Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pink and Brown


This week's prompt was provided by Yours Truly. I have often been told that I have amazing nipples which is a lovely compliment but I find it facinating that in the western world a part of our body that is essentially used to feed our young is so highly sexualised. In Papua New Guinea a woman can walk around with her breasts bared and nobody even bats an eyelid. However if she chooses to walk around with bare legs or tight pants on that is another thing altogether! The reason, breasts are for feeding babies. Legs and backsides are for inviting male attention. I did consider writing about nipple perception. But when I sat down to write this story popped out of nowhere. 

Clive sat at the edge of the stage watching the girl gyrating in front of him. A large crowd of admirers tried to get her attention all except Clive. But Clive wasn't interested in her dance moves or, the long honey brown perfection of her legs or the perfect concave flatness of her belly. He sat, watching intently, waiting patiently for the moment when she would reveal the part of her body that he had come to see.

The girl strutted across the stage moving her hips seductively. When she reached Clive she bent down towards him pressing her arms together to display a deep cleavage. From where he sat Clive could see the smooth skin of her breasts but her costume covered the part he was most interested in. The thin fabric of her top stretched wide over her ample breasts. Just below the neckline a slightly raised impression hinted at the nipples beneath. Clive gazed hungrily at the little divot. His fingers twitched at the thought of caressing it. Then she was gone, writhing across the stage displaying her body to the other desperate, horny men waiting lustfully at the edge of the stage.

The dance wore on, Clive waited patiently he knew that he would soon get his opportunity. His heart quickened as the  girl reached behind her back to unclasp the bra of her costume. For Clive the dance seemed to slow right down. His heart began to thump against his chest as he watched every move intently. Slowly she moved towards him holding her top in place, covering the objects of his desire. When she was standing directly in front of him she let the scrap of satin fall in front of him. For a moment he was distracted by the shiny fabric but only for a moment. He looked upwards, letting his eyes travel over her flat belly to the perfect round globes on her chest. Then he saw what he had been waiting for, her nipples.

The small pink nodes stood out proudly like the crowning glory on her breasts. Clive sighed in rapture. At that moment, looking at her nipples for the first time he understood why people travelled half way around the world to see famous paintings, he felt the same way about nipples. The girl bent down in front of him cupping her breasts with both hands Clive felt his cock hardening in his pants as she flexed her fingers sliding them upwards over the white skin towards her nipples. As she pinched their pink perfectness into little peaks Clive almost whimpered. He clenched his hands to stop himself from reaching up to touch her in awe. His cock throbbed as she moved her breasts from side to side in front of his face, teasing and tantalising him. Without glancing away for a second he reached down and extracted a bill from his pocket and passed it to her. She took it from him with a smile not showing her surprise at the denomination.

For a moment she remained, holding her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers tantalising him even further before she gyrated away to pay attention to the other punters. The spell was broken and Clive sat back in his chair breathing heavily as if he had just had sex. His cock subsided but he knew that the slightest thought of those perfect pink nipples would have his cock at attention almost immediately.

He made his way to the bar and bought another drink. The girl behind the bar smiled at him warmly as she made his drink. He noticed almost immediately how the thin fabric of her t-shirt stretched across her breasts as if it was straining to contain them. Her nipples poked against the fabric tantalising him as she served his drink.
"Hello Clive," a familiar voice greeted him. He turned to see Dolly, a tiny asian woman standing in the bar arm in arm with the girl who had just danced. "This is Nadia. She is new.  Would you like to get to know her a little more intimately?"

Clive smiled, Dolly knew him too well. He nodded and Dolly led the way to the private rooms at the side of the club. She held the door open for him and he stepped inside to take his seat on the small couch in the corner. Dolly flicked a switch and seductive music filled the small space. Taking the lead Dolly strutted in front of him, rubbing her hands over her tiny, perfectly round breasts caressing her nipples through the fabric of her dress. Clive was mesmerised as her fingers moved around and up and down. She reached up and slid a strap down over her shoulder watching Clive's face as she did so. Nadia joined in and Clive found himself torn between the two women. He ached to see Dolly's long, brown nipples but the pert pinkness of Nadia was like a drop of honey waiting for him to lick.

