Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Sexpress Yourself

sexuality def_tmi

1. Can you tell when your lover is close to having an orgasm? How can you tell? What are the signs?
Usually yes. There are outward signs like a slight change in rythm and breathing but I also get a feeling with people that I am very close to or comfortable with and so I know almost intuitively. It is hard to describe any other way. It happens mainly with Jake but occasionally with other people depending on the mood and how in sync we are at the time. 

2. Ladies have you ever seen YOUR g-spot?
I think this is a bit of an odd question as for most people to actually SEE the g-spot you would have to look INSIDE your vagina which is impossible unless you are fortunate to be friends with a very understanding surgeon who wants to lend you their laproscope. However if the question was have you FOUND your g-spot then the answer is most definitely yes!

3. Which sexual position do you find most stimulating?
a) missionary
b) woman on top facing man
c) doggy style
d) other, tell us about it
It depends a little what kind of stimulation you are talking about. for G-spot stiulation woman on top facing man and leaning right back works a treat especially with Mr Jake Jones. It puts his cock in just the right place to cause almost uncontrollable ejaculation which he absolutely loves! I do also enjoy having my ass spanked while being fucked doggy style which is a completely different type of stimulation so I guess b) and c) with the occasional a) is the answer to that one.

When you orgasm are you;
a) silent
b) make a little noise
c) yell out
If I am somewhere that doesn't have noise restrictions, i.e. a child free house or hotel room then it is possible that everyone within a five kilometre radius will hear me. If some decorum is required then I can usually contain the noise to respectable levels. Well I think so anyway. My children may have a slightly different opinion!

5. A lover orgasms quickly, way before you are even close to having an orgasm. Do you stop the sex once her / she has had an orgasm or do you continue sexual play so that you can orgasm.
In this situation I think I would find it difficult not to be at least a little annoyed at the other person and probably wouldn't be interested in continuing things while they are around. Probably I would either go somewhere else or despatch them so that I can look after myself. 

Bonus: On average, when you masturbate how long does it take to reach orgasm?
a) less than 3 minutes
b) 3 - 5 minutes
c) 5 - 10 minutes
d) more than 10 minutes
I don't masturbate all that often. Usually I am too busy or lack privacy. If Jake is around I would rather have sex with him than masturbate. However on the odd occasion when I do I would say b). Although lately I have been trying to 'edge' with myself with some interesting results. 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog Hop - Tag You Are It!

A few weeks ago I was nominated by Rebel's Notes to take part in this blog hop. I was pretty chuffed that she considered me writer enough that people would be interested in what I had to say but sadly have not been organised to make the October 25 Deadline. Better late than never though!

The blog hop takes the form of four pre-set questions about my writing process. Like most things in life I am trying not to take things too seriously!

1. What are you working on right now?
The main thing I am working on right now is staying sane! I am currently in the middle of a very long and demanding piece of assessment that is taking up the majority of my time and energy. I currently have several stories that I am working on for my blog that I started in a fit of inspiration and never seem to get enough uninterrupted time to finish but when the get done look out! 

I am also in the planning phase for NaNoWriMo which is a little frightening but I am hoping will give me the impetus to actually write something a little more weighty. 

2. How does it differ from other work in its genre?
Most of the erotica that I write features multiple partners in open or swinging style relationships which is not completely unheard of but certainly on the less common side of erotica. My writing sometimes features dominance themes but I don't generally write much about the SM side of BDSM. I tend to focus on the sexual side of BDSM style encounters which true BDSMers might find a little 'soft' but that is me. I also like to write about fantasies that people, including myself, have that the mainstream might find a little confronting. These include male bisexuality, pegging, women having multiple male partners and cum play like creampies and bukakke. 

3. Why do you write what you do?
Because I can and because I want to. I started out writing about my own adventures but I find it harder to write about my own experiences than made up ones and so my work grew into other areas. I write about multiple partners and swinging / open relationships because I think that these are things that need to be de-mystified in this world and if there were more examples of it in the popular reading material that this kind of relationship would become more accepted. There are many people in this world who would not feel the need to cheat if they felt they had another option. 

