Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - Close Shave


In honour of Movember Rebel has chosen the following prompt for this week;

 In a post earlier this week I spoke about Lorsa, an Australian woman who is participating in Movember. I urge all of you Australians and overseas people to get behind her and donate to Movember. She is one inspiring woman. 

Now back to the smut.

Source: Run Fly Run

Tessa sat on the edge of the bathroom bench with her legs spread wide. With circular motions she spread the shaving foam over herself before she dipped her razor in clean warm water and took the first stroke. The blade left a trail of smooth, hairless skin as it cut through the dark crinkly hair. Tessa reached over and dipped the razor into the bowl of warm water beside her, rinsing the blade clean before making a second stroke. After she had shaved all of herself, Tessa investigated her handiwork stroking the smooth hairless skin with her fingers, enjoying the smooth baby softness of it. She carefully parted her lips and made sure all of the small hairs were removed. When she was finished she laid the razor aside and picked up a cloth. With gentle strokes she wiped away the excess shaving cream and smoothed lotion over herself enjoying the way her fingers slid over her mound before they dipped into her slit. 

She gazed at Carlos, sitting on the bed, watching her. Slowly, provocatively she slid her fingers in deeper caressing herself before she slipped two fingers inside herself. A long sigh escaped from her lips as she slowly fucked herself. Her teeth bit down onto her bottom lip and a little furrow formed between her brows as she brought herself to the brink of orgasm. She opened her eyes and looked Carlos squarely in the eye as she slid her fingers out of her wet, smooth cunt and licked them clean.

"Your turn now," She turned and emptied the basin beside her, refilling it with clean warm water. Carlos seated himself between her legs, resting his head against her thigh. Lovingly Tessa lathered his face. Tendrils of hair framed her face as she looked down at him, her naked breasts dangled enticingly just out of his view. She reached down and picked up the razor and cradled his face gently as she took the first stroke. 

Neither of them spoke as she stroked the hair from his face, dipping the razor into the warm water between each stroke. When she had finished one side of his face she turned his head slightly to work on the other side. Carlos could see the soft tender flesh of her thigh and an enticing glimpse of her freshly shaved mound. He stretched his tongue trying to taste the enticing treat that his freshly shaved chin was resting on. Tessa smiled lovingly, 

"Good things come to those who wait," she chided him as she finished the last stroke. He turned and faced her as she rinsed a face washer in warm water and wiped away the last patches of shaving cream from his face. When she finished she spread her legs a little wider and stroked her fingers over her smooth skin and opened the lips of her pussy showing him the folds and swollen node inside.

"How would your smooth skin feel against mine?" she purred. One of her fingers slid enticingly over her node and downwards towards her opening. Carlos's tongue touched his lips. Tentatively he reached out and stroked her outer lips. He looked up into her intense blue eyes as his finger delved deeper into her, stroking around her labia before he leaned forward pressed his freshly shaven cheek against her smooth mound. He slid his tongue into the top of her slit as his fingers pinched her labia together and caressed her swelling clit through a cloak of skin. 

Tess moaned softly and twisted her fingers into his hair as he increased the pressure moving his fingers back and forth over her. When she started panting he released her and looked up into her piercing blue eyes before delving down to caress the area around her clit with his tongue. His fingers slid inside her slick opening stoking the sensitive area teasing the juice out of her. She thrust her hips upwards coaxing his face closer to her. He resisted the pressure on the back of his head for a moment, teasing her with his fingers and tongue before he pressed his lips over her clit and sucked it into his mouth like a tiny penis.

Source: Whateverthefucklike
Tess felt as if she were going to melt off the bench. Carlos slid his fingers inside her opening and bent them to press against the hard swollen node just inside her opening. Warmth spread through her and she felt the pressure increasing in her groin. She clenched herself closed, fighting what she knew was coming, teasing him. Carlos sucked a little harder teasing her clit gently with his tongue and pressing his fingers harder against her g-spot. The pressure was intense and Tess could resist no longer. The orgasm surged through her in a spasm as a jet of liquid covered Carlos' face. He released her clit and looked up at her face for a few moments as his fingers continued to work her pussy.

"That's a good girl," he whispered. "Just let it go."

A low moan came out of Tess as the second spasm gripped her. A jet of liquid covered Carlos' hand. He smiled as he pressed his face against her and continued to nibble and caress her as spasm after spasm jerked through her. His face and chest were saturated and the bench was covered in a pool of her juice. When she was almost spent he gave one last gentle suck of her and slid his fingers out of her slick pussy. Tenderly he picked her up and carried her over to the bed where he spread her out on the clean, white sheets.