Dolly slid her arms out of her dress and pushed the fabric of her dress down towards her waist. Her breasts sat out proudly in front Clive's face, the perfect brown nipples tantalisingly close to his lips. Nadia followed suit, exposing the perfect rosebud pink aureola of her full round breasts. Slowly she pinched her nipples to erection. Clive felt his cock throbbing in his jeans. His hand reached down and he stroked himself through the fabric aching to ease the need he felt.

In front of him the two women embraced, Dolly's  brown nipples, caressed Nadia's baby pink ones. Clive's cock ached an his breath was coming in gasps as he watched the two sets of nipples, caress and mash against each other. Wickedly Dolly moved closer holding her breasts close to his face. Her eyes glittered with excitement.

"Show me how turned on you are right now," her voice was hoarse with desire.

Obediently Clive unzipped his jeans and freed his aching cock. Dolly's eyes widened with desire. She sat on the couch beside him and lifted her dress up over her thighs. Her hand reached down to her smoothly shaven pussy as her other and teased her nipple. Clive began to stroke himself, never taking his eyes off Dolly's nipples. He didn't eve notice Nadia kneel in front of Dolly and press her face between her legs. The room filled with the scent of arousal. The strong musky smell of pussy juice assaulted Clive's nostrils as he stroked himself harder. Dolly held her nipple out for him. He didn't need a second invitation. He leant down and took the hard node between his lips biting down gently, just the way he knew she liked. His hand was almost a blur shuffling up and down his cock as Dolly moaned her pleasure.

Dolly's body spasmed in ecstasy and her sharp cry of pleasure filled the room. Hot white cum covered Clive's hand as he grunted in pleasure. Nadia stood up and smiled down at the two of them. Drunkenly Clive reached out and handed her a wad of bills.

"Thank you," his voice was weak.

"My pleasure," purred Dolly, trying unsuccessfully to hide her greedy glance at the cash. "I look forward to seeing you again soon." And then they were gone, strutting out of the room leaving Clive poorer but well satisfied. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

TMI Tuesday - Randomness


  Random stuff is always good right?

As always make sure you check out the randomness happening over at the TMI page 

1. If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?
I thought about this question for quite a long time. At least two minutes, which is about five times the average time I think about answers to TMI questions. At the end of such a long rumination I have come to the conclusion that I can't think of a movie I want to be stuck in but I would like to be stuck inside a Dr Who series for five days. My choice of Doctor? Matt Smith of course because he is quite sexy in a nerdy big hair way.

2. Who is starring in the movie of your life.  
In line with the answer to question 1 the person who I would like to star in the movie of my life is Catherine Tait, who played Donna Noble in the fourth series of Dr Who. I absolutely loved her character and I am huge fan of her other work since. 

3. What is your favourite curse word?
 I have recently had to reign in my cursing. I have started working as a teacher which means inappropriate language is not acceptable. So my cursing has receeded to using the word 'Poo!' to express dissaproval. If the much less G rated "fuck" comes out of my mouth it is a signal for everyone in the immediate vicinity to duck for cover!

4. What word or prase do you say most often during sex?
I have never been an 'Oh Godder' The word I say most often would probably be Ahhhhhhh! and in second place comes FUCK! Although recently I did hear myself saying 'Oh God'. It wasn't something I was entirely happy about.
5. What word or phrase are you tired of hearing during sex?
I don't really like 'Oh God' because I think it sounds a bit fake so when I hear that one I tend to cringe a little. 

6. What word or phrase do you like to hear during sex?
I actually don't like a lot of talking during sex. Generally I like to talk dirty but I don't like for it to get too carried away because I find it a bit distracting when things are getting critical. So mainly I like to hear about how good things are feeling and what is going on. A little bit, just don't over do it. 
Bonus: Which sex profession would you attempt?
This one was easy. A stripper / pole dancer of course. At least I would be able to put all of those lessons, bruises and hard learned tricks to good use. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Last Shot


This week's prompt was provided by Behind the Chintz Curtain.

Source: Wikipedia  

 I have been spending a lot of my creative writing energy on my NaNoWriMo effort but I took the time to write this little story. 

