Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-bye 2012

Today is the last day of 2012. New Year's eve is always a good time to look back over the year, take stock of what has happened, remember the good times and learn the lessons from the bad times. I have been fortunate to have had some pretty amazing experiences this year so here is a list of ten fantastic adventures I have been on this year in no particular order. 

1.) Jake and I started out 2012 at one of our favourite places to hang out. As always we didn't plan or expect anything but we did have a bit of an adventure. I turned the experience into a post for Wicked Wednesday.

2.) Mrs Fix It's birthday is very early in the year and as 2012 was the year she turned 35 she decided to throw herself a special party. This was the night when I gained a full appreciation of the sport of spitroasting.   

3.) Early in the year I started participating in TMI Tuesday. Through this I discovered a few other favourite bloggers and was privaledged enough to be given an award for my outstanding blogging.

4.) Sometimes things start out to be a little bit ordinary and then they turn into something you don't expect. When Jake and I were fortunate to organise some long overdue child free time we had ourselves a date night to remember. It turned out to be such a marathon that it took three posts to describe it all, Entree, Main Course and Dessert.

5.) Jake and I don't normally play apart. For us our lifestyle is very couple oriented and so individual adventures are very unusual. However after chatting to a particular gentleman for quite some time I did meet him alone for a coffee one day. I swear that I had absolutely no intention of doing anything more than having good conversation, a coffee and then going our separate ways. I really don't know how I ended up on my knees in a Myer's men's changeroom but I did. It was so good I wrote a story about it that you can read here

6.) Around August was Jake's birthday. Feeling the pressure of being a recipient of many fabulous presents from Jake I purchased a toy for his pleausre. It has become one of his favourite items and I posted a description of his introduction to Lelo's Bob here.

7.) A Google search has revealed that men can train themselves to have multiple orgasms. Mr Fix It it turns out doesn't need any training. One night Mrs Fix It and I took it upon ourselves to find out how many orgasms he CAN have in a row. 

8.) I am not sure if this happened on the same night as the multiple orgasms. I suspect not but one night during a hot and heavy foursome with the Fix It's I did help her tick something off her fucket list that had been on her mind for some time. For me it was merely curiousity about wether I could fit my entire hand inside a woman's vagina rather than some erotic fantasy that I was fulfilling. Potato, potato the result was the same. My hand does fit inside Mrs Fix It's vagina. 

9.) Somewhere in the later half of the year Jake and I were on a series of dares. Jake gave me a rather challenging task. I am proud to say I rose to the occasion, completed the task and lived to tell the tale

Last but not least no. 10.) For a treat I organised a very nice surprise for Jake. I am proud to report that he had ABSOLUTELY no idea what was coming until the very last moment which is a major achievement for me all on its own. The fact that I was able to give him a completely unrequested but nonetheless completely out of this world experience was a bonus. I realised today that I had neglected to tell this story to you all. I will add it to my to do list for January. 

Of course there were more adventures had than these ones but you guys don't need to hear about absolutely everything I do. I hope wherever you are in the world you all have a great night and I will be back in 2013 with more adventures



Friday, December 28, 2012

Shopping Part 2 - The Dress

A couple of weeks ago I started writing a fantasy about a shopping centre. Just for your pleasure the adventure continues this weekend.

With her new purchases stowed safely in their boxes Rosie let Luke on a meandering course through the shopping centre. In her mind she had already chosen the perfect dress to match the red shoes Luke had suggested. She knew what shop she had to visit but she wanted to draw things out a little so she led him on a meandering course through stores stopping every now and then to look in windows. Luke pointed out crazy, frumpy outfits that made Rosie wonder if the choice of shoes had been a fluke. Two doors down Rosie spotted the shop she had been working towards. In the window she noticed a red dress. She smiled a little to herself and moved with a bit more direction until they were both looking at the dress. 

"Right!" Luke said firmly, "Play time is over, now it is time to get serious."

As they walked through the door Rosie felt a flutter of nerves in her stomach. Looking at a dress like that in the window was one thing. Putting it on in front of a man she was starting to have serious fantasies about fucking was something else. Unerringly Luke moved towards the back of the store and immediately located the dress from the window. 