4. How does your writing process work?
Sometimes I plan out a piece before I start but mostly I just start writing and see where it leads me. For my NaNoWriMo novel I am doing a little bit more planning than that and will probably have a 'key' of characters and their relationships with each other. I am a simple girl. More than two interrelationships and I get a bit confused. I am also pedantic about editing values and so I would be mortified if I got my plot lines and relationships confused in my story. I may also write a short outline of the basic story line for this work just to make sure I don't waffle on for 50, 000 words. I really don't want to waste that much time!

Part of the blog hop process is tagging other writers. Strictly speaking I am supposed to tag three but I could only think of two that haven't already participated and who I consider to be awesome. 

John D Stories @johndstories and 
Stranded in Toronto @stranded_in_to

Two very different writers, both of whom I enjoy reading immensly! I am looking forward to reading their responses hopefully in a more timely manner than myself and by 17 November.          

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Potpourri?????

potpourri questions_tmi

I hope that these answers make sense to my readers as I am writing them in an early morning, just woken up fog. 

1. You've been waiting forever for you significant other to propose marraige it is in the form of a bribe: "Lose around five kilos and I will marry you... the wedding can be anyway and anywhere of your choosing... just lose some weight. 
 Ultimatums of any description should never be mixed with marraige proposals. I once placed a time restriction on a man for a marraige proposal. ie I said if there is no ring by x date then I am out. I ended up leaving before the deadline and looking back I was really just looking for an excuse to be out. If someone said this to me I think my response would be to pack my bags and leave. A wedding is about publicly stating your lifelong commitment to each other, not appearances. If you have to lose weight to have a wedding there is an issue that is bigger than the wedding.

2. Are you participating in any Halloween festivities? Will you wear a costume? If yes what? 
Halloween has only recently become a celebration that may Australians consider thanks to American television and movies. The general population doesn't really observe it. In some neighbourhoods the residents of a street or block agree to participate in trick or treating but these blocks are relatively rare. One of my children's birthdays falls very close to Halloween and so we are generally concerned with that and aren't able to go to any Halloween festivities and no she doesn't like to combine her birthday with Halloween. However this year we have been able to organise things so we can fit in a birthday party and a Halloween party! I haven't decided on a costume yet but I always wanted a Morticia Addams style dress. 

  3. Forget the fact that you have a blog, in real life are you:
      a) an over-sharer who tells every detail of your personal life to everyone including the barista at Starbucks
      b) a little discriminating in who you decide to talk to about your personal life, feelings, etc? Your love life isn't off limits to friends and family but you don't confide in total strangers.
      c) as tight as a clam? You don't share important details with friends and family and when you do it kills you because you are extremely private.
Definitely b) I tend to be fairly closed mouthed with a lot of people about my love life because it is quite unconventional but to certain people I am open and quite happy to answer their questions. If I feel that their attitude is negative then I will clam up and tell them to mind their own business. 

4. Your significant other... your guy, just asked you to sleep with his penis in your mouth. Would you do it? Why or why not? 
I don't think this would be an issue, as long as he didn't want his fully erect penis pushed right to the back of my throat all night? In Jake's case this could cause a suffocation issue!

Bonus: If you were remembered for one thing what would it be?
I think the characteristic that most people observe about me is honesty. You can generally tell what I am thinking because it is coming out of my mouth. Although as I get older I have learned to filter things somewhat! However I make a point of being honest with people about most things even if sometimes it isn't what they want to hear.    

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In the Booth


Although there was an excellent prompt this week I have chosen to write another story that was prompted by a real life experience someone shared with me a little while ago. 

"We are going to get some lunch, you want to come?" Jenna paused beside Megan's desk.

Megan glanced up briefly from her screen, "No thanks," she replied. "I still have a bit more to do on this and I have some errands to run."