The half empty bottle of vodka sat on the table between Lexie and Maud, beside it two empty shot glasses stood waiting. With a slightly wavering hand Lexie poured two large shots. She handed one to Maud and raised the other to her lips looking over the rim of the tiny glass at her friend.
"What is the one sexual fantasy that you have always had but have always been too afraid to ask someone to fulfil?" Her brown eyes met Maud's blue ones with a challenge.
Maud looked her friend in the eye for as long as she could before her gaze turned downwards.
"To have sex with a girl." Her voice was almost inaudible in the tiny kitchen. Almost simultaneously the two women threw back the vodka shot. Maud wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as Lexie studied her. She noticed every tiny detail about her friend, the way her blouse was unpinned to reveal a swell of creamy breast, the way her full lips pouted out. As Maud poured the next shot her lips parted slightly and her tongue touched the back of her teeth in concentration.
Maud passed the small glass to Lexie and sat holding her glass as she contemplated the next question she wanted to ask.
"Cock or cunt?" The last word was said with a twist of her lips. She knew that Lexie didn't really like people using the word but she wanted to use it just for emphasis.
Lexie's brow puckered as she considered the question. "I have to choose?" she asked for clarification.
Maud responded with an emphatic nod. She was enjoying this game. The drunker they got the more personal and sexual the questions became but also the less she cared about her responses.
"If I have to choose then it is cunt," Lexie's lip curled as she made her response.
"Any particular cunt?" Maud could not resist the follow up question.
"That is a separate question and is against the rules. You will have to wait your turn. In fact, I think you deserve to miss your turn for breaking the rules which means I get two questions now." Lexie poured the vodka, filling Maud's glass almost to the brim before handing it over.
Maud pouted at the reprimand but was too busy noticing the way colour was creeping over Lexie's cleavage back up her protest. To prevent herself spilling the shot she took a sip from the overfull glass.
Lexie sat back against her chair thinking for long moments. Maud noticed the way her lips puckered slightly as she thought and how red the lipstick her friend was wearing was.
"What is your favourite style of vibrator?" Lexie's eyes twinkled as she leaned back and threw back her shot.
Colour splashed over Maud's cheeks, "How many different types are there?" She frowned in consternation.
Lexie chuckled, "More than I know about I am sure." She replied. She poured another shot for both of them .
"Has anyone ever fucked you with your own vibrator?"
Maud squirmed on her chair as Lexie threw back her drink and sat looking over at her. She noticed how Lexie's lips were parted slightly and her chest was heaving as if she had just run a race as her eyes travelled downwards she noticed Lexie's nipples poking through the thin fabric of her tank top.
"No," Maud threw back her shot and reached for the bottle. "One more turn each," she observed as she placed the bottle back in the centre of the table.
"Is there anyone who you are friends with that you would fuck?" Maud asked quickly before she threw back her shot.
Lexie looked down at the table and contemplated her answer for a long time before she answered,
"Yes." She reached for the bottle and poured the last of the vodka into the two glasses. "Last question," she commented. "Better make it count," She looked across the table at Maud as she considered her last question. She noticed how some of Maud's hair had escaped from her ponytail and was framing her pretty face. As she always did she noticed those full lips. Usually they were pink but tonight they were red, like ripe strawberries. Juicy and plump.
"Can I kiss those lips," Lexie licked the taste of apple flavoured vodka off her own lips as she watched her friend across the table.
Maud drank down her last shot before she answered, "Yes," her eyes glittered with excitement and desire. Lexie stood up and took the few steps around the table to where Maud was sitting. She took her time, looking at Maud's face and into her eyes before she bent down and kissed those full pouting lips softly. The silence in the room was tangible like an elastic band stretched tight as Lexie pulled away from Maud, studying her reaction.
In response Maud reached up and pulled her friend back down towards her. They kissed again harder, opening their lips against each other. Bravely Maud slid her tongue into Lexie's mouth tasting, vodka and the unique musky taste of her friend. Lexie's hand slid down Maud's neckline and into her shirt tentatively cupping her breast through the fabric of her bra.
The two women pulled apart slowly looking at each other, entranced.
"We should have played this game a long time ago," Lexie murmured. She straightened up and took Maud's hand. Without speaking Maud stood up and followed her friend down the hallway to the bedroom. One both of them were inside Lexie reached behind herself and shut the door. 


