Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nice Girls


This is week 52 of Wicked Wednesday. I can't believe that it has been so long since Rebel started this meme and I have tried to participate every week since then. The prompt this week is 'Promiscuous'. 

The nice girl is always easy to spot. She is the one in the demure dress with the conservative neckline. Her skirts are never too short and whose jeans are never too tight. When you chat with her she smiles politely and looks demurely downwards. She is alluring in the 'I want to marry you and live in the country and make beautiful children' kind of way.

She is always in the coffee lounge when you go there in the morning and sometimes you sit with her and chat. She laughs at your bad jokes. When you speak she leans forwards and if she is wearing them she touches the pearls around her neck. 

What you don't talk about is the way she presses her thighs together as thoughts of your cock flit thouh her mind. You never mention that when she smiles all you can think about is how those perfectly made up lips felt when she wrapped them around your cock. Even though you twisted her perfectly combed hair in your fist. You didn't have to encourage her to suck your cock because she was so greedy about it. As you chat and sip coffee in a perfectly polite way you see her eyes dart to the side. At the counter buying a brew is a young man in a suit. The fabric of his pants fits snugly over his ass. When you glance back to her she is sitting perfectly straight looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but you recognise the animal look in her eyes. You know that her panties are damp between her thighs. 

The young man pays for his coffee and turns towards you. He pauses for a moment to say good morning to her. She gives him the same demure smile that she gives you. Her face is exactly level with his crotch as he stands beside her seat. Her tongue is resting on her lips and you know she is thinking about wrapping her mouth around that cock and pushing her face against his body. For a second you imagine grasping that perfect round ass and plunging your cock deep into her hot wetness. You know she would love it to be filled from both ends. 

The young man says good bye and she looks back you you all perfect niceness and twin set and pearls. The two of you chat about the weather and the stock market for a few more minutes then another young man walks past in the street outside. She stops talking for a second as she watches him, her fingers twist a napkin together and you know under the table she is pressing her legs together as she fantasises. 

You finish your coffee and walk out of the shop together. On the street you go your separate ways. As she walks up the street you watch her neat round ass in her knee length skirt. She is going to her reception desk where she will smile at people all day and talk politely to the customers on the phone. Everyone in her office likes her because she is so nice. They don't for a second realise that sometimes she sits at her desk with a butt plug in her ass because she likes the feeling or that when she goes to the bathroom she touches herself. Hardly anyone knows that she carries a dildo with her and that she often fucks herself with it during her lunch break. 

Nobody at her work would ever know that she fucks at least one guy, usually two, sometimes three and a woman if she gets a chance, almost every other weekend. Nobody would ever dream of her sucking a cock like she was starving for it or putting her ass in the air begging you to fuck her senseless like the perfect slut that she is. Everybody thinks she is a nice girl. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Tickle My Funnybone

funny bone

This week's TMI questions come courtesy of Bi and Bi.

1. Have you ever laughed during sex? Tell us about it.
Well I have been having sex fairly regularly now for 20 years. There isn't a particular time that stands out for being the time that I laughed when I was having sex because there have been many times that I have done that. Something that did spring to mind when I read this question was a couple that Jake and I were very close with a few years back. One of the things that really clicked between us and them was the number of times we laughed when we got down to business. We hadn't really thought about it until then but a sense of humor is one of THE most important things when choosing someone to fuck. 

2. How important is a sense of humor to you?
There are three things that are guranteed to make a man seem irresistable to me.
  1. Intelligence (this can be the geeky kind of intelligence or the streetwise kind either appeals)
  2. Being able to fix stuff. If I witness a guy who makes something broken go or takes something that had been discarded as trash and turn it into something useful I get all hot and bothered.
  3. A sense of humor. I tell my son regularly that the best way to win a girl's heart is to make her laugh. If you want to win my vagina brush up on your deadpan humor. 

So to answer the question; extremely important.  