"Fuck me baby," she begged. "I need to feel your cock inside me." 

Carlos spread her legs and rested her feet on his shoulders. Slowly he slid his cock deep inside her enjoying the slick feeling of her wetness and teasing himself by resisting the urge to pound deep inside her. When he was buried deep inside her he paused for a moment moving his hips from side to side feeling the smoothness of her pussy against his belly. When he could not stand it anymore he withdrew before pounding into her.    

As always please make sure you head on over to the Wicked Wednesday page to see who else is being wicked this week. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Famous or Forgotten

This week's questions were contributed by a regular TMI Tuesday lurker. 

To check out the rest of this week's contributions make sure you check out the TMI Tuesday page. 

1. Have you ever had sex with someone famous or who later became famous, if only locally?

Jake: Of course Gemma!!! She is the most famous person who I have ever had sex with and she is truly awesome. 

Gemma: I really can't think of anyone who I have had sex with who became truly famous. Jake has had his photo in the paper a few times for his business. Does that count?

2. In the spirit of Six Degrees of Separation, have you ever had sex with someone who ...... someone famous?

We are going to answer this question together as our answers would really be carbon copies of each other. There is a couple in our circle of naughty friends who are insanely fanatical KISS fans. They have followed KISS for many years attending multiple concerts when they tour Australia and also attending many publicity events. Through their following and fan clubs they are involved with they have become friends with the band and the lady of the couple has been fortunate to spend the night with Gene Simmons. With a tongue like that who wouldn't pass up a chance for a night of passion?
3. In the opposite direction, have you ever had sex with someone whose name you didn't know?

Jake: Once Gemma and I were hanging out at Couples International. We were playing pool and this woman came up and started talking to us. She didn't tell us much about herself, just that she was single and was having a pamper day for herself. She had been to a day spa and treated herself to a nice dinner and was now at a swing club to see where the night would lead. Of course Gemma and I did not let her down. We got a room and for the first time we lived the two girls one guy fantasy. Afterwards we went to the bathroom and when we came back she was gone! She never said goodbye and I have never seen her since. I still count that as one of the most intense experiences that I have ever had. 

Gemma: At a swing club one night Jake and I met some nice people but none who we found attractive or who were interested in us. Early in the night I had given Jake a head job while he sat on the couch watching porn. I knew this man had been watching me. Later in the night we got a room and left the door open so that passers by could watch if they chose. The same man came in and watched us for a while and then he started masturbating. I sat astride Jake and leaned forward so that I could suck his cock while I fucked Jake. Then I turned and let him fuck me from behind while I sucked Jake's cock. I didn't know his name or anything about him until after we were all dressed.

4. Have you ever had an encounter with someone whose name you knew then but have forgotten now?

Jake: Probably about 50% of people I have casual sex with. I am pretty bad with remembering anything. 

Gemma: When I was much younger and more niave I met a man in a nightclub who was part of a football team that was touring from another country. I ended up back in his hotel room and we had sex. I can't remember his name now and I will say that random sex with random football players is overrated.

5. Someone who you suspect may have forgotten you?

Jake: That would probably be a lot of people as well. How do you actually know? 

Gemma: I am pretty sure the footballer I mentioned above wouldn't have remembered me even the next morning. Everyone else I have had sex with recently will remember me with great clarity because I am so fantastic!!.

Bonus: Is there someone in you sexual past that you wish you could forget?

Jake: Not really anyone that keeps haunting me. Most people that I wanted to forget I have forgotten. 

Gemma: I think I may have talked about this before but I kinda wish I could forget the man I lost my virginity to. To him I was just a notch on the bed head (hmmm reading the answer to no 4 and 5 I am seeing a pattern from my youth that is a little disturbing). I was so desperate to be cool that I didn't stop to consider what I was doing. I have wished many times since then that I had a better losing my virginity story but thems the breaks I guess. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some People are Awesome!

For the last couple of weeks TMI Tuesday has been running Movember themed posts to show support for this great, worldwide concept that raises funds and increases awareness of men's health problems including prostate and testicular cancer. Two diseases that, like breast cancer, have a high recovery rate if detected and treated early. Unlike breast cancer which recieves a lot of media attention and has some extremely high profile public events supporting it, prostate and testicular cancer are considerably lower profile. In the last few years Movember has increased in popularity, at least in Australia, and is starting to fill this gap. 