Monday, November 18, 2013

TMI Tuesday - I'mmm Baaaack!

I have been absent from TMI Tuesday for a couple of weeks but this week I am BACK! And what a set of questions to come back to!

no satisfaction tmi

1. From erotica to sex blogs everyone seems to be having intense orgasms. Do you feel like you are experienceing the sam intense orgasmic waves everyone talks about?
I have a very checkered relationship with orgasms. In general they don't come easily to me. In my early playing days I was known to fake a little because it was easier than explaining. More recently I have come to the conclusion that there are a myriad of different types of orgasms and I am not particularly familiar with they way they feel. So sometimes they pass by without me realising.

2. At the beginning of our sexual lives we are often let down because it feels like nothing in comparison to what we see in films and magazines. Sexual pleasure is something you learn more about as you get older. How have you learned to cultivate the pleasure that you feel?
I have always liked to read about sex and sex related topics and so over the years I have read a lot of articles and books about how to have better sex. A lot of them are complete crap and don't really offer a lot of useful tips. The thing that has helped me the most is getting to a point where I am comfortable with my own body mostly and happy to explore possibilities. I have learned a lot about how my body works from people other than Jake. Often I will experience something with a different partner that is not like anything I have ever tried before and then I will try and incorporate it into my sex with Jake. We have both had to learn the sometimes the things that we do with other people don't need to come into the bedroom with us and they are reserved as experiences that are had with those people only. 

Source: Walsby

3. In the last three years has your sexual pleasure;
     a) Waned
     b) Stayed the same
     c) Increased, enhanced and improved
Definitely c) Opening our bedroom and our minds to new people and new experiences has definitely improved our enjoyment of sex for both Jake and myself. We are more comfortable to tell each other what we want, more open to different ideas and the out of the ordinary things the other might want and we have both learned a lot from our different partners and watching each other with different partners. Life is good for us right now.

4. If you are feeling much more sexual pleasure than your lover do you feel the need to make up the deficit or just lice in the moment and enhoy what has been given to you?
I am a big believer in the saying "What you lose on the swings you will gain on the roundabouts" When it comes to sexual encounters there is always going to be a slight imbalance. And I don't have a problem with a bit of give and take with longer term partners including Jake. If I was with a one off or very new partner I would make sure that things are relatively balanced. 

5. How important is it to you for you and your lover to have simoultaneous orgasms?
   a) Not important  - never thought about it
   b) Somewhat important - I think it would be nice to explode at the same time.
   c) Important - that is what I 'work' for. Cumming at the same time makes everything more intense - my orgasm, my feelings, the entire experience. 
I am going to go with b) here. Jake and I do orgasm simoultaneously from time to time. Before we started swinging we used to orgasm simoulaneously all the time. It was like one person climaxing triggered the other. Jake kind of stopped that because he was worried it would affect his performance with other partners. It is not essential but we do enjoy simoultaneous orgams and it is very nice. 

Bonus: Do you think having an orgasm is the same as sexual pleasure? Why or why not?
No it is not the same as sexual pleasure. There is a whole spectrum of sexual pleasure that does not involve orgasms. Often people, especially men, hold off their orgasms because once they climax the pleasure stops for a while. Personally I do have sexual encounters that don't involve an earth shattering orgasm and that is fine as well. Sometimes watching and feeling the other person climaxing is enough.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sneak Peek, Discovering Life Beyond the Black Stump

If you are a Facebook follower you will know that I have embarked on a NaNoWriMo Journey this year. I am still hopeful I will complete the task of writing 50, 000 words in 30 days but as I write this I am hopelessly behind. Based on my current progress my expected completion date is 13 January 2014! I am hoping to rectify that in the coming weeks. To spur me on I have elected to share with you an except from what I have written so far. Just to put you in the picture, Chrissy is visiting with her family in outback Queensland for Christmas. Her cousin Kyle has taken her out to the pub to meet some of his friends. 

