a single coherent word. 
Louise cupped Derek's balls through his jeans, "I am good at sucking cock. Have you ever had a blow job Derek?" 
"Ummmmmm no," Derek began to re-work this morning's maths problems in his mind to distract himself from the sensations coming out of his pants.
Louise smiled a big happy smile, "I do love sucking a guy who has never been sucked before." She continued to speak quite seriously. "Can I have the honour of being the first girl to suck your cock?" she asked.
Derek's mind whirled, his knees felt as if they couldn't hold him up, "Sure," he tried to keep the tremor out of his voice.
The smile spread a little further over Louise's face, "Let's see what we have to work with then." Expertly she pulled down his zipper and opened the button of his pants. Derek bit his lip to stop himself from whimpering as she eased her hand into his boxers and slipped her hand around his cock. "It does feel like you are a bit excited," she quipped. 
Source: Life of A Tongue
Louise dropped to her knees and touched the tip of his cock with her tongue. A string of pre-cum formed between her lips and his cock. She licked her lips and then opened them to slide them down over Derek's rock hard cock. 
Heat flushed through Derek. This was better than he had ever even fantasised. Her lips clamped around him firmly as she sucked him like an icy-pole. Air rushed out through Derek's lips and his body sagged against the wall. He was petrified that his legs were going to completely give way. He felt the pressure building up at the base of his cock and he desperately tried to hold it back. In his mind he recited formulas and went through every maths problem he could remember from the last few days. 
It didn't help, Louise sucked his cock firmly, moving her head up and down along his shaft giving his head a little flick with her tongue on the upstroke. The pressure built up and up in Derek until he felt he was going to explode. He knew he couldn't hold back any longer.
"Ummmmm?" he asked desperately. 
"Louise released his cock slightly, "Fill my mouth baby," she encouraged.  "I want to taste you."
Derek groaned loudly as his cock pulsed cum into her gorgeous mouth. He tried to count the number of pulses but he lost count. It felt as if they were never going to stop. Louise held her mouth over his cock, looking up at him as he pumped her mouth full. Derek's knees finally gave way and he sagged down to sit on the ground in front of Louise panting heavily.
They sat in silence for a while. 
"I wish I could do maths as well as you." Louise said reflectively. 
Derek laughed, "I think that compared to doing maths your talent is much more fun." He paused for a moment, "But if you are having trouble with maths I am sure I can help." 
Louise looked at him with those big wide eyes, "Really?" she asked excitedly a bit like a child. 
Derek shrugged, "Sure," he said. "We all have our own special talents so why not share the love around?" 
Louise considered for a moment, "O.K. then. When did you want to hook up to um, share talents then?" She looked at him with a perfectly straight face.
"Well you can come over to mine this afternoon if you like," he answered. "No one will be home until five."
The bell rang, calling them back to class. Louise stood up quickly, "I better rush, I have English and Mrs Taylor is such a bitch when you are late. I'll meet you out the front after school then?"

Derek nodded, "No probs." Louise ducked out into the school world outside. As she left she turned and blew Derek a kiss through those amazing lips.