Wednesday, July 31, 2013



This week the prompt was the following;


The signs were there. Right from the moment she opened the door to him. His voice quavered with nerves as he spoke to her, when she invited him in, he shuffled awkwardly as she lead him down the hallway to her chamber. She knew that her instincts had been right; this one was exactly what she had been looking for. Once inside she turned and stood in front of the bed facing him. Without speaking she slid out of her robe, letting it whisper to her feet into a pool of shimmering silk. Unconsciously she noted the nervous bobbing of his throat and the straining of his cock against the zipper of his jeans. A smile played around her lips as she sat on the edge of the bed with her knees spread wide apart. Looking him in the eye she traced the outline of her lips slowly and dipped her finger into herself before lifting it to her mouth to lick it clean.

His eyes opened wide and he shuffled uneasily on his feet,

"Perhaps you should show me what you have," her voice broke the silence making him jump slightly. He looked at her face, confused for a moment before he realised what she meant. His hands shook as he fumbled with his belt and unzipped himself. She could see his cock straining against his boxers as he pushed his jeans down his legs. His boxers joined his jeans in an untidy pile on the floor and he stood in front of her with his cock jutting out in front of him.

Her red lips parted to reveal her white, straight teeth. A warm feeling of pleasure filled her as she reached out to wrap her long fingers around his cock. She loved this moment, when she touched them for the first time, feeling the hardness, the pent up energy, the ache for release combined with the terror that they will make a fool of themselves in front of this creature that was more beautiful than any of their late night fantasies. This was the reason why she chose these boys to entice into her chamber, something about their awkwardness and inability to control themselves properly turned her on more than the most skilled love makers, it was her fetish.  His eyes closed and his ragged breathing seemed loud in her ears as she moved her hand up and down his shaft. A bead of pre cum formed at the head of his cock. She could feel his thoughts whirring desperately trying to hold back the surge.  A note of panic pushed its way through the energy she was picking up from him. Watching his face she leaned forward and touched the tip of his cock with her tongue, licking away the bead of moisture.

He whimpered in desperation, but she was relentless, she ached to prove her power over him. The excitement of knowing that he was so close to crashing uncontrollably over the edge pushed her almost to the edge herself. Something about the look in his eyes softened her a little.  

"Please," his voice cracked like a teenager. She paused momentarily in her stroking of him. 

She pondered for a moment deciding if she would save him some of the humiliation that was about to follow. She decided to be a little kind, not too much because she wanted her own pleasure but a little. Her mouth opened and her lips slid down over his shaft. He groaned in desperation as her tongue slipped over his head. She could feel his tension as the orgasm threatened her own pussy clenched together quivering as it waited for the heat of his explosion. She kept her head tilted watching him as his cock slid over her tongue and touched the back of her mouth. The first pulse came as her lips touched the top of his balls. His eyes opened wide in surprise as she wrapped her arm around his ass, stopping him from pulling away in shame. He groaned as his body spasmed uncontrollably and the second salty jet filled her mouth. Wetness streamed out of her as she felt her own shuddering climax in response his cock muffled her own grunt of pleasure as he pulsed and quivered inside her. 

"I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry," he repeated over and over like a mantra as the waves of pleasure died away. Only when she felt him start to soften did she release him, letting his cock slide over her lips to hang limply in front of her. Awkwardly he bent to pick up his clothes.

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to do that but you were so sexy and then you sucked me…."

 His voice trailed away as he stood in front of her holding his clothes over his member, hiding it from her gaze.

Her smile was enigmatic, one moment she looked like a kind, older sister, forgiving her brother for stealing her candy, the next she was like a cat, willing the bird to come just a little closer so she could pounce on it. He stood rooted to the spot, desperately wanting to flee and hide in shame but unable to move. Slowly she reached over and picked up a phallic piece of glass from the bedside table and passed it to him. She lay back on the bed with her legs spread open,

"Put down those clothes, come kneel here and show me what you know about women's vaginas."