Sitting across the table from me I noticed a guy looking at me. I vaguely remembered Kyle introducing him as Sam. He looked like he could have been Kyle's brother or at least his cousin. He had the same large athletic frame and the same broad smile. He didn't seem as cheeky as Kyle though, as the people around him laughed and chatted he seemed to be observing quietly, taking it all in. His eyes were something completely different. Their deep, dark calmness was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It made me me want to curl up next to him like a lazy cat and ride him harder than I had ever ridden anyone all at the same time. I tried to distract myself from him by chatting with Rachel but I couldn't stop myself from glancing in his direction. Every time I did he those eyes were on me with the same compelling effect. I found myself trying to study him without being obvious about it. I took in a lot of little details about him, the way he filled out his shirt, the broadness of his shoulders, his large capable looking hands. I caught myself fantasising about his hands taking off my clothes and exploring my body. Mentally I tried to will him to come over and talk to me but something about the way he held himself told me that if I wanted to talk to him I was going to have to make the first move. Obstinately I resisted, trying to make him come to me the way I always had been able to with Adrian. But this guy wasn't like Adrian. He was completely his own person and not about to let anyone, not his boss and certainly not some woman he had just met at the pub, push him around. The only way I was going to meet him was if I made the first move and went to him.

I stood up and moved around the table to sit in an empty chair beside him. "Hey," I felt a little awkward and unsure of what to say.

"How are you enjoying meeting the tribe?" he gestured to the people sitting around the table.
"It has been really great actually," I replied. "They are a great bunch of people." I felt genuine warmth for the people around me and in return I could feel their acceptance of me. 

Sam touched me on the forearm. An unexpected shiver ran through me. One up close look into those eyes and I was a goner. My insides turned completely to liquid. "I was very happy that he brought you along to meet us as well." His fingers stroked my forearm gently and he looked earnestly into my face. For  a brief moment I realised that he was feeling as awkward as I was. Then the cool calm exterior was back. Normally I would have found this kind of man irritating but tonight I couldn't have resisted him if I tried. All he had to do was give one little sign of invitation and I would have fallen down with my legs in the air. 

I noticed his mouth, his lips were full and sensual and I wondered what they would feel like on my clit. Suddenly I realised that between my legs my knickers felt damp and warm. A flush of heat began rising p my neck as I realised how wanton I was being. Usually I didn't start thinking about fucking a guy until I had known him for at least a couple of weeks. I couldn't recall ever fantasising about a pair of lips on my pussy. 

The longer we sat and chatted, the more I wanted him. He placed his hand on my knee and I could feel the heat from it burning through my jeans. I have absolutely no recollection of what we talked about, all I could think about was those hands removing my clothes and exploring my body. As we talked his hand slowly moved up my thigh until it was resting at the top of my leg with his pinky stroking the crotch of my jeans. I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle right there on the chair. Kyle jerked me out of my fantasy by tapping me on the shoulder,

"Even though it is Christmas Eve tomorrow some of us still have to get up and work tomorrow." Kyle and Sam looked at each other for a moment as he withdrew his hand reluctantly. My body screamed its protest as the warmth of is hand left my thigh.

"I meant what I said," Sam helped me to stand. "I am very glad that Kyle brought you to meet us and I hope that I get to see you again soon." 

My legs were wobbly and I was surprised that I was able to stand unaided when Sam finally let go of my elbow, "Me too," I concurred with his comment wholeheartedly. 

"We are all gathering at my place on Boxing Day night," Sam held the tips of my fingers as he spoke. I had to will myself not to clasp his fingers. "If you are still around it would be good if you could come along." For a split second I saw that same yearning awkward look that I had seen before. Nothing was going to stop me from rejecting that invitation

Wednesday, November 13, 2013



This week's prompt asked you to write a letter to a younger you. I wasn't really up to the emotional strain but I did find time to finish a piece that I started a few weeks ago when I was sweltering away in the early Australian spring and I was reminded of a road trip my family and I went on that involved a stop at a place much like the one described in the story. 

The first thing that Judy did when she walked into her room was turn on the aircon and strip off her clothing to stand naked in front of the jet of cool air. The roadhouse where she worked on a long isolated stretch of highway in the Australian outback was airconditioned but the constant flow of people in and out of the door and the heat from the kitchen meant that the temperature behind the cash register was still stifling. Then there was the walk from the main building back to her room that was one of a line of rooms that made up the staff accommodation at the back of the complex through the searing 43 degree heat.