"Size 12 right?" he held up a specimen. Suddenly all Rosie could see was how short the skirt was and how low the neckline plunged. No bra she owned was going to go with that dress. She looked at Luke for a moment. The goofy guy who seemed to have such bad taste had disappeared. In his place was a guy who knew stuff about dresses and knew what he liked. What is more he knew what he liked to see on HER. His eyes challenged her, she knew she couldn't back down now. Without speaking she stepped forward, took the dress from him and headed towards the change rooms in the back of the store. 

Standing in the little cubicle she stripped down to her knickers and slipped the dress over her head.

"Do you need some help with the zip?" Luke's voice drifted through the curtain. 

Rosie smirked to herself, "Yes please," she opened the curtain a little and stood with her back to Luke. When the zip was completely closed she turned towards him, "What do you think?" she pushed past him and stood looking at herself in the mirror. Behind her she could see Luke's eyes looking at her hungrily. He reached out and tucked in the tag at the back of her dress, letting his fingers linger for long moments on her skin before stroking her shoulder blade with the back of his fingers. A shiver went through Rosie and she felt her nipples harden inside the dress. 

"Hmmm it is nice," Luke answered thoughtfully, "but not quite right. I'll be back in two secs." He disappeared back into the store and Rosie made her way back into the cubicle.

Moments later another dress appeared around the curtain. Rosie's heart leapt as she stroked the smooth, satin fabric. Like the first dress the neckline was low and the skirt was short but somehow it looked classy. She slipped into it, admiring the way the fabric clung to her body and the way the cowl neckline hung so that you could see her breasts without them being shoved out for everyone to see. 

"That is better," Luke's head appeared around the curtain. He slid inside the cubicle and stood next to Rosie fiddling with the shoulder strap on the dress. "It makes your tits look HOT." Luke's hand slid down over her shoulder and into the neckline of the dress. Rosie exhaled slowly as she leaned back against him, inviting his hand to slide further into the dress. Her breast rested in the palm of Luke's hand and his fingers pinched her nipple gently.

"The question is," his voice was hot in her ear, "Would you wear underwear with this kind of thing or not?" As he spoke he pinched her nipple harder making her give a low moan. Rosie bent forward pressing her butt against Luke's groin. "Fuck, when you do that it makes my pants feel funny," Luke thrust against her. Rosie paused, enjoying the moment. Luke's hand reached down and pressed against the front of her pussy. A tingle of pleasure shuddered through her before he pulled away from her. 

"You better get dressed again," his voice was hoarse. "I don’t want the girls outside to come in and catch me fucking you." He stepped outside and drew the curtain closed. Alone again Rosie looked at her reflection. There was no question in her mind now. She was definitely going to buy this dress and she was going to wear it next time she saw Luke, and she wasn't going to wear any underwear. The dress fell to the floor around her feet. Unable to resist she slipped her hand inside her panties. Hungrily her finger sought out her soaking wet opening. She pressed her lips together to supress a little whimper as she slipped two fingers inside herself, but it wasn't enough. She needed cock and she needed it now. Longingly she gave two hard thrusts before she slipped her fingers out of her panties and licked them clean. Quickly she dressed and collected her things before she opened the curtain and walked demurely past Luke to the counter. 

The sales assistant took the dress and gave her a sideways glance as she typed the purchase into the computer. Rosie struggled to keep her face straight and kept the chit chat to a minimum as she made her purchase and walked out the shop with Luke close behind her. Outside they paused for a moment looking intently at each other.

"You didn't answer my question," Luke spoke first. "Would you wear any underwear under this dress?" 

Rosie looked at him challengingly, "A lady never gives away all of her secrets on the first date." She tilted her chin defiantly. "You will have to wait until I wear it to find out." 

She walked off leaving him standing looking at her for a few moments before he was suddenly beside her again. As Rosie made her way past another shop Luke caught up to her and then pulled her into a fire escape. The wall tiles were cold against Rosie's shoulder blades as Luke pressed his body against hers. Keeping her pinned with his body he leaned down and kissed her, softly at first and then with more intensity opening her lips with his tongue and exploring her mouth. Rosie felt her knees almost give away beneath her as his hand reached down to lift the skirt of her dress. Her whimpers fell into his mouth as his fingers slipped into her panties. Slowly he stroked her labia teasing around her swollen, throbbing clit before they slid into her opening. Rosie was oblivious to the shoppers walking past just meters away, all she could think about was Luke's fingers pressing inside her opening, enticing and promising all the pleasure in the world. 