3. Have you ever thought something was funny when your lover did not? Tell us what it was. 
I am sure there are many many moments that fall into this category but they are not springing to mind at the moment. The thing that does pop into my head is an incident that happened during my honeymoon with Jake. I can't remember if it was a serious attempt to be sexy or not but Jake decided one night to put on a piece of my lingerie. I cracked up much to his chargin and he got very upset at my insensitivity. 

4. Are pranks funny? Have you ever fallen victim to a prank? Tell us what happened. 
They can be sometimes. Usually they not nearly as funny for the victim as the perpetrator.  I have been both a perpetrator and a victim of pranks over my lifetime. I once worked with a gentleman who pranked me continuously for several weeks. His pranks ranged from mildly annoying, to extremly frustrating and on to downright embarrasing. Given that I was the main victim of his pranking and a couple of other things that came to pass I am reasonably confident that his pranks were an extremely immature way of getting my attention because he wanted to get into my pants. Some men never graduate from primary school.

5. What is your favourite type of humor? For a complete list click here
I am a huge fan of dry / deadpan delivery. I am somewhat sucessful at it particularly with my children. I get a huge kick out of saying something completely outlandish to an unsuspecting young victim with a completely straight face and watching them as they look at me trying to work out if I am serious or not. I also love highbrow style humor.  

Bonus: Tell us an embarrasing or funny moment you experienced with a lover.
So this one night Jake and I went to a swinger's party and hooked up with the Fix It's. We were getting naked and enjoying ourselves happily when something happened, I don't remember exactly what, but it wasn't too serious.  Mr Fix It said in this robot type voice 
"Malfunction! Malfunction!" That in itself was amusing but what was really hilarious was the speed at which Mrs Fix It's head whipped around because she thought there was a malfunction of a different not so funny kind happening with Mr Fix It's equipment. We quickly reassured her that everything was more than fine and got back to business. 

Reader Bonus: I asked my Facebook Followers if they had a question they wanted to add to my post. Deacon added this weighty question

How did it all begin the who, the where, the when and the why?
That is a lot of stuff and I could probably write several posts before I answered this properly, especially the why part. There isn't a defining moment when we started on this journey. After chatting with Jake we think the who, where and when part goes a bit like this.
After doing some internet research (so technically we had already started before this) we decided to visit Couples International as our first step down this path. We didn't have sex with anyone else that night but we met some interesting people and I kissed a girl for the first time. We were so impressed with the club that we joined up that night and went back many more times for many more very interesting nights. I cannot remember the exact date but it was somewhere in the later half of 2009.
Sadly CI is closing it's doors very very soon. Jake and I are planning one last visit to this place that really changed our lives forever. It will be sad to see it go.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Something for the weekend

Life is conspiring against me at the moment. The story ideas are in my head but putting the words onto the page seems to be taking a very firm back seat. I took some Saturday morning time to get part of this little gem down. The rest will be shared with you during the week. 

"Good Evening, Declan." Mrs Smythe was immaculate as ever. Her gown fitted perfectly, clinging softly to her curves with a neckline that fell away giving just a peek at her breasts nestled beneath. Declan noted with a smile that she wasn't wearing any underwear. "Alyssa will be joining me for dinner tonight seeing as everyone else is out or away," Mrs Smythe gestured towards the slightly younger blonde woman on her arm. Like Mrs Smythe, Alyssa was dressed in a softly clinging gown with a neckline that plunged to her waist. Clearly underwear was considered unnecessary between friends. 

Mrs Smythe's voice interrupted his thoughts, "We will eat in the nook. I think, there is no need for formalities tonight. Although I do expect you to be properly dressed." A familiar glint crept into her eye.

"Certainly madam," he bowed slightly and walked quietly away to make his preparations. He had expected most of her decisions and had prepared accordingly. In the kitchen he shed his daytime working clothes and donned his waistcoat and cuffs. The air around his ass and cock was titillating and slightly unnerving. He had never met Alyssa before and being exposed in front of her while he served her dinner was a little frightening. As a distraction he made himself busy arranging food on platters and ensuring that the plates and eating utensils were gleaming. When he was satisfied with the way the food sat on the plates and the cleanliness of the crokery and cutlery he began ferrying them out to the eating space. 