She contemplated a shower but that would mean finding something to cover her nudity and walking the length of the verandah in the heat to the showers at the end of the building. Sometimes she did walk to the shower naked but that was at night when no one was really around and she was hidden by darkness. At four o clock in the afternoon she didn't fancy her chances of making it to the shower and back unseen.

While she was standing there debating with herself about the need for a shower her door sprung open. Stunned she turned around to find an awkward looking young man standing in the doorway.

"I am sorry," he stammered. His British accent was strong, he hadn't been off the plane very long. Even though she had been in Australia for almost a year now hearing a voice straight from home always gave Judy a twinge. "They told me that this was my room," the intruder continued. "They gave me a key and everything." As if to convince her he held up a key with a tag labelled 26.

Judy looked around. Her nearest clothing was the garments she had discarded as she walked into the room, the ones right at the feet of the intruder. He noticed her glance and hurriedly bent down to hand her clothes over keeping his eyes politely averted as he extended his arm towards her.

"Thanks," she took the clothing from him then something came over her. She wasn't sure if it was the heat or his accent, she had always had a soft spot for Northern accents, but suddenly Judy didn't care that he was a perfect stranger in her room or that she was naked. A sly thought crept into her mind.

"Maybe we should even the score," her eyebrow arched challengingly.

"I'm sorry," her new friend stammered. He looked around the room carefully avoiding looking at her as she stood in front of him. She made no attempt to hide her body, instead she pushed her chest out to emphasise the fullness of her breasts. Despite the heat her nipples hardened in anticipation.

"Well you have seen me naked so that I think it is only fair that I see you naked as well," Judy challenged him.

A deep red flush travelled up her new friend's neck as he finally understood what she was meaning. "Really?" his voice quavered. His eyes roamed all over her tiny room as he desperately tried to avoid looking at her.

Judy took a step closer, she was determined now. She thought she could see the beginnings of a bulge in his loose shorts but she wasn't sure. A throb pulsed between her legs as she inhaled the male smell of him. "Yes really," she took another step and found herself standing so close to him that she was almost touching him. "Are you afraid of what I might see?"

Finally he looked down at the naked woman standing in front of him with her hands on her hips. Her chest heaved a little with the thrill of what she was doing. Her nipples were hard and fully erect in the middle of her dark areola. His fingers twitched beside his thighs as he looked at her. He came to a decision and he slipped his shirt off over his head. Judy inhaled sharply as she was confronted with his firm athletic chest. Unlike her skin, browned by months spent in the outback heat, his was pink and looked as if it had never seen the sun. She allowed herself the luxury of stroking his chest with her fingertips. A shiver of anticipation went through her as her fingers trailed down his chest towards his waistband.

With a grin he shed the remainder of his clothing quickly before he wrapped his arms around her. He bent his head down and kissed her hard on the mouth. She whimpered softly as he released her. Almost demurely she reached down and wrapped her hand around his fully erect cock and led him across the room to her bed. She pushed him down onto the bed and stood over him for a moment. Without speaking she took his hand and guided it to the space between her legs. His eyes opened wide as he slid his fingers into her saturated folds.

For a few moments she allowed herself the luxury of his fingers exploring her before she pushed his hand away. She straddled his hips as he lay on the bed, looking up at her spectacular breasts before she slid her slick wet opening down over his rock hard cock. Her eyes closed and a long moan escaped from her as she ground down on him. Her fingers worked her clitoris as she ground into him. Selfishly she paid no mind to him, using his cock entirely for her own pleasure. With a loud groan she came. All the muscles in her body tensed. He joined her with his own climax, allowing himself to pump his cum deep inside her.

Afterwards she lay nestled against him. The air conditioner in the corner of the room dried the sweat off their bodies as they both lay, lost in their own thoughts. He stirred, unsure of what to do.

"I guess I should go and sort out the mess up with the room then," he began hesitantly.

Judy sat up beside him, "There is no rush," her hand trailed down over his belly. "There is plenty of room in this bed for both of us."


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