Then, without warning, he stopped. His fingers slid out of her panties and he fastidiously straightened her dress before he lifted himself off of her. They stood looking at each other for a few moments before Luke raised his fingers to Rosie's lips. Looking him straight in the eye she licked her juice from his fingers before she sucked each finger fully into her mouth.

"I do like a girl who wears nice underwear," Luke's hoarse voice broke the silence, "And I think you should have some." 

Rosie didn't answer as Luke took her hand and led her back into the bright lights and elevator music of the shopping centre.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas in Review - Belated TMI Tuesday


 Hello to all my beautiful readers out there. I hope that you all had fantastic Christmasses and all ate too much, reminded yourselves that having all your family in one place at one time is at the same time the best thing in the world and the worst thing in the world and generally enjoyed yourselves. This year the big day fell on a Tuesday and sadly I did not post my TMI but here it is now so I hope you all enjoy. 

1. What is the best thing you received for Christmas?
A few months back I had my 40th birthday which my family went all out for and I recieved several awesome presents which were quite expensive. So my Christmas wish list this year was quite simple. My children took good notes and I received as requested a very large box of chocolates and a Pink Ribbon ironing board cover along with a new speedometer for my bicycle (so I can count the calories that I am burning off after eating the chocolates!).

Jake has promised me a post Christmas shopping spree which I am looking forward to. I also suspect that there will be a naughty present in the offing when my parents have left the building in a few days!

2. What was the best gift that you gave?
Both of my children were to recieve iPad minis this year but despite me being terribly organised and ordering them well in advance Apple dropped the ball and under delivered to many retailers in Australia (and probably elswhere in the world) and so only one child received the gift of the moment. Child no 2 is being awesome about this turn of events and making the most of her other gifts so all credit to her. I just hope the backorder turns up soon!   

3. What is your Christmas wish?
At the moment my body (more specifically my cervix) has some issues which are taking a little while to resolve. It isn't terribly serious but it does need to be dealt with otherwise there could be some serious long term repercussions. Of course it has had some impact on my sex life which is not a whole lot of fun but Jake and I are using it as a chance to work on our creativity. 
During this process I have been quite open with my doctors about my lifestyle and sexual habits. Fortunately I have a GP who is very open minded and full of information. Sadly I did not have the same experience with my gynecologist. Her very conservative background meant that she wasn't comfortable with speaking to me about my sexual habits and her beliefs led her to make assumptions about my activities that were incorrect. She looked at one specific aspect of my condition as she had been trained to do but completely ignored other aspects without considering the impact on me or my long term sexual health. The outcome was that the treatment of my condition is more prolonged and stressful than it needs to be. 
Management of my sexual health is something that I take very seriously. I don't want to cause problems for the people in my life no matter how casual my contact with them is. To achieve this I need good information. In the fallout my GP laid it out to me like this "most doctors come from middle to upper class conservative backgrounds. They don't have a lot of experience of alternative lifestlyes and for many of them their background and religion makes dealing with people like you very challenging for them." My Christmas wish is that medical professionals are true to their oaths and don't let their personal beliefs and feelings to impact on the way they treat their patients. This extends to doctors who discourage young girls from acquiring contraception or who make young people feel uncomfortable when they seek information about safe sex practises, doctors who treat members of the GLBT community badly or doctors who make assumptions about people like myself who have chosen a non-monogamous lifestyle.  

4. What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
We are planning to have a nice civillised dinner with the Fix It's before heading out for a night of revellry at a Swinger's club that we all quite like. Given the issues outlined above I am not lining up for a New Year's Orgy but some dancing, socialisaing with some like minded people and a whole lot of flirting is definitely in order. 