Both women reclined on the couch in the small nook off to the side of the main dining area. He set down the plates on the dining table and made his way back to the kitchen for the food. Although neither of the women acknowledged him he felt eyes on his bare ass cheeks as he made his way back to the kitchen. His nerves returned making his heart beat faster. 

The conversation between the two women flowed freely as Declan served their dinner from the gleaming silver platter. As he expected they seemed to ignore him, he kept his eyes averted as he had been trained. It didn't stop him from noticing when Mrs Smythe slid her hand up Alyssa's thigh or the look on Alyssa's face as she checked out his semi hard cock. The two women finished their meal and moved closer to each other. Declan filled their wine glasses and cleared away the plates and remaining food. In the kitchen he stacked the dishwasher and put away the food leaving the benches gleaming the way the housekeeper liked before returning quietly and unobtrusively to the dining area. He knew that his duties were minimal from here on but that Mrs Smythe liked him to be on hand in case she needed something. 

Sexy kissing girls.The women were oblivious to his return. Mrs Smythe wrapped her leg around Alyssa and she slid her hand into the neckline of Alyssa's dress as she kissed her. Standing quietly against the table Declan watched Alyssa writhe in pleasure at Mrs Smythe's touch. Mrs Smythe pulled away from the younger woman and looked into her eyes as she cupped her breast and pinched her nipple under the fabric of her dress. Alyssa whimpered in pleasure as her body twisted under Mrs Smythe's ministrations. Hesitantly her hand rested on the older woman's thigh.

"Have you ever felt a woman?" Declan could hear the excitement in his lady's voice.
"No," Alyssa's words were almost inaudible. Declan could feel his cock hardening in front of him. He clasped his hands behind his back to resist the temptation to touch himself. He was afraid to move in case he disturbed them. 

Mrs Smythe leaned back on the couch and pulled her dress up over her thighs. She spread her legs apart and gently guided Alyssa's hand towards herself. Tentatively the younger woman touched her allowing Mrs Smythe to guide her. The air filled with the musky smell of female arousal and Declan felt a throb in his cock. Alyssa's eyes opened wide as she relaxed and began to explore on her own. The women's eyes were locked together as the intensity of the moment seemed to fill the room to bursting point. 

Mrs Smythe panted slightly as Alyssa's fingers stroked her clit. "That is it," she encouraged. "Touch the places that you like to touch yourself." 

Alyssa slid her finger inside Mrs Smythe teasing her a little before sliding it out and continuing to stroke her hard node. 

"Do you want to taste me?" Mrs Smythe panted.

"Yes but I don't know how to… lick a woman," a blush rose in Alyssa's cheeks as she replied.

Mrs Smythe looked over at Declan standing quietly beside the table, "Declan will show you," she gestured to him. 

Alyssa looked startled to realise that he had been watching them the whole time. Her eyes travelled quickly downwards to his fully erect cock that was glistening a little with pre-cum.
"It is OK," Mrs Smythe reassured her with a gentle hand on her arm. He is completely trustworthy and will do anything you ask of him. 

"Anything?" Alyssa looked incredulous.

"Absolutely anything," Mrs Smythe assured her. 

Declan stood beside the two women, waiting for his instructions. Mrs Smythe reached up and pulled him downwards until he was kneeling in front of her. "He is an expert on pleasuring a woman with his mouth," She leaned back against the couch and pushed the back of his head towards her crotch. Declan didn't need to be asked twice. He leaned down to taste the saltiness of her. Conscious of Alyssa watching he began to lick Mrs Smythe in all the places she liked. He was gentle and shy at first but after a few strokes over her pussy she began to encourage him. He forgot everything except the taste and smell of her, the craving to hear her moans of pleasure drove him to probe deeper into her cunt with his tongue. She moaned her pleasure and her body writhed and contorted before she pushed him away.
He kneeled back on his heels with her juice coating his chin. 

"He really is very good," Mrs Smythe panted. She pushed Alyssa back on the couch. "Would you like to feel his tongue?"