So with Movember on my radar I was really chuffed to hear an interview on my radio station as I drove my children to school last week. The interview was with of all people a WOMAN who is participating. Yes you did read that right a WOMAN. If you still don't believe me you can check out the photos here

I am white. My ancestors came from Ireland, England and Denmark. A few years ago I discovered one blonde whisker on my chin that freaked me out and every time it dares poke it's head up I get the tweezers and pluck his ass out. I never really gave much thought to the millions of women accross the globe who deal with facial hair every day. After hearing Losa's interview on the radio I really changed my thoughts about women with facial hair. After looking at her photos I am feeling a little ashamed about my reaction to my one, mostly invisble hair.

As I reflected on Losa's participation in Movember I realised another dimension to her participation. Losa is a lesbian and yet she is participating in an event that is dedicated to men's health. I am inspired by her so hop on over to her Movember page and check out her photos and dontate people!! Just because she is such an awesome person!!     

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wild Child


This week's Wicked Wednesday prompt was the following quote;


As some of you know I lost my panel van virginity recently and thoughts of young people fucking in panel vans a la Puberty Blues came to mind when I read this quote. There is a little bit of me in this girl although my boyfriend drove a Corolla not a Sandman. 

Of all the people in the world, sometimes I think Johnno is the only one who really gets me. Mum always says my skirts are too short. Dad doesn't like the guys I hang out with. Even though they pretend to be nice to me, the girls at work talk about me behind my back. I know that they don't really want to be friends with me because they never invite me to their girl's nights out or any of their fancy little parties. 

I think the reason they don't want to hang out with them is that they are scared I am going to steal their boyfriends. Because I am a slut who wears short skirts and low tops and sleeps around. At least that is what they think. They are half right. I do wear short skirts and low tops. I like them, they make me look hot. I work hard to have a body like this. Why shouldn't I show it off? If they bothered to haul their frumpy assess to the gym at 6am four times a week, or put on their runners and cover 6ks of pavement occasionally they would look like me as well. 

I like sex. There is nothing wrong with that. That doesn't mean I fall down with my legs in the air for every guy that looks at me, it just means that I fuck as often as I like and I enjoy myself. I have never really been good at relationships. Guys think the way I say yes to sex is hot and they like that I will do it outside of the bedroom but sometimes when I ask them to spank me like they mean it or I want to try something a bit more kinky it freaks them out and they leave.  The first time I asked Johnno for a proper spanking he gave me this weird look like he was half surprised and half excited. He threw me down, grabbed a handful of my hair and spanked me harder than anyone ever had while he fucked me doggy. My arse tingled for hours and I had to be careful how I sat for a few days afterwards but I have never cum so hard. I was hooked.

Johnno is friends with a lot of people who I had never had much to do with before. Most of them I have heard gossip about around town. People say they are dirty or dangerous or just plain weird and that 'nice girls' shouldn't hang around with them. Johnno took me down to the beach this night in his Sandman to this bonfire with a group of these people. For the first time I didn't feel like the odd one out when I looked at the other girls. They were wearing mini's and tight little tops just like the ones I liked to wear. One of the girls came up to me and gave me a beer,

"I really like your top," she commented.

None of the girls at my work ever said stuff like that. 

The night started out pretty slow, just hanging around the bonfire talking and drinking. Everyone was pretty relaxed. The girls leaned against the guys that they came with and drank just as much as everyone else. As the night wore on I noticed that some of the guys had their hands down the girls' shirts. I couldn't take my eyes off this one girl as her guy cupped and pinched her tits through inside her top. She leaned back against him with her skirt riding up and her legs apart. I could see the black fabric of her knickers underneath.
Johnno put his hand inside my shirt. I remember tensing for a moment before I saw the other girl looking at me like she was daring me to be like her. Johnno's breath was hot against my ear as his hand slipped inside my bra. His fingers pinched my nipple and I felt a twinge between my legs. Across from me the girl had her legs open. Another guy sitting beside her was stroking her pussy with his finger while her boyfriend kissed the side of her neck. 

"You like watching her with those two men?" Johnno whispered in my ear.

"Uh-huh," I could barely speak. 

Across from me the second guy had bent his head down to the girl's crotch and was mouthing her through her panties. Her boyfriend had slipped her shirt up and unclasped her bra. He held her breasts and looked at me like he was showing them to me. I had never seen a woman's breasts in real life before; it was the fucking sexiest thing I had ever seen. So much better than the ones in the Picture Magazines I sometimes bought when I thought no-one was looking. 

"Have you ever sucked on a girl's tits?" Johnno's voice rasped against me. I could feel his hard on against my back and his hands were slipped into the waistband of my skirt. 

