Friday, June 28, 2013

Serving Part II

Something for the weekend

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece called 'Serving' some people took me to task because it ended abruptly as things were starting to get warmed up. At the time I promised a follow up. And so here it is. Better late than never right?

Declan didn't hesitate. He bent down and tasted her more deeply with a long slow stroke of his tongue, Alyssa responded with a small moan. Encouraged, Declan tasted her more deeply. He stroked her pussy with his tongue, exploring her folds and sliding into her opening to tease the sensitive opening. Alyssa slid down the couch opening her thighs further to encourage him. Not wanting to be hurried Declan sat back on his heels and studied her pussy spread before him. Wetness glistened around the smooth lips. Declan watched her face as he stroked her lips with the tip of his finger. Her brow creased and her hips pressed towards him hungrily. Unperturbed, Declan continued to stroke slowly and deliberately coating his finger with her juice before he teased her swollen node barely touching it despite her wriggling towards him.

A small noise from the couch beside him attracted Declan's attention. He took his eyes off Alyssa and focussed quickly on Mrs Smythe. She had shed her dress and sat on the  couch naked. Her legs were splayed wide and her finger slid in and out of her pussy. For a moment their eyes met. The raw animal lust in her eyes sent a jolt through Declan's body. He turned his attention back to Alyssa. Slowly and deliberately he slid two fingers inside her, teasing the rough skin at her opening before he returned his lips to her pussy. He pressed them against her hardened node sucking it into his mouth like a penis. Alyssa's whimpers turned to little moans of pleasure. Declan continued to suck her into his mouth while fucking her with his fingers. Juice flowed over his fingers and down his chin.
Her moans increased filling the room as her body convulsed in pleasure. Her hands reached down and twisted in his hair. He continued to suck and probe her before a hand on his shoulder stopped him.
"I think she has had enough." Mrs Smythe stood above him. Her shaven pussy was tantalizingly close to his face. He could smell her musky scent above the juice on his face. Mrs Smythe moved closer to him, spreading her legs, teasing him. He knew better than to give in to the temptation and knelt looking up at her without moving. She smiled fondly at him as she held out her hand to help him up from his knees. In front of them Alyssa sprawled on the couch, with glazed eyes and her chest heaving.

"She really is delectable," Mrs Smythe mused as she fondled her own breast.
"Yes," Declan agreed.
Mrs Smythe stepped forward and took Alyssa by the hand,

"Let's go somewhere a little more comfortable shall we?" She murmured to the young woman.

Alyssa roused herself and took the hand in front of her. Wordlessly she followed Mrs Smythe down the hallway. Declan spent a few moment straightening the furniture where the women had been sitting. He picked up the last of the wine glasses and took them into the kitchen before he straightened his waistcoat and then made his way down the hallway where the women had walked minutes before.
He heard the sound of pleasure coming from one of the guest bedrooms. A small smile crossed his face. His lady liked to think that she kept people on their toes but she was more predictable than she thought. Quietly Declan opened the door to the room she liked to use to 'entertain' some of her guests. Alyssa was sprawled across the bed. Her dress was dropped on the floor beside the bed. Above her Mrs Smythe kneeled. Declan allowed himself to take in the sight of the two naked women. The younger one lying on her back, her hair scattered around her head; her soft young breasts capped by pert erect nipples. Above her the older woman held her fit strong body over Alyssa. Declan was treated to a view of her firm ass as she bent to suck Alyssa's breasts.
Automatically he stepped forward and picked up Alyssa's dress and placed it neatly over the chair beside the bed. The two women paid him no mind, they were both absorbed in each other. Mrs Smythe held a long thick double ended dong in her hand. As she knelt between Alyssa's widespread legs she teased her with the tip. The movement of the plastic over Alyssa's opening made slick wet noises and the young woman moaned a little with each stroke.
"You like that?" Mrs Smythe whispered to her.

