Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wicked Wednesday - Proud


Welcome to Wednesday for another week. This week the prompt given to us by Rebel was; 

I have something to be exceptionally proud of this week. I have had published on Amazon through House of Erotica my latest novella "Into the Blue" 

The story is a sensual romp set on the beaches and a yacht in a dream tropical island with a little twist at the end. You can purchase "Into the Blue from Amazon and all good E-book retailers. Here is a little excerpt just to whet your taste buds.

Further down the beach, island children played in the water. Their white teeth glowed against their brown skins. He closed his eyes for a moment thinking that if there ever was a paradise on earth that he had certainly found it. As his eyes opened he noticed a woman making her way out of the water.
With elegant grace she waded through the water. Her hair hung in dark honey colored waves around her face and over her shoulders. For a moment he frowned, wondering where she had come from but his mind was distracted by the sight of her walking up the beach towards him. Beads of water glistened on her tanned skin, trickling down into the bikini that covered her pert breasts. Her nipples pressed against the fabric. His eyes followed the droplets running down her smooth belly to a line of fine dark hair that protruded from the tiny triangle of fabric between her legs.
As he stared at the bewitching triangle of fabric Jared felt his cock stirring. Thoughts of what he would find if he moved the fabric aside filled his mind. He imagined stroking silky hair as he moved his fingers downwards towards the damp pussy between her smooth thighs. Unconsciously he licked his lips thinking of the sweetness of the juice in her pussy.
The girl walked up the beach and sat down next to him. The spell was broken as her body neatly folded into a sitting position on the beach beside him. Painfully aware of his throbbing cock he was forced to look at her face.
"Hello," her voice was unusual. It was melodic but strangely, it made him think of the sound of the ocean when he was diving.
"Hello," he held out his hand to her. "My name is Jared."
She took his hand solemnly between hers, "My name is Nicola."
He looked deeply into her eyes. They were a brilliant blue, not the turquoise of the water close to the beach but deeper navy like the ocean further out.
"Nice to meet you Nicola," he smiled. "You have amazing eyes." She laughed, he listened intently. Why did everything about this woman remind him of water?
"Well it is nice to meet you too Jared." She glanced downwards. "You have amazing shorts."

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Describe It

Welcome to Tuesday! Due to some rather interesting weather conditions that resulted in problems with our power supply I have not posted for a few days. But I couldn't stay away from TMI Tuesday. Although I think I am going to struggle with this week's questions. 

all apologies record

As usual make sure you head on over to the TMI page to see what other random thoughts are being shared.

1. Describe your lover's or your own penis with a movie title.
Gemma: "Godzilla" Jake owns a promotional T-shirt for this particular movie that states "Size Does Matter!" Now he is not a donkey by any stretch of the imagination but he does fill you up rather well. I have commented before and stand by my philosophy it is not generally the penis or the size of it that I have the problem with but the owner of the penis and his attitude to his size or lack of. Having said that, if you are going to ask me for a preference I am going to say "thick"

Jake: I don't know how to describe my penis other than "I love my penis, I never go anywhere without it" I think Gemma's description is pretty flattering. 

(That comment made me think of this really out there one hit wonder from a few years back and I just had to share it with everyone. Gemma) 


2. Describe your lover's or your own pussy with a movie title.
Gemma: Mr Fix it actually came up with an awesome answer for this one so I am going to post his answer as well as my own; "The Never Ending Story" because there is always something new about them (mine and Mrs Fix It's) every time I see them, touch them or whatever I do with them. 
For me I would answer "Pretty in Pink" just because well that is what it is.

Jake: "Water World" because sometimes you need gills when dealing with Gemma's pussy.

3. Describe your last sexual encounter with a song title.
Gemma: Good Charlotte's "Sex on the Radio". I recently had a brief encounter with an incredible woman who was like sex on a stick. This song reminds me of her especially this line... "I love to hear her scream. And when I push play she's screaming in stereo" 

Jake: I really struggle with this type of thing but I did have an encounter with a dark eyed beauty recently whose last words to me as she walked up my driveway were "Thanks for the Fuck hey!" I know that sounds bad but in context it was a compliment. The song that makes me think of this is by an Australian Band, Machine Gun Fellatio, "Pussy Town". An interesting fact with this song is that our son was hooked on this song when he was about two and used to request it frequently in the car. 