Jenna shrugged, "Suit yourself." She walked away to meet up with her friends standing by the elevator. Megan kept to herself pretty much, not really interacting with the other girls in the office but it didn't stop Jenna. She was a compulsive socialite and so she took up the challenge to get Megan into their group by inviting her to lunch and coffee every now and then. One day she might just forget herself and say yes.

Megan watched the little group leave the office, finishing the document she was working she made her own preparations to leave. She was aware of Jenna's little 'project' but there was something else that compelled her more than sushi and gossip. Smoothing down the skirt of her suit she made her way to the elevator and then out onto the street. Two blocks away she turned into a doorway with 'The Den' blinking in neon above the doorway. With a quick glance over her shoulder Megan quickly stepped inside.

At the top of the stairs she handed a twenty dollar note to a ponytailed man sat behind the desk. "Hello Neil," she smiled.  

"Hello Miss," he responded, flashing his trademark gold tooth at her and not bothering to hide the way he ran his eyes down her body. Megan turned to push on the faded blue door, she was on a time limit and she had things to do. Once inside she paused for a moment letting her eyes adjust to the dimness. At the far end of the room in front of a large screen showing porn men sat on couches, mostly in singles, watching. If she walked closer Megan would see some of them fondling their cocks but she wasn't interested in that. To the side two men sat together. For a moment Megan watched them. As she watched one man slid downwards, out of her view. The thought of a man wrapping his lips around another man's cock took Megan's breath away and reminded her of her errand.

Slowly she walked past the booths, each with their own individual screens, that lined the side of the room. In one of them a man sat alone watching two women frolicking naked in a pool together. He was dressed in jeans and an open necked shirt and sat like he was about to spring out of the door it something startled him. Desire spread through Megan, this was what she had come for.

"Hello" she moved into the doorway of the booth to look down into his face.

"Hello there," he looked up at her nervously. His hands twisted in his lap.

Megan moved inside the booth, "Do you mind if I sit here?" She gestured at the seat beside the man.

"Sure," he moved over to make room for her. "Do you come here often?" he asked as she sat gracefully beside him.

"Sometimes," she smiled letting her eyes take in his body. She pressed her thighs together in anticipation. "You like the porn?" She gestured at the screen in front of them.

He shrugged, "It's OK. You know. Porn is porn."

She smiled in response, "True," carefully she placed her hand on his thigh and leaned in a little closer. "How would you like something more real?" She moved her hand up his leg a little further until her finger was touching his penis through the denim of his jeans.

"What did you have in mind?" his voice wavered and she felt tension coiling through his body.

Megan placed the palm of her hand over his crotch and pressed gently on his swelling cock. "I am very good at sucking cock," her eyes didn't leave his face as her hand massaged his cock.

The man slid down in his seat a little to ease the tightness in his jeans. "OK." his eyes were glued to her cleavage.

Megan slid off her seat to kneel in front of him. Her gaze shifted from his face to his crotch which was now right in front of her face. With a little help from her new friend she slid his zipper down and eased his cock out of it's bondage. For a few moments she admired it sitting proud and erect before her. She pressed her lips against the warm velvet of the skin, running them up his shaft before she licked the tip of his cock. The man sighed in appreciation and she felt some of the tension leave his body as she opened her mouth and slid her lips down over his cock. She fought an overwhelming urge to press her mouth down over him as far as she could. Instead, she focussed on the head of his cock, circling him with her tongue, letting her saliva moisten him as she moved her head up and down slowly easing her mouth down the full length of his shaft.

He placed a tentative hand on the back of her head. She pushed her mouth down further until she could feel his cock in the back of her throat. Pleasure welled up in her. She loved this part, kneeling in front of a strange man with his cock rammed into her throat. Feeling the power she had over him by submitting to him in this way. She tilted her head so that she could see his face. His eyes were closed and his head was tilted back against the top of the couch, his fingers curled into her hair holding her head against his cock. He thrust his hips against her mouth and she tasted the salt tang of his pre-cum on her tongue. Greedily she sucked down on his cock craving the taste of him. He gave a groan of pleasure as his cock hardened further. She moved her head up and down sucking on him, anticipating his climax, craving the taste of him.