"No," I whimpered as his hand wormed down into my panties and parted my wet pussy lips.

"They are so beautiful and soft," he trailed kisses down my neck. "And their nipples feel so amazing between your lips and your teeth when they nibble on them."

The trio in front of me stood up and walked towards the Kingswood parked next to Johnno's Sandman. The boyfriend opened the tailgate of the station wagon and sat against it. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Johnno's hand buried deeper into my crotch as I let my knees fall apart. My knickers were saturated but I couldn't move or look away as the girl kneeled down in front of her boyfriend and slid her lips down over his shaft. Her body undulated as she sucked him like it was the best damn lollipop she had ever had. Johnno let out a low growl in my ear. 

"It is soooo good to watch a woman who loves to suck cock."

The third guy leant against the tailgate of the Kingswood beside them. He had his cock in his hand stroking slowly as he watched the couple. Johnno's fingers slid in and out of my soaking wet cunt. Inspired I turned around and tugged at the zipper of his jeans. Breathing heavily he tilted his hips and helped me to free his cock. I licked the pre-cum from the tip with a few strokes of my tongue before I opened my mouth and sucked him into me. Around me other couples were stroking and fucking. I could hear faint moans of women being pleasured mixed with the faint slapping sound of a guy's belly slapping against the arse of his girl as he fucked her.

I sucked down on Johnno's cock, pressing the head against the back of my throat, feeling as if I could not swallow enough of him. He had his fingers curled into my hair pressing ever so gently downwards, encouraging me to press my face further down into his crotch. After what seemed like forever he gently pulled me up to look at him in the eyes. 

"I think it is time I fucked the crap out you." 

My belly went to mush. I loved it when he spoke to me like that. Of all the guys who have bragged about being fucking machines and kinky bastards this is the first one who actually was. I couldn't get enough of him. I would let him tie me, blindfold me, spank me, whip me, tease me and hold my head over his cock as much as he liked. It was like a drug I couldn't get enough of and he seemed the same. When we were together he couldn't take his hands off me. He would tease the crap out of me all day at work texting me promises of what he would do to me that night and sending me pics of his hard ons. We were like a pair of rabbits. When he said he was going to fuck the crap out of me he meant it. I had finally found a guy who was as wild and kinky and sex obsessed as me and it was awesome. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TMI Tuesday - Movember Part 3


To join in for last minute fun and support of this great cause make sure you check out the Movember website. 

1. When was the last time you or your loved one had their prostate checked?
 Jake is not sure if he has ever had his prostate checked. I may have had it checked sometime but certainly not recently. 

2. Besides a medical professional houw many other people have had their finger up your ass.

Jake: Not many and not too often. Gemma has once or twice and I don't really remember anyone else doing it   

Gemma: I am a bit cautious about anal play. I really like Jake to put his finger in my ass when he is fucking me but I am not entirely keen on other people especially when it is not specifically requested. So really Jake is the only person who has been there with the occasional visitor. 

3. Have you ever given or recieved a prostate massage? Did you like it? Did you cum or orgasm?

Jake:  Gemma purchased a prostate massager for my birthday recently and wrote a little story about our experiences with it here. I loved the whole experience and it made me cum really hard.    

Gemma: I am a MASSIVE fan of having my prostate massaged. Although the resulting mess can sometimes be a little bit of a nuisance to clean up. 

4. Do you enjoy anal play, rimming, fingering, penetration etc.

Jake: Yes, yes, yes and as recently discovered OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSS (PS there will be a post on this experience in the near future).

Gemma: I think I have described my feelings about anal play in previous posts. It is something I don't naturally crave and so it happens when it happens. 

5. Ever had anal sex?
a) No and I don't want to
b) No but I am dying to try it
c) Yes but it is just OK
d) Yes, love it.... I can't get enough
e) That is the way I like it. Anal sex is the best sex.

Jake:Honestly my answer lies somewhere between c) and d). I wouldn't say that I can't get enough other than I would perhaps like more than I get sometimes but it is definitely more than just OK

Gemma: I am the same as Jake. I think the best way to sum it up is to say I have had enough good experiences to make me push past the not so good ones. 

6 You are about to have anal sex. Which method would your choose?
a) Finger in the ass
b)Prostate stimulator
c) Penis, real or strap on.

Jake: If I had to choose one I would go with b). But as I said in No 4. I recently had an experience that has made me wonder a little

Gemma: a) does it for me. It gives the best orgasms. 

 Bonus: This week the bonus was a post of our Movember photos. Because we had internet issues last night we didn't take a photo of Jake but I did one for myself. 