It wasn't a request.

Awkwardly he knelt beside her holding the glass wand in his hand.

"I want you to touch my outer lips with the wand," she commanded.

Awkwardly he reached down and stroked her tentatively with the smooth, cool glass. She shivered at the faintness of the touch, aching for more.

"Have you ever tasted a real woman?" She smiled kindly.

"No," He still hid his face from her, embarrassed and afraid of not measuring up.

"Bend down and suck just that one little lip," she instructed. "Don't get carried away and try anything else just the lips," she warned as he bent awkwardly.

The feel of his lips on her was electric. His first touches were tentative like butterfly wings, she bucked her hips against his face, titillated by their fluttering touch. Eventually he became braver and sucked her labia into his mouth. Wetness streamed out of her as she moaned in pleasure.

"Now show me where you think my clit is," she gasped. He sat back and touched the swollen hard node with the cold glass wand. She gasped at the change in sensation. He jumped back a little startled. She noted that his cock was already starting to stir and unable to stop herself she reached between her legs and stroked herself before spreading her lips wide, expertly displaying her hard node for him. She noticed his cock hardening again. Soon he would be ready to mount her so that she could pull his climax from him again. She shivered a little in anticipation. It was always better when they spurted uncontrollably inside her. Her clit throbbed feeling a little naked and exposed away from its protective hood.

"Suck me!" she commanded.

Source Hot, Wet, Pussy
He didn't hesitate kneeling between her legs before taking her node against his lips with the same tentative licks and sucks as before. Her hand reached down to cradle the back of his head for a few moments before she pushed herself against his mouth encouraging his tongue to touch her firmly.

"Ahhhh!" she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her. A jet of liquid spurted over his face and he pulled away, surprised.

She smiled at him, warm from her orgasm but still hungry for more,

"Now we are even,"

He smiled disbelievingly touching his face. Not sure what to make of the juice coating his chin and mouth.

She arched her body towards him, "I want you to fuck me with that big hard cock," She wriggled a little in anticipation as he lowered his body over hers. His cock pressed against her opening for a moment before it suddenly slid inside her. His eyes opened wide as she clenched around him. His ragged breathing was loud in her ears. The signs were there again, she knew he wouldn't last long but she didn't care. She was confident in her ability to arouse him over and over again so that she would be able to pull orgasm after orgasm out of him all night until he was spent and drained in the morning. The thought tipped her over the edge again. 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Will You Marry Me?


This week's TMI questions were penned by John D Stories and were inspired by the above photograph. 

1. Do you believe in marraige?
Well I am married and have been for about fifteen years so I guess that the answer to that is yes. Seriously though, I do believe in marraige but not in the Prince Charming sweeping Cinderella off her feet kind of way. More in the journey two people take through life together kind of way. I could write for a long time about the issues with popular perception of marraige in our culture but this is probably not the time and place for it.   

2. Have you ever proposed marraige or been proposed to marry? What happened?
Again the answer to this question is obvious. Yes. Although my marraige proposal was kind of an anticlimax. Jake was worried I would say no so we had several roundabout conversations about wether I would say yes if he asked before he actually asked. On the actual proposal weekend we went camping at a beach we visted a lot and he chose a very nice spot by a lake to pop the question. I wasn't entirely surprised and there was no fireworks or ring to celebrate so it was like a lot of things in our life, quiet and understated. 

3. What would be your dream way of proposing marraige?
I am not a huge fan of being the centre of attention. I think the ideal proposal would be a really nice dinner and some subtle way of producing a ring that I had never seen before. I don't even care too much for the bended knee thing. It is more about the intimacy and sincerity of the proposal. Having said that I will be very surprised if I ever have the opportunity to be proposed to again.

4. What would be your nightmarish way of proposing marraige?
 I think a very public proposal in front of a heap of people I know well like my work collegues or my family would probably be the worst. Especially if the person was proposing very early in the relationship.