"Maybe," Alyssa sounded a little hesitant. 

Mrs Smythe began peeling Alyssa's dress over her shoulders to display a pair of young firm breasts. She leaned down and took the nipple gently between her lips. There was a whimper from Alyssa as the lips and teeth began to tease her. Mrs Smythe sat up and looked into her eyes as she cupped and probed her breast, 

"You have the most fantastic tits," the crass word made Declan look up. He had only ever heard his lady speak that way when she was extremely horny. Alyssa's legs fell apart in front of Declan. Mrs Smythe looked down at her smooth honey coloured thighs. Slowly she ran her fingers up her inner thigh towards the blonde pussy. Almost excruciatingly slowly she stroked the lips of her labia before parting them to show the glistening pink flower underneath. 

"Look how pretty she is Declan," Mrs Smythe purred, "Doesn't she look delectable?"

Declan licked his lips, "Yes Madame," he replied softly.

"Taste her," the command was said in a gentle voice but Declan could hear the heat of desire underneath. He leaned forward and passed his tongue over her once, barely touching her. He sat back again savouring the sweet youthful taste like a fine chocolate over his tongue. 

"You want more?" The question hung in the air. Declan nodded, on the couch Alyssa whimpered.

Mrs Smythe nodded at Declan, "Show her how gentle and skilled you are," she encouraged her pupil.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Notches on the Bedpost

bedpost notches_tmi

This week's TMI Questions were brought to you by SweetNDirty. I give credit to the person who found the photo. I never thought that I would ever see evidence of a person who had actually kept notches on their bedpost!!!!!

1. Do you or have you ever kept track of the number of people you have been with?
Not really. Sometimes I do a little mental countback and try to come up with a number. Usually when I do that I end up reaching a number that is a little bit larger than I feel comfortable with and I am pretty sure I am missing people out. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if my number is two or 2 million it doesn't change the person I am or make me more or less of a woman.  In case you were wondering though, it is much closer to two than two million.

2. To get specific, How many people have you;
a) slept withWell I kind of answered that in question one. To be specific I don't really know but I think it is somewhere between 30 and 100. 
b) kissed (in a romantic way obviously); This I have absolutely no idea about! I don't think I could remember all of those. I enjoy kissing some people some time but it isn't something that I seek out. Often I don't like to kiss my play partners much. 
c) given oral to; slightly more than a) but not much. I like giving oral but usually performing oral, especially on a man often makes me want to fuck the crap out of him or someone else who is handy at the time (often Mr Jake Jones!) . So I guess the moral of that story is that if I suck your dick there is likely to be sex following.
d) received oral from; This is a little less than c) but not much. I have a very precious clit and I am extremely picky about who gets access. 

3. What is the most amount of people you have been with at one time? (twosome, threesome, foursome etc.)
I am not sure about this question. The most number of people I have been with at one time who were fucking or doing sexual stuff with me all at the same time is three which I posted about here. I have been known to go to parties and have sex with the majority of people in the room over the course of the night. I think the total number of people in that case was about four or five men and two or three women. There was also a time when Jake and I attended a party and during the course of the evening all of the people at the party, about ten couples, ended up in the same bed together. That clearly didn't involve all of the party attendees having sex with me personally though so I am not sure that it qualifies as an answer to this question. Actually I am not entirely sure what you would say my answer to this question was. 
Source: Hot Sweet She

4. Have you ever had multiple partners in the same day just at different times? (One person in the morning, another at lunch and another at dinner?) 
I think the party story that I related above probably falls into this category. If I meet a man who isn't Jake for some fun either during the day or the evening I will usually go home to Jake and have 'reclaiming the territory' sex. So it isn't unusual for me to have two people in a day but I have not ever tried for more than this. In fact I kind of have an aversion to having more than one or two extra martial  encounters in a week. I am not judging people who do have more than this but for me that seems like the most that is appropriate. The way my life is at the moment if I had sex with more than one other man than Jake in the week I would be in danger of fucking other men more than I have time to fuck Jake. Sad I know but it is only temporary. 