Bonus: The end of the world aka the Mayan Apocolypse did not occurr on 21/12/2012. Nonetheless people accross the world prepared for the doomsday event. How did you prepare for the end of the world?
For those who say that the end of the world didn't happen I have one question. How do you know it didn't happen? Who is to say that we didn't all go to bed on 21 /12 /2012 and wake up in a completely new world? It happened in Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. So why can't it happen to us? Just because we don't remember a cataclysmic event doesn't mean some alien force didn't put us to sleep and quietly swap our planet over.  

So to answer the question Jake and I celebrated the wedding of our friends' daughter who has been with her fiance through four world endings. We enjoyed some excellent food including Jalabee's which are an incredibly aretery clogging Indian Sweet that does not have a Wikipedia page and went home to have very loud sex in a house that was child free!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It Wasn't Always Like This


Santa is almost here but I still had time to write something wicked for Wednesday this week. I went with the temptation to write something factual this week after reading the prompt. 

As always make sure you head on over to the Wicked Wednesday page to check out what other wickedness is happening.  

People who meet Gemma for the first time could be forgiven for thinking that I have always been like this. I get the feeling that people think I have always been comfortable in my own skin, finding something conservative in my wardrobe when the occasion requires it, had a dirty mind and worn T-shirts that made people wonder. The thing that might surprise them is that I haven't 

There are some parts of me that have always been there;

I have always had great tits. I am sorry if that sounds egotistical but I am just being honest. My tips for having great breasts are simple, wear a good bra whenever you can, especially when playing sport, keep your skin healthy and do exercises that keep your pectoral muscles in shape. Also breastfeeding does not ruin your breasts, it is what they are for so use them as they are intended.

I have always liked sex to some extent. There were times in my life when I tried to convince myself that I didn't because I believed that liking sex was sinful and dirty. Thank you very much to the Catholic Church and their ultra conservative views on sex education for that one!!!!! These days on the whole, I just go with it but I still suffer from Catholic guilt from time to time and have to give myself a good talking to. 

There are parts of me that have only really been around as long as 'Gemma' some of them even less time than that;

Photo courtesy of Jake Jones
I have not always had red hair. In fact I was blonde for all of my life until about twelve months ago. As I got older I enhanced the blonde. It took me a long time to convince my hairdresser that the change was a good idea. It turns out that good blonde takes years to develop and she didn't want to undo all her good work!

Source: Groupy
I have not always thought that a gang bang was hot. In fact I had had several group sex sessions before I realised that gang bangs did not have to be about a group of men dominating a woman against her will. These days I am much better informed and actually think the idea of having a group of men to do your bidding is very hot. 

I have not always had a wardrobe that has trouble being respectable. In high school I wore coke bottle glasses and nerdy, very unfashionable clothes. Several years ago when Jake and I began the first steps on the path to swinging I bought a skirt that I wouldn't wear in public because it was too short. That same skirt is now considerably longer than one I wear in public regularly. 

I have not always been totally honest with people. I am not talking about destructive lies like telling Jake I didn't sleep with that guy when I did. More like telling someone that dress looks nice when it looks awful just because I don't want to hurt their feelings or saying 'I don't mind doing that for you' when I really didn't want to. Our journey through swinging has forced me to be more honest with people and myself, if only to prevent ending up in bed with people who really don't ring my bell. The knock on effect has been that I find it much easier to say 'actually I don't think that is a good idea' to more vanilla people in my life these days. 

There are parts of me that have improved over time but that are still a work in progress. 

I have not always been comfortable in my own skin. These days I often give the illusion that I am comfortable in my own skin. This is sometimes the truth and sometimes an illusion. A few years ago I would never have walked into a club in a corset and undies and felt comfortable. These days I pretty much do. Like all women I can't look at myself in the mirror or a photo and feel 100% happy with what I see but I am realising that even as flawed as I am I still have a lot to offer. 

I have not always been what I am now and I will not always be this either. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TMI Tuesday - The Sexiest Thing

It is that time of the week again folks. You know what to do and you know where to go when you have finished reading this. TMI Tuesday Blog 

It being the silly season and also because we are not feeling the healthiest at the moment Jake has decided not to participate this week.

