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Vintage Gemma - In the Dark

Something for the weekend

A while back I published a collection of short stories that were based on sexual fantasies both my own and some shared with me by people I was friends with at the time. The following story is one of those included in the collection. 

I am sitting on the bed, waiting, listening. The fabric fits snugly over my eyes.  The ties on my wrists are firm. I cannot move and I am waiting. Every tiny sound in the room is magnified to me; I hear the sound of the refrigerator humming quietly, the sound of the air conditioner working. Outside in the hallway I hear very faintly the sound of the lift door opening, is it him? I hear footsteps. 

Without realising I strain to hear the sound of the key in the door. The footsteps coming closer but they pass by my door and I hear them fading away down the hallway.  I feel a tiny bead of sweat on my forehead as I sit waiting.  Every nerve in my body is straining to hear the arrival of him. The footsteps come back, slowly.  They stop at my door.  My heart beats faster and I feel my breathing increase, the sound deafening in my ears. The door clicks as the key opens the lock. Suddenly I want to run away. What am I doing here!!!!

The door opens, and then closes.  The silence seems to stretch for eternity. I breathe heavily and then I smell him, subtle musky aftershave. He is here!!!!! My heart almost beats out of my chest, I feel my nipples harden; there is a trickle of wetness between my legs. Is that sweat or something else?

I feel the air move as he comes towards me, almost silent. My whole body is jangling with the awareness of him.  It is as if the room is filled with him. He stops in front of me sitting there on the bed, blindfolded, bound, and helpless in my underwear. 

“You are so beautiful.” He whispers in my ear. His voice is seems deafening to me. I remember the tones from the phone, husky, deep. The scent of him is stronger now, musky, mixed with mint and in my heightened state I smell his maleness. There is a throb in my groin.

I hear the sound of him undressing, the jangle of a belt buckle, and the sound of a zipper. His footsteps come back to me. I feel his breath on my face. He places his lips on mine softly, kissing almost like a butterfly, tasting my lips. His hands touch my shoulders,

“Lovely, lovely.”

His hands travel over my breasts, tracing the outline of the nipples through the fabric of the bra. I gasp in pleasure at the fleeting softness of his touch. He kisses me again, harder, probing my mouth with his tongue.  I savour the taste of him. As he pulls away from me I lick my lips desperate to absorb every detail that I can without the use of my eyes or hands.

“Are you thirsty?” he asks me in the same soft tones.

I cannot speak, I nod.

I feel his face against mine and I open my lips to him. I feel the coolness of the ice slipping from his mouth to mine. I suck the moisture from the ice and his lips before passing it back. He breaks away for a moment and then returns. I open my mouth a second time and I taste the sweet liqueur that I told him I love so much. It trickles slowly into my mouth.

We kiss some more, his hands keep exploring my body stroking in circles down my back. His hands unclasp my bra and my breasts fell free. I felt the warmth of his mouth on my nipples. My breath escapes me in a long slow sigh. He sucks my nipple gently teasing the tip with his tongue.

I arch my back towards him as my knees fall apart. He moves to the other nipple while his fingers tease the first one. His mouth moves slowly down my body, trailing little kisses over my ribs. His fingers trace around my nipples and under the curve of my breasts.  When he reaches my belly he pushes me gently down on the bed.

I lie back. He pushes my bound hands above my head. My breasts are fully open to his scrutiny and touch. My belly is exposed for whatever he desires.  He puts his fingers into my panties and slips them down, without thinking I raise my hips and he slips them free.  I lie on the bed with my legs dangling over the edge. 

He pushes my knees apart so that he can see all of me.  I feel the air between my legs teasing my pussy.  Blind and helpless I feel more naked than ever before. I hear him moving away from me for a moment and then he returns. I gasp as he places an ice cube on me. The sensation of the cold moves over my stomach and towards my naked shaved pubis as the ice melts in his mouth and on my skin. His lips are warm but his tongue is cold and he places it onto the outer lips of my pussy. The coldness shocks me. I want to close my legs but he holds my knees apart with my hands. His cold tongue probes into my pussy stroking over each fold lovingly.