5. Mainstream society has engagement rings; in your opinion what token should be given to signify engagment?
In Papua New Guinea and other Melanesian / Polynesian cultures it is common for the suitor to offer  livestock such as pigs to the bride's family in exchange for his wife. The custom is quite complex and has meaning not just in compensating the bride's family for the loss of their child but also for the young man to prove that he and his family will be able to provide for the woman and her children adequately. We have an Australian friend who married a New Guinean man and the joke she makes is that she was worth only one pig. Jake told me I was definitely worth at least ten pigs. I think pigs are a great way to signify engagement.

6. What do you think would have happened to cause someone to have "Will you marry me?" on the back of their caravan?
I think that the owner of the caravan is some hopelessly traveller who met the person of their dreams at an overnight roadside campsite and when they got up the next morning their dream person had moved on. The traveller is doomed to drive every quiet country road for the rest of their life looking for their perfect soulmate. 

 Bonus: Tell us about someone you would have proposed to by never had the chance / opportunity. 

I am an old fashioned kind of girl and so never considered proposing to anyone because it wasn't my job. Other than Jake there isn't anyone in my past that I wished I had a proposal from though. I can't imagine being married to anyone else.  

What is Vanilla?

During the last month or so I was planning a session of hot hotel room sex with a rather delicious gentleman. Scheduling proved to be an issue and so our session had been delayed more than once. In the meantime Jake and I had enjoyed some time with another delicious person that involved, rope, chains and floggers. I was telling a tale of my adventure to my friend, who made the comment,

"Maybe I am too vanilla for you."

I was curious about his attitude. This is a man who had been describing to me in quite explicit terms what he intended to do to me when he could get me alone and naked in a room. He had sent me photos and videos of himself wanking and naked. Vanilla wasn't a word I would have associated with him. When I said this to him he expanded his idea by saying that he just wasn't into too much kinky stuff, he was just after a good hard session of fucking. Now I do have kinks, I have posted about my exploration of kink over the last few weeks and there will be more to come as I explore this new area, but that does not mean that kink is the only thing I am interested in. If there is a seductive person who has a nice looking penis that is offering to fuck the life out of me then I am not going to say no. I don't stop to consider how vanilla they are or the vanilla level of the activity we are planning is. 

So we had our hot hotel session. At his request I wore a dress and sexy underwear, there were many orgasms had and I apologise if anyone in the next room was kept awake or otherwise inconvenienced by the sound of pleasure that was coming from our hotel room. The sex was great hot, hard and unrestrained. Was it vanilla? Well compared to some of the things I have done perhaps yes. Compared to lights off, missionary position, five strokes and it is over? Definitely not. There was some spanking but I wasn't in the mood for it. Once I would perhaps have tolerated the kind of spanking when hand meets ass and there is a noise but you don't really feel anything. These days I don't. If you are going to spank me then you have to fucking mean it. I don't necessarily want bruises that take days to heal but I do want to feel that sting. The sting is what makes spanking so fucking hot.

Did we work our way through the Karma Sutra? No, but we did flick through some tried and true positions that work. Did we try edging or other teasing kinds of sex? No but I don't care. I haven't a lot of patience. I want to try edging someday but I need an experienced and patient tutor. This wasn't the guy for that.

There was ejaculation; from me. Anyone who has ever made me ejaculate knows that this can get messy, really, really messy. This of course does not fall into the category of vanilla. For my friend watching a woman writhe in pleasure while spraying over his hand was enticing and very, very exciting. For me, I gain a deep sense of satisfaction from it but it isn't the earth shattering mind boggling event that it once was. I tend to fight it a little sometimes. Even though it does give pleasure it is messy and so I want to control it a little more.