1. What is the sexiest thing you have done in the last two months?
 I organised for Jake to be visited by two of my good friends after I had tied him up and blindfolded him. We spent the night tantalising him with satin gloves, wax, feathers, fingers and mouths.

2: What is the sexiest thing you have worn in the last 30 days?
 Just before the school holidays I was home by myself. I sent this photo to Jake:

He came straight home for some 'lunch'

3. What is the sexiest thing you have watched in the last 30 days?
 I don't watch a lot of porn (surprising I know) and a lot of my television time is dominated by children so it isn't all that sexy either. So the most sexy thing I can think of that I have watched recently would have to be a pole dancing video like this one

I am a bit of a fan of Travis and I think he is a shit hot dancer. 

4. What is the sexiest thing you have heard in the last two weeks?
 Jake told me the other night that he thought that my pussy was very attractive and more than most of the others he had seen. That was pretty sexy.
5: What is the sexiest thing you have said in the last 24 hours?
This morning in bed I asked Jake if he would like me to pee on him. He does like that kind of thing. I didn't do it but there was a very small squirt in the middle of a very large orgasm.
Bonus: Tell us or show us something sexy
 I think that watching men masturbate is incredibly sexy. In fact the only thing that is more sexy is watching men mastubate each other. I had a small treat recently which was pretty sexy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wicked Wednesday - Trying Something New


This week's Wicked Wednesday prompt is;

Even though we have had a break from Brian and Estelle they are back again this week. To catch up on the back episodes of this series you can visit the page here

Brian sat looking at his computer screen. The events of the morning whirled through his mind making it almost impossible to concentrate on the list of tasks he had to assign to other colleagues before he could commence the new project with Estelle. In the top drawer of his desk the black rope she had given him was coiled neatly, hidden from view but still his mind kept wandering back to it remembering the feel of it over his wrists, the innuendoes and Amber's obvious excitement about the whole thing. What was the word Estelle told him to research? Suddenly, despite the mountain of tasks he had in front of him Brian found himself typing the word Shibari into the search box. 

For the next fifteen minutes he scrolled through image after image, reading the occasional article. The office and his work faded into his subconscious as his mind and thoughts were consumed completely by the images in front of him. The neat coil of black rope in his desk drawer transformed from a sinister, snake like thing to something alluring with promises of un-dreamed of pleasures.  Absently, he opened the drawer and sat pulling the black silken softness through his hands as he read about knots, about patterns and about the pleasure of being restrained. His heart thumped as he read about being completely at the mercy of another person. The muted sounds of work around him faded into white noise, so much so that the ping of the email icon almost made him jump out of his skin. Glancing down he noted that it was from Amber. Frowning at the interruption to his reading he clicked on the tiny envelope. There was no message just a series of attachments. Curious, he opened the first one. 

He was completely unprepared for the image of Amber looking up at him from the screen. She was seated on a chair with her white blouse unbuttoned and pulled open. Her small round breasts were pushed into a smooth valley by the white lace of her bra. Her straight, black skirt had ridden up over her thighs exposing the smoothness of her shaven pussy. Brian was entranced by her eyes that were looking up at the camera, pleading with the photographer. For long moments Brian studied the image, committing to memory the curve of her breast, and the way her thighs were spread open, waiting for some unknown pleasure. Then he realised she was tied to the chair, with her hands behind her back. He wondered, was she pleading for release? Or was the pleading because she knew of the pleasure to come and she could wait no longer. What things were waiting for her outside of the view of the lens?

Intrigued he opened the second image. A young man, about his age, was kneeling in front of Amber. Amber's legs were held open wide by a woman leaning over Amber's shoulder. The man's hands were tied behind him with an intricate binding. Behind him another man stood with his hands on the back of his head, pushing his face into Amber's crotch. Amber and the man were like puppets for the two people holding them. Their pleasure was completely at the mercy of someone else. Brian sighed a long slow sigh not realising he had been holding his breath. In the photo, Amber's mouth was wide open. Was she screaming in pleasure, or was she begging him to stop? Brian fancied that he could hear her cries of pleasure as the man licked and sucked at her gaping pussy. He imagined what it would be like to be that man, restrained from touching Amber, being used like a puppet to pleasure another woman who was also like a puppet for her mistress. It was the most erotic thing Brian had ever seen. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair seeking to ease the pressure of his throbbing cock inside his pants. 