Bonus: Describe your best multiple person encounter, either something that actually happened or one that you would want to happen or both.

As with last week I opened this question up to my facebook followers and here is what one of them told me.
"I believe it is called a 'spit roast' but being the different individual that I am I would prefer this to be with two willing ladies. I imagine me in the middle, one lady with a strap on dildo, the other with her thighs open and ready for me to orally please her."Thank you for sharing Michael.
 I must admit that I am a huge fan of the spit roast myself but at the moment the multiple partner fantasy that tickles my fancy is slightly different. 
I have a hankering for a massage from as many people as will fit around the massage table. I like the idea of being face down and feeling all those hands moving over my body. I am sure during the course of proceedings they will stray to all sorts of places and the whole thing will end up being a seething mass of bodies enjoying each other. 


Friday, May 17, 2013

Morning Massage.

Something for the weekend

A little while ago I had a small adventure which inspired the following story.

Sun glinted off the water as Declan neatly scooped a leaf from the surface of the pool.
"Good morning Declan," the familiar cheery voice greeted him.
Turning Declan allowed himself a few moments to enjoy the sight of Mrs Smythe as she reclined her bikini clad body onto the sun lounge. "Good morning Madame." He responded politely. He glanced over the surface of the pool checking that it was completely clean before he neatly stowed his tools. As he made his way inside he paused beside the sun lounge and looked down at her, admiring her smooth skin showing just the faint hint of a tan, "What are your plans for today Madame?" he asked.
Mrs Smythe shaded her eyes as she looked up at him, "Well, it seems everyone else has gone out for the day so we have the place to ourselves." Declan wasn't sure but he thought he detected the hint of a smirk at the corner of her mouth. His body responded with a quick surge, today could be interesting. Her melodic voice continued, "You know I think I pulled something in my shoulder at the gym yesterday," she flexed her arm for emphasis, "A massage might be nice."
Declan hid his smile carefully, "Of course your wish is my command." He responded exactly the way he knew she liked, "Would you like the table inside or outside?"
"Oh it is such a nice day I think outside would be perfect." Mrs Smythe terminated the conversation by pulling her hat over her eyes and settling into a more comfortable position on the sun lounger. Declan made his way inside and efficiently began clearing away the breakfast clutter in the kitchen. Through the window he could see the back of Mrs Smythe's chair. He was a little eager to skip to the task she had requested but his neat nature didn't allow him to walk away from a sink of dirty dishes. 
When the dishwasher was humming quietly and the benches were wiped clean he made his way to the hall closet and retrieved the massage table. He set up the table with his characteristic quiet efficiency making sure he had a bottle of her favourite oils handy. When everything was ready he stepped over to the sun lounger and stood waiting patiently with the sun warming her. He took the opportunity to admire her further, the bronze of her skin blended almost perfectly into the dark beige of her bikini. From a distance she looked almost naked. After a few minutes she stirred and moved her hat to look up at him.
"I am ready whenever you are," Declan spoke quietly keeping his eyes averted. 
"Well then perhaps we should get started." She unfolded herself and stood in front of him.