4. Describe your body with a song title.
Gemma: This song is one of the most sexy songs in the world I think. So maybe I am flattering myself just a little bit but hey if I can't blow my own trumpet on my own blog then where the hell else can I. So here is a clip of The Cat Empire with "The Rythm" 


Jake: Rolf Harris' "Jake the Peg". I don't think I need to say any more really.

5. Describe your sexual apetite with a book, song, or movie title. 
Gemma: Like many women my age who have kids, mortgage etc my sex drive can come and go a bit. So when it is in town it is like The Cat Empire's  "Hello, Hello". Sometimes it feels a bit like Britney Spears "If You Seek Amy". Maybe that's just my ego speaking again. 

Jake: "Go Girl" by Pit Bull.

Bonus: Recommend your favourite sexy, sensual or kink oriented book.
Gemma: Well I recently stumbled accross this little title on Amazon; 'Into the Blue'. I kinda liked it. Otherwise I am also a bit partial to 'Love and Kink' by Guy New York.

Jake: The old Standby "Sleeping Beauty Chronicles" by Anne Rice. (I am also a bit partial to Anne Rice. Her writing is so voluptuous. Gemma.)  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This week for Wicked Wednesday I have chosen not to use the prompt provided. I was instead inspired by an experience that Jake and I had recently and decided to share it with you. 

Make sure you check back at the Wicked Wednesday page to check out the other wickedness this week. 

If you asked me I wouldn't tell you that I am a watcher. I would tell you that I am a doer for other people who like to watch. That when I tick the box exhibitionist / voyeur I am thinking exhibitionist, but sometimes I stray onto the voyeur side of the fence. Especially when you find something or someone that is pretty to watch.

Delilah was one of those kinds of people. She was stunning and not a watcher at all. Her whole persona was about being pleasured for other people to watch. I found myself sitting beside her one night and I couldn't help staring at her beautiful, coffee coloured skin, her dark almond shaped eyes and the way her teeth gleamed when she laughed. The other men in the room were drawn to her like moths to a candle. Like me they wanted to touch her soft skin and kiss those beautiful lips. 

We chatted and flirted for a while and then I put my hand on her thigh. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, 

"I do like the women,"
Across the table her husband nodded to me smiling his encouragement. I slipped my hand inside the neck of her dress and cupped her breast. Her nipple hardened against my palm as I kissed her softly on the lips. Fascinated I pulled her dress aside so that I could see her beautiful nipples that were like chocolate drops against the smooth caramel of her skin. There was a little sigh and her husband made an encouraging comment as I leaned forward to take her nipple into my mouth. My hand wandered over her thigh, exploring her soft skin and stroking upwards as her legs fell open, inviting me in. 

Encouraged I kneeled on the concrete between her knees. There was a shuffling of chairs behind me as the men in our group shuffled around to get a better view. She wasn't wearing any panties over her freshly shaved pussy. I ran my fingers over her smooth mound for a second before I slipped them into her wet slit. I found her hard node and stroked it gently before I leaned forward to taste the sale of her. I slipped two of my fingers inside her as I lapped at her hard clit working her into moaning pleasure. Her pussy was neat and clean and I pushed my face hard against her craving her taste as my fingers continued to fuck her. Juice flowed out around my hand wetting my palm and my wrist. 

I paused for a breath and looked over my shoulder at the men behind me.

"I think it is time to get a room," Delilah's husband's eyes were glittering with desire. There were nods of agreement from Delilah and my own husband and the four of us made our way into a bedroom. 

We all shed our clothing making four neat little piles against the wall before Delilah lay down on the bed. Her dark skin contrasted with the white sheets in the dim light. I kneeled between her legs as before, taking time to look at her neat pussy. The darker outer lips opened under my fingers to show the pale pink of her opening. I pulled back her hood and sucked on the little hard node I found there as she moaned in pleasure. Sitting on the bed a little way away from her, her husband watched. His hand shuffled up and down his erect cock as he looked into my eyes. 