"I am gonna blow in your mouth," he whispered to her urgently.

Without taking her lips from him, she nodded, giving him permission. There was no way she could communicate the craving she had right now to taste his cum, to feel it's warmth filling her mouth. His fingers curled tighter into her hair and he thrust into her mouth harder and more urgently building up tension. Megan felt her own body responding to his pleasure, she knew her panties would be soaked and her clit was throbbing demanding attention for itself. There would be time for that later, right now she was focussed on the cock in her mouth.

"AHHHHH," he groaned as his cock pulsed, emptying itself into her mouth. Megan held as much of his cum as she could before she swallowed. His hand fell away from her head and he collapsed against the back of the couch. Carefully she licked away the last drops of his pleasure before she released his cock from her mouth. Gently she slid his cock into his boxers before he zipped up his jeans. 

"Thank you," he reached down and stroked her face before she stood in front of him. The demanding of her hungry cunt was stronger now. She needed to find a quiet space of her own away from the eyes that would watch her here.

"The pleasure was all mine, believe me," She straightened her dress before she moved out of the booth. With purposeful strides she walked towards the exit, ignoring the men who tried to catch her eye as she passed. She recognised a few of them. On a different day she may have stopped to talk with them and perhaps share other things but right now her own desires were more important.

Out in the street she passed the lobby of a hotel. She stepped inside the doorway of the coffee shop and made her way to the counter.

"The usual?" the waitress behind the counter asked.

Megan smiled warmly, "Yes please," she replied, taking money from her purse. "I will just use the bathroom."

"Certainly," the waitress began preparing her coffee. "I will take this out to your usual spot then."

"Thank you," Megan walked through a doorway into the foyer of the hotel. At the back she slipped into the ladies bathroom. Once inside the cubicle at the far end she opened her handbag. Nestled in its special bag was her good friend. She sat on the toilet and slid her panties down. The aroma of her arousal was strong. With urgency she slid the vibrator inside herself almost automatically pressing against her sensitive spots. Exhaling the tension out of her body she allowed the vibrations to work their magic. With her other hand she stroked her swollen clitoris. It was only seconds until the orgasm washed over her. Silently she spasmed in pleasure, holding on to the feeling as long as she could before releasing it and slumping back against the wall.

For a few moments she sat there savouring the warm relaxation allowing reality to make its way slowly back. Reaching into her handbag she retrieved a clean pair of knickers and replaced her sodden ones. She stowed her vibrator safely in its bag and stood up to straighten her clothes. Before she left the bathroom she checked her make up in the mirror and straightened her hair.

When she returned to the cafe her coffee was sitting on the table waiting for her. For the next ten minutes she sat, sipping as she looked out of the window at the city rushing past going about its business. It was the last part of her ritual. When the cup was empty she placed it carefully down on its saucer and made her way back to the office. 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Dating Obstacles


1. Could you date someone who is really into Legos? Their house consist of Lego furniture, the walls are covered in 3D Lego art or photos of mammoth Lego creations. 

One of the sad things about being a girl is that no one buys you lego to play with. So I think I probably could date someone who is seriously into Lego. As long as he lets me play with his Lego. 

2. You have a big date and discover that you have run out of undies, would you:
    a) re-wear dirty
    b) wear a swimsuit or swimsuit bottoms
    c) line worn undies with fresh panty-liners
    d) go commando.

The answer to this question would depend upon wether I intended to get any action with said date. If it was a first date and I was pursuing this as a serious relationship I would be trying to avoid any action that involved the panty area. So I would be good with b). a) and c) are not really options as they are just YUCK.
If however there was any suggestion that there might be action in the panty area then commando would be the only choice. It could make for an interesting evening. 

3. In order to date the person of your dreams you must be in a reality show with them. Would you date him/ her? Why?

I can't imagine that anyone who I would consider the person of my dreams would be interested in appearing on a reality show. Also I tend not to fall for a person until I get to know them so I can't really see myself being in this position in the first place. 
4. You have been dating a certain someone for a while, you two click and you really like them but they confided to you that they are a crime-fighting super hero. Do you still date them or let the relationship cool? Why?