The top of her head was exactly level with the bottom of his chin. She tilted her head to look up at him as she reached behind her neck and untied her bikini. The triangles of fabric fell away from her body to reveal a set of soft round breasts topped by impressive dusky nipples. Declan inhaled slowly remembering how those nipples loved to be pleasured. It was all he could do right now to stop himself from reaching down and taking one in his mouth. 
"Declan you know the rules," she chided.
He shuffled awkwardly, "Oh yes," he stepped aside and began removing his shirt, folding it neatly and placing it on the table beside the oil bottle. Still wearing her bikini bottoms, Mrs Smythe walked past him to lay herself face down on the table. Keeping in line with the rules Declan left his own underwear on and took up his position beside the massage table and oiled his hands making sure the oil was warm before he placed them on her smooth skin. He started slowly moving his hands in long strokes over her back familiarising himself with her body again. With a slight frown he began working on the tension in her shoulders. As time passed he became completely absorbed in his task, moving his body in time with his strokes and admiring her brown skin and the firm suppleness of her body. She spent a lot of time and money keeping herself fit and it paid off. 
He moved his position so that he could work a little on her lower back. He felt her fingers brush past his cock. Instantly he stood to attention inside his briefs. His ministrations continued without missing a beat, as he worked her fingers became bolder and began to stroke him encouraging his cock to harden further. Almost accidentally his fingers slipped down her back and into the waistband of her bikini. He held his breath for a moment, worried that he had misinterpreted her signals and overstepped the mark. She opened her legs slightly and tilted her hips invitingly upwards. Inwardly he sighed partly in relief and partly in anticipation. 
Not wanting to disappoint Declan moved his hands down to massage her thighs. She moved her legs further apart and tilted her hips a little higher. Between her legs there was a dark patch of moisture. Slowly his fingers slid up her thigh and slid under the elastic of her briefs. He watched her shoulders move as she sighed in anticipation. He slipped his finger into her warm wet slit, teasing her lips for a few moments before sliding his fingers out and continuing with his ministrations of her thighs.
Several minutes passed before he paused briefly. "Would you like me to do the front of your legs now?" he asked quietly.
Without speaking she rolled on to her back. She looked him straight in his eyes as she slipped her fingers into the waist of her bikini and slid it down over her shapely thighs. Declan was mesmerised by her smooth freshly shaved mound before the mood of her eyes changed. It took a few seconds before he noticed but when he did he was quick to rectify things sliding his briefs down over his ass and stepping neatly out of them. His cock stood out in front of him proudly. Mrs Smythe's eyes opened a little wider as she looked at him,
"That is better," With a sly smile she reached out and wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to move her hand slowly up and down. Declan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. A little shudder of pleasure passed through him. She pulled him closer to him so that she could put him in her mouth. Looking up at him teasingly she slid her tongue under his foreskin and stroked the silky smooth skin underneath. Declan's sigh turned to a soft grunt of pleasure. His body twitched and he clenched his fist beside him. 
She let his cock slide from her mouth and lay back on the table. Without prompting he moved forward and placed his hands on her breasts. For a few moments he gently kneaded them, pinching her nipples between his fingers. He resisted the temptation to put his mouth on her. When her nipples were like hard little buds under his palms he slid his hands down over her belly stroking the soft skin above her mound. She was writhing in pleasure now, arching her back slightly and pushing her hips up towards him with her knees apart. 
Teasingly his fingers trailed down over her smooth mound entering the top of her slit before grazing further downwards. Wetness streamed out of her as he gently explored her folds teasing in the places that he knew she liked all the time watching her face and the contortions of her body. He took his time, teasing each little place at his leisure before he slid his fingers into her hot wet cunt. She arched up to him with a moan. His gaze shifted from her face and those magnificent heaving breasts to her swollen pussy that was glistening with wetness around his hand as he fucked her slowly with his fingers. He bent down and touched her hard node with his tongue. Her reaction was almost instant. Her body arched off the table and she gave a sharp cry of pleasure. He continued applying a little more pressure with his tongue all the while keeping the motion of his fingers slow and steady. The courtyard filled with her cries of pleasure and the juice of her orgasms flowed down over his hand and filled his mouth with her sweet saltiness. 
Declan continued to pleasure her with his fingers and lips, fucking and sucking on her clit. He slid all of his fingers inside her pressing her hot wet cunt wide open while he watched her thrashing her head from side to side in pure animal pleasure. Finally she reached down and pushed his hand away. Small shudders passed through her as she reached out for his cock and shoved her mouth down on it. She sucked hard and fast bringing him to the brink quickly. He ached with the desire to fill her mouth but he held back, wanting to make the moment last. 
She pulled back from him and sat up on the table panting. Declan's cock was like an enormous rod throbbing with desire. Despite this he knew what she wanted. Without speaking he retrieved her favourite dildo and passed it to her. As always he worried that he had made an error of judgement but she took the silicone from him with a greedy smile.
"Show me how much you would like to fuck me right now," she murmured to him as she slid the black silicone inside her wet cunt. She began moving it in and out of herself while her eyes were fixed on his cock. He reached down and wrapped his hand around himself and began to stroke all the while with his eyes fixed on the black plastic fucking her. 
"You want to feel this pussy around your cock?" she asked breathlessly. Her fingers pressed against her clitoris and moved in small circles as she moved her dildo rhythmically in and out of herself. 
"Yessss," he hissed. His hand moved faster on his shaft. He knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer.
Mrs Smythe's brow furrowed a little in concentration. The dildo moved faster and her fingers on her clit became a blur. Declan's hand shuffled up and down his cock and he braced his legs as the familiar pressure began building up. He stepped a little closer to her before he felt the familiar warm waves washing through him. White hot cum jetted out of him coating his fist and splashing on her leg. He groaned before a second spasm hit him and more cum covered his hand. He placed his hands on the edge of the table beside her panting in pleasure as small aftershocks shuddered through him. 
Mrs Smythe continued to fuck herself slowly allowing him time to rest before he moved to wipe his hands with a towel. She lay back on the massage table with her legs spread wide and began to fuck herself hard. Declan knew she was close and he watched her intently willing her pleasure. He didn't have to wait long. She screamed so loud he worried the neighbours would hear. A jet of liquid shot out of her as her body writhed in pleasure. After what seemed like minutes, she collapsed in a panting heap on the table. The dildo fell to the side and she curled into the foetal position as aftershocks shivered through her. 
Declan smiled with pleasure. He loved seeing her like this. She smiled weakly at him and he began tidying away the towels and oil. "Would you like a shower now?" he asked as he picked up her bikini from the tiles where it had fallen.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Big O