I moved aside allowing my own husband to explore her pussy in his own way. For a while I focussed on Delilah's husband, sucking his cock and allowing him to stroke my own aching pussy. For a while I forgot about my husband pleasuring the dark skinned beauty on the bed beside us and concentrated on my own pleasure. But it wasn't long before Delilah's moans of pleasure caught my attention. I was drawn back to her, wriggling over towards them so that I could stroke her and suck her nipples while he fucked her.  Underneath me her husband watched, whispering instructions and encouragement while his cock was buried deep inside me. 

"Don't you love the way the white contrasts with her?" he whispered in my ear. "Sit on her face and let her taste you." 

I let his cock slide out of me and moved so that I was kneeling over her face. Greedily she reached up and lapped at my pussy. Her hands gripped my hips pushing me down onto her probing tongue. Warm waves of pleasure washed through me and I groaned as I orgasmed into her mouth. Wetness trickled down my legs. Hungrily she continued to lick me until I could stand it no longer. I lay beside her husband and watched my husband fucking her.  
The two of us lay in the dimness watching our partners fucking like rabbits. Delilah groaned in pleasure calling out in her own language and screaming with pleasure as my husband pounded into her cunt. Her legs were held high in the air and her knees were spread widely for his pleasure. They were like two wild animals rutting between the sheets. I fondled myself as I watched them, beside me Delilah's husband stroked his hard cock but our attention wasn't on our self pleasure, our full attention was focussed on the other two people in the bed. Their pleasure was for our own personal viewing pleasure, like our own personal porno. One that we could smell, taste and touch.

When my husband was spend he collapsed onto Delilah. The two of them lay together panting and glowing with pleasure. After a while we got up and dressed. I was aching to be filled by a cock like Delilah had just been but I knew it would come for me, later. 

Source; daddy is in charge

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Sexual Adventures


This week's TMI Tuesday questions were submitted by an anonymous fan and lurker. The questions are the first part of a sentence which you may finish any way you want. I found them difficult to answer because of the number of possible answers for some of them. Of course make sure you check out the other respondents at the TMI Tuesday blog.

Gemma's  Responses;

1. The first time I  had sex with Mr Fix It is one of the hottest sessions I remember. Jake, myself and the newly introduced Mr Fix It were hanging out on a bed at a party. A few minutes earlier there had been about fifteen other people on the bed and the three of us were just having a breather, recovering and chilling out for a while. There was inevitable fondling and then after a nod from Jake I found a condom and helped myself. I couldn't believe how much I got off on riding this man until he couldn't stop himself from cumming while my husband looked on the whole time. Later in the night he repaid the favour giving me a good seeing to which resulted in a round of applause from the spectators we had attracted, and both of us having a few issues standing up afterwards.

2. The last time I had a spitroast was just this weekend gone. It wasn't of the magnitude of the one I enjoyed at Mrs Fix It's birthday party last year but it was enough to remind me that I really should indulge in that particular experience much more often. 

3. The only time I seriously considered making the move from swinging right through friends with benefits into a full polyamourous relationship was with a gentleman who is firmly in my past. There are a lot of reasons why the situation would not have worked and I don't need to go into them right now. Suffice to say I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if one day I see his house on the news because the police have discovered a series of graves in his back yard!! 

4. My best physical features are my breasts and my skin. Without ego or exaggeration people compliment me on them all of the time. I have had a very off and on relationship with both of these organs my whole life. In year 7 at school I was called 'E.T' which stood for 'enormous tits'. I was the only girl in my year (it was a small school) who sported a B cup. I have had issues purchasing clothing because of my size even though it isn't that huge but since I have been able to get my boobs out for public inspection more regularly I have been complimented enough times to make me look at them as more of an asset than a liability. 

Photo rights retained by Gemma Jones

5. My worst swingers club experience was one New Year's Eve when Jake and I decided to get a room with a very inexperienced couple. We had flirted a little in the pornography room and decided to take things to the next level. Once the door was closed we got naked and things started happening. The details are a little fuzzy right now but I remember her starting to suck Jake's cock as I began to do the same thing to her husband. Then suddenly there was a loud 'NO!' and a brief discussion between the couple which ended in him throwing his clothes on and leaving the room minus his socks and jocks. She stayed and tried to smooth things over but the mood was well and truly dampened. Moral of the story, handle new people with great care and probably at arm's length until you know there are no unexpected explosions coming your way. 