I think I would continue to date them. There is nothing sexier than a guy who wears his underwear on the outside.

 5. You are on a date with someone you really want to impress. Your pants / skirt / shirt / bra split early in the date. What do you do?
   a) Tie a jacket or sweater around your waist or put the jacket or sweater on to hide the issue.
   b) Stop at a drugstore and buy safety pins, and in secret try to fix and hide the problem.
   c) 'Fess up to the problem, let it all hang out and continue with the date.
   d) Cut the date short and go home. 

I am the boy scout type. I think I would do b) and pin myself together. Hopefully I would have a safety pin in my handbag. Then I wouldn't have to buy one. 

Bonus: You went away for the weekend with your new romantic love interest. He / she had planned a wonderful weekend of outdoor fun for you both but it has started to rain and storms are in the forecast for the next few days. What do you suggest the two of you do instead?

I think that the answer to this is kind of obvious really. Of course we would just spend the next couple of days watching movies and snuggling....... We all know where that would end up right. Which would be way more romantic than bungy jumping I am sure!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

10 Things Swingers Advice Articles Don't Tell You

Recently when Jake and I found ourselves in a room of a swingers club with some less experienced people I overheard Mrs Fix it make the comment,
"That is a rookie mistake." She was referring to stripping off and not taking note of where your clothes are. It got me thinking about the silly little things that people do when they first start swinging. Not the serious stuff like not talking to their partner about what is going on or making sure that you are both aware of what the boundaries are but the silly things that seem inconsequential but really do make your life easier when you work them out! So here it is, the list of serious and not so serious things that you should know if you are considering meeting up for a date, going to a club or a party. 

  1. As mentioned in the introduction keep track of where your clothes are. Sometimes in the heat of the moment clothing gets thrown everywhere which is great but then when things are over sorting through the clothes is not so much fun. Hunting around the floor of a semi lit room for your other sock or your undies can be a bit awkward. If things haven't gone so well and all you want to do is get out of there multiply the awkward by about one hundred. By all means fling clothes with abandon but try and fling them all into the same corner.
  2. If you follow tip 1 then this is easier but try and keep track of your underwear. On the same night as Mrs Fix It made the rookie comment we noticed a pair of underwear in the bin of the room we were in. I am sure if they had this particular fetish club owners could have a very large collection of underwear that was left behind. Maybe they could start a website selling it as a sideline.
  3. Take your socks off. It is sexy for a woman to leave her stockings on and
    even her shoes, as long as she doesn't stab someone in the eye! But it is NEVER sexy for a guy to remove all of his clothing and forget about taking off his socks. Maybe at home when you are with your partner and MAYBE with a long term regular play partner but with people you have just met? Definitely not. Especially when there is a possibility that bystanders might be watching. Your partners may not notice but the bystanders definitely will.
  4. Make sure you pee first. This might sound obvious but in one of my first swinging experiences I was at a club and didn't think to pee before we entered the room. About fifteen minutes into things I needed to pee. In this particular club the play rooms were located on a mezzanine floor on the opposite side of the club from the toilets. Going to pee meant either running nude through the main bar area (which was against the rules) or getting dressed, walking down the stairs peeing and then going back to break another rule to go back into a closed room. I put up with it as long as I could and then had to cut everyone's fun short. Ever since then I treat going to play like going on a car trip. Pee before you go even if you don't need to.
  5. Jeans are not a good clothing choice. It is important when you are going to a place like this for the first time to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and jeans are undoubtedly comfortable but they are not great in particular for clubs. Unless you are a super prude (which if you are you most certainly won't be going to a swingers club in the first place!) there is likely to be a point in the evening when you wish your partner could stroke your pussy. This is kinda hard if you are wearing jeans.
  6. Take a hair tie. I read somewhere that you can tell a girl who gives good head because she always has a hair tie around her wrist. I was pleased to read this because I almost always have a hair tie around my wrist. After spoiling the look of a few photos with this habit I have become a bit self-conscious about it. I can say there is nothing more annoying than trying to suck a cock when your hair is falling in your face!
  7. Watch those nails. Long nails look nice but they most certainly don't feel nice inside your vagina! A woman can be the sexiest thing in the world but if she has long nails then I will be extremely cautious about her putting them anywhere near my genitals.
  8. If you find yourself taking a break and watching the action refrain from having a conversation with another person in the room about something that has nothing to do with the action unfolding in front of you. Once Jake and I visited a very nice couple and the guys were taking a break at the end of the bed while myself and the other lady explored each other. Most red blooded men would be perfectly happy with this turn of events, or so I thought. These two started having a conversation about tractors of all things! After a few minutes they were both despatched to the kitchen so that we could continue our session in peace!
  9. If you shave, especially if you are guy, please make sure you are freshly shaved. A two or three day growth can be very uncomfortable when it is being ground against your most sensitive parts. This applies to both facial hair and genitals.
  10. Accessories can be a pain. This includes necklaces, bracelets, large earrings and handbags. I personally prefer to have none of these things. I usually put my lipstick on in the car and leave my phone and makeup in the glove box. If I wear a coat I might put one of these items in the pocket but otherwise you are just asking to lose something precious. Of course not everyone is a vague as me but keeping track of a handbag at a party or club is almost impossible for me.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