"Yes," Alyssa murmured back.
Mrs Smythe eased the tip of the dong into Alyssa's opening. Alyssa's back arched off the bed in pleasure. Declan held his breath, transfixed by the women's faces and the scene playing out before him. His cock throbbed almost painfully but he didn't move. The dong slid inside Alyssa and Mrs Smythe moved it in and out of her rhythmically for a few strokes. Then she moved so that her body was above Alyssa's again. She bent down and kissed the young woman passionately on the lips before she slid the other end of the dong into her own wet opening.
The women embraced, their breasts pressing against each other as they kissed. Their hands travelled over each other's soft skin. Alyssa wrapped her legs around Mrs Smythe as the older women thrust her hips against her driving the dong in and out of her pussy. The smell of their arousal filled the room along with Alyssa's moans and Mrs Smythe's grunts of pleasure.
Declan couldn't stop himself any more. His hand wrapped around his aching cock and began to move up and down slowly. He felt the tension easing a little as he continued to watch the women fucking. Mrs Smythe looked over her shoulder at him,

"I think Declan needs a little treat," she said to Alyssa.

Alyssa looked over at Declan standing with his cock in his hand, their eyes met for a moment. "Yes he was so good earlier," she said between thrusts.
"Come here Declan," Mrs Smythe beckoned to him.

Obediently Declan stepped over to the bed. Alyssa turned her head and opened her mouth,

 "I love the way Lynda is fucking me but the taste of your cum in my mouth right now would be hot."

Declan gave a grunt of pleasure as he slid his cock between her lips. He knew he wouldn't last long but he didn't care. Mrs Smythe increased the speed of her thrusts as Alyssa sucked greedily on his cock. Her moans of pleasure vibrated through his cock increasing his arousal. He felt the warm pressure building up until he couldn't stop himself any more. With a loud moan he spurted his cum into her mouth. She sucked him greedily, lapping it up. He felt a second jet pulse through him and then a third smaller one before a feeling of peace fell over him. His legs felt weak and he had to grip the chair beside the bed to keep himself from falling. Like a satisfied cat, Alyssa licked the last drops of his cum from his cock and then from around her lips watching his face the whole time.

"That was delicious," she smiled up at him. Although next time I want it in my pussy if it is allowed."  

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

After Hours.


The prompt for this week's Wicked Wednesday was this;


While I was pruning my hedge this little gem popped into my mind. 

"Are you going home soon?" Rebecca peered over the partition that separated their work spaces.

"Soon, soon," Jo didn't look up from her screen. "I just want to get this finished tonight so Grumpy Arse doesn't get on my case in the morning."

"You work too damned hard," Rebecca admonished her friend. "Grumpy Arse doesn't appreciate you enough."

"I know, I know." Jo waved her hand absently. "I promise I will come out for drinks with you guys tomorrow night." She looked up from her scree for a few moments to smile warmly at her friend. 

Rebecca looked unconvinced. "All right," she answered reluctantly "I will believe you just this once." She turned ad picked up her handbag. "Make sure you aren't here too late."

"I won't." Jo traced a cross on her chest. "Cross my heard and hop to die."

As the lift door pinged and Rebecca left the building a hush descended. A feeling of relief came over Jo. She actually liked working in an empty office with no ringing phones or colleague's conversations to distract her. In no time she was absorbed completely in her work. 

The first thing that alerted her to his presence was his scent. Her body registered the aroma before her mind registered his presence. The familiar smell filled her nostrils and sent a warm jolt straight to her groin.

"You always work so hard Jo," his voice whispered against her neck as his lips brushed her hairline. Gooseflesh rose along Joe's arms and her nipples hardened against the lace of her bra. In front of her the cursor blinked, demanding the next word in the report she had been writing. Nothing could convince her mind to make a coherent thought as his hands slipped down her shoulders and slid forwards towards her breasts. 

She pressed her legs together as she exhaled. His hands slipped further downwards into her bra to cup her breast.

"I missed those breasts," his voice was a hot whisper in her ear as his fingers pinched her nipples a little harder than gently. The whispering lips travelled down her neckline as he pushed open the neck of her blouse and he eased her breasts out of her bra. He straightened up and turned her chair around so that she sat facing his groin. She looked up into his eyes, pleading silently. Just centimetres from her face his cock strained against the fabric of his jeans, throbbing almost painfully. 