I cannot believe that I have been participating in Wicked Wednesday for almost a year!!  Prompt no 50 is:

Again I was prompted to write something non-fictional. 

Often over the last couple of years I have considered writing a post on orgasms but I have actively avoided it. When I read Rebel's prompt this week it seemed to be daring me to bare my soul. I hope you are all gentle with me.

Orgasms are something that I have had a very on and off relationship with. I often find them hard to pin down and make happen. As I have said in a couple of recent posts I don't masturbate often. There are a lot of reasons for this and I don't need to go into them here really. Lately I have been practising the art of self-loving more frequently and enjoying the results. When I have sex I love the feeling of being filled with a cock but that in itself doesn't bring me to climax. Of course this is normal but there have been times, a few, when it has and I love it. 

Until very recently I was very envious of women who seemed to orgasm all over the place and have a grand old time. For me orgasms often took a bit of effort to achieve and a lot of the time I wondered if the effort was worth it. Jake and I embarked on a process a few years ago that involved me learning to ejaculate. While we deliberately read material and watched videos at the time I wouldn't say that we developed a technique per se. The journey was really about me becoming more comfortable with my body and somehow opening the window so the sensuality could come in.
Once I trained my mind to let my body ejaculate my whole view on orgasms and enjoying myself changed a lot. Basically I will ejaculate or have that kind of orgasm when I am highly aroused for some reason. It seems a little different with every person. Jake can make me ejaculate when he is fucking me. I sit on top of him and hold my hips a certain way and, provided he has done the leg work to get the arousal happening, he gets a bath, which he loves. A couple of other guys I have been with have amazing oral skills. Fortunately for them having their face covered in my juice is something that they love as well. I could sit on Mr Bunnings' face for hours and he would let me as long as I wore the right boots! Other men have been able to produce results with their hand and more recently Mr Fix it has discovered that taking his cock out when fucking me and using it to stroke and (gently!!!) tap certain places can also produce very pleasing results.
When I ejaculate I am one of those spasming women who melt into a heap of uncontrollable twitching, moaning and general pleasure. Lately I have tried to control the actual squirting while still achieving the orgasm. Things can get a bit messy and the clean-up can be challenging. I am making a bit of progress with this; in the meantime I have to take a lot of towels with me wherever I go.