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friends With Benefits

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a few conversations with people that have made me think about the concept of 'Friends with Benefits' It seems that the ideal thing for some swingers is to find a couple or maybe a couple of couples who are not just great bedfellows but great friends. There is a perception that this would be an ideal way to live; Lazy Sunday BBQ's with friends take on a whole new perspective that goes something like this;
John and Jennie go to Michael and Lucy's for dinner. After the dishes are washed and some drinks are consumed everyone gets naked in the spa and adult frivolity follows. 

Source: Sticky Comics
This is a great ideal and I will say that there have been many nights at our house that have followed that route, minus the spa because we don't have one, but you get the picture. Our relationship with the Fix Its is something that we never expected to find but we are very glad to have found. These are people who are on the same page as us with most things but what is most refreshing about this relationship is it's warts and all honesty. Nothing about us gets edited out because it might be offensive. We all feel able to say exactly what we are thinking and if it comes out not quite right we will all have a chuckle, apologise, explain ourselves and move on. 

Not every encounter with swingers works out that way. Sometimes the other couple are not looking for a friendship. Sometimes you have really hot sex but when you have your clothes on and you are sitting around having dinner the conversation is sparse and you catch Jake secretly checking his Twitter under the table! Sometimes everything seems great and you get on like a house on fire for a few encounters and then everything fizzles out. 

Something that a lot of people talk about in the forums and Facebook groups that I frequent is the idea of one day finding yourself in bed with your previously vanilla friends. It is not unusual I guess because almost everyone has a hot friend that they wonder about. Personally I don't, but I have never considered myself to be a member of the 'normal' population.  When you have taken the step to open the door to your bedroom this fantasy moves from mere speculation to a definite possibility. You catch yourself wondering how to broach the subject with them and wondering if that odd comment that they made the other day meant something else entirely!

Recently I had a conversation with a couple who had, after a few drinks one night, ended up in bed with another couple that they had previously been friends with. For both couples this was their first swinging experience. Everyone had a good time and Mr and Mrs A were certainly enjoying the knock on effects to their own sex life. It turned out that Mr and Mrs B have had some issues with infidelity in the past and so their feelings about this turn of events were mixed. Mrs B had a lot of jealousy issues that resulted in their encounters being a little bit restrained with everyone feeling that they had to tip toe around Mrs B and pander to her needs more just to make the whole thing work. This left Mrs A feeling, quite justifiably, a bit put out and Mr A wondering if all swinging worked this way.   

In my own personal experience if you get into a situation with a couple and there appears to be communication or jealousy issues, if one partner is being selfish and using emotional blackmail to get what they want, if there are tantrums and sulking or, if there seems to be disharmony between the couple GET THE HELL OUT!!!! You don't need to be rude but you also don't need to be there to get caught up in the drama that will follow. Of course all couples have their ups and downs but when you are inviting other people into your bedroom you cannot afford to ignore your partner's needs and emotions and you cannot afford to be dishonest with them in any way. There will be tears at some point and I for one don't want to be caught in between that argument. 

As I have journeyed along and met and gotten to know people my radar for issues has improved. Of course sometimes you may choose to ignore your radar for some reason but it always comes back to bite you in the butt.If you meet a couple or a person and they are hot but there is something niggling at the back of your mind. You know that you might have a great night tonight but there will be something to cause a bump in the road sooner or later. 

Getting back to Mr and Mrs A though, the issue for them is that they KNOW they are not in a good situation and they WANT to get out but they feel a bit trapped by the relationship that they have with these people outside of the bedroom. They have been friends with these people for a while and have a lot of other mutual friends that make things awkward if they suddenly don't hang out together any more. Like any breakup it is messy. This is the kind of situation that re-enforces the idea that while becoming friends with your fuck buddies is sometimes a great idea (there are times when it really is NOT!), it is, as a rule, not a good idea to become fuck buddies with your friends. At the very least you need to have it at the back of your mind that changing the dynamics of your friendship could cause upheaval later on and you need to be prepared to accept that.  

It is nice to fantasise about John's wife's hot tits bouncing up and down while she is riding you to victory. It is nice to fantasise about coming home one day and 'catching' John with your wife. Or hanging out with John while both your wives go at it but just like Pandora's Box once you open the lid you cannot put everything back in. Of course well-adjusted adults can deal with situations like this by recognising that a mistake has been made, dealing with it, and moving forwards. Unfortunately as you can see with Mr and Mrs B there are a lot of issues going on that suggest that they are not that well adjusted. If they were there wouldn't be a problem in the first place.