He holds me firmly with my legs spread apart as he keeps licking deeper and deeper. His tongue is warm now and he stops for a moment and then I feel his breath against my pussy. Then the shock of the tip of an ice cube against the entrance of my pussy.  I feel the muscles tighten and I moan in pain, or was it intense pleasure.  I can’t tell anymore.  All I know is that I don’t want him to stop.

He slips more of the ice into my pussy sucking it in and out, fucking me with the melting ice cube. Even though the cold is shocking I love the feeling. When the ice is melted away he pushes his cold tongue inside me stroking my G-spot. I moan and writhe as I feel my pussy swelling under his tongue.   I want to clamp my legs around his head but he holds them open with his hands. 

He teases me some more and touches his tongue to my clit. I am almost screaming and I want to shove his head into my clit. I want him to lick me HARD but he holds my legs open and my hands are bound. My pussy is swollen and wetness is streaming out of it. 

Then he stops. I can’t see him at all but I think he is standing above me still between my legs.  I imagine him standing there with his cock erect in front of him.  I have never seen this man. My friend introduced us. We communicated by email and once by phone. We never swapped photos or met.  I only know his voice.  In my head he is tall and muscular with dark hair. In reality I have no idea. 

He places his hand on my hips and turns me over.  I kneel on the edge of the bed with my head resting on my clasped hands. My butt is in the air and my knees are slightly apart. In my mind my pussy is fully exposed to his view. I can feel it throbbing and when he puts his finger in my opening I feel a small gush of wetness there. 

He puts his hands on my butt cheeks and pulls them apart as he teases the entrance to my pussy.  I push my hips back trying to feel his cock but he holds me firmly in place. He inserts his cock into me and I moan with pleasure. It slides in, slowly filling me. He feels huge to me I can feel my entire pussy filled with cock.

He withdraws from me as slowly as he entered me. I feel a sense of emptiness for a moment and then he pumps into me again. Without warning he fucks me hard and fast.  He grips my butt cheeks as he pumps his cock into me and I respond pushing back against him as hard as I can. We are both moaning in pleasure and I feel the tension building in me. He slows down and pulls almost all the way out of me.  I am gasping with need of him. 

“I am not ready for you to cum yet,” his voice is husky with exertion and desire.
I feel him lean down and then I feel him draw something across my butt. At his request I had left a riding crop on the bedside table. Now I tense in anticipation. He traces my butt with the soft end of the crop and taps it gently in one spot, warming up the skin.

He pushes his cock back into me and at the same time he slaps me with the crop. Not hard just enough to make a noise and leave a small warm sensation on the skin. There is no pain, just pleasure. I ache for him to do it again.

“You bad girl,” I hear a smile in his voice. He seems pleased. “You bad dirty girl, you like that don’t you.”

He slaps me again in the same place, harder this time but I feel no pain just a throb in my pussy and the ache for more. He fucks me harder and slaps me with the crop as he fucks. It drives me crazy; the feeling of the crop on my skin and the sound of the slapping. 

Again I feel the orgasm coming and again he stops with his fucking. The wetness is streaming out of my pussy now and I can feel some sweat forming between my breasts. I moan as he pulls his cock out of me. I want him so bad. My butt is burning from the crop and I want to feel it on me again. 

He puts his fingers inside me, stroking my G-spot. I writhe and moan in pleasure at his touch. He slaps me again with the crop as he fucks me with his finger. I am lost in the sensation of the crop mixed with his fingers. The sharp pleasure / pain of the slaps mix with the warm urgent pleasure his fingers are creating in my pussy.  The feeling is intense and I almost scream through my clenched teeth. 

“How much do you want me to fuck you?” He stops slapping and leans down to whisper in my ear. His fingers are still in my pussy stroking and probing that spot.
I moan in response.

“Answer me!” His voice is insistent 

“A lot,” my voice is a whisper.

“Ask me nicely,” his voice is still in my ear, insisting.

“Please, please, please,” I whimper. His fingers are fucking me hard now. I am like a woman possessed. I MUST have a cock.

He takes his fingers away and then turns me over, lying me on my back with my hands above my head. He kneels between my legs and puts my feet against his shoulders so my hips are raised a little off the bed. 

His cock slides deep into me,

“That is what you wanted isn’t it?”

I nod in response.