For a few seconds he considered unzipping himself and freeing his cock. He knew that if he did she wouldn't hesitate to open those beautiful lips and slide them down around his aching member. His hand twitched at his side as he resisted the urge to twine his fingers into her hair and hold her head ready for him as he unzipped himself. He knew that once he started down that road there would be no turning back and he had other plans for tonight. 

He reached down and took her hand to pull her upwards into a standing position facing him, "and which office belongs to Mr Grumpy Arse may I ask?" He looked at her quizzically. 

"That one," Jo pointed to the office in the corner. "Why?"

Still holding her hand and pulling her along Marcus began walking towards the open door, "Because I am going to fuck you over his desk," he announced casually. 

Once inside the office he pulled the door closed and guided her towards the desk. He silenced her protests with deep kisses as he hitched her skirt up around her hips and sat her on the desk in front of him. She watched silently as he kneeled between her legs and hooked his fingers into the leg of her panties. For a moment he studied her perfect wet pinkness before he slid his tongue into her wet musky folds. He lapped at her wetness greedily as her protests turned into sighs of pleasure. When he slid two fingers into her greedy cunt her sighs turned into little whimpers that crescendoed into deep moans as he continued to pleasure her. Only when her moans peaked as her hips bucked against his face did he stop his ministrations. 

He stood up and looked at her sprawled across her detested supervisor's desk drunk with pleasure and lust. Only then did he reach down and open his trousers to ease out his aching cock. His hand wrapped around his shaft, "You want this?" he asked.

"Yes, yes," she didn't hesitate.

He only paused long enough to rip open a condom wrapper before he plunged his cock into her hot hungry wetness.

"Joanne," the familiar voice drifted through the open office door. Even though this morning he didn't sound angry Jo still felt a stab of dread at the sound of his summons. 

"Yes Mr Newton," she responded as brightly as she could.

"Would you come in here please?" This was a new thing. Normally he would return her work by email covered in highlighting and scathing comments. She hoped that he wasn't about to berate her in person. 

Like a meerkat on watch Rebecca's head popped over the partition to give her a quizzical look. Jo replied with a shrug as she stood and made her way to her supervisor's office. Once inside the door Jo had a vibrant flashback to the previous night when Marcus had sat her on the desk in front of where Mr Newton now sat and knelt on the floor where Mr Newton's chair now resided to lick her pussy. 

"I just wanted to tell you that the standard of the work you submitted this morning was excellent," Mr Newton stood up to face Jo as she stood on the opposite side of his desk.

He was standing right were Marcus had stood as he slammed his cock into her while she sprawled across the jotter that she now found herself staring at. Her screams of pleasure rang in her ears as her boss continued to praise her. 

"Sit down," Mr Newton settled back into his chair, the one Marcus had sat on last night before she impaled herself on his cock. "I think maybe it is time to talk about your future here," 

Jo took a deep breath as she tried to clear the disturbing images of her debauchery from her mind. She turned to pull a chair up to the desk. Sitting there, right on the seat of the chair, large as life was an opened condom wrapper!  

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Sex Ed Class

June is Audlt Sex Ed Month. The movement was started by blogger @GoodDirtyWoman. You can read more about it here.

This week's questions were inspired by Sex Ed writer Jon Pressick and #dailysexdiscussion that happens on Twitter. 

1. Have you ever tried having an open relationship?
Yes. As it is well documented in these pages Jake and I a currently engaged in what can only be described as an open relationship. The journey to where we are at now has been long and slow. There is no way we could have been where we are at today three years or possibly even one year ago. There have been many conversations both with each other and with many other people who are engaged in open relationships. Jake in particular was very reluctant to call what we have an 'open relationship' for a long time. He was worried about the connotations of what the term meant but after reading online and other resources he has gradually become more enlightened. 
I would say that our relationship is definitely sucessful. We own our own home, our children are happy and functioning members of their communities we both manage to study and hold down good jobs and we enjoy our time together and with our other partners. Our communication is good. Of course there are always things that need workinig out but when that happens we get down to it and sort things out. 