TMI Tuesday - In Real Life

tmi_tues pic for Oct 7

This week's questions were penned by The Sin Doll. Thanks for a great bunch of questions. 

1. Create your perfect job. What would you do?
In my perfect world I would get paid to write and research about sex. So I guess my perfect job would be writer of smut.

2. What person has changed you for the better?
I try to identify people around me who have relationships or do things in a way that I would like to and then I try to learn from them to improve my own relationships and life in general. There have been quite a few people in my life who have fulfilled this role and so I cannot identify one specific person. Although Jake has certainly been a person who significantly changed the course of my life. Without him I think I would have turned into a prudish career bitch living in an upmarket house sending my kids to a $30K p.a. school and driving them there every day in my BMW. That doesn't sound much fun at all. 

3. Cat person or dog person?
I grew up on a farm and I am a Biologist. I pretty much love all creatures on some level, except cane toads and cockroaches. But if I had to choose wether to have a cat or a dog? Cats would win. Oh that is right, I did have to make that choice once and I chose a cat. She has been my most loyal friend for nearly seventeen years and I love her dearly.

4. Who is your favourite relative? Why?
I don't really like most of my relatives. My dislike ranges from indifference to active dislike depending on the circumstances. So I would have to say my favourite relative is my father's paternal grandmother. (Yes that would be my great grandmother!). She bucked convention and actively left a family situation that was a little weird. At the time that was a pretty gutsy thing to do and I like to think she was a kick ass lady. When I retire and research my family tree I will try and find out what happened to her. 

5. Mop the floor or iron clothes?
Definitely iron clothes. There is something about emptying the ironing basket and creating a row of neat clothes in the cupboard that is inherently satisfying. Plus the clothes usually stay ironed much longer than the five minutes a floor stays clean after you mop it!

6. Which would you rather have - a swimming pool or a gardner? Why?
I already have a swimming pool but what I would like is a swimming pool attendant. A nice buff one that I can perve at while he is cleaning my sparkling pool every day. 

Of course there is some sexy!!!

Bonus: Are you better at giving oral sex or recieving oral sex?
I would have to say I am better at giving than receiving. I know I give an above average head job. I am in the running for blow job of the year with one 'friend'. But I do not recieve well. I have a very sensitive clit and for some unexplained reason men seem to think that they have to spread my legs and go hard which results in them almost having to peel me off the ceiling. Even after being told to 'be gentle' and me keeping their face a respectable distance from me by pushing on their forhead, some of them still don't get the hint. There are a notable few though who have shown some skill and I have enjoyed their attention but generally with a new partner I will suck cock in preference to lying back and getting a tonguing!


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