“You have such a fucking hot pussy.” He pumps into me so hard. His cock fills me completely.  I moan in response to him. My pussy muscles clamp around his hard cock as it pumps into me. Oh god this is the best sex that I have ever had.

It feels as if we are fucking forever. He pounds into me, pushing me into the bed. I feel the orgasm building in me again.  It is big I can feel it coming harder and faster. My teeth are gritted together and I am almost screaming in pleasure.

“Yes!” he encourages me. “Feel that cock fuck you! I want to hear you screaming when you cum!”

“Ohhh Gooooodd!” I cum so hard. The sound of my voice rings in my own ears filling the room.

“Fuuuuck!” He joins me pumping his cum into my pussy.  I feel his climax twitching him well after I have quieted my own breathing slightly.

He rests his weight against me and with one hand he reaches up to release the bonds around my wrists.  It feels strange to be freed from this bond but I still cannot see him. My hands travel over his body feeling the muscles on his back and squeezing his firm buttocks between my fingers. 

“Did you want to look at me?” his voice is gentle. 

My mind is racing. After being in the dark for so long I am used to the smell and the feel of him. I am not sure if I want to see him now. I am torn between curiosity and the safe feeling of not really knowing. If I look at him then the fantasy will be over. If I don’t see him the fantasy can continue. He can be whatever I make him in my mind. 

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The prompt for this week's Wicked Wednesday was Peace;

This week has been a bit hectic for me and I wasn't sure that I would make this week's "Wednesday Appointment" but this little blurb came to me during the course of a conversation this morning. So thank you carpark man for being my muse. 

Meryl jerked herself back to her work. Today it was like pulling teeth, the figures she was looking at didn't make sense at all, the brilliant ideas that had filled her head in the shower this morning all seemed to be in hiding. The only stuff left in her head was childish, nonsensical rubbish. For the fourth time she made her way to the kitchen for a coffee and stood next to the sink, sipping the hot liquid hoping that the caffeine would jolt her mind into a productive state. Her colleague, Stella joined her,

 "How is your presentation going?" 

Meryl inhaled, trying to fill herself with confidence and project an image of someone who has it under control, "Fine," she replied brightly.

"That is awesome," Stella's face lit up in an excited smile, "I got mine finished today and Meg is really happy with it. I am so looking forward to this conference thing. It will be great to catch up with the other departments and see what everyone is planning for this year!" 

All of Meryl's positivity drained out through her feet, "Honestly I think the whole thing is a massive waste of time!" she snapped. "The company would be better off spending their money on some decent equipment than sending all of their middle managers on a junket to pat each other on the back for a couple of days." She poured her coffee down the sink and marched back to her office leaving a stunned Stella in her wake.

"What is up her ass," another manager who often joined Stella and Meryl for a morning chat over coffee.

"I really don't know," Stella shook her head in amazement, "I have never seen her act quite like this before."

Tim shrugged, "Probably noting a good root wouldn't fix." He filled his cup with coffee.

"Oh my God!" Stella punched him on the arm. "You are the only person I know who reduces everything to sex."

Tim winked at her, "I just say what other people are thinking Stella darling." He took a sip from his cup, "and then I do the things they wish they had the balls to do."  He wandered away in the direction of Meryl's office. As Stella watched him leave she pondered his ass covered by perfectly fitting pants. 

"I wouldn't mind doing those balls someday," she murmured to herself.

Meryl looked up from her papers as the door to her office clicked shut. Her brows pressed together in a displeased look. "I am working Tim," her voice reflected her face perfectly.

"That's OK," Tim made his way around the desk to stand beside her, "This won't take long."

Meryl's face changed from displeasure to a slightly alarmed look. "What are you doing?" she asked as she pushed her chair away from him. 

"Stand up," Tim took her hand and pulled her up so that she stood in front of him. Tim spent a good chunk of time at the boxing gym most nights. Standing so close to him now Meryl became acutely aware of the athletic body under the designer shirt. She inhaled a shuddering breath.

Tim used her hand to turn her towards the desk, "Bend over," he pressed her gently downwards so that her breasts were resting on the papers she had just been working on. He kept one hand on the middle of her back as the other hand reached down to pull up the hem of her skirt. 

"What are you doing?" she asked him again.