2. Do you have any sexual phobias? What have you done to manage or overcome them? 
According to the true definition of phobia I can't think of anything to do with sex that bothers me unless you count being tipped upside down in a rope suspension. However there are a few things that I have avoided because they have a high degree of 'ick factor'. These things reside mainly around giving anal pleasure. Jake is a huge fan of this and so over time I have gradually pushed myself to engage in these activities and learn how to make them safer to combat the ick. For me anal (both giving and recieving) is still something very private that I only share with very trusted partners. I cannot see a time when things will be any different. 

3. What is the best new activity that you have tried in 2013?
Double penetration, the conventional kind. One anal and one vaginal. I have commented and posted many times about my reluctance and hesitation about anal play but I have journeyed along far enough to trust two men to do this with who are both comfortable with each other. I have to say I don't want to do it every other day but it is definitely on the to do again list. 
PS there will be more details about this experience in a post planned for the very near future. 

4. Have you ever called in to a sex advice radio / television show or written to a sex advice columnist?
No. Generally if I have a question I ask Dr Google or post a question in a forum where I think I will get a reasonable answer or even better ask the world of Twitter. Given some of the advice I have heard or read on sex advice segments in popular media I think my responses from Twitter are just as informative if not more so. 

5. Would you ever use the services of a Sex Therapist? Why / why not?
I am very reluctant to engage the services of any kind of therapist so I can't say that I would unless the situation was quite dire. If my partner felt that it would be benificial and was open to the idea then I possibly would. 

6. Should sex therapists be allowed to engage in sexual activities with clients? Why / why not? 
This is a tricky one. In general I think that a therapist who engages in sex activities with their clients is abusing their position of power in the same way that a teacher who engages in a sexual relationship with her student is. There are of course situations where both parties feel that there is adequate consent but I still don't think that it is possible for either a student or patient to give informed consent to a person who has such a position of authority over them. 
In line with today's #dailysexdiscussion topic I do think there is a lot of space for sex ed classes that feature live demonstrations of techniques and aspects of the human body. Personally I have attended a couple of sessions like this and I think that the participants learned a lot from the demonstrations. 

Of course this topic brought to mind the classic Monty Python skit which always gives me a chuckle. Apologies for the subtitles but this is the only version I could find on YouTube. 


 Bonus: Have you read any adult sex ed books lately? What do you recommend? 

In line with my answers to #4. I tend to Google any questions that pop randomly into my head. The book that falls into this category that I have read most recently is the old standard "The Ethical Slut". Both Jake and I have found the reading educational and had many 'penny dropping' moments while reading. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013


I posted recently about my feelings on BDSM. Since I wrote that post Jake and I have ventured a little further into that world. We are currently journeying very slowly and cautiously down that road and are playing with different ideas and learning our way around that lifestyle and the people who live in it. We have made a couple of friends in the 'scene' and we are getting a feel for what we like and don't like. 

During a long chat with a friend recently I came to understand the concept of a 'kinkster' as opposed to someone who is fully participating in BDSM either as a Dominant or Submissive. My friend was of the opinion that I am not really a submissive which I tend to agree with. The idea of being collared or under the direction of a dominant is not something I can imagine myself really doing. On the flip side though I cannot imagine myself being arrogant enough to truly dominate someone.

There are kinks that I like to play with including being spanked, spanking, administering wax, being tied and perhaps tying, scratching and biting (both giving and receiving). This isn't a complete list but these are the ones that spring to mind immediately. The thing that has had the greatest impact on me as I have read, watched and considered trying is the number of kinks that are submissive. I was dicking around on FetLife a few days ago and in their list of fetishes I came across "being told good girl while sucking his cock" 

I have always liked giving oral. I consider myself reasonably good at it with both men and women and it gives me an enormous buzz to bring a person to climax that way. When I was in the Myers change room with Aqua man he held my hair and whispered to me what a good girl I was for sucking his cock so well. It was the first time a man had ever done that to me and contrary to everything I ever thought about myself and the way I like to perform that particular act I found it extremely arousing. So much so that I pursued this man and sought out sex with him more than I would normally have. I just wanted to kneel at his feet and hear those words again. Sadly we had to go our separate ways. 