Bonus: Everyone however experienced still has some unfulfilled desres. What is at the top of your yet-to-be-fulfilled list?
I have a fantasy of being in a club like setting where there are a lot of strangers and people I don't know very well. As part of the evening I am sitting against a wall giving oral sex to guys that come along or that Jake chooses for me. Some of these guys cum in my mouth and others cum over my breasts. All of this happens in front of an audience who may also be so aroused that they masturbate in front of everyone.  

Jake's Responses;

1. The first time I had sex with Gemma was in the bathtub after we had been camping. It was the most memorable experience of my life.  

2. The last time I went to a swinger's club I was amused by the antics of the patrons. It was a relatively quiet night but there was one girl who was super hot. She was wearing a very, very short school girl outfit with obligatory white knickers. The reason it was funny was because nearly everyone in the whole place followed her around like puppies even those who had no chance with her. Fortunately for me there was another girl who was pretty hot and wanted to fuck me!! 

3. The only time I ever held a swingers party at my house was last Saturday night. I have always wanted to have a jelly wrestling party, so Gemma and I decided to combine the two together. It turned out to be a cracking night and much fun was had by all. There was wrestling, semi nudity, full nudity, frolics in the pool and then sex. To quote Mrs Fix It "it was like being a kid again only way naughtier." 

4. My best surprise was when Gemma organised a hotel room where she took me, told me I had to shower, tied me up on the bed, naked, blindfolded me and then left the room. A door opened, someone walked in, I didn't know who they were and she did all sorts of naughty things to me before she left and didn't tell me who she was. 

5. My worst fuck ever was this woman Gemma and I met at a club one night. She was from New Zealand and was visiting Brisbane for business. Close to the end of the night she, a single guy we knew, Gemma and I were standing around chatting. She was complaining about how boring her night had been and how swinging in Australia did not live up to her expectations. So off we went in search of a bed. I had heard of starfish before but this girl was the limpest, deadest starfish I had ever seen. A blow up doll had more life than her. If that is all New Zealand swingers then I don't want to go there ever again. 

Source: Just Bossing Really

Bonus: Everyone however experienced still has some unfulfilled desres. What is at the top of your yet-to-be-fulfilled list?
Being invited to a gang-bang. This could end up to be the worst experience of my life because I have never done this but you never know until you try it. I always like watching girls get fucked. 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wicked Wednesday - Afternoon Delight.


The prompt for this week's Wicked Wednesday was "Afternoon Delight" by the Starland Vocal Band.

I have been a long time listner of Hamish and Andy who use the term 'Afternoon Delight' for a segment on their "Pants off Friday" radio show. It always makes me smile a little because the context they use the phrase is of course much more G rated than the undertones of the expression. I am sure though that both of them have their toungues firmly in their cheeks when they introduce this segment.

All that aside the concept of an 'afternoon delight' always brings to my mind sneaking in a session when the children are out of the house for some reason.

As always make sure you head over the the Wicked Wednesday site to check out the other wickedness.