A small cough startled him out of his reverie. Guiltily Brian realised where he was and hurriedly closed the images as he looked up into the deep brown eyes of Amber,

"Estelle wanted me to give these files to you," her voice was flat and devoid of expression but there was that hint of a smirk around the corner of her mouth and her eyes dropped down to his crotch. 

"Thanks," Brian took the offered files and placed them in a neat pile beside his computer. He glanced up at Amber and realised that she was wearing the same clothing as she had been in the photo. In fact she wore almost the same thing every day. A thrill jolted through him. Where had the photo been taken? Who had taken it? Was it taken in Estelle's office as she sat on the same chair that she had sat on at lunch today? A thousand questions crowded into his mind. He desperately wanted to ask her about the email and so many other things but she was aloof and enigmatic. Somehow he sensed that there was a boundary, somewhere, between work and this life. He couldn't quite work out where the boundary lay. On one level he felt that the boundary was moved from time to time but instinctively he knew that he wasn't the one who was making those decisions. 

"By the way," Amber's voice interrupted his thoughts again. "Estelle usually has drinks in her office after work on Friday. She asked me to make sure you were invited." 

"OK," Brian responded, noticing with some embarrassment that he was addressing her chest. "I appreciate the invitation." 

The smirk around Amber's lips deepened. "They are real and they are a C cup. I like your pants." she smiled sweetly at him before she left the room. 

Brian sat for long moments looking at the pile of files in front of him. Giving himself a firm mental shake he closed down Google and Amber's email. The rope was again coiled neatly into his drawer and for the rest of the afternoon he worked methodically, closing off tasks, sending emails and reassigning files for tasks he was working on. Every time a thought of the conversations with Estelle and Amber crept into his mind he pushed it firmly away. Finally he was finished. He leaned back in his chair and opened his desk drawer. Absently he pulled the rope through his hands pondering this new turn in his life. 

He opened the email from Amber again and looked at the second photo. He studied every detail of Amber noting how she struggled against her bonds and the way she arched her back pressing herself into the man's face. Brian licked his lips fantasising about being that man with his face buried deep into her cunt. As he walked out he noticed Amber packing up her desk. 

"See you tomorrow," he waved to her.

"Definitely," she answered quietly. 

Later that night he lay back in bed flicking through websites on his iPad. Out of habit he opened a porn site that he sometimes looked at when he was home alone. Somehow tonight the sight of big bouncing fake boobs and even faker moaning as a perfect tanned ass gets a pounding from an oversize cock was almost repulsive to Brian. He found himself opening his email to look at Amber's photo again so that he could study her as she sat tied on the chair looking up to plead with the camera. What would she say to the photographer?

"Please, Please. My pussy is so wet and I am so horny. I need something." 

His hand reached under his sheets and gripped his stiff cock. He noticed a third photo that he had not opened earlier. Quickly he clicked on the icon. The same man who had been licking Amber out was sitting on the chair this time. His arms were tied behind his back and his legs were spread wide. His cock stood to attention in front of him. A woman stood beside him stroking the man's cock with a riding crop. Amber stood in front of him with her skirt pulled up and her fingers buried into her bald pussy. Brian's hand worked faster up and down his shaft. He imagined the sting of the crop as his cock grew bigger from watching Amber pleasure herself. It would be such a sweet pleasure pain seeing the beads of wetness around her fingers, not being able to touch or taste but only watch and the whole time a sting of punishment only making the pleasure more. 
He lay back against his pillow letting the fantasy play out in his head. When he felt he could stand it no longer Amber would straddle his lap, holding herself closer to him. Her breasts would be tantalisingly close to his mouth, but still not close enough that he could taste the bud of her nipple. He would be able to smell her arousal but not taste it. Then ever so slowly she would slide down onto his aching cock. He groaned as he imagined the slow drawn out pleasure of it. Then when he was buried deep inside her she would clench around him, holding him tightly. A loud groan came out of his mouth as his cum jetted out of his cock and covered his belly.  

After he cleaned himself he fell asleep to dream of rope and being tied to a chair.