So getting back to the original question was he vanilla? In all honesty probably yes. As a one off encounter I liked it. I really, really like vanilla ice cream but it has to be the expensive high quality kind. Not the cheap ass stuff you buy in the supermarket. This encounter was like that. Rich, indulgent and decadent but at the end of the day it was still vanilla. If I was to meet him again there would have to be at least some chocolate chips mixed in or M&Ms or Violet Crumble. If he wanted a long term FB relationship he would need to learn how to spank, and be adventurous. There would need to be excursions to parks and sex in public places were the risk of being watched or sprung would make things all that much hotter. For this guy these things are not on his radar. He just wants to meet women and have trysts in hotel rooms.

Vanilla ice cream is nice occasionally but one needs more flavours on their palette. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Susan's Secret

Something for the weekend

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This week the prompt was;


Through a headachy fog I came up with the following which just happens to be a little fantasy I have been harbouring for a while. 

As Susan touched the little box in her pocket the corners of the box stabbed into her thigh reminding her of what she had come here to do. As she lifted her coffee to her lips she felt a flutter of butterflies in her stomach and a slight quiver in her wrist. She was forced to put her cup down for a moment. Then she saw him. It is strange how you can always recognise people even though you have never really seen them before. She recognised some of his features from his photograph, the way his hair fell down over his face and the fullness of his lips. At the same time he looked nothing like his photo and she felt as if she had never spoken to him before. For a fleeting moment panic flashed through her, what was she doing here? What was she thinking agreeing to this? The time she had spent chatting with this man seemed irrelevant and she felt like an awkward schoolgirl on her first date.

"Susan?" he stopped beside her table looking down at her enquiringly.  

She half stood to greet him, then the weight between her legs reminded her again of what she had come to do. Her eyes slid to the side noting where he was sitting on the other side of the coffee shop reading the paper, his face hidden from her. Despite this it felt as if his eyes were boring a hole through the paper, watching her every move.

"Hello Grant," she smiled warmly looking him straight in the eye. 

"It is nice to meet you at last," he held her hand longer than normally, releasing it only as they sat. "I have to say that you are as lovely as I fantasised."

A throb went through her groin at his choice of words. She remembered his text from last night.  

This is what fantasising about you has done to me.

 Accompanied by a picture of his cock hard and gripped in the hand that now rested on the table. A new surge of wetness collected on her already damp panties. 

Grant signalled to the waitress and ordered a coffee. "Did you want anything to go with your coffee?" he asked her. 

"No thank you." Susan answered. She could feel the eyes boring into her from across the room. It felt as if all of the eyes in the room were watching her right then. It was as if everyone knew what she was holding between her thighs and what she planned to do that day. For a moment she was overwhelmed by the thought of a thousand pairs of eyes looking at her watching her wantonness. 

She took a deep breath and reached into her pocket to retrieve the box. Without speaking she placed it on the table between them. It sat there, unmarked and giving no clue of the contents and the purpose of them before Grant reached forward and took it in his hands. In her mind Susan heard a collective gasp from the thousand people in the room watching her. She pressed her thighs together under the table, trying to supress the throbbing that had erupted in her clit. It felt as if she had a tiny penis growing in her panties. 

The waitress brought Grant's coffee and he nodded thanks as he held the box under the table to inspect the contents. Across the room the man had put the paper down and was watching her intently. 

The buzz jolted through her and made her jump. Her heart was thundering as she looked across at him. His brown eyes were twinkling as he took a sip of coffee. "Sorry just getting used to the controls," he apologised. 

Susan clasped her hands in her lap and struggled to control her breathing as the buzz started again,  this time, more slowly. Heat spread through her belly. Her sensitive clit grew even larger. The muscles of her pussy clamped around the vibrations as they increased sending warm pleasure through her. 

Then they stopped. She almost wimpered in disappointment as everything in her panties went still. She felt as if she was sitting in a pool of her own juices but she didn't care. All she wanted was more buzzing. Across the table Gant sipped his coffee.

"So what is it that you are studying?" he asked as if they were two friends catching up. 

"Business," Susan's voice didn't sound normal to her.