Recently I have found someone else that does the same thing. It has the same effect. Just hearing those words of encouragement while he holds my head and fucks my mouth is so erotic. I want to suck his cock and taste his cum but then I also want him to take me and fuck me into the middle of next week.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lunchtime Liason


It is Wednesday again and time to be wicked. Rebel's prompt this week is. Make sure that you head over to the Wicked Wednesday page to check out who else is being wicked.


I was inspired by an experience I had recently and a text that was sent to me afterwards to pen the following. I hope that I have been accurate in surmising his thoughts. 

Marcus held his fingers up to his lips as he listened to the development manager drone on, this meeting was so frigging boring. The scent on his fingers permeated his thoughts making him inhale more deeply. The meeting faded into the background of his consciousness as images rushed into his mind jolting him back to where he had been not even half an hour earlier. 

In the thirty minute break between meetings he had arranged to meet her in the foyer of the five star hotel next to his building. She had been everything he had hoped for, sexy, confident and unafraid. He had bought them a drink but after two sips he had known they were wasting time. He needed to take her somewhere to touch her and explore her body. 

He put his drink on the table, "If you dare," he started, not entirely confident that she would take the challenge but driven by an irresistible urge to see those breasts in person, "I will walk out of here and I would like you to follow me a little way behind." They had talked about this scenario in the flood of texts in the previous weeks, he knew she was up for things like this but still there was a risk in asking the question. It was the risk that gave this whole thing the edge he craved. He stood up and walked out of the room, past the concierge. 

She followed. His heart beat faster as he pushed the door open and stepped inside the bathroom, she followed a few seconds later closing the door behind her. He wasted no time, he stepped forward and kissed her on the lips, pressing her back against the sink as he fumbled with her dress, sliding his hand into the neckline of the dress hungry to feel her body and stroke her skin. His hand slid down over her ass and he inserted his finger into her panties. 

"You are so wet." He whispered into her ear as he pressed his fingers into her stroking hungrily. His cock throbbed in his jeans Right now he would do anything to have her, ideas of blowing off his meeting and spending the afternoon in a hotel room fucking began to creep into his mind. Underneath his body she made little whimpering noises and fumbled with his belt seeking to release his hard throbbing cock. 

Obligingly he helped her, easing himself out of his jeans and his briefs. It was almost blissful allowing his member out of its confinement. There was a brief pause as she stood admiring him for a second before she wrapped her hand around him and stroked gently. He watched intently aching for more than her tentative touch but she wasn't to be hurried, she bent down and touched the tip of his cock with her tongue. Slowly she slid her lips down over him, teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue. She sucked him for a few strokes still standing and bending down to reach him before she kneeled down on the tiles of the bathroom floor. 

He looked down at her as she licked his balls, taking them one by one into her mouth before she licked the length of his cock. She looked up at him as she licked the tip of his cock before sliding her lips down over him engulfing him pressing down on him until she gagged on his length. The sound of other patrons entering other parts of the bathroom combined with the urgency of his schedule combined increasing his excitement. He wanted this to last but he knew he didn't have the luxury. 

Reaching down he twisted his fingers into her hair, "Suck me like a good girl," he whispered. He wished that he had time to bend her over the sink and bury his cock into her hot wet cunt. The sight of her face in the mirror as he fucked her from behind was something that her craved but he knew he didn't have time. 

"Let me fuck your mouth," he whispered. Pressure was building in him, The intense rush was almost too much to bear. She kneeled obediently letting him press his cock into her mouth. The pressure of his orgasm pressed at the corners of his mind, he let it build even though he wished he had time to toy with it. He paused for a moment and looked down at her,

"Suck me until I cum," he whispered to her. Obediently she sucked him deeply. He threw his head back letting the sensation and excitement build in him. He knew it wouldn't take long. 

"I am going to fill your mouth with my cum" He whispered urgently. Just as he felt the first surge pulsing up she pulled his cock from her mouth and held him in front of her face. The first surge of white cum welled up and splashed across her face. Time seemed to slow as she slipped him back into her mouth to take the second pulse over her tongue. He grunted softly in pleasure as a third pulse shot through him. 

Automatically he reached for a towel to wipe her face. She stopped him to reach into her handbag before handing him a camera.
"There is someone else who might want to see this."