Even though a session of ejaculating produces a great deal of pleasure often I feel a little 'unfinished' if I don't have a more regular orgasm. So if Jake and I have been out and soaked a bed or two with our fun he then needs to take me home and give me a proper orgasm so I can go to sleep. I don't ejaculate every time I have sex. It is more like a special occasion experience. Normal, everyday experiences involve the more 'regular' type of orgasm that make me want to roll over and go to sleep like any good man.
And now that I have shared all of that with you, I feel the need to go and 'attend' to myself. Or maybe I need to be attended to. You can never find a good sex slave when you want one. 

I almost forgot in my search for the slave. Make sure you head over to Wicked Wednesday and read some other orgasmic stuff. 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Navigating Sex


1. Answer Yes or No.
a) I regret my first kiss - I am actually struggling to remember this event so I guess I can safely say that I am either getting way too old, it wasn't that fantastic and or it didn't scar me for life!

b) I miss my first love - My first love and I stayed friends for quite a while after the relationship officially ended. We did have a few sexual encounters in between subsequent partners but the romance wasn't officially re-kindled. Oddly when I informed him of my engagement to Jake we had a brief argument and haven't spoken since. I used to miss him but not so much anymore.

c) I married my first love - Clearly the answer to this one is no given my response to the above.

d) I loved someone that didn't love me - I don't know if love is the right word. Had a crush on yes. Loved, probably not. 

2. Do you consider yourself monogamous or polyamourous or some other category which you will explain or define for us now.
Jake says that he must be monogamous because he only has one dick and can only fuck one person at a time. I don't know how he explains the time that he was being fucked by someone while he was fucking me or the times he has had a pussy on his face while his cock was inside a different pussy. Clearly he isn't a very good monogamist. 
Neither am I. I don't think that either of us would define ourselves as polyamourous either. 
I have described myself as a swinger in many posts here. Right here right now that is probably the best definition of what we are. The other definition that could fit from time to time would be ethical slut. 

3. Your partner is in the mood for sex and you are tired. What do you do?
a) Start snoring, there is no way I am giving it up tonight.
b) Trade... you give me a massage and we will see what happens.
c) That would never happen!
Definitely b). I am a mum etc etc. But Jake knows all the magic buttons to press. 

4. Does your partner mind if you masturbate in bed when they are there?
Jake does not mind if I masturbate while he is in bed wether he is asleep or otherwise. I feel a little self consious masturbating in front of him and I guess as I commented last week I also have other things that seem like more fun if I have a living breathing attentive partner. 
Jake felt that I should also answer this question in reverse because my opinion is slightly different from his. I do sometimes mind if he masturbates when I am in bed with him. Mainly because if I am not participating then he is most probably keeping me from going to sleep. If that is the case he needs to refer to the previous answer.   

5. Describe your typical sexual romp.
a) You are playful and tame.
b) You have occassionally introduced a few things like outfits and toys.
c) You love trying new things and shocking your partner. 
I don't think I have a typical sexual romp. Anything sexual that I do that would be defined as a romp is different every time it happens so sometimes it would be a) sometimes it would be b) and sometimes it would be c) and then other times it would be something else altogether like 'I get a couple of guys together and I fuck them, tag team style until they are either broken or I can't stand up' 

Bonus: What was your best ever masturbation experience? why was it the best? Describe. 
I don't have a story to share here because I have not really had a great relationship with masturbation. I asked a couple of my Facebook friends if they had anything they wanted to share and here is what they said.

Rod The first time I used my masturbator sex toy and lube. It was basically an early version of the fleshlite toys and was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I took things slow so I didn't finish too early because I was still young and had no control. It just felt so smooth, soft and had a great texture that hit all the right spots. I think it is memorable mainly because it was a first and early experience  
 Deacon: The tme I wanted to test myelf and not masturbate for a while. I lasted  two weeks. Afer a while everything around me became sexual. One day I got out of the shower and I started stroking. I couldn't stop and when I blew it was like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. The load I blew could have filled a shot glass. 
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