"Sounds interesting," Grant took another sip of his coffee and another buzz shot through Susan's cunt. This time he didn't ease her into it. He let her have the full force of throbbing vibrations for a second before taking it away again. "You must be good at keeping things in order then."

Susan took another breath to steady herself. Her cunt ached. She wanted more than buzzing now. The image of Grant's cock was almost all she could think about. She wanted to be filled with him.  "Yes," she forced herself to sound normal.

"You like things to be neat and orderly and how you expected then?" He looked at her intently as the buzzing started again. This time it was faint, the wetness of her cunt made it almost impossible to feel. She clamped her pussy hard around her vibe taking comfort from the feeling of the hard plastic inside her. Her phone pinged on the table beside her. She picked it up and checked her message. Underneath an image of a familiar cock was the following message,

I am hard and I am waiting to watch you.

"Everything OK?" Grant asked as she looked up.

"Definitely," she tipped the last of her coffee into her mouth. There was more buzzing in her cunt. The ache to be filled by a cock was almost unbearable now. She looked across the table into his eyes, challenging him. 

"So," she let the word hang between them.

Grant took up the challenge. He too drained his coffee.

"Lead the way," He stood and reached his hand out to her. She smiled inwardly as she noted the bulge in his pants.

The made their way purposefully to the carpark. Susan led the way to the far corner where she had parked. Looking him in the eye she pulled up the hem of her dress up and slid her panties down to her ankles. Looking over his shoulder she could see him leaning casually on the bonnet of a car parked a couple of rows away. She opened her knees and slid the vibe out of her cunt. As she did so she grazed her clit and gasped at the shock.

Grant watched as she held the vibe to her own lips and licked her juice from it before she turned and bent over the car with her legs spread as wide as her panties would allow. She waited resting her hot face against the cool metal of the car. There was a quiet jingle of a buckle and the sound of a zipper before she felt her dress being lifted. His cock slid into her slowly filling her just the way she had hoped. His breath was hot in her ear,

"You are so fucking wet you horny little thing,"

He slid his cock out before pounding it back in.

Monday, July 22, 2013

TMI Tuesday - It is All About Me!

It is All About


1. Tell us about you in 10 words or less. 
Wife, mother, pole dancer, sex goddess, writer, collector or chocolate cake recipies. 

I know that is more than 10 words but it all needed to be said. 

2. What radio stations do you have programmed and regularly listen to (format, genre) 

B105 (pop top 10 hits)
97.3 FM (Brisbane's widest variety of hits from the 80's to now)

3. What colour are your eyes today?
 Blue, sort of a grey blue not baby blue. I don't look at them often so I have no idea how much they change.

Photo rights remain property of Gemma Jones

4. Did you shave today?
No. I used to be a huge fan of waxing but have recently been shaving mainly because of ingrown hair issues (doesn't fit with the Sex Goddess image I know!). I am a bit slack with the shaving though and only do it when I am expecting company. 

5. What is your personality?
That probably depends on the day and who I am talking to. I tend to be reserved in new and unfamiliar situations but once I relax I am outgoing and a bit opinionated. 

6. Tell us two things that most people mention the like about you.
Apparently I have great boobs. In certain circles that gets mentioned often. Most people also appreciate my positive attitude. 

7. Name one thing you really like about yourself. 
I like that I can often pick out small birds and unusual plants when I am bushwalking usually before everyone else. 

Source: Birds In Backyards

Bonus: How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
Being realistic, about 35. Being wishful about 32. I don't think my body is quite that young but I am trying to preserve what I have left. 

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend of Debauchery Part III - Hellfire

This is the last part of our weekend story that I posted about last week and the week before. I hadn't realised until I started to write this how much we had seen and how much emotional ground we had covered in this weekend. The effects were far reaching and I feel some of the things I saw this weekend changed me forever. 