“Good Afternoon Ray,” Meryl opened the door wide. “You are just in time for banana cake.”
“Oooohh I do like a good banana cake,” Ray leaned forward and kissed Meryl on the cheek. He allowed himself a glance downwards at the cleavage that was neatly concealed between the neat floral dress. “I do like your dress,” he commented with a wink, “that fabric compliments your eyes.”
Meryl laughed as she led the way into the kitchen. A little flush coloured her cheeks as she fussed around arranging tea things on a tray. She passed a plate of neatly cut cake to Ray. “Would you mind?” she lifted the tray and moved towards the lounge room.
“I never mind anything about you,” Ray followed her the short way, his eyes fixed on her ass. The soft fabric clung to her butt emphasising the movement as she walked. Balancing the tray on one hand Ray reached forward and gently cupped her butt in the palm of his hand.
“Ray!” Meryl chided, “You will make me spill the tea!”
He refused to be ashamed, “Well you should not have such an inviting ass,”
“My goodness what would Deanna say?” Meryl placed the tray on the coffee table and seated herself demurely on the sofa.
“She would just roll her eyes and say ‘See what I have to live with.” Ray placed his plate carefully beside the tray and sat next to Meryl with his knee touching hers.
Meryl filled his teacup and placed a slice of cake on the saucer before handing it to him. “Well she deserves a medal for living with someone as incorrigible as you for so long!”
“If I didn’t think you had a secret longing for someone so incorrigible I would not have dropped by, despite the fact that you make excellent banana cake.” Ray took a bite out of his cake and chewed slowly, watching Meryl’s reactions to his words. This was the biggest turn on of all. Making this reserved, demure woman so flustered was hot. Ray felt his cock stirring as he watched the blush on Meryl’s cheeks deepen.
Meryl picked up her own cup and took a sip, “Your azaleas are looking lovely,” she forced herself to ignore Ray’s hand resting on her knee.
Without moving his hand Ray looked out of the window to his garden across the street. “Yes this year I think Deanna has excelled herself with them.” As he spoke he pushed the fabric of her dress above her knee and rested his hand on her bare thigh.
“I wish I had the patience that she has with such finicky plants.” There was a small quaver in Meryl’s voice but she steadfastly kept her eyes on the window in front of them.
“Well after forty years with me and four sons she is one of the most patient women that I know,” Ray drank the last of his tea and set his cup down on the saucer. “Personally I would rather direct my attention towards flowers that are somewhat more exotic.” Ray slid down off the couch and placed his body between Meryl’s legs. He took a deep breath as he slowly lifted the skirt of her dress. His fingers caressed the soft skin of her thighs. Meryl gave a little whimper and she fell back against the back of the sofa. Her legs fell further apart inviting Ray in. He placed his mouth over her crotch nibbling at her mound through the fabric of her panties. Meryl lost all of her composure and thrust her pelvis towards his face. Ray sat up from her and slid his finger under the elastic, nestling it into the dampness of her crotch.
The last vestiges of composure slipped away from Meryl’s face as she pressed Ray’s hand hard into her crotch. Her head was thrown back and her mouth opened as she whimpered in pleasure. Ray pressed his fingers into her wet opening. Inside his pants his cock throbbed. He stood up and unzipped himself. Meryl watched greedily as he slid his pants to the ground and eased his cock out of his boxers.
“What should I do with this now?” he asked as he stood in front of her holding his cock.
Meryl didn’t answer. Instead she stood and slipped out of her panties before kneeling on the sofa in front of him with her butt in the air. Her dress slipped down around her waist.
“Now that is the kind of flower I was talking about,” Ray stepped forward and touched her clit with the tip of his finger before he stroked her with the tip of his cock. She backed towards him aching for him to fill her.
“Mrs Rogers!” I thought you were such a nice lady with your tea and banana cake but you are just a common cock hungry slut!” Ray’s voice teased her.
Meryl looked over her shoulder at him, “The cake and tea are just a ruse.” She smiled wickedly at him, “Now shut up and fuck me!”
Ray stepped forward and gripped her hips firmly as he pressed his member deep inside her. She groaned in pleasure as he began to fuck her slowly at first but then harder. The room filled with the sound of her moans of pleasure and Ray’s belly slapping against her ass.
“You like that cock deep in your pussy?” he panted as he pounded her.
“You know I do,” she groaned in response. A small stream of wetness coated his cock and balls as a tiny orgasm shuddered through her. Ray felt the pressure building at the base of his cock. He held it back enjoying the feeling of the impending orgasm. He gripped Meryl’s ass firmly as he leaned forward to whisper to her,
“Are you ready to be filled with my hot cum?”
“MUUUUUM!!” A shrill voice interrupted her reply. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”
Ray was past the point of no return. His cock pulsed as he emptied himself into Meryl but the wave of the orgasm was flat as he took in the indignant young woman standing in the doorway between the kitchen and the sitting room. Beneath him Meryl shuddered in response to him breathing heavily with her head hanging down.
Silence bounced around the room as the three people adjusted to the unexpected encounter. Meryl was the first to recover.
“Well dear,” she said calmly without moving away from Ray, “Mr Crowther and I have this arrangement.” The woman standing in the doorway’s eyes widened as her mother spoke. “On Thursdays he comes around for an afternoon delight.”
Meryl made no effort to move away from Ray as his cock softened rapidly in her dripping wet pussy. Transfixed by the exchange between mother and daughter Ray stood still gripping Meryl’s hips. His cock slid out of her pussy but still he didn’t move.
“What would Dad say?” The young woman demanded.
“Not much I expect,” Meryl’s calm voice continued. “I believe he has a similar arrangement with Mrs Blythe two doors down.”