Tim's hand caressed her round ass through the white silk of her panties. "Someone is horny today," he commented absently.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Meryl's irritated voice came from her desktop.

"Women only wear knickers like this when they want to be fucked!" Tim leaned down and whispered the last word in her ear intently. His fingers slid down to the space between her legs. "And when they are fantasising about getting bent over and FUCKED they get wet like you," He slid his fingers under the elastic of her panties to stroke her silky wetness. "Do you want to get fucked?" he asked quietly. 

"No!" Meryl was defiant. 

Tim pressed his fingers into her soaking wetness and stroked her slightly, "Really?"

Meryl whimpered a little and bucked her hips against him. 

Tim's hand released her back and there was a jingle of a belt buckle, "I will take that as a no,"

Meryl's reply was a small groan as Tim's fingers pushed her panties further aside and his hard hot cock replaced his fingers. Despite herself she could feel more wetness forming around his cock. The hard hungry knot that had been forming inside her loosened to release warm waves of pleasure. 

Tim withdrew slowly and then slid his length into her again pressing her hips against the hardness of the desk. His fingers reached down and stroked her hard node making her whimper in pleasure. 

"Tell me this isn't what you have been aching for." His voice seemed to fill her head the way his cock was filling her hungry wet cunt.

Meryl moaned louder. Tim's fingers pressed a little harder against her node stroking and teasing her as his cock slid in and out of her. She was grateful that the desk was holding her up because her legs felt like jelly. She felt the familiar sensation building around his cock. 

"That's it baby," Tim whispered to her, "Let it go you will feel so much better," 

Underneath him Meryl whimpered, completely at the mercy of his fingers and cock and the sensations in her body. 

The orgasm hit her hard. A long groan came out of her mouth that was pressed over her paperwork. Her whole body shuddered in pleasure for what felt like minutes before she went totally limp on the desk. Tim eased himself out of her and gently replaced her panties over her crotch. 

Lying, panting on the desk a feeling of peace and complete relaxation came over Meryl for the first time since she had entered her office that morning her head was clear. Suddenly her ideas from this morning came flooding back. She stood up and began straightening her clothing eager to finish her presentation.  

"Does that feel better?" Tim smiled at her. Meryl looked at him with a smile on her face. 

"Yes," she whispered. Thank you."

Tim zipped up his pants and tucked in his shirt. "Any time," he replied. "I always want to make sure my team mates are able to work at their full potential.

…..Over desk is sooooooo much better

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TMI - Memorable Moments


The question for TMI this week is simple but surprisingly hard to answer. 

What are the five most memorable / amazing sexual moments. 

1. The first time I had sex with Jake. 
It has been a very long time since this happened (about 15 and a half years ago). I remember at the time I was still very idealistic about sex and relationships. I decided that this relationship was special and that I was not going to spoil it by jumping into bed with him at the first opportunity. He took me camping for the weekend, we spent the whole weekend doing everything but having sex and about 30 minutes after we got home we had the kind of sex you have when you are a horny teenager that has trying to pretend to be virginal for way too long!

2. The first time I had sex with Mr Fix It.
I will say here that these events are not listed in any particular order. But the first night that he laid down on the bed with Jake and I decided to climb on top and ride him was so frigging sexy. I just loved watching his face as he came and I still do.

He let her have control, it didn’t happen very often, he didn’t let her do this but when he did she loved to tease him.
Source: Bellatrix and Rodolphus

3. The first time I gave a head job
This was such a long time ago that most of the surrounding events are kind of hazy. I remember I was about 17 (I was a late starter and I didn't give head until well after I lost my virginity) and the guy I was dating and I were at the drive in. I don't remember a lot except I swallowed (and always have ever since!) and he told me it was the best frigging head job he had ever had. Looking back and knowing a whole lot more now I think it is likely that it was the first swallowing one he ever had and probably his oral sex experience was not much more than mine!

4. Our first full swap with a couple
We had at least one false start to swinging but our first full swap with a genuine couple was extremely memorable. It was kind of like being kids in a lolly shop and being able to have whatever we wanted. Jake ticked off a lot of long held fantasies that night and after playing in the room of the swinging club where we met the four of us went to their hotel room and fucked until about 6am. I remember driving home as the sun was coming up and feeling like a naughty teenager. 

5. Double Vaginal Penetration
Of course this one had to make it onto the list. You can read the whole story in detail right here. I bet there are some people reading this who didn't think that this was actually a true story but I am here to tell you that it is and it was and it was awesome!  

Bonus: What is one quality you appreciate in a lover. 
Honesty. There are a whole lot of other ones probably like penis size, oral skills, generosity and all the normal ones but at the end of the day honesty is one of the qualities that is essential. Being dishonest or cagey about something is a really efficient way for a person to get kicked out of my bed or completely ruin their chances of getting in there in the first place. This extends to people who are lying to their spouse or partner about their extra curricular activities. I won't say I have never slept with someone who I knew was cheating. I did have a more liberal view about it for a little while but recent conversations have led me back to my orignal rule. "Permission note required from spouse"  

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Vintage Gemma - Virgin Peach - Bazinga

Something for the weekend

Welcome to the weekend. I am deep in the midst of a mathematics assignment (yes you read that correctly) and about to depart for a workshop on Old Testament Theology (yep you read that right as well) so I have found a story from my past that I hope you all like. This story started from a game I was playing with my Facebook followers where I put together an unlikely string of words and turned them into a story. I had great fun with this one. Enjoy and have a great weekend. 

Morning joggers made their way through the inner city park as Sophie and Josh watched through their hotel window. Sophie reached out and picked up a peach from the platter in the centre of the table. Absently Josh watched her perfectly manicured fingernails as she sliced the fruit neatly into quarters. With a flick of the small knife she split a segment away from the pit and slid it into her mouth. 

"God you are a neat freak," Josh teased her. "You even eat peaches neatly."

"So?" Sophie frowned at him. "I don't want to drip juice all over my uniform."

"Yes but it is a peach." Josh's little finger raised slightly as he spread marmalade precisely over his toast. "What is the point of eating something so luscious if you don't get juice all over your chin when you bite into it?" 

"Says the guy who practically weighs his marmalade and spreads it to a uniform depth over his toast." Sophie flicked her knife a second time before she opened her full red lips to slide a second segment into her mouth. She passed the rest of her fruit across the table to him. "Do you care to show me how to eat a peach properly then?" 

"Are you crazy?" Josh's eyes opened wide. "Firstly, I don't do fruit." Josh raised a finger. "Secondly I don't want to mess up my uniform, and thirdly I am a guy. It just won't have the same effect." 

An exasperated look crossed Sophie's face. "What effect would that be?"

"You know that sexy thing. Luscious lips like yours biting into that firm juicy flesh, juice running down your chin into that gorgeous cleavage of yours. So fucking hot!" 

"I thought you weren't into girls." A third segment disappeared between her lips. Sophie wriggled in her chair unconsciously lifting her cleavage a little higher. 

"Of course I'm not darling," Josh exaggerated his "gay" speech mannerism "But as you know every gay man is an expert on what makes a woman sexy."  He drank the last of his coffee in a neat swallow. "Now get your prissy neat ass off that chair we have to get to work." Sophie finished her tea and hurried out of the restaurant after Josh. They picked up their bags from the concierge and stepped into a cab that was waiting in the driveway of the hotel. 

They arrived at the airport with a few minutes to spare. Sophie smoothed her hair and pulled at her skirt. "Do I look OK?" she asked nervously as they walked through the Virgin Airlines doors.

"Darling you look amazing. If Sir Richard Branson himself were on our flight today he would drag you off to one of those staff junket things." Josh quipped.

"And you would be so green with envy." Sophie smiled at him. "Good morning Lucy." She greeted the stewardess at the check in desk. 

"Hi guys." Lucy waved them through the gate. "Everything is on schedule and you have Mike as your pilot today so it should be a good flight."

The flight was uneventful, Sir Richard did not grace his underlings with his presence and the passengers were well behaved. As they walked down the gangway after all the passengers had left the plane Sophie sighed hugely. "I can't wait to hit the hotel and have a soak in the tub."

"Don't soak too long," Josh commented as they passed through the gates and made their way towards the cabs. 

"Why?" Sophie was a little bit concerned, she wasn't sure that she was up for one of Josh's famous nights out tonight. 

"I just got a text from Kurt. He wants to hook up tonight." Josh was beaming. "Such a cutie this one."

Sophie sighed. "I dunno Josh. I am so tired and you don't need me to hold your hand."

"Oh but I do." Josh put his arm around Sophie's shoulders. "Please, please, please. It won't be the same without you. Besides what you gonna do? Sit around your hotel and watch Japanese television." 

Against her better judgement Sophie let herself be persuaded and by 9pm she was seated in a bar in the middle of Tokyo drinking shooters while Josh and his friend flirted outrageously with each other. She looked around the bar but didn't see anyone or anything that was really interesting enough to go and investigate further. Suddenly Josh grabbed her arm,

"C'mon." His cheeks were glowing and Sophie was sure that if she looked down she would see his zipper about to burst open. 

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Back to mine," Josh wrapped his arm around Kurt who reciprocated by slipping his hands into the back of Josh's jeans.

"Isn't he just the sweetest thing," Kurt beamed at Sophie. "I could just eat him."

"You will get your chance soon enough darling." Josh cupped the front of Kurt's jeans. "Ohhh there is a nice package in there." He grabbed Sophie's hand and placed it over Kurt's zipper. "What do you think?" 

Sophie realised with a jolt that Josh was right. Kurt gave her a knowing look and leaned over to whisper into her ear, "There is more than enough for both of you in there." Suddenly the night became a whole lot more interesting. Kurt pressed his pelvis against Sophie's hand and despite herself Sophie felt the familiar throb between her legs. 

The trio made their way back to Josh's hotel room in a haze of lust and alcohol. As Josh fumbled with the card entry to his room Kurt and Sophie kissed frantically as their hands roamed over each other's bodies slipping inside each other's clothing at every opportunity.

Suddenly the door opened with a click and they were inside the room. Josh claimed Kurt's mouth from Sophie and the two boys began ripping clothing off each other. Spurred on by the sight of their athletic bodies pressed against each other Sophie slipped out of her dress and placed her hands on her breasts tweaking her nipples and pressing her thighs together in anticipation. 

Josh kneeled in front of Kurt and slipped his boxers down to his feet. Kurt's cock stood out in front of him firm and proud. 

"Oh my," Josh exclaimed as he reached inside his own boxers to grip his cock. "This is even better than I thought . I think I might need your help Sophie."

Shaking her head at the surreal situation she found herself in Sophie knelt beside Josh, still wearing her bra and panties. Josh opened his lips and slid them down over Kurt's cock. Fascinated Sophie cupped Kurt's balls in her palm opening her mouth slightly as Josh pulled away from Kurt releasing his cock.

"Taste this," he whispered in Sophie's ear.

Without a word Sophie leaned down and slid her lips where Josh's had been a few moments before. Her eyes looked into Josh's as she worked her head slowly up and down. At the top of her stroke she released Kurt straight into Josh's mouth for a few more strokes before claiming it back.

She was so caught up in the sensuality of sharing Kurt's beautiful cock with Josh that she didn't notice the hands slipping inside her bra to cup her breasts and gently pinch her nipples. She moaned in pleasure against Kurt's cock and he responded in kind. The hands moved downwards to slip inside her knickers. Automatically her knees opened and allowed a finger to slip inside her. 

Releasing Kurt's cock with a moan she looked down at Josh, "What are you doing?"

Josh removed his finger and sucked her juice from it, "Tasting the pussy of the hottest Virgin Airlines stewardess in Australia." He looked at her innocently.

"But I thought you only liked cocks." She was a little perplexed.

Josh smiled at her, "That is a commonly held misconception my dear." Josh pulled aside her panties to slip two fingers deep inside her. "The truth is that I swing both ways and I have wanted this pussy ever since I set eyes on its owner."

"So why did you let me go on thinking that you were gay all this time?" Sophie still couldn't quite get her head around what was happening.

Josh gave her a sly smile, "Bazinga!" He turned to Kurt who had watched them while he stroked his cock. "Now you cute thing what do you say we give this air hostess the once over?" 

Kurt took Sophie by the hand and led her to the bed. He sat beside her with Josh on the other side. "I think that is a stellar idea. Let the pleasuring begin." 

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