Jake was of course buzzed by his experience. We lay on the bed of the room as he told me what had happened and how he felt. I get so much pleasure from creating surprises for people. At Christmas I enjoy choosing gifts for other people and watching them open them more than I enjoy getting presents myself. So doing this for him was a buzz in itself. We talked about the details and the planning. In the past I haven't been good at planning surprises because I get too excited and let details slip. In this case I had managed to keep the secret. I was like a child, excited about how well I had managed the subterfuge. 

My friend had not taken as long as I had anticipated. If she had, who knows what kind of night my friend downstairs would have had. I wasn't complaining. Things worked out, Jake was happy. Our minds were full of the people we had met that afternoon, the things we had seen and what had just passed. We were not ready for sleeping and both of us were a little restless for sex. We decided to brave Hellfire

When I had first met Jake he and a friend were big fans of a BDSM club called Hellfire. He never managed to entice me to attend with him and as our marriage travelled along his experiences became relegated to his wild youth days. Hellfire as a club ceased to exist in our city but continued in various forms around Australia. In recent years the club has resurfaced. Our friends at Peer Rope were all planning to attend and so we decided to hop along for a look. 

Hellfire is held in the basement of a well-known gay bar. We knew we had the right place when we arrived at a pub with a line of Drag Queens standing outside smoking. We found our way down the stairs and into the basement. It was dark and dingy and fitting in a lot of ways. Several play spaces were set up with crosses and anchor points for flogging. There were a lot of corners for people to hang out in. We met some of our new friends and made some more new friends. We mingled, socialised and spectated. The stages were fairly busy with Masters exercising their flogging techniques with people they knew and people from who were interested in having an experience. I had never really watched flogging live before. Like the rope scene I had witnessed earlier it made a strong impression on me. Unlike the rope it didn't make me want to try it but I had a better understanding of how it worked. Seeing something like that in real life is confronting. No amount of reading or looking at pictures can really prepare you for the raw animalistic and in many ways, cruel act of implements striking flesh. 

The stages were not the only place where the action was. Throughout the audience little 'scenes' played out. One person who grabbed my attention was a man dressed in a shiny black latex suit. He wore a set of 'claws ' on his hand and used them to stroke and scratch women. He was very sensual and I was intrigued. I watched him play with a woman that was one of his regular buddies. A friend told me that their relationship was complicated and that was how the play looked. There was an obvious, strong attraction between them but at the same time there was restraint. Although she wore skimpy clothes she was prudish about undressing. Even though she clearly wanted to fuck him she didn't let him touch her too intimately, at least not at first. 

As he stroked her with his claws he held her close to him from behind. His face rested against her neck and I could see him whispering in her ear. It was hot watching them together. He supported and teased her senses as she melted into him. With his unclawed hand he caressed her breast, first through her bra and later his hand reached inside to pinch her nipple. Throughout the whole scene he never touched her genitals but as she sank deeper and deeper into his touch I could see her body as she spasmed in orgasm. It was honestly one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. Much more enticing and titillating even than watching a fully-fledged orgy. Like the ropes earlier that day, I was hooked. I wanted some of that. Suddenly my mind had opened up to a whole new range of possibilities. 

There were other little scenes and plays between people that night. At the time I didn't realise how much new material I was being exposed to. I think at some point I went into sensory overload. We didn't play but we did exchange Fetlife names with some people before we made our way back to our hotel. We talked about what we had seen and had hotel room sex which I think involved spanking, or maybe not. A lot had happened in a short space of time. I was still processing and would be for many days. 

The following morning we went straight back to vanilla land. A vanilla friend was celebrating her birthday and I volunteered to organise a get together for her. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have put my hand up for that task. Jake and I needed to spend time processing. But she is a very good friend. The night went smoothly but the contrast between a family BBQ and watching sensual BDSM play combined with a lack of sleep was hard to manage. We probably weren't our usual sparking selves and we were certainly glad to make it to the sanctuary of our bed. What we had seen and done would be food for thought